Army’s proposal 3-year voluntary internship amounts to violation of Fundamental Rights in the Constitution


New Delhi: “Many calls have come from different parts of the country mostly from the lawyers’ fraternity seeking opinion on the proposal of Army Spokesperson, Colonel Aman Anand who announced yesterday that a proposal is being discussed and emphasized that, if accepted, the ‘tour of duty’ will not be mandatory. The proposal is, as is, that the short service, voluntary ‘tour of duty’ is for youths who “do not want to make defence services their permanent vocation, but still want to experience the thrill and adventure of military professionalism”. The State Legal Aid Committee Members headed by Prof. Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of Panthers Party & Executive Chairman of State Legal Aid Committee described this kind of proposal itself as undesirable/unacceptable adventure as it shall not satisfy its application and the scope of the Indian Constitution. The Constitution of India does not allow thrill and adventure at the expense of the State that too in the field of defence of the Nation.

  Prof. Bhim Singh said that this is not a solution to remove unemployment in the country rather such an adventure shall create further problem for the unemployed military trained youth who shall come on the roads with military training when go without jobs/work. He also expressed surprise that the cited note has conveyed the message of “resurgence of nationalism and patriotism”. Does it mean that the Indian youth lacked nationalism or patriotism today as compared to the past. NPP Supremo disagreed with this impression about the youth which means that Indian youth are lacking patriotism and nationalism today and such ‘thrill and adventure’ as proposed shall restore ‘resurgence of nationalism and patriotism’ after they are given three years special military training in their youth hood.

 Such a proposal, if accepted, shall prove to be an adventurism for the ultra communal, adventurist elements and too those who can create anarchy with the military training they are given (if) at the cost of state exchequer.

  Prof. Bhim Singh said that this kind of adventurism shall not help India’s growth as a democratic state. He expressed surprise how an imaginary note has been floated that, ‘The Army estimates that the corresponding cost for a three-year service will be Rs. 80 lakh-85 lakh. It adds that SSC officers have the option to join the service permanently, which further increases the cost incurred, including pension bills. For soldiers, who usually serve for 17 years, the Army has calculated a lifetime savings of Rs 11.5 crore per person, as compared to a three-year service’. The NPP Supremo urged the President of India for his intervention to instruct the Ministry of Defence not to act as Parliament of India and do not interfere in the subjects which are not under its jurisdiction.

 NPP Supremo felt that the statement published in section of newspapers in the country today deserves a serious attention of the President of India and the Members of Parliament whether the Defence Ministry has this kind of jurisdiction to deal with the Constitution of the Army/Defence Forces. He said that Parliament alone has a jurisdiction to deal with such matters like recruitment of voluntary force for 2/3 years etc. this is the Parliament alone which can consider such proposal. He described the statement/announcement of an Army Spokesman as illegal, high undesirable & unacceptable.

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