USA and world community) should ask India to respect ‘restoration of status-quo-ante’ nationally about Babri-Masjid before demanding it internationally from China. By Hem Raj Jain


There has been a border stand-off between India and China since May 2020 which has brought the region on the brink of nuclear fare up between three nuclear countries namely India, China and Pakistan. A bloody incident on June 15 took place (in which 20 Indian soldiers and their Commander were martyred and many more so, as per India, on Chinese side in a barbaric fight without firearms). This  would not have happened if India had made the June 6 agreement between army Commanders of India and China public (maybe because the Government wanted to hide that China has intruded on Indian territory and India is persuading China to restore status-quo-ante of April 2020, hence didn’t make it public). This irresponsible secrecy about said June 6 agreement constrained India to send its military team of about 100 at this Galwan site in the dark of the night for the purpose and reasons which the world is yet to know.

Since June 25 the wider prominent Indian media is saying that China has acquired Indian territory in Depsong, Galwan and Pangong sectors of Eastern Ladakh of united -J&K including by helipad and tent at Patrol Point 14 where the bloody clash of June 15 took place (making martyrdom of 20 Indian soldiers and their Commander in vain, if not reversed). At the same time many military veterans, strategic experts, ruling dispensation spokespersons, former diplomats etc are appearing in electronic media (TV channels and youtube channels) and saying that India will give a befitting reply if China attacks India. One fails to understand why will China attack when it has already captured strategically important Indian territory in Ladakh without armed fight ? Surprisingly no one on such debates enlightens us that how and when will India dislodge China from these Indian territories especially when China is refusing to restore the status-quo-ante of April 2020 despite 3 (failed) high level talks between army Commanders of India and China on June 6, June 22 and June 30 ?

Many misguided in Indian establishment are saying that there are mixed perceptions about the ‘line of actual control’ (LAC) hence Chinese ‘technically’ are not on Indian territory. These misguided Indians forget that after all Indian military and border security forces are not fools who have been holding and patrolling these Indian territories for decades and for which 20 Indian soldiers and their Commander offered martyrdom on June 15 at Galwan. Therefore India is legally right in demanding the restoration of status-quo-ante from China pending settlement of border dispute otherwise India has no other alternative than to dislodge China from Indian territory by military force, without any further delay.

What this military action against comparatively powerful (economically and militarily with huge defense budget) China means, not only every Indian but the government also knows. That is why the Indian government is not doing what it could do with Pakistan (by surgical strikes, Balakot strikes etc). On the top if merely surgical strikes or aerial strikes will not be enough to dislodge China from Indian territory rather it will require a massive military campaign by India against China. Hence India is taking its time to launch this military campaign for the said restoration of status-quo-ante.

But during these trying times for India, every Indian has understood the meaning of the ‘restoration of status-quo-ante’ and its importance for rule-of-law at least internationally. Though India (including its all the organs of State) flouted it brazenly & flagrantly in case of rule-of-law (nationally) when status-quo-ante of Bari Masjid was not restored by the Supreme Court of India (SCI) before delivering its verdict where the disputed site was given to same Hindutva forces which demolished Babri-Masjid in 1992 (despite court orders to maintain the status-quo pending final verdict by Court).

Some in India may say that now what is the meaning of raking up this issue especially when the SCI has already given a final verdict in Ayodhya dispute but it is is not so because:-

(i)- There is nothing final as far as the SCI is concerned. The SCI has jurisdiction to open this case even now.

(ii)- The words “restoration of status-quo-ante” have meaning and have their own power and dynamics which is known to mankind for generations [there are volumes written about ‘Logos’ (Words) in western civilization and ‘Shabd’ (Word) has been called ‘Brahm’ in Indian civilization, around which the entire Hindu philosophy, religion  and culture is woven].

(iii)- It is not a mysticism but the fact of life that unless India restores the  status-quo-ante of Babri-Masjid it will not be able to get the status-quo-ante restored at Eastern Ladakh of united-J&K, from China.

(iv)- After restoring  the status-quo-ante of Babri-Masjid the SCI can give the disputed site to any party of the dispute, as per law & justice. If the SCI thus gives the disputed site to Hindus then the restored Babri-Masjid can be demolished through Court order (but now it was demolished by vandals of communal Hindutva forces against Court orders).

(v)- India should understand that Babri-Masjid episode is not an ordinary matter as it has changed and communalized the entire political scenario of India from late eighties which brought the BJP (of communal Hindutva forces) to power at Centre and in many States of India in a dishonest manner which is nothing but a political, legal and constitutional fraud on rule-of-law that too with the complicity of pliant SCI.

(vi)- It is time the misguided communal Hindus (who, unfortunately, presently are in majority in India) will realize that nature has its own way of dispensing justice. Which means that if Hindu majority constitutionally secular India thinks that it can flout the concept of ‘restoration of status-quo-ante’ at national level in Babri-Masjid case (against the religious rights of Indian Muslims) but will be able to get ‘restoration of status-quo-ante’ at international level from China in Eastern Ladakh of united-J&K then it is living in its make believe world.

Therefore India should come to sense and should immediately move the Supreme Court for the ‘restoration of status-quo-ante’ of  Babri-Masjid if India wants to get the ‘restoration of status-quo-ante’ from China in Eastern Ladakh of united-J&K. It is also hoped that the world community (especially the leader of free world the USA) will see to it that first the ‘restoration of status-quo-ante’ of  Babri-Masjid is ensured before supporting India on the the ‘restoration of status-quo-ante’ from China in Eastern Ladakh of united-J&K

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