Security Council Resolutions vis-à-vis Palestine State deserve urgent implementation to save peace


New Delhi: An emergency of meeting of Indo-Palestine Friendship Society was held in New Delhi under the chairmanship of Prof.Bhim Singh, Chairman, Indo-Palestine Friendship Society attended by several advocates, jurists, journalists and members of the society.

A resolution at the conference adopted unanimously urged the Secretary-General, United Nations to take appropriate steps for the implementation of important resolutions of the Security Council UN vis-à-vis State of Palestine. The important resolutions of the Security Council namely 242 & 338 and others Israel deliberately ignored and continued its’ aggression against the people of Palestine and war-mongering campaign has been going on against the Palestinians in Gaza Strip. Prof.Bhim Singh who is also Chief Patron, National Panthers Party & Chairman of World Peace Council (India) has visited Palestine and particularly Gaza Strip when it was brought under the territorial control of Palestine as per the United Nations direction in 1982. Prof.Bhim Singh had visited Gaza Strip also as well as the capital of Palestine, Ram Allah and called ailing PLO Chief Yasir Arafat in 2003 who expected a lot from India.

 Prof.Bhim Singh has appealed to the Non-Aligned Countries Movement to hold an urgent meeting to consider several issues which can bring the world to disaster if Word War-III shall erupt anywhere in the world. He appealed to the Indian leadership also to learn a lesson from the leadership of India who had carried the flag for international peace and coexistence right since 1956 when Indian leadership had played historic role by showing the seeds of Non-Alignment Movement from a common platform in Bandung Conference. NPP Supremo urged the Indian leadership to leave the petty fights behind and bring the Non-Aligned Movement from one platform as India has done earlier. He said it is only Non-Aligned Movement which can play the role for international peace and peaceful coexistence whether in Afghanistan, Middle-East or elsewhere. The world is facing horrifying situation because heaps of nuclear weapons and bombs are piling in the East and the West and a situation is emerging sending dangerous message thus threatening the peace in the world.

Prof.Bhim Singh regretted that the leadership in USA has been, unfortunately, playing in the hands of Zionist group of people who have been working with vengeance and partition of Palestine was due to Zionist influence on the Anglo-American Bloc in 1948. The leadership today in the USA has been running the show with the support and advice of the Zionist lobby even ignoring sane element in USA. Unfortunately the President of USA today is following the dictates and guidance of the Zionist lobby which holds powerful influence over the leadership in the USA.

Prof.Bhim Singh said that the United Nations itself has not been able to hold any Security Council meeting to end conflict may be in Palestine or in the East. President of USA has declared to hand over control of Jerusalem to the Zionist lobby. He has been backing/supporting Mr. Benjamin Netanyahu who is facing several corruption charges in Israel. Prof.Bhim Singh had met Netanyahu and interviewed him for Doordarshan (India) in 1993 in Jerusalem. Prof.Bhim Singh had sounded the world that Netanyahu if elected to power in Israel, the Palestinians shall be under the threat of liquidation. He accused US President, Mr. Donald Trump for trying to settle Jewish community in Jerusalem and in other areas of West Palestine.

Prof.Bhim Singh had visited Israel, Jerusalem, Ram Allah, Gaza and all occupied areas of Palestine several times and he has continued supporting the cause of Palestinians and implementation of all Security Council Resolutions vis-à-vis Palestine directing Israel to vacate all occupied territories of Palestine including Jerusalem and implement all Resolutions of Security Council in this regard in the interest of world peace.

Prof.Bhim Singh appealed to the leadership of all Non-Aligned World to take up this issue without delay to save the world from the disaster which is shadowing the world today.

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