Without demanding emergency UNGA for launching UN investigation into ‘Chinese-lab-virus’ Trump’s accusations, unconvincing. By Hem Raj Jain


President Trump and Secretary of State Pompeo have said from many platforms / forums that Coronavirus is a laboratory made in Wuhan and China did not do legally expected (as per international laws and norms) to stop Coronavirus - pandemic spreading from Wuhan to the entire world. But so far the Trump-administration has  done nothing to take this matter to its logical conclusion. The latest outburst of Trump against China was during a press briefing on May, 11 where Trump again accused China and also clashed with a reporter on this issue as reported also at https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/may/11/trump-us-latest-coronavirus-reporters

As on May 12, in addition to over two hundred thousand deaths due to Coronavirus, in rest of the world the total deaths in the USA from Coronavirus are 82,122 which is about 27 times more than people killed in 9/11 in 2001 [which triggered UN sponsored global war against terrorism, inflicted by Jihadi militants and also US war (supported militarily by US allies) against Afghanistan and Iraq in which immense lives, blood and properties have been lost] .

But Trump has only taken verbal action against China (which is responsible for Coronavirus - pandemic, as per Trump-administration) without doing anything concrete on ground to punish China after gathering admissible evidence (of this Chinese complicity in Coronavirus - pandemic) by initiating UN - Inquiry in this matter (about Coronavirus made in Wuhan or any other laboratory in China ). Trump as President of the USA (leader of the free world)  is also not realizing that said UN - Inquiry is the only way to stop such a Corona type pandemic in future hence the entire world (which is also suffering immense economic crisis / dislocation due to Coronavirus - pandemic) is interested in said UN - Inquiry. 

This is raising doubts about the credibility of the Trump-administration. It raises doubts due to one more reason that it may be due to the fact that the huge capital from West (led by the USA) is invested in China and Trump is the supporter of private capital hence this may be the reason that Trump is not demanding  any concrete action against China hence not demanding emergency session of UN General Assembly (UNGA) to constitute an ‘UN Inquiry Commission’ which will investigate whether Corona virus was made in Wuhan or any other laboratory in China and other related matters.

It is hoped Trump-administration will realize that it owes to the people of the USA and also (as leader of free world) to the entire human-rights-friendly mankind that  instead of  merely indulging in verbal attacks against China, the Trump-administration will constrain the UN to call emergency session of UNGA for  launching UN investigation into the accusation of Trump-administration (i)- Whether Coronavirus was made in Wuhan or in any other laboratory in China and (ii)- Into other related matters about Chinese complicity (by its acts of commission and omission) in spreading Coronavirus - pandemic all across the world. 

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