Save Jammu Youth: Those who are medically fit cannot be detained at Quarantine Centers


New Delhi: “Reacting strongly on the most undemocratic, illegal and unconstitutional behaviour of the Police/authorities for detaining hundreds of incoming youth workers/residents of Jammu-Kashmir from outside is highly unconstitutional and unacceptable. The authorities can examine/test each one of them coming from outside J&K and shall release them on spot if found fit and have no medical problem”.

Prof. Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of J&K National Panthers Party and Executive Chairman of State Legal Aid Committee besides Senior Advocate Supreme Court of India forwarded a special appeal to the President of India who is governing the State of Jammu & Kashmir under the Constitution at present. He conveyed to the President of India about the most humiliating, shameful & unconstitutional treatment being given to the incoming youth, students, workers and others by the State Administration. He said that hundreds of them who have entered the State from Lakhanpur are being dragged like sheep and dragged like gunny bags to the nearby Police Stations, locked in stinking rooms in hundreds for days. Some of them were going to Srinagar, some to other district destination of Kathua, Udhampur, Poonch etc. All of them were packed by J&K Police and carried to the so called Quarantine Centers at Thandi Khui (Jammu) and other stations. None was put to any test nor examined by any doctor as no doctor/medical officer was available. The tragedy is that hundreds of them have been locked in Police Stations and hundreds of them in the Central halls of several colleges in Jammu, Udhampur and other places. This is shame that hundreds of them have one or two bathrooms to go in those so called Quarantine Centers. They have been locked for days with no doctor attending nor any test or examination being conducted to find if they have any touch of Corona Virus or any other disease.

 Prof. Bhim Singh conveyed to the President of India that he has been receiving hundreds of calls the whole day and all the night from these detained/suffering/terror ridden in coming boys/workers/students and others who were coming back with all medical clearance or certificates from Delhi Administration for permission to travel to respective destinations in different districts of Jammu or Srinagar. All our calls/requests urging the authorities including Deputy Commissioners/Police Officers/Revenue Officers sank into the dustbin of the officials of Jammu & Kashmir who were behaving as if we have been passing through emergency period. No rule of law, no constitutional protection, no fundamental rights and incoming residents of Jammu & Kashmir are being treated like Sheep & Goats. Let the President of India send his representatives to any district of Jammu Province and find out in what situation the residents of Jammu & Kashmir have been passing through.

 Prof. Bhim Singh described another tragedy that he can’t knock the doors of the Supreme Court of India as open courts are closed and the lawyers are knocking the doors for justice with no response.

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