Future of minorities in Indo-Pak. By Nasir Saeed

Protests against the amended Citizenship Act introduced by Narendra Modi’s government continue to grow and intensify in India. Although this bill is against Muslims, there is hope as Muslims are not alone. People from all faiths, even Hindus, and all factions of society, including media, ac


'New horizon for mankind' expects debate on global issues during 2020 US-President election campaign. By Hem Raj Jain

The present age of modern science & technology is globally shaping the lives of the people at grinding speed. Only few could have imagined after World War II that the economic, political, social and religious fields / institutions across the world would go such profound and fundamental change


If Trump delays to constrain Modi for plebiscite in United-J&K, will be too late for India & Indo-Pacific US-initiative. By Hem Raj Jain

The situation in Asia (minus China) is fast emerging which is not surprising given the fact that majority of people in this region are suffering economically (being below or little above poverty line) and Muslims from Myanmar to Kashmir-AF-PAK to NAME region are weeping and bleeding profusely. Th


By not going to Malaysia, Imran (not Pakistan) lost opportunity for Riyasat-e-Madina. By Hem Raj Jain

Whether people across the world and not merely in Islamic world like it or not the controversies, surmises and speculations raised by and about Kuala Lumpur (KL) summit (from 18 to 21 December) have not died down for the simple reason that this KL summit (in which Pakistan, Malaysia, Turkey, Qata


Will be legally engineered mass scale conversion of Muslims to Hinduism after NRC with CAA. Hem Raj Jain

Presently demonstrations & protests including violent are going-on (in which many people have been killed in many parts of India) against NRC (National Register for Citizenship) and CAA (Citizen Amendment Act,  which will give citizenship to all no-Muslims coming from neighboring countri


Musharraf instead of appeal should demand Imran Govt files appeal and then withdraws case. By Hem Raj Jain

In a video message the former Pakistan army chief and ex-president General (retired) Pervez Musharraf, who was given the death penalty by a special court on Tuesday, said that “I have not been heard and I’m being victimized”. In a press release of ISPR also, the Pakistan militar


Too many IFS and BUTS to Bajwa,s extension. By Farooq Ganderbali

Pakistan is headed for a period of intrigue and uncertainty and possibly, political instability, after the November 28 ruling of the Supreme Court of Pakistan allowing only six months’ extension to the Army Chief, General Qamar Javed Bajwa, and directing the government to amend the Army Act


USA-Muslims & Ors should move USCIRF to stop dangerous ‘shahadat’ of Babri-Mosque by SCI. By Hem Raj Jain

The people across the world are surprised that despite the USA claiming to be the leader of free-world why so many Muslims are weeping and bleeding profusely from Myanmar to Kashmir-AF-PAK to NAME region? It’s answer lies in the simple fact that the institution like USCIRF (responsible for&


Human Rights: Pakistan Refuses to look within. By Farooq Ganderbali

In Dr Shireen Mazari, Pakistan has Federal Minister for Human Rights who “lies through her teeth” about the rights situation at home, but exceeding her ministerial brief, talks of alleged rights violations outside.

The “lying through her teeth” charge has come fr


Will students bring a change in Pakistan? By Samuel Baid

Amid his domestic, foreign and economic woes, Prime Minister Imran Khan recently faced protest rallies from his pre-July 2018 poll supporters-students- just on the heels of about 15-day Azadi March asking him to quit.

The student rallies, organized by Student Action Committee (SAC), wer


Judiciary becomes Arbiter in Pakistan, yet again. By Manzoor Ahmed

Judiciary has once again become the supreme arbiter in Pakistan. It helped jailed former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to leave country, then put a question mark on the continuance of the current army chief, Gen. Qamar Javed Bajwa, and could now well provide relief to another jailed opposition lead


USCIRF can succeed in South Asia if registers Secularism-NGOs starting from India for moving High Courts / SCI. By Hem Raj Jain

This refers to press release of the ‘US Commission on International Religious Freedom’ (USCIRF) about Citizenship (Amendment) Bill (CAB) in India, which was passed by Lower House of the Parliament on December, 9 (https://www.uscirf.gov/news-room/press-releases-statements/uscirf-raises


A new formulation of life-saving medicines on the anvil for children living with HIV. By Shobha Shukla

An easy to consume, heat-stable, fixed-dose combination of four antiretrovirals (ARVs) developed for HIV infected infants and young children between 3 and 25 kg bodyweight is currently under review by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). If approved by the FDA, this all-in-one ARV regimen,


Trump should protect free-global-business through UN, starting from Pakistan. By Hem Raj Jain

US president Donald Trump is complaining, day in and day out, about the unreasonable business practices of China which, as per him, are damaging the just global economic order in this age of globalization. But Trump is not doing anything, worth the name, which will promote and protect free-global


New Evidence on Xinjiang re-education camps opens up a Pandora’s box! By Allabaksh

Documenting the extent of Chinese persecution of Uyghur minority people in the province of Xinjiang is a difficult task because of the very authoritarian nature of the state in China. In 2018, it was estimated that China had established over 100 camps in Xinjiang. It was then thought that these c

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