Text of President Musharraf's Address to the Nation.<br>12 January 2002 Saturday 27 Shawaal 1422

I have a great respect for the Ulema and expect them to come forward and present Islam in its true light. I urge them to curb elements which are exploiting religion for vested interests and bringing a bad name to our faith".

After this, I initiated a number of steps in this regard. First, in the


Indian Government stressed upon to Free Ian Stillman.

The missionary work and dedication to handicaps uplift programmed of Ian Stillman are very valuable and he has been set up by such forces previously involved in killing of Australian missionary and attacks on religious leaders of Christian faith in India.

Ian Stillman has been unjustly imprisone


Lashkar, Jaish, TJP, TNSM & SSP banned; limiting the use of loudspeakers in mosques, all mosques would be registered and no new mosques would be built without permission. Text of President Musharraf's Address.

Addressing the nation on radio and television, the president talked about sectarian violence, terrorism and bigotry, and expressed his resolve to create tolerance and brotherhood in the country in the light of the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and the guidelines set by the Quaid-


350 Christian women Kidnapped and Raped in Pakistan. Bishop A. Kamran.

The government, he said, should also act against the women who routinely Converted to Islam and returned to Christianity for reasons of convenience And followed neither Islam nor Christianity. Participants of the rally included Church of Christ Priest Aamir Kamran, Priest David Michael, former MPA M



The explosions were an unsettling beginning to the New Year for Christians in Sulawesi. Some reports say the bombs were thrown at the churches by men on motorbikes. In Ambon, the capital of nearby Maluku province, a grenade was thrown into a house and exploded injuring one of the residents. Sever


China sentences to death five founders of a Chinese Protestant Church

Twelve other members were sentenced to between two years and life imprisonment by the Intermediate People's Court in Jingmen city, central Hubei province, a criminal court official told AFP.Earlier the Hong Kong-based Information Center for Human Rights and Democracy had reported that only the churc


Christmas Greetings From Cage in silence of J. Salik.

J.Salik who is in cage and on silence stance in a message through his liaison officer said that Jesus Christ had been asked by the then Sardars, Waderas and exploiters of the masses to keep his truth saying: companions silent, the apostle replied that rocks would speak up if his companions became qu


Pakistani Christians in Holland praying for Solidarity of Pakistan on Christmas.

He wished Christians in Pakistan merry Christmas. Meanwhile Egbert Alias, Micheal Thomas, Nasir Bhatti, Remol Wilson, Jamal Francis and Namet Bhatti from Holland have expressed best of happy New Year to Christian community.



Not everyone is lucky in several nations where the animal of state-sponsored terrorism is at large. The massacres on September 11 in the United States and on October 28 in St. Dominic Church in Bhawalpur, Pakistan, while the congregation was praying, are interconnected. These massacres and sev


Christmas is message of the hope of salvation and the hope of eternal life.Bishop Nasir<br>Christmas greetings from Canada and Holland to readers.

It is a festival for most of the people related to the birth of Christ. Most of the people who even do not know any thing about Lord Jesus Christ celebrate Christmas just for sake of some sort of celebration. Yet we need to know what Christmas is all about.

Christmas is not just a date. What a


Shanti Nagar again under new Style of terrorism.<br>By PCP correspondent

The recent act of terror and harassment confirms the doubts of Pakistani
Christians that Muslim militant groups plan to break violence before the Christmas Eve. After 28
Oct. 2001, the church carnage by militants killing 16 christian worshipers in Bahawalpur, the miles
away from Shanti Nagger, t


Memorial service held for victims of Sept 11 terrorist attacks -DAWN

The diya was lit at the exact hour of the anniversary. The function, arranged by the US embassy inside the embassy compound, was attended by a large number of Pakistani school children, politicians and almost all the ambassadors and heads of foreign missions based in the federal capital.



Christians to fast on Friday

The message received from the Vatican City by local representatives here on Tuesday which contained guidelines offered specific suggestions for the Dec 14, the day of fast called by 'Pope John Paul II in conjunction with the end of the Muslim fasting month of Ramazan'.

It said that after the gr


Karachi YMCA to face One million Rupees embezzlement case verdict.

The charges were filed by the then treasurer of YMCA against Sarfaraz layod and Aslam Sunder on fraudently changing the amount figures of checks issued on different payments by the YMCA account. The President YMCA Sarfraz Layod with collaboration of aslam Sunder withdrew the sum of one million rupee


Muslim militia killing Christians, burning homes and churches in Indonesia

Perhaps as many as 63,000 Christians are trapped in the predominantly Christian city of Tentena. One missionary in Indonesia fears the "jihad warriors" will break through to Tentena and massacre the Christians who have taken refuge there.

Afghans and other foreigners are fighting alongside the

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