PDM wasting time, energy & resources of Pakistan when its objectives achievable by petition in Sindh High Court. By Hem Raj Jain


On November 8 a meeting of ‘Pakistan Democratic Movement’ (PDM) leaders was held (as reported in media, also at https://www.dawn.com/news/1589307 ) in which as per Maulana the PDM Chief, the future programs of PDM for agitation etc were discussed and it was also discussed that in the matter of the abduction of Inspector General of Police of Sindh at Karachi on October 19 by Federal security forces - “The army chief had intervened after Sindh police officials had applied for leaves en masse. They were assured that an inquiry committee would be constituted which would present its findings in 10 days. However, three weeks have passed since then and no report has come forward” .

When three inquiries were constituted (first by Army Chief, second by Sindh Government and third by Pak Senate Committee) at that time also it was known that these were merely time delay tactics for the purpose of deflecting the real issues. Otherwise also these enquiries directly do not have any value for getting offenders punished through court of law. The right course of action was to register a FIR in the local police station where said abduction took place and then the Investigating Officer would have carried out a proper investigation for filing the charge sheet in concerned court against the abductors and their accomplice.

But the Sindh government of ‘Pakistan Peoples Party’ (PPP) wants to cling to power in Sindh province by hook or by crook hence did not register said FIR out of fear of dismissal of its government by Centre and also due the reason that it is expecting some form of its government (with some help from or understanding with the establishment) in Gilgit - Baltistan where elections will be held on November 15.

It is a matter of common knowledge that in said abduction case if FIR is registered and investigation is carried out by police and taken to its logical and legal conclusion in the Court then the interference of the armed forces of Pakistan in civilian and political matters (with the complicity of politicians in government and otherwise) can be effectively stopped to a great extent.

Therefore when whatever 'Pakistan Democratic Movement' (PDM) wants to achieve (namely the civilian supremacy and rule-of-law) can easily be achieved through a petition in Sindh High Court then instead of further wasting time, energy and resources on meaningless activities, the PDM should immediately file a writ petition in Sindh High Court for getting FIR registered in the matter of said abduction of IG Police of Sindh by some personnel of Federal Armed Forces (which was not possible without complicity of Federal government). 

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