Humanity Vs Corona Virus: World religious leaders should meet, India take initiative for world peace


New Delhi: Several senior political leaders from different walks of life and some noted religious Pracharaks met online in an informal get-together and exchanged their respective views and suggestions to work out a common agenda to launch an International Movement against the Corona Virus which has, today, created world anarchy leaving the world political leaders, religious heads and even the scientists helpless and unanswered over the present situation which has caused a kind of terror all over the world, may be except some countries in the African continent.

 It appears that the politicians have failed, political ideologies have crashed, religious sermons have no effect on the world climate in the East and the West. It also is surprising that great religious leaders known all over the world  from different religions including Pope of Rome, leading Shankaracharyas in the Indian continent as well as Shahi Imams, highly honoured priests from several other religions, it appears, have lost relevance in the present situation to control just one Satan, Corona Virus.

 Prof. Bhim Singh, who founded the J&K National Panthers Party in 1982 to carry out his mission for world peace, human dignity and Human Rights arranged a small get-together at Jammu, the Winter Capital of Jammu & Kashmir, urged all the religious leaders (Representatives), sit together somewhere in Delhi/Moscow/New York/United Nations Headquarters or anywhere else without fearing from each other as no one should be untouchable in this movement against Corona Virus.

  NPP Supremo conveyed to the participants (many of them did not like their names to be mentioned   in this Press Release), that the people should fearlessly and courageously visit in discipline their religious places and participate in important small gatherings without disturbing anyone to initiate a movement against Corona Virus which is not stronger than the preachings of  God and the message conveyed to the world in different religious sermons say in Toroat, Bhagwat Gita, Bible, Quran, Granth Sahab or in Buddhism or other religious messages to the world for human love and peace. 

  He felt surprised how a so-called Corona Virus, seen nowhere except in the ghostly propaganda today in the world media which has taken the lives of thousands of human beings on earth, could not be controlled by the great politicians, scientists, religious leaders and forced them to go on the Lockdown all  over the world.

  Prof. Bhim Singh hoped that Indian leaders and great religious preachers shall come forward and instead of shutting Temples, Mosques and other places of worship the preachers should walk to the places of worship, instead, of using Police power/authority even to ban small social get-togethers, prayers in the respective religious places.

 Prof. Bhim Singh expressed surprise that the prominent people, senior politicians, noted social activists and even the Parliamentarians and religious preachers are missing the roads to the liberation from the so called Corona Virus. He also proposed President of India to hold National Integration Council urgently so that the great many genius from different walks of life may join together and organize a World Mass Movement to defeat and destroy Corona Virus.

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