NPP Supremo assured Media in J&K & rest of country to take up freedom of Press before SC & World Forums


New Delhi: Prof. Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of J&K National Panthers Party and Senior Advocate of Supreme Court of India while addressing a press conference at Panthers Party Headquarters, Jammu Tawi (J&K) assured the Media and the Press all support and solidarity with the Press and the Media that Panthers Party shall fight from the Kashmir streets to the Supreme Court in defence of freedom of Press and Media in J&K that has been threatened by the so called ‘New Media Policy’ by the administration in Jammu & Kashmir, presently under the President’s Rule. Prof. Bhim Singh described the so called policy as a dictatorial as it is against the freedom of Media and Media which has been guaranteed by the Indian Constitution in its Chapter-III from Article 12 to Article 35 of the Constitution. He termed the ordinance as dictatorial and told the press that there are several laws in the ‘Penal Code of India’ and other parts of the Constitution which provide reasonable punishment to anyone who disturbs public peace, sovereignty and integrity of the country. There are sufficient laws in the Constitution as well as in Indian Penal Code which check the violation of Press and Media rules.

  NPP Supremo also opposed the government for summoning   and detaining in prisons several Journalists for their reporting. He said that so called social media posts/reports cannot be attributed to the Media reporters/Press. There are sufficient provisions in the Criminal Law to check/control the misleading social media posts. The so called social media or personal reports by individuals other than the recognized media cannot be brought in the box of freedom of Press and expression.

 The introduction of ‘New Media Policy’ is highly dictatorial, violates the freedom of Press and speech provided in the Constitution of India and cannot be produced in Jammu & Kashmir and Ladakh which are under President’s Rule and the local government under the control of the President of India cannot impose any law in violation of the Fundamental Rights of the residents of Jammu & Kashmir who are citizens of India and fully entitled to Fundamental Rights provided in Chapter-III of the Indian Constitution. The so called ‘New Media Policy’ violates all freedoms and Fundamental Rights of the citizens of India, the residents of Jammu & Kashmir.

  NPP Supremo strongly condemned the so called ‘New Media Policy’ which lays down unconstitutional foundation to use all forms of Media to build so called public trust. He said that a provincial government of a Union Territory has no constitutional authority to make any law to build so called public trust or pay attention to grievances of people projected by the Media as the Constitution does not grant any constitutional authority to any person or agency nor to the Department of Information and Public Relations (DIPR) to splash any of the Fundamental Rights guaranteed to the Indian citizens in Chapter-III of the Indian Constitution.

  NPP Supremo told a crowded press conference that the Parliament is the institution which is competent to send the message of welfare, development and progress to the people in political manner as provided in the Constitution.

  NPP Supremo announced that the Panthers Party shall move the Supreme Court of India at the earliest, the day doors of Supreme Court shall open for lawyers. He also condemned the DIPR for its anti people statement.

 Assuring the Press and the Media that the National Panthers Party in cooperation with J&K Legal Aid Committee & Human Rights Association shall knock all the doors for justice and equity against the draconian policy of ‘New Media Policy’ in Jammu & Kashmir. He declared that he shall move the Human Rights Commission also in this regard if the Press & Media in Jammu & Kashmir failed to get equity and justice.

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