Extremist hate video leads to threats to behead targeted Ex Muslim Pastor and newly baptised Convert in UK.


London: August 14, 2019. (PCP) BACA have called for further investigation into the hate-filled rant by Zaheer Hussain after an invite-only meeting held at Preston Police Station with Chief Inspector Sansbury.

As a result of the discussion with Police, BACA were able to provide them with information regarding the two converts who appeared to have been targeted by Zaheer Hussain and discovered how their lives had been shattered by his malice-filled video

Two points raised at the meeting have left BACA worried that despite the extremely ardent efforts of Preston police, our existing legal frameworks may not be sufficient to deal with these types of incidents.

During an invite-only meeting to quell an unprecedented level of interest in the prosecution of hate-speaker Zaheer Hussain, CI Sansbury informed BACA representatives that every effort had been made to conduct a thorough investigation, gather all available evidence and consider all possible offences that may have been committed.

The impact of the rant that has caused offence to thousands of people across the UK, has destroyed the quality of life of the targeted individuals and has left many others who have quit Islam feeling shell-shocked and in fear. BPCA is compiling evidence of the community tensions the rant has fomented which will be included in the Police submission required for a potential conviction.

CI Sansbury has confirmed that a case-file had been passed to the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) to consider how to proceed with complaints against Preston taxi-driver Zaheer Hussain's vile rant.

BACA have reviewed the video since our meeting and brought to the attention of CI Sansbury that in only the second line of his pernicious rant, Zaheer Hussain looks over to his colleague in the vehicle and gives him the order to 'Send a message bro'. We believe this is evidence of his desire to disseminate the video publicly.

BACA have also met with the Ex-Muslim Pastor (SA) and the newly baptised Christian (WA) who were targeted after a video of the baptism was inadvertently shared by someone sometime after the baptism which occurred on 4th December 2018. WA was happy for the video to be shared publicly.

Sadly the video came to the awareness of hate-speaker Zaheer Hussain who quite immediately produced his intolerant vile rant calling for death and buggery of all Ex-Muslims, whilst driving in the Moor Park area of Preston. Within the video Zaheer Hussain and his colleague threatened to rape the two targets in the baptism video. You can watch the rant in the video below - please be aware some of the language used is extremely foul, vulgar and offense:

We have taken a detailed account of the threats and disturbance that both SA and WA had to endure which includes several temporary home relocations including while the wife of SA gave birth. We have shared a full transcript with Preston Police, West Yorkshire Police and West Midlands Police.

We have been in detailed discussions with the first two police authorities but thus far West Midlands Police have failed to respond to us.

SA and WA have insisted they do not want their story published and we are honouring their decision. They have been vigilant in their prayers for peace and have stated that they have no malice against any Muslims or people of any diversity.

BPCA have now located a further threatening hate-filled rant video that is currently being shared on social media. It seems to be one of a series of two and although no copy of the first video has been found, the producer of the video confesses in this one that personal names and addresses had been shared in the first video and direct contact made with SA's family.

SA, spoke with BACA and said: "I have no malice against Muslims or people of any other faith, our Christ taught us to love our neighbour and that is what we continue to do."

Zaheer Hussain was arrested on suspicion of religiously aggravated harassment in December after a video of him making seemingly derogatory comments about Christians was posted on social media. The arrest was instigated after a series of complaints were received by several different members of the public from across the country.

Zaheer Hussain, who is from Blackburn, has since apologised for his comments and has surrendered his Preston Taxi Driver badge to Preston City Council on 9th January 2019.

A spokesman for Preston City Council said: “A Hackney Carriage driver has appeared before the Taxi and Miscellaneous Committee today to have their Hackney Carriage driver’s licence reviewed.

“During the course of the hearing, the driver agreed to hand-in their Hackney Carriage driver’s licence by the close of business today, and has already done so.

“This will be in effect until the completion of the related police investigation and any subsequent legal processes.

“The driver will be unable to drive a Hackney Carriage in Preston until reappearing before the Taxi and Miscellaneous Committee for a full licence review.”

Zaheer Hussain shared a video in which he apologised for his violent tirade, which can be watched (here). However BPCA is not convinced his apology is genuine and believe it is simply a reaction to being caught.

Worse still our research has uncovered that Zaheer Hussain may have been involved in a previous assault when working as a Taxi driver. The Lancashire Post in a news round up dated 03.04.07, stated:

"DEEPDALE: A taxi driver has been convicted of assault and criminal damage after a trial at Preston Magistrates Court. Black cab driver Zaheer Hussain, 30, of Deepdale Road, will be sentenced for the offences on April 20. Mike Thorpe, head of licensing and electoral services at Preston Council, said: "It is council procedure to review drivers' licences when they are given this type of criminal conviction and the Taxi and Miscellaneous Sub Committee will decid.

The name age and location of the driver are a perfect match for the Zaheer Hussain who made the recent hate-filled rant. If that previous crime was commited by the same taxi-driver you would hope this time Preston Council would be more assertive and terminate his right to drive a Taxi - it would seem he is truly a danger to others. 

BACA have been speaking with local converts from Islam to understand better what impact Zaheer Hussain's evil rant has had on their lives, Rebecca Ahmed, said: "My husband that I have now been married to for just over 10 years was a convert from Islam to Christianity. We all left Birmingham 5 years ago as it became nigh on impossible to continue living amongst the abuse we were targeted with.

"My daughters were physically attacked in school in a decade long crusade against us - It has been dreadful.

"Even now My husband still suffers from panic attacks.

"We eventually chose Lancashire as a place of sanctuary in particular Preston and have been living here in peace to date.

"However, there is a large ex-Muslim community here in Preston and they are all deeply upset, worried and alarmed by this taxi driver Zaheers threat's of rape and violence.

"As a community they feel fragile and vulnerable and having said the above it is only right that Zaheer Hussain is charged for his violent tirade." 

She added: "Since Zaheer's video surfaced our family have been petrified and shocked that this could happen in a place so quiet and peaceful like Preston."

Juliet Chowdhry, Trustee of the British Asian Christian Association, said: "Zaheer Hussain's case has been thoroughly investigated by Preston Police Authority and we we strongly believe our assistance to their investigation will lead to a prosecution.

"The impact of the hate filled tirade by Zaheer Hussain has placed the target families in turmoil.

"The thoughtlessness and hate that Zaheer Hussain exhibited has fomented serious death threats towards his target.

"Anything less than a prosecution will only serve to ignite more hate - as hatemongers like Zaheer Hussain will be buoyed by any illustrated impunity.

"Our existing laws need to allow more flexibility for judges and juries to penalise hate-speakers who share such vile rants in a small group - especially where their despicable messages are then easily and inevitably shared across social media to galvanise an extremist response.

"For too long hate preachers have been able to defend their intentions by stating that they themselves never intended to share the content of their hate-filled malice on-line or with the public - this deflection must stop.

"We also need to strengthen existing hate crime legislation so they better protect victims of the burgeoning social malaise of apostasy hatred."

BACA are have provided some financial help to SA and his family and have advised both SA and WA that we can provide a safe house to both of them and their families if the situation worsens. Our safe house will be a long way away from their current location. If you would like to give any gift to SA and WA (who BACA are talking with as we would like to help their wonderful ministry which you can inquire about through us.) or simply want to add to our emergency fund for help for victims of apostasy hatred please donate.

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