Perry & USHRCFA, should ask Tibeten GiE to clarify its borders with India, before asking Congress & President for independence of Tibet. By Hem Raj Jain


U.S. Congressman Scott Perry , on May 19 has introduced a  legislation (H.R. 6948) to the ‘US House of Representatives Committee on Foreign Affairs’ (USHRCFA) , A bill to authorize the President to recognize the Tibet Autonomous Region of the People’s Republic of China as a separate, independent country, and for other purposes,  as reported also at -,-independent-country 

In addition to rest of the world (including countries of NATO & NATO region which have suffered a lot from this pandemic) the USA and India have suffered maximum during Coronavirus - pandemic (in terms of deaths in the USA and suffering of majority of Indians especially its migrant laborers during Corona lock-down). Therefore the leader of free world the USA (as mentioned at  and ) is expected to do the following: -

(i)- Moving the UN to take actions against China (A)- For investigation into Coronavirus which as per Trump – Administration was made in Wuhan / China and China didn’t do legally expected , as per international laws & norms, to stop this virus (pandemic) spreading from China to rest of the world and (B)- For asking China to adopt liberal transparent democracy by abolishing its authoritarian Communist political model which has become threat to the survival of entire mankind as is proved during this pandemic of Coronavirus

(ii)- Mobilizing (in case of highly likely resistance to said initiative of the rest of the world) the world community to deny China huge power in the UN (like Veto etc) even by transforming the UN, if necessary and then -

(iii)- Persuading the West and its allies for boycotting China economically & financially:

(iv)- Mobilizing world - community to Support human rights and even autonomy / independence / recognition to regions like Taiwan, Hong Kong, Xinjiang, Tibet etc.

(v)-  Mobilizing the Pacific countries and Quad (including India of 1.37 billion people having a long border and long pending border dispute with China and having a huge exiled Tibetan community in India) to bring strategic pressure on China.

Hence the legislation moved by Scott Perry is highly required but Perry & USHRCFA will succeed in this mission especially when India supports it in every way, including militarily. But there is one hurdle in this approach which is the border between Tibet and India. China has been claiming large parts of Indian territory (including Aksai Chin, Arunachal Pradesh etc) for the simple reason that these Chinese - claimed territories belong to Tibet (as per China). Hence once Tibet becomes independent (as a result of said legislation moved by Scott Perry & USHRCFA) these will still remain disputed territories (with independent Tibet) which India will not approve.

This problem has been highlighted by former Diplomat P. Stobdan when he asked Dalai Lama to clarify the territory of Ladakh / Aksai Chin (where presently there is stand-off between military of India and China) whether it belongs to India or to Tibet  (and through it to China) as reported at .

Though there were demonstrations / agitations against this statement of Stobdan in Ladakh but it remains a valid issue for the vital interests of India. Therefore Congressman Scott Perry & USHRCFA should ask the Tibetan Government in Exile (GiE) ( given at ) to clarify its borders with India, before asking Congress & President for independence of Tibet.

It hardly requires any mention that India will expect every inch of territory (at border) claimed by India (with China) to be declared by Tibetan GiE as territory belonging to India which is the only way India will be willing to cooperate in said program of the USA for achieving independence for Tibet. 

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