“Qadian-Rabwah Bus Service” By Ata Us Salam


Despite belonging to same race, language and culture Pakistan and India spent more than half of the century in grudge. Different super powers have been using them for their own interests and they have been obeying their directions. Poverty in these rival countries is a common enemy but they have been spending major part of their budgets for military and defense purposes.
After fighting four wars and losing lives of more than hundred of thousands of people, rulers of both sides have finally realized that conflicts can also be resolved by table talks. So things have started to change gradually. Peace talks are over coming threats of war. Stories of friendship are common nowadays in both countries. Enmity based films and dramas are losing their attraction. Many channels of talks are being searched. Some of them are seen and some are unseen in the guise of so called track two diplomacy. Economic ties are becoming strengthened. Many ways for visitors are being opened from LOC to Sindh. Ferry-service from Mumbai to Karachi is also under discussion. Bollywood films are running in Pakistani cinemas and getting large appreciation. “Mona Bao Train” is the second train service after “Samjhota Express”. Visa policy is being relaxed than before especially for pilgrims and cricket fans but still there is great need of improvement. There are millions of citizen of both countries especially of divided families who want to travel each other’s country to meet their love ones.
Some days ago Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh inaugurated the bus service from Nankana Sahib to Amritsar. This service is mainly started for Sikh community who has their holy places in both of the aforesaid cities of two countries. This service will really make their travel quite comfortable and easier. This is a wonderful step from both of the governments especially from Pakistani government, which always hesitate in providing facilities to the minorities. By keeping in view this action we expect the same step for
Ahmadiyya community, which is the most disgraced community in Pakistan. This community also has its sacred places in both of the countries. Their sacred places are in Qadian and Rabwah. Qadian is in Indian district of Gurdas Pur and Rabwah is in the district of Jhang in Pakistan. During their annual congregation as well as on other occasions thousands of them visit their religious places in both countries maybe more in numbers than Sikhs. So there should also be a bus service between Qadian and Rabwah for providing comfort to this community as well. Peaceful and law-abiding past of this
Community will make both governments convenient in taking such step.

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