December 14th 2001 stands a "day of shame" and this shame has been brought by no other than Pope himself. We have failed to understand what gains does the Pope have in mind. Today our Lord Jesus Christ has been "crucified" by the Catholic Church (if it can be called a church any more). By asking Chr


Anti-Terrorism Bill proposal supported by Pak Canadian christians. Stephen Gill

"We are aware that the insidious animal of terrorism has wasted the lives of thousands of innocent persons with its eruption of madness on New York and Washington on September 11. Moreover, the animal has wasted the dreams of thousands of parents, children, brothers and relatives of those innocent p


J. Salik to stay in cage as token of protest in Ramadan. Humanitarian aid stressed for Afghan civilians.

He considers his current solidarity campaign on Afghanistan issue as part payment of the debt Pakistani Christian owed to their Muslim countrymen. For humanitarian relief in Afghanistan J.Salik advocates that the United Nations may launch a lottery scheme. The UN may put on sale vouchers of small de



Christians have been increasingly vulnerable since several Islamic religious leaders announced that two Pakistani Christians would be killed for every Muslim who dies in
Afghanistan, several weeks ago. Fifteen Christians were killed in Bahawalpur on 28 October when Muslim gunmen opened fire on a c


Testimonies from Brunei,Indonesia and holy Land.BF News.

The release ceremony took place at the Jame Asri Hassanal Bolkiah Mosque in the capital Bandar Seri Begawan. The three men had to confess to being involved in 'subversive activities' and pledge not to do so again. They also had to promise to fully co-operate with the authorities in any way require



The Christ Community Center is the fourth Malaysian church to have Been burnt in recent weeks.A serious blaze completely gutted the Marthoma Christian Community Center in Sungei Petani several weeks ago.Later on 13 October chairs and other church equipment were burnt and destroyed in Christ the King



On Wednesday 24 October US planes bombed a training camp outside of Kabul killing 35 members of Harakat ul-Mujahedin including 3 British Muslims and several Pakistanis. Both Harakat ul-Mujahedin and Jaish-e-Mohammad, an extremist group led by Mulana Azhar Masood which is based in Bahawalpur, are li


Bahawalpur massacre attempt to create wedge between Christians and Muslims - J.Salik

In a press statement J.Salik said the need of the hour was to hold out a credible guarantee that life, property and honor and the rights to creed of the minority communities would be fully safeguarded in their respective countries. The blanket of security should extend not only to places of worship


Mulana Azhar Masood, chief of Harkat ul Mukahaden and Jaish e Mohammad from Bahalwarpur may lead to Christian massacre in church.

On Wednesday 24 October US planes bombed a training camp outside Of Kabul killing 35 members of Harakat ul-Mujahedin including 3 British Muslims and several Pakistanis. Both Harakat Ul- Mujahedin and Jaish-e-Mohammad, an extremist group led by Mulana Azhar Masood which is based in Bahawalpur, are l


Elimination of Terrorism or Beginning of New Crusades.

The 110-storey World Trade Center that was constructed 23 years ago with the cost of $ 1 billion over an area of 16 acres, that has given to New York its new identity, where 50,000 eople worked,
and whose annual rent exceeded $ 3 billion, had become a symbol of financial and economic power of Amer


Why the Taliban are reluctant to evict Osama bin Laden? <br>A code of warfare binds Pashtun in Pakistan, Afghanistan.

"But the Kalashnikov bullet was so big and heavy that when we fired it in celebration, it dropped back down back out of the sky and killed us," said Sher Zaman Taizi, a writer, professor and elder in the village of Pabbi, just outside Peshawar, Pakistan. That does not mean the shooting
stopped. T


Woman to Be Stoned to Death

Muhammed ruled that the convict would be stoned to death when she weans her baby, adding that she would not be under prison custody but must produce herself to the court for the judgment to be executed on her. He said if the convict refused to appear before the court after the period of grace given


Roits in Nigeria.

The Kano state government played down the violence, saying it couldn't confirm a religious basis to the fighting. Spokesman Ibrahim Gwawargwa said police had confirmed four people killed and 30 rioters arrested. It would impose a 7:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. curfew, he added. Gwawargwa blamed the rioting


US citizen reactions on News of attack on Afghanistan.

The strike was the first major offensive by the United States military since the September 11 terrorist attacks in New York, Washington, D.C., and Pennsylvania.

With the aid of troops from Great Britain, the U.S. began what is being described as the first wave of bombings in Afghanistan which are


One Muslim Blasphemer's bail plea hearing put off amidst protest.

The Bench of Mr Justice Zafar Pasha Choudhry and Mr Justice Mian Muhammad Jahangir was to hear the bail plea of Hafiz Saeed of village Noukhara, Gujranwala, who was accused by Maulvi Muhammad Ijaz of making some remarks about the parents of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) while delivering Juma sermon and he


Bush statement on ethnic and religious communities hailed. J. Salik.

In a letter J.Salik said "the World Minorities Alliance takes this opportunity to felicitate you on your wise and timely step in visiting Washington central mosque to quell a surge of anti-minority incidents in the United States.
"You were right to state that "there were millions of U.S. Muslims w


UN effective role demanded for minorities safeguard in US. WMA chief J. Salik.

In a letter to the UN Secretary General Mr. Kofi Annan, Saturday J.Salik said if the minority became vulnerable in one country, they would be safe nowhere. The letter said "The event of September 11, 2001 pertaining to attacks on the World Trade Center in New York and the Pentagon in Washington ar


Karachi Minority Councilor Alliance called upon City Nazim to assure safety of Christians.

Fazal Shahzad, Saleem Sohtra, Niamt Gill and Ms. Mangla Sharma were among the delegation. The delegation also toured Akhter colony, Kashmir colony, Azam Basti, Mahmmod Abad, Kausar Niazi, Essa Nagri and other Christian Ares and met Christians.


PCC leaders visit Christian colonies in Karachi and Rawalpindi.

Mean while the Chairman PCC co ordination Committee Professor Salaam Acuter along with local leaders visited the christian colonies and discussed the situation of fear among Christians of life and property during the wave of protest by the religious Muslim parties against the government decision to


Muslim Attackers on House of elected Christian councilor Naziran Begum still at large.

The accused Muslims looted jewelry and authorities yet make large sum of cash from the house during attack but no recovery. The husband of Christian woman naziran Begum is seriously ill and unable to protect his family from any future aggression of Muslims on his property.

Naziran Begum Forwarded


Memorial service of New York and Washington victims of terrorist attacks by North American Pakistani Christians.

Talking to PCP after the services William Shahzad, chairman, north American Pakistani Christian Association (PCA) said that Pakistani Christian in American society are playing positive role to emerge them in main stream. Mr. Ayub, president, PCA was also among the mourners.

Arshad Rehmat and Sala


Dr. Stephen Gill, poetry on 'Terrorists' and 'Religious fanatics'.

(Stephen Gill)

terrorists profess
their targets are not innocent
yet they engineer sneaky devices
to awaken the dogs of gloom.

all that runs
opposite to their fabric
is unholy for their mind.

Why do they hold
a Rosary in one hand
and violence in the other.


Pakistani Christian Michael Baksh still missing among thousands of WTC victims.

I met this grief family at a memorial service in Manhattan church to express condolences by the New York Pakistani christian community, in tense evening filled with emotions and sorrows after a week, in this city of sky scraper where World Trade center is a history, leaving behind thousands of love


Pakistan Christians offer mourning prayers in Pakistan for victims of New York and Washington.

In a message he said the we pray and share the feeling of the families of the victims. He stressed upon an end to violence of terrorism on globe for peace, freedom and harmony among religious communities.

Mean while at Karachi, the Christians gathered at Brooks Memorial Church to condole the thou


UCF Pakistan offers condolence to the families of U items. Wilson Paul.

Here our whole team of UCF is heartedly grieved for the recent destruction and terrorisms and the loss of thousands of lives in NY.

Yesterday on THE PRAYER DAY the whole team prayed for the prosperity of the govt. of America and the peace of all Americans and the rest of the world as well.


Taliban Leader Urges Muslims to Prepare for Jihad.

``You should know that this is not only the issue of Osama, it is opposition to Islam,'' Mullah Omar said, according to a BBC transcript. ``Here (in Afghanistan) there are real Muslims and there is real Islam, and the real voice of religion is raised. They regard this as a danger signal and pay att


Uncertainty Heightens for Christian Captives in Afghanistan.

In addition, the fate of two U.S. women, Dayna Curry, 29, and Heather Mercer, 24, could be affected by the arrests during the previous weekend of 35 more Afghan aid workers. The Compass Direct news service reported the arrests Sept. 12, saying they were suspected of aiding in Christian work.



Bush, Ex-Leaders at Prayer Service.

``This conflict was begun on the time and terms of others. It will end in a way and at an hour of our choosing,'' he said. Although a downpour greeted the earliest comers, the sun broke through the clouds in time for Bush's address. Former presidents Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, George H.W. Bush and B


Professor Salamat Akhter nominated as chairman Pakistan Christian Congress, coordination committee.

After thousands of christian from Punjab province seeking membership of Pakistan Christian Congress on PCC official website on internet, the coordination committee of PCC in a meeting at Karachi, recommended the nomination of Professor Salamat Akhter, as chairman of committee on September 13, 2001 a


Persecution in Pakistan, India, Tanzania, Russia, Turkmenistan and Philippines.

Persecution Watch for August 30, 2001: PHILIPPINES

In the latest attack on foreign missionaries, members of a Muslim kidnap Gang this week shot dead an Irish priest in the southern Philippines. According to Reuters, police said six gunmen shot Rufus Halley in the head Monday when he resisted att


Stressed upon government to adopt measures for safety of Parvez Mash Family. Aslam Parvez.CWRI to launch Legal aid wing. The rehabilitation of Jerusalem city Christians slow lack of funds.

The mission of late Bishop John Joseph shall be carried by CWRI when the churches have neglected his sacred mission after his death and now our leaders and members are only in field to complete his fight for basic rights of Christians in Pakistan.

Mr. Aslam said Jerusalem 300/gb city of Christ


Attack on House of Naziran Begum in Karachi by Muslims.

One time the reprehensive in the woman wing of Pakistan Muslim League and very active to take out processions and stage hunger strikes on national issues and issues of christian community of Sindh was under attack but no one from the national leadership of league visited her house after attack. Mst


James Khokhar in Canada.

Mr. Khokhar was the contesting candidate for the seats reserved for Christians in parliament in 1992 national general elections of Pakistan.His services for christian of Pakistan were rendered volunteer for years. the government of Pakistan never like his efforts to unite the christian labor in


Criticism of Indian Christians Raises New Concerns about Violence.

"The remarks have the potential of creating a sense of insecurity among the minority community," said Congress spokesman Priya Ranjan Dasmunshi. Vajpayee made his comment at a function of a fundamentalist Hindu organization, the Rashtriya Swayamsewak Sangh (RSS), in which he served as a volunteer f



"Trial of Pakistani Christian Nation" By Nazir S Bhatti

On demand of our readers, I have decided to release E-Book version of "Trial of Pakistani Christian Nation" on website of PCP which can also be viewed on website of Pakistan Christian Congress www.pakistanchristiancongress.org . You can read chapter wise by clicking tab on left handside of PDF format of E-Book.

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