Environment and lung health are vital for sustainable societies. By Bobby Ramakant

The 24th National Conference on Environmental Sciences and Pulmonary Diseases (NESCON 2018) will be held in Mumbai, India during 24-26 August 2018. "Environment and lung health are inalienable, if we are to deliver on promises made in National Health Policy 2017 (NHP 2017) as well as UN Sustainable


USA needs International Political Parties. By Hem Raj Jain

For handsome electoral dividends, the political parties in USA should contest 2018 Congress and other elections on the issue of IPPs (ii)- If USA does not work for launching IPPs registered at UN, it will be too late (iii)-'International Party of USA' (IPUSA) should first target India for SEAARC (iv


Assad and Kurds Can Work Together for Future of Syria. By Manish Rai

Syria Kurds are trying to negotiate a settlement with Damascus as they seek to protect gains made in seven years of war, wary of its unpredictable partner now they are eager to negotiate with President Bashar al-Assad. Initial round of talks has already taken place when Syrian Democratic Council (SD


Status Quo Not Conducive to the Settlement of Kashmir: By Dr. Ghulam Nabi Fai

India is celebrating 72nd Independence Day to commemorate its independence from colonial British Raj. We extend our warm greetings to the people of India on their Independence Day celebration. India certainly has the right to celebrate this historic day within its legal boundary. But the world's lar


The U.N. should not remain passive in the face of human wrongs in Kashmir. Dr. Ghulam Nabi Fai

Kashmir is one of the most idyllic setting in the world. A picturesque valley located between Pakistan, India, Afghanistan, China and with a small strip of 27 miles with Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan. Kashmir is a natural paradise.
The history of the freedom of Kashmir dates back 1931 when the people


Independence Day of India. RE. By Eduardo Faleiro, Former Union Minister

On August 15, we celebrate the Independence Day. On that day, in 1947, India became a free and democratic country. The British ruled India for around two hundred years. Though they came to India for trading purposes they became the rulers due to our own internal discords which offered them an opport


Existence of civil society is under threat. By Dr Ian Hodgson

The increasing repression of civil society was a major theme that emerged during the recently concluded 22nd International AIDS Conference (AIDS 2018) in Amsterdam. A range of presentations and discussions confirmed that, in many countries, like Hungary, Russia, Venezuela, and the Philippines, the c


What does the future hold for minorities in Naya Pakistan? By Nasir Saeed

The dust is settling from Pakistan's parliamentary elections and the victory of Imran Khan's Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf (PTI) and now Pakistanis - and indeed the world - are watching to see if he can deliver on the promises of reform that secured his victory.
He rode high on a tide of popular opinio


Without bringing entire J&K under secular forces, India cannot solve Kashmir problem. By Hem Raj Jain

Threats of Kashmiris to not recognize accession of J&K to India if Article 35-A tinkered, extremely serious matter (ii)- Modi Government, till PoK retrieved, should do justice to J&K by retaining Article 370 & 35-A with gender equality (iii)- Without bringing entire J&K under secular forces, India c


Ungrateful Hindus unconcerned about Pandits of Kashmir from where Hindu soft power came. By Hem Raj Jain

Panini, Patanjali, Sharangdev etc who gave soft power to Hindus were all from Kashmir (ii)- Lakhs of descendants of these illustrious Kashmiris are refuges in Hindi majority India (iii)- Baba Ramdev should arrange 'Langars' for 7 L volunteers & KPs to rehabilitate 5L KPs
-Hindus are never tired o


Slump in fight against #AIDS can derail progress made so far. By Shobha Shukla

Tremendous progress against AIDS over the past 15 years has inspired a global commitment to end the epidemic by 2030. Out of the total 36.9 million people living with HIV (PLHIV) globally, 21.7 million of them were on antiretroviral therapy (ART) by 2017. But we should also note that 1.8 million peo


New Leadership and the dire need of Christian Community. By Cynthia Sohail

Pakistan is a democratic country and the democracy assures the human rights for all the citizens regardless of their colour, caste or creed. The democracy also guarantees equal opportunities for all the inhabitants of a democratic country in all the spheres of life. But, unfortunately, despite all


Iran on the Verge of Total Revolution. By Manish Rai

The recent three days of protests which broke out in Tehran’s Grand Bazaar, with hundreds of angry shopkeepers taking to the street against the sharp fall in the value of the Iranian currency have surely been supressed by the regime. But the sentiments which drove these protests in one of most loyal


Mehbooba instead of justifying terrorists should know Hindus incapable of managing Muslims. By Hem Raj Jain

Regarding communal prejudices India has not moved an inch further than what it was during partition (ii)- Partition happened as Congress believed managing Hindu India would be easier than managing Hindu-Muslim India (iii)- ‘Instrument of Accession’ of Muslim majority J&K to India rendered meaningles


Mehbooba should go global & derive strength from modern Islam and not from Muslims. By Hem Raj Jain

Islam is easily the most modern and humane religion but Muslims all across the world (instead of practicing the basic of Islam) are indulging in rituals of Islam with the result tens of millions of Muslims are weeping and bleeding profusely from AF-PAK-Kashmir region to NAME region (including Syria,

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"Trial of Pakistani Christian Nation" By Nazir S Bhatti

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