At the same time he emerged as the symbol of freedom and a passionate champion of the culture of life. He kissed the soil of around 129 lands that he visited, outlining the blueprint of peace to their citizens. Before Pope John Paul 11 departed for the land of bliss, the Berlin Wall cam


The Life and Testimony of a Converted Muslim

I always says that Christian people are foolish and mad because they believe that the Jesus Christ is the Son of God. Is Mary was the wife of God? There were many questions in my mind, which I can ask to Christian people. How a man, Jesus Christ, can save you? How you can call God the Father? G



First and foremost, we have right to breath “Islamic Oxygen” made by the “Islamic plants” of Islamic Republic of Pakistan. (Though it has been “polluted” by Mullahs, yet we can use it)

We have “right” to stay alive. (Though the “right” t



This apparently routine change in the passport format drew a sharp response from the six-party religious alliance, the Muttahida Majlis-e-Amal (MMA), which won a substantial presence in the Pakistani parliament in the October 2002 elections. "We feel that the omission of the religion column is an at


Muhammad or Jesus? by Khalid Soomro

Some believe that all prophets are equally important, apart from a few minor differences (Sura 2:253; 4:150,151; 17:55). But Muhammad claimed to be the seal of all prophets (Sura 33:40), the climax and final fulfillment of all revelations (Sura 4:80; 7:158; 10:57-58; 34:28). We will examine those op


Let us make the New Year 2005, a year of peace. By Bishop Ijaz Inayat Masih

This has been the top agenda for the world during the last few years and shall remain to be so. But the change in tactics at the hands of those held responsible for disrupting peace has made it more important to realize that the world has not been able to do away with the causes of terrorism. It tak


Reflections on Christmas. By Sara Adams. UK

It was lovely being surrounded by all the celebrations, but it reminded me that I was alone. So I sat at home wondering what Christmas really meant for me.

And then it suddenly dawned on me, Its all about JESUS!

Some people have argued that Jesus wasn’t even born in December, whilst othe



Will never leave nor forsake me

I am Yours to guide eternally

Father Yours inspired I am

Breathed in soul for Your true glory

Know not I your deeper TRUTH

For I humbly submit

To your servitude in adoration

Knowing full of Your divine wrath

Yet you choose to love me heal me


Poetry of Peace and Love by Dr. Stephen Gill, a message on Christmas and New Year.

Latest news particularly from the subcontinent of India and Pakistan and now from some other nations disturb the peace of peaceful citizens. It is a time to reflect and ask Prince of Peace to bring in a dawn of understanding and harmony in 2005 to save the citizens of the global village


The Sermon by Rev. Patrick P. Augustine on Third Sunday of Advent (Year A), Dec. 12, at Christ Episcopal Church, La Crosse, Wisconsin

Since last Sunday we have been learning about the life of John the Baptist. Soon after the Baptism of Jesus, John was imprisoned by King Herod Antipas and held in the fortress at Machaerus near the east central shore of the Dead Sea. John is not only locked up physically but also locked within his


Do Muslims and Christians pray to the same God? By : Rev.Khalid Mansoor Soomro

If we as Christians do not learn to pray more intensively and faithfully, Islam will infiltrate our society and swallow us. Islam presents this challenge to Christians.

The Arabic word Islam means, “surrender, devotion, and submission.” A Muslim gives himself to Allah and is bound t


Warning Concerning the “Templar Church” By Chev. James R. Reese, KGCTJ.

As the spiritual and organizational descendants of those knights who founded the Knights Templar in 1118 A.D., and as the guardians of the Order and its holy truths, we hereby declare that the “Templar Church” is not Templar.

As defenders of the faith, for which so many knights gave t


The Crucifixion of Lord Jesus Christ and Holy Koran. By Bishop T. Nasir.

I do understand that it is the birth right of any Muslim to insult and misinterpret the Holy Bible, and while you do it, you even forget the Holy Koran. The “Crucifixion” or “Death” of Lord Jesus Christ that you debate is very clearly mentioned in the Holy Koran. Please read


Demoncracy. By Rt. Rev. Dr. Major (Retired) Timotheus Nasir

My “theological doctrine” of democracy is that democracy is “collective disobedience” of God that brings the wrath of God on mankind. In the Holy Bible we find this collective disobedience. >From “Day One” till today, the majority has always been corrupt and disob


A mother’s love………. By Sara Adam.

The same mother who raised me and sacrificed so much so that I might have an education and a better life, now would rather see Islam triumph than see me rise as a Christian.

It’s a very tough dilemma. But throughout all of this turmoil, one thing never changes. My love for my mother is str

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