PM ignored over 25 State recognized political parties to discuss Covid-19 pandemic


New Delhi: NPP Supremo, Prof. Bhim Singh urged the Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi to involve all the recognized regional political parties in the discussion on Covid-19. He said that more than 25 recognized political parties in the country were ignored to participate in the discussion on Covid-19 by the Prime Minister. He choose only a few state parties who were heaving five Members of Parliament. The result is one-third population (electorates) have been ignored by the Prime Minister to participate in the discussion on video conference today organized by the Prime Minister.

 NPP Supremo warned that any attempt to continue Lockdown without effective consultation with representatives from different parts of the country as the 21 day Lockdown literally emergency. He said that 21-days Lockdown has spread a terror in the whole country affecting the poor, the rural population who have been suffering from many social and health problems. People in the rural areas have no medicines as dispensaries have been closed and hospitals are paralyzed. The ration shops has no ration available whereas educational institutions stands closed. Transport stands shut as trains, buses even flights have been closed and people stand literally locked inside their houses or in their huts. There is no medicines available, no doctors to attend patients and physically suffering people. It is all a havoc for the poor and under privileged people from the North to the South and West to the East.

NPP Supremo talked to many noted social & political activists from different sections of the people who have not been heard by anyone about their problems. The Prime Minister of India was gracious to hold a online video conference with selected sections of the people. He has announced to hold conference with the representatives of all recognized political parties including the regional parties. It was shocking that Prime Minister could only invite Members of the Parliament, who represent 10 political parties only. It is shocking that Prime Minister ignored nearly 25 recognized regional parties least realizing that regional parties have secured more than one-third of the total votes polled in the Parliament election. This certainly means one-third population of India has been ignored by the Prime Minister.

NPP Supremo urged the President of India, Shri Ramnath Kovind, for his immediate intervention and advice the Prime Minister to take first steps to ensure safe return of all those who have been locked in States outside their homes in other States. He said thousands of youth, businessmen, visitors were caught in the trap of Lockdown on 24th March, 2020 without pre-warning.

Thousands of such visitors could not return to their homes or to their states because the Prime Minister gave only 4-hours ultimatum and imposed Lockdown.

Thousands of the labourers from working outside their homes states have lost their jobs/work as the factories, mills etc. have closed from Gujarat to West Bengal.

The Govt. should provide reasonable transportation to all those who have been locked in camps or broken houses in different places almost in every state. Their condition is worst than condemned prisoners.

The families of such labourers locked in the camps in different states have been praying for the safe return of their family members from the prison-camps made in different states.

 NPP Supremo urged the President of India to send a message to the countrymen assuring them that appropriate action shall be taken for the safe return of all the Indian citizens. This is possible only if Lockdown is withdrawn after 21-days as was assured by the Prime Minister of India. Its extension shall be disastrous and it may end in provoking some sections of people to take up wrong measures which may provoke anarchy in the country. The ruling party in India needs to consider all circumstances and is advised to end Lockdown after 21-days so that millions of people who have been out of touch with their families, shall return to their homes. This is the first challenge before the Nation.

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