Working class/proletariat in bashing state in India. Ultimate revolution simmering


New Delhi: Prof. Bhim Singh, Founder & Chief Patron of J&K National Panthers Party today, in a communication to the working class, expressed confidence that ultimate revolution in India is on the rise as majority of the people in a population of 130 crores have been forced to die of hunger and starvation. The latest story published at page 1 of the Indian Express yesterday has exposed the whole system as it is working today under the present rule and the present system when public sector is being demolished bit by bit by the BJP government under the dictatorship of Prime Minister Modi.

 The story has quoted AIMO (All India Manufacturers Association) with nine other industry bodies. The leading newspapers of India has quoted, “The AIMO survey comprises 46,525 responses from MSMEs self-employed, corporate CEOs and employees. It was conducted online between 24th May and 30th May”. In revealing data it says that, “while 35 percent of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) and 37 percent of the self-employed respondents said their enterprises were beyond recovery”. Besides, the unemployed workers/youth have been sacked/fired from their jobs in the recent past. They have been counted as nearly two crores. Millions of the young entrepreneurs, employees have been fired in the recent past, scaling down of operations, uncertainty about future orders are among the major concerning smaller and medium enterprises. Millions of unemployed youth/workers were forced to return to their homes after losing the jobs in the factories/mills they were working in other States. This cannot be ignored that this situation arose when the owners of the business/factories/mills failed to continue their business. The small/medium owners/employers have been suffering because of several reasons including Covid-19 pandemic.

 “According to GDP, as quoted in Indian Express, data released last week by the National Statistical Office, the country’s growth rate slumped to an 11-year low of 4.2 percent in 2019-20. The RBI too recently said the growth may be in the negative territory in 2020-21”. Another tragedy is that BJP government led by Shri Narendra Modi has picked all medium and low range industries/factories by ignoring them and their growth. The government’s latest policy clearly reveals that upper class businessmen, traders like Ambani, Adani and others are being picked up for promotion and the middle class/lower class businessmen are being eroded so that all National business and trades goes into the hands of a few picked super businessmen. This is demolishing entire structure destroying public sector as it is being handed over to Ambanis and Adanis for good.

 NPP Supremo expressed surprise on the silence of leading left parties and socialist political groups to keep complete silence   on the transfer of India’s Parliamentary system to a capitalist class demolishing public sector from the root. It could be witnessed from the present status of Air India/Indian Airlines/the status of Airports and in very near future India’s rails and railway stations shall also go in the hands of private sector.

 Prof. Bhim Singh also expressed deep concerned on the future of the entrepreneurs/unemployed youth who have been fired from their jobs and shall be out of jobs in the near future.

  Prof. Bhim Singh hoped that this is the time that all left parties who believe in the socialist-secular and democratic Republic of India shall sit together at the earliest with Covid-19 or without it, to work out a common strategy to save India from the hands of naked capitalism so that the proletariat/working class may survive with dignity and Fundamental Rights. The present government has been exposed in totality that they shall not allow growth of a socialist society and the public sector. The ultimate revolution is the only way, the only answer to save India from the clutches of this kind of capitalist conspiracy led by BJP government.

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