India has a great role in Middle East to save peace and world from Nuclear War


New Delhi: October 11, 2019. (PCP) Prof. Bhim Singh, a renowned peace Advocate and Chief Patron of National Panthers Party in India has made strong appeal to the silent NAM countries to call its urgent meeting at the earliest to ensure that appropriate initiative is launched to save world peace which is in dangerous mode today following heavy expressive situation  emerged on the Turkish – Syrian Borders in the Middle East involving NATO countries as well as USA and the Russian federation following Turkish military interference in the northeast Syrian region. The tragedy is that US President, Mr. Donald Trump has already issued is warning with double speak supporting Turkey and issuing calculated warning to use offensive with care. Turkey had played a tricky role when II World War brought the world to global disaster. The present situation which has been generated by some pro Israeli countries with a clear intention to hit the Arab Countries, particularly Syria this time which has never compromised with Israel which was created in 1948 by the Security Council’s majority vote. India had opposed division of Palestine at that time. India and the Non–Aligned World has taken highly acceptable stand for the recognition of Palestine by the UNO.

  Prof. Bhim Singh said that present situation that has been fomented with the help of NATO, the USA & its allies backing Israel has dangerous consequences which can trigger even 3rd World War. He appealed all the NAM countries in the world to hold an urgent conference anywhere in the world and work out a way to save peace in the Middle East. The recognition of Palestine by the United Nations as its member and its acceptance by all UN Members is the need of the hour. The NAM leadership had played very valuable role for peace in the past, it even generated peace propositions starting from Indo-China joint move in Bandung.

Prof. Bhim Singh urged Mr. Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India to take this issue as urgent in his meeting with Chinese President on 12th October, 2019 in India. Mr. Modi should take a leaf from the pages of the history and follow the principles for peace which India initiated in 1955 under Jawaharlal Nehru. India must play the role for World Peace and peace needs to be protected and saved in the Middle East today. The Arab World needs to be involved for ensuring peace in the Middle East, particularly Palestine which deserves equity according to the UN Charter. India has a responsible role and must convene NAM countries urgent conference, even in India to save the world from the World War-III. The two Atom Bombs that were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki (Japan) in August 1945 have a grave message for the world today when nearly a dozen of the countries are loaded with hundreds of heavy nuclear arsenal Bombs hundred times more explosive than two Atom Bombs dropped in 1945.  Indian leadership has an opportunity to play India’s role to save the world and the humanity from total disaster.

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