“Maniac Messiahs” A poem by Dr. Stephen Gill.

Car bombs, mobility,

might and brutality

have become the toys of robots.

They know how and when

to free their unfed tigers

from the cages of depravity

to rape technology,

humanity and stifle democracy.

With knowledge

easy money and weight

they become maniac messi


Simon Shammi, a Punjabi Poet of Indian Punjab writes sonnets, poems and hymns. Here is selected poetry of Simon Shammi for our readers.

diva dil wich balda teri pak muahbat da
chanan sab noo wandada jo teri rehamat da

jag paraya ho gia par mea ikula na
keo oh mere naal hea jo malak khalkat da

loki maran tahane menu pagal kehade ne ne
par mea ta ashaq ha us kadar e mutlak da

na dar hea menu koe kise talwara da
keo ke


“I Have Already Been Convicted” By Bishop T Nasir

To all my friends, well wishers and concerned bother and sisters in Europe, The United Sates of America, Canada, Australia, New Zeeland, United Kingdom, South America, South America and even Pakistan, I am thankful to you all for your moral support in the “Law Suit” against me in Sindh H


Our Lady and Islam: Heaven’s Peace Plan. By Fr Ladis J. Cizik, Blue Army National Executive Director

Islam is an Arabic word that can be defined as "to make peace." Islam is the religion founded by Mohammed, which considers the Koran as its holy book. In addition, Islam accepts the New Testament of the Christians and the Old Testament of the Jews as Divinely inspired works. Followers of Isl


Why do people opt to change their religion? By Ram Puniyani

The statement of Pope Benedict XVI about the need to preserve freedom of religion and not to press for legislations against conversions can be understood in many a ways. While one knows that he is not an elected representatives of the Catholics of the World, one does recognize that he like any other


“Worldwide Christian Community is watching case of lawsuit by Mullah Illias Sattar against Bishop Nasir” By James R. Reese, KGCTJ, Grand Prior Emeritus, Sovereign Military Order of Christian Knights Templar

I want the government of Pakistan to know that the worldwide Christian community is watching the case of the lawsuit by Mullah Illias Sattar against Bishop Timotheus Nasir very closely. Church bodies outside the Presbyterian Church have begun circulating news about this baseless lawsuit among thei


Balochistan’s Status at Independence. Sheikh Asad Rahman

After WW II, the Labour government in Britain, after considerable debate, decided to send a three-member Cabinet Mission to India in a final bid to devise a methodology for the transfer of power in India. The Mission arrived in India on March 24, 1946. The Khan of Kalat, on the advice of the Quaid-e


Cross Cultural Training and Rehabilitation Center for the Persecuted Christians. By Pastor Paul Ciniraj. India

Several people in Christian nations were stunned when Abdul Rahman of Afghanistan was nearly sentenced to death for converting to Christianity. But his case is literally the tip of the iceberg.
Christians face persecution and death in many countries today. In fact, in the last 100 years more Chris


A satanic film “ Da Vinci Code” based on novel by Dan Brown and directed by Ron Howard. By Watson Gill

This film is totally baseless.
According to the Satanic book Jesus and Mary Magdalene were husband and wife and Mary Magdalene was pregnant by Jesus just before the crucifixion. This is Blasphemy and it is happening from years in Europe and America.
I have information about the blasphemy law in E


“May 14, Mother’s Day” Dr. Stephen Gill celebrates “ Mother’s Day” with his poetry dedicated to mothers who have lost their children in any Bomb attack by terrorists.


do not weep.

Suffering from the frightening fancies

of the social lepers

dealers in death

wander around as the leopards of hatred

in the jungle of the crazed fanatics.

Shed your tears

from the skies of your fond memories

to stir the fathomless conscience



An Expose’: The Durand Line Agreement is Illegal and Government of Balochistan in Exile declares in null and void

The argument between Afghanistan and Pakistan centers on the issue of Durand Line Agreement and its validity. But, the Government of Balochistan (GOB) in Exile challenges the “legality” of the Durand Line Agreement between Afghanistan and British India in 1893, not its “validityââ


K. L. Nasir. A Man Who Did Not Compromise His Faith. By Rev. Shabaz Bhatti

Kundan Lall Nasir was a highly gifted person, a great preacher, teacher, scholar and leader, was called to Glory at 9:25 PM on 7th May 1996. Born is a Christian Clergy family on 8th January 1918, he was dedicated for Lord’s service by his parents Rev and Mrs. Butta Mall when he was born. He w


Ali Mujahid, a Muslim brother based in NY, comments on article “Allah - the Moon God, the Archeology of the Middle East” and argues to remove this article. PCP is presenting views of Mr. Mujahid without any editing and invites our readers

My name is “ALI MUJAHID”, and I am a New York based Muslim. Regarding the controversial article on Pakistan Christian Post’s web site, I have a few questions to the newspaper editors and my sentiments to share.
Being a knowledgeable Muslim, I clearly feel that this article is fu


Discrimination against Christian in Pakistan. By Shabaz Anwar Bhatti, Chairman, Christian Youth Force Kamoke. Pakistan

It is the misfortune of the Christians in Pakistan that they are confronting numberless discriminations in Pakistan. In the Constitution of Pakistan 1973, we see many discriminations as well as in the Federal and Provincial Laws and many accountless discrimination are found. Discrimination are found


Brick kiln industry in Pakistan. By Sohail Yousaf

I was enjoying tea-time when Sagar, one of my children, rushed towards me and announced happily, “Papa we got another holiday on May 1st on account of Labour Day!” Then my other kids and wife laughed happily because they are going to enjoy three holidays in a week: Saturday, Sunday and M

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"Trial of Pakistani Christian Nation" By Nazir S Bhatti

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