MPs urged intervention to save thousands of jobs struck labourers from road killing & save India from capitalist hog


New Delhi: Prof. Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of J&K National Panthers Party, Senior Advocate in the Supreme Court of India & former Legislator has appealed to the Members of Parliament as well as the Parliament itself for immediate intervention to save lives of the labourers/workers who lost their jobs in private or state enterprises/factories/industries following the closure of the mills because of Lockdown. He said it is a human tragedy that thousands of workers/labourers who lost their jobs in different provinces/states of India including North-East, Southern States & States like Gujarat, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal even in Jammu & Kashmir were given hope that the Govt. of India shall provide them safe and free transportation to enable them to reach their respective residential districts. Unfortunately, thousands of working youth who lost their jobs have not been provided any transportation to reach their home States.

 Besides the Administration picked up only chosen ones from different places and arranged transportation, buses/trains to reach their home States. The great tragedy looms on the poor/helpless returnees that they were locked in close rooms in their respective States when they arrived in home States. In Jammu & Kashmir, the NPP Supremo described the situation of those who were collected from the trains in Jammu or Udhampur and bundled in close stinking halls with no facility worth living for a human being. Hundreds in one hall, no facility of drinking water and food was to be delivered later. Dozen of them were shouting from inside the locked halls asking for freedom from this type of humiliation. It is a tragedy that all the big slogans of the Indian Prime Minister and others to keep social distancing, wear masks etc. were all missing in the concentrated halls where these returnees were locked. The same was situation in other places. The messages received from Uttar Pradesh and other places are the same.

Prof. Bhim Singh in a communication to Shri Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India who is celebrating sixth anniversary of his premiership urged for his intervention. He urged the Prime Minister to give freedom to those labourers who have been locked in suffocating halls in different places in the country so that they can also feel the thrill of Modi Ji’s sixth anniversary of his premiership.

 Prof. Bhim Singh urged the Members of Parliament irrespective of their political parties or affiliation to come forward and urged the President of India to convene a special session of Parliament to deliver justice and equity to the disgraced working youth of the country. He also urged the Parliament to express apology for the death of hundreds of workers/youth who were killed on the road side while walking towards their homes from different States.

 Prof. Bhim Singh also urged the democratic/secular political parties to take up this highly important and urgent issue of working class/labourers who lost their jobs and they could not reach their homes. The Union Government has failed to attend to the problem of these labourers/workers, instead, got involved in a serious conspiracy to divert India’s social economy to a dangerous trend transplanting the Indian social democracy to a capitalist economy threatening more than half of the population of their Fundamental Rights to live in honour and equality. The present government has taken full advantage of the situation caused by Coronavirus. If Coronavirus continues for some more times, it is feared that entire Indian democracy shall be converted into a die-hard capitalist state and socialist democracy shall disappear like the morning fog.

Prof. Bhim Singh urged all democratic/secular political parties to convene an urgent/immediate national get-together with or without Coronavirus, somewhere in Delhi to prepare action plan to save socialist democracy.

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