The killing of Pakistani dissidents abroad is a dangerous trend that urgently needs to be arrested. EFSAS Commentary

The untimely and unexplained death this week of Karima Baloch, the 37-year-old Baloch activist who had fled to Canada to escape persecution at the hands of Pakistani security agencies and was living as a refugee there, has sent shock waves across the sizeable community of Pakistani refugees who h


HRFP condemned the Hindu’s temple attack in Karak (KPK)

Karak, Pakistan: Human Rights Focus Pakistan (HRFP condemned the mob attack demolished a historic Hindu temple in Teri village of Karak district of Pakistan's province Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) on 30th December 2020.

The mob of religious extremists attacked the temple that were provo


Release International: Christian Persecution Will Increase in China, India in 2021

Washington DC: (Christianheadlines) Release International, an international Christian watchdog organization for persecuted Christians worldwide, has predicted in a report that Christians in China and India will face more persecution in 2021.

According to Premier Christian News, Release


Blasphemy convict who was just a teenager when accused seeking bail

Lahore: On 17th September 2016, 16 year-old teenager Nabeel Masih from the village of Kasur, was accused of an internet blasphemy after it was said that an image of the Kabba (holy shrine at Mecca) with a pigs head over it, was displayed on his Facebook page. This lead to a campaign by local mosq


Demonstrations held in Quetta against the alleged murder of Karima Baloch in Canada

Quetta: (By Manish Rai) Demonstrations were organized in Quetta and Hub Chowki in the memory of renowned Baloch activists and former Chairperson of BSO-Azad Karima Baloch. Chanting the slogan of “long live revolution”, scores of participants – predominantly students – carr


Central Investigation Agency of Pakistan to review Christian deaf-mute teenager gang-rape case

Lahore: Pakistan's Central Investigation Agency have sought papers from Lahore High Court relating to the rape of deaf-mute teenager Komal. The papers in their entirety have already been dispatched by the court and the CIA is beginning a deeper investigation into the rape allegations.


Christmas lights in Chigwell Row for first time ever thanks to Hannah Chowdhry

London: For the first time ever Chigwell Row a small village in Chigwell has large public Christmas lights thanks to the efforts of British Asian Christian Association's teenage volunteer, Hannah Chowdhry.

The lights were purchased and gifted to All Saints Church and put up by local


Christian woman abducted and married by Pakistani Policeman

Lahore: A Pakistani Muslim Policeman abducted a Christian married woman and her 3 years old daughter. He forcibly converted her to Islam both Christian woman and her daughter and married her.

 According to details, A 30 years old married Christian woman named Ayesha Kiran and her 3


GMA gender development project provides hope to the village women in Pakistan during Covid-19

Glasgow, UK: The Glasgow based human rights organisation Global Minorities Alliance (GMA) has completed its first phase of a gender development project which was launched earlier this year.

In January, 2020, GMA opened the Chiragh Din Welfare centre in MariahKhel, Punjab, Pakistan which


Pakistani Christian observed World Human Rights Day 2020

Karachi: 10th December 2020 Thursday, Pakistani Christians on the first death anniversary condoled the sad demise of Mr. Ashraf P. Butt (Advocate) Secretary General of God's peoples fellowship of Pakistan (GPFP-CFI) who was the founder of the organization.

The Pakistani Christians o


HRFP observed Human Rights Day 2020 on “Recover Better- Stand UP for Human Rights”

Faisalabad: Human Rights Focus Pakistan (HRFP) observed International Human Rights Day 2020 on United Nation’s theme “Recover Better - Stand Up for Human Rights” in a context of COVID-19 pandemic and focuses on the need to build back better by ensuring Human Rights.



HRFP condemned the issues of Parvez Akhtar, Gul Sher and Anita bibi

Faisalabad: Human Rights Focus Pakistan (HRFP) condemned the issues of Parvez Akhtar, Gul Sher and Anita bibi who are facing threats and human rights violations for their religion & beliefs.

Parvez Akhtar’s cousin house where he was residing with family has possessed by the cu


Pakistan: Muslim man shoots Christian woman dead for refusing to marry him

London: A Christian woman, Sonia, 24, from Rawalpindi was fatally shot in the head by a Muslim man called Muhammad Shahzad for refusing to marry him.

Sonia’s father Allah Rakha Masih, who works as a janitor, said that 13 years ago he moved to Rawalpindi with his two daughters, Son


BACA wins £500 for Meals for Homeless Project via Faith and Belief Awards

London: On 30th November, British Asian Christian Association will be awarded for their community work at the 4th London Faith & Belief Community Awards, hosted by the Faith & Belief Forum with the support of the Lord-Lieutenant of Greater London’s Faith Council

The London


China Arrests 4 Christians for Selling Audio Bibles as Part of Crackdown on Christianity

Washington DC: (Christianheadlines) Four Christians were arrested for selling audio Bibles this year as part of a government campaign to “eradicate pornography and illegal publications,” according to two watchdog groups.

The four Christians – Fu Xuanjuan, Deng Tianyong


HRFP urged for justice to Sheeza Maqsood a Christian girl escaped kidnappers

Faisalabad: Human Rights Focus Pakistan (HRFP) condemned the abduction and urged for justice to Sheeza Maqsood aged 16 a Christian girl of district Faisalabad escaped kidnappers, facing threats with family.

HRFP Fact Findings team visited to victim, interviewed her and family and ensure


Pakistani Policeman told Christian father to be happy for his daughter’s conversion to Islam

London: A Pakistani Christian father, Asif Masih, of Gulistan Colony, Faisalabad, who is still struggling to get his daughter back from her kidnapper says the police and courts are biased, and instead of registering a case against the kidnaper and recovering his daughter, the policeman told him t


Hungry praises Trump for supporting persecuting Christians

BUDAPEST, HUNGARY: (BosNewsLife) Hungary, where believers suffered under communism, has praised “the Trump administration” for raising the issue of persecuted Christians amid concerns about terror attacks.

“Had U.S. President Donald Trump not put this issue on the inte


Cuba destroys Church amid wider crackdown

HAVANA, CUBA: (BosNewsLife)– A group of Pentecostal Christians in Cuba’s second-largest city is without a place of worship after security forces reportedly destroyed their church and detained believers.

Christians told Worthy News that authorities arrived on October 30 with


Sri Lanka Pentecostals face harassment and detentions

 COLOMBO, SRI LANKA: (BosNewsLife)– A Pentecostal congregation in Sri Lanka’s North Central Province has been told to end worship services because Buddhist monks oppose its activities, Christians told BosNewsLife.

The troubles reportedly began October 18 when police arr


Thousands flee after beheading of Christians in Mozambique

MAPUTO, MOZAMBIQUE: (BosNewsLife)– Aid workers say thousands of desperate people, many of them Christians, have fled an area in northern Mozambique after Islamist fighters killed dozens of villagers.

Police confirmed that militants linked to the Islamic State terrorist group behea


Somaliland frees Christian couple jailed for evangelism

HARGEISA, SOMALILAND: (BosNewsLife) A married Christian couple detained for evangelizing in Muslim-majority Somaliland have neem released, well-informed sources told BosNewsLife.

Aid group Barnabas Fund said the couple was deported to Somalia, allowing them “to travel with their y


Deaf-mute Christian girl subjected to 5-man gang-rape and torture for 2 months in Pakistan

London: November 18, 2020. Earlier this year, on 16th March 2020, BACA reported on the dithering police that failed to take action after a 17-year-old Christian teenager whis both deaf and mute, was kidnapped from her home, then forcibly married to a Muslim neighbour under a sham Islamic marriage


Forced conversion and sexual harassment of the young girls at work place

Lahore: On Nov 04, 2020 CTS recovered three sisters (young girls) from the illegal custody of the Muslims through the Habeas Petition in the Session’s Court Lahore. Poor parents are bound to work in the brick factory on low wages. The girls started work three years ago as house maid in Laho


Paedophile groomer arrested but Arzoo not returned to parents in Pakistan's warped justice system

London: After a Pakistani Christian girl of only 13 was allegedly kidnapped and forced into an Islamic marriage with a 44-year-old Muslim, Christians across Pakistan erupted into protests across the country and in many other nations across the globe. Initially police refused to take action but ev


HRFP’s Success Story on Shahbaz Masih’s bail granting in blasphemy case

Faisalabad: Human Rights Focus Pakistan (HRFP) hails the district & session court’s verdict on granting the bail to Shahbaz Masih (Akhtar) and in same case Muhammad Ishaq granted bail earlier, a case was assisting by HRFP through legal aid, advocacy, moral and financial support from a y


NHS Hepatology Team to make visits to BACA Meals for the Homeless project more regular

London: In the freezing cold of a British November dozens of homeless people queued from 4pm for a 6pm meal distribution at British Asian Christian Association's venue at Clementswood Community Centre.

Our well-cooked meals have become more popular than McDonalds to the many visitor


Sindh High Court orders to send Christian minor girl Arzoo to Shelter

Karachi: A Division Bench of Sindh High Court comprising of Justice KK Agha and Justice Amjad Ali Shaito head the case of 13 years old Christian girl Arzoo Raja and ordered her to send to Shelter instead of giving custody to her parents or Muslim family whom she married.

As Arzoo Raja w


HRFP condemned the abduction of Farah Shaheen, a Christian minor girl

Faisalabad: Human Rights Focus Pakistan (HRFP) condemned the abduction of another Christian minor girl Farah Shaheen aged 12 by 45 year’s abductor Khizar Ahmad Ali for marrying forcibly and converting her to Islam forcefully. The incident take place on 25th June 2020 in Ahmadabad, Faisalaba


Britain have raised the UK's Islamist Terrorist threat levels to 'Severe' on the basis of attacks on the continent

London: Charlie Hebdo became the centre of a series of recent Islamist attacks in France beginning from the 26th of September, after a young Pakistani man of 18 years stabbed two people, outside the former offices of the French satirical magazine (click here). The attack occurred during the trial


Christian Lawyer met with parents of Arzoo

Karachi: Christian Lawyer and Human Rights Activists Allomia ul Raj met with the parents of Arzoo Raja.

Christian Lawyer and Human Rights Activities Allomia ul Raj met and ensure her legal support and assistance to the parents of 13 years old minor Christian Girl Arzoo Raja.



Main Issue of Arzoo case created unrest among Nations of Pakistan. By Rt. Rev. Farhad Shahzad Bhatti

Today on the 5th of November 2020, I would like to share with you a few foundational points of blessing in Christ on this hurting issue of Arzoo Raja’ case. Now we no need to worry about anything. We were praying for this case. Now Let God start his miraculous work to set Azroo and her fami


HRFP welcomes the arrest to abductor of Arzoo Raja, a Christian girl forcibly converted & married

Karachi: Human Rights Focus Pakistan (HRFP) welcomes the arrest to Ali Azhar an abductor of Arzoo Raja a Christian girl was abducted in Karachi on 13th October 2020 and her parents were informed by local police station on 15th October about her embracing to Islam and getting married with same man


An Open Letter To Sensible Muslim Friends. By Yunis Khushi

Protect your Islam from your own internal enemies: Real enemies of Islam are hiding behind Islam

Dear Muslim brothers and sisters,

Islam has no threat from the West.  Real threat to Islam comes from extremist Muslims who are promoting hatred against religious minorities a


HRFP demands justice for Arzoo Raja a juvenile Christian girl abducted

Karachi: Human Rights Focus Pakistan (HRFP) demand justice for Arzoo Raja a juvenile Christian girl aged 13 of Karachi was abducted on 13th October 2020 by a man Ali Azhar aged 44 and her parents were informed by local police station on 15th October in response of FIR No. 302/2020 under 364-A PPC


Islamist court bias prevents weeping mother access to kidnapped and forcibly married Pakistani Christian Teenager

London: Pakistani Christians across the globe have been holding protests calling for the Justice for 13-year-old Arzoo Raja from Karachi Railway Colony, who was abducted on October 13th from her home by her next door neighbor.

Her father Raja who had started work at 7.30 am, had to hurr


An Open Letter for the justice of underage girls of minorities of Pakistan. By Rt. Rev. Farhad shahzad

To: -

 Prime Minister Imran Khan

United Nation Switzerland, USA, UK

Open door International

Amnesty International

Pakistan Christian Post, we appeal for the Pakistan as great nation in the world on the vision of Quid – e – Azam Mu


Pakistan high court gives custody of 13- year-old Christian girl to her Muslim abductor

London: The Sindh High Court of Pakistan has given custody of a 13-year-old Christian girl to her Muslim abductor. 

Witnesses said the teenager, Arzoo, arrived at the surrounded by dozens of Muslim women and men so she could not leave, and no one could reach her.



Pakistani Christian family moved to safehouse to thwart threats from Muslim pedophile get bail

London: A Pakistani Christian girl named Tabitha (7yrs) was kidnapped and raped by an 18-year-old Muslim man, whilst playing on the streets with friends after school on 19th September 2019. Less than a year later the rapist Muhammed Waqas was set free on bail granted to him on 9th September 2020.


Pakistani Teen Age girl kidnapped, enforcedly converted to Islam and married

Karachi: Christian Lawyer and Human Rights Activists Allomia Sultan condemned the abduction of 13 years old Christian Girl at Karachi Press Club on 24th October 2020. 

The Human Right Activists and defenders along with some organs of political parties gathered here to day and expre


Killers of Pakistani Christian teen set free on bail after paying murder-lenient courts bail blood money

Faisalabad: A ten-year-old Christian child who chose to work in a dangerous scrap factory so he could support his mother who had to fend for a family of two boys and a drug-addict husband, was raped and tortured before being killed by his Muslim employers.

In her statement given to the


Muslim successfully rips hated cross from roof of London church

London: A Muslim man disgusted by the three crosses atop of Chadwell Heath Baptist Church in the London Borough of Barking and Dagenham, decided to rip off the crosses from the church building on Sunday. Not long after a church service had been held and while parishioners were still in the buildi


Pakistani officials evading bail of convict victim of blasphemy of 57 with failing health

London: Zafar Bhatti a victim of Pakistan’s notorious blasphemy law was sentenced life imprisonment in 2012 after falsely being accused of sending blasphemous messages, from a mobile SIM that was not even his.

Since his imprisonment, Zafar Bhatti has been living in the misery of a


Flood relief brings hope to destitute Sindhi Christians

Karachi: A BACA team disaster recovery team headed by Pastor Musa (63 yrs) leading our partner group Victory Church, has since then been visiting several local communities of, Goth Ibrahim Khan Village, Mari Tahalka in the Sindh. A very remote area about fifteen kilometres from the city of Karach


Director Shalom Christian Center shot dead in Pakistan

Jhelum: Director, Shalom Christian Center named Edwin, He is now Martyred for saving Christian property. Today was a court hearing. but he was gunned fire last night about 11:30 Pm, He was fighting case for the property of Shalom Center Jhelum,

According to source, there was some local


Sawan Masih victim of blasphemy law acquitted yesterday

London: “I am writing to share with you that Sawan Masih, victim of blasphemy law has been acquitted yesterday, October 6th, 2020” His appeal was heard by the Divisional Bench presided by Mr. Shehbaz Ali Rizvi, and the final arguments were made by CLAAS’s lawyer Mr. Tahir Bashir


Christian in Pakistan Greet Jewish people on the occasion of Yom Kippur

Karachi:  Shahbaz Ashraf Voice chairman GPFP (CFI) sent a felicitation message to the Jewish peoples of the state of Israel on eve of Yom Kippur.

 A letter was sent to the Director General, Press and Information, Ministry of Foreign Affair, State of Israel from Pakistani Chris


2017 Child bomb survivor Aleeza puts new prosthetic leg to good use at wedding

Pakistan: After a COVID-19 induced prolonged delay in obtaining a new prosthetic limb for the youngest survivor of the Quetta Bomb attack, this month BACA were able to remove the discomfort and pain Aleeza (4 yrs) suffered from an undersized prosthetic.

Aleeza was almost killed at the t


Innocent Pakistani Christian man who lost eye in violent attack by Muslims cleared of false charges of violence

Karachi: An innocent Christian man who was violently attacked by Muslims till unconscious and woke hours later in hospital blinded by the attack, has won a two-year battle to clear his name of false allegations of violence. He has also forced the Muslim attacker to pay a substantial amount of com


Muslim paedophile rapist and his friends threaten to re-rape Christian child of 6 and her sisters if parents continue court case

London: A Christian 6-year-old girl was beaten and raped after being forcibly taken to the home of a Muslim rapist in broad daylight. In a sickening twist the local Muslim community are threatening the Christian parents with violence, the rape of their other daughters and financial ruin if they p


Homeless man fined by Redbridge Council of £150 on littering cigarette’s butt

London: Hannah Chowdhry thumbs down the Redbridge penalty fine while homeless man makes amends by clearing streets of cigarette butts.

A homeless man who has been given a fine of £150 by Redbridge Council has become depressed and anxious fearing he will be put in prison for non-pa


Killer of Nadeem Joseph arrested reports Voice Society

Peshawar: Aneeqa Maria Chief the Voice Society reports that “I am glad to share an update on Nadeem Joseph's case, a Christian in Peshawar who was persecuted about three months ago on the basis of his faith and was murdered brutally”

The Voice society have been providing


Karachi floods; worst in 89 years leave Christian families destitute

London: Flash floods in Karachi caused by unprecedented monsoon rains have engulfed large parts of Pakistan’s financial capital, forcing many businesses, shops and markets to shut down. Pakistan has not experienced floods this intense since 2010 and Chief Minister of the Sindh, said: "


HRFP demands Domestic Workers Act implementations and condemned Rubby Masih issue

Faisalabad: Human Rights Focus Pakistan (HRFP) condemns false charges of stealing gold’s ornaments on Rubby Masih and her juvenile daughter being domestic workers but the reason behind harassments is religious victimization for not obeying their employer’s orders against “No Dom


Professor Anjum James writes Education Minister Punjab about Secondary Students minority rights

Faisalabad: Pakistan Minority Teachers Association PMTA Chair Professor Anjum James Paul have written an Open Letter to Dr. Murad Ras, Minister for Education, Government of Punjab, Pakistan, requesting to avoid discrimination and treat equally minority and humanities group students in the acceler


Christian teenager beaten to near death for quitting role as house maid at Muslim home

Lahore: On July 12, 2020, Anika Shehzad aged 16 years resident of Wandala Diyal Shah in Sheikhupura, began work as a house maid, at the home of a Muslim landlord Naila Bibi (32 yrs) resident of B.Block, Multan Road, Lahore. The employment had been organised by a woman in the same village as Anika


Aid Workers: ‘Hundreds of Christians Slaughtered In Ethiopia’

ADDIS ABABA, ETHIOPIA: (BosNewsLife) Muslim militants have killed hundreds of Christians, including pregnant women, children, and whole families in Ethiopia’s most populous regional state, aid workers told BosNewsLife.

The coordinated killings of more than 500 Christians in Oromia


Chinese Security Forces Raid Bible Study

BEIJING, CHINA: (BosNewsLife) Chinese security forces have raided a Bible study gathering in South China and detained several Christians as part of a government-crackdown on faith, BosNewsLife learned Saturday, September 5.

Police, state security officers, and ethnic and religious affai


Request to ensure 2% reserved minority seats in public sector higher education institutes

Faisalabad: Professor Anjum James Paul Chairman of Pakistan Minority Teachers Association PMTA urges Mr. Mohammad Sarwar, Governor of Punjab, to ensure 2% quota for minority students in higher education under government institutes.

In a letter dated September 4, 2020, Professor Paul sub


Professor Anjum James writes again to Governor Punjab on religious minority students

Faisalabad: Professor Anjum James Paul Chairman of Pakistan Minority Teacher Association PTMA sends a reminder to Ch. Mohammad Sarwar about treatment towards Religious Minority Students with equality. The PMTA is a leading organization which is struggling in Islamic Republic of Pakistan about equ


Christian Man Arrested for Blasphemy After Pages of Quran Discovered in Drain

Peshawar: (By Qaisar Lodhi) A Christian man charge under blasphemy law in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pakistan. The arrest reportedly took place on August 30, 2020, in the Risalpure neighborhood of Nowshera. The suspect, identified by police only as David, has been accused of desecrating the Quran, the Is


China Forcibly Removes 900 Church Crosses in a Single Province, Threatens Christians

Washington DC: (ChristianHeadlines) China’s government forcibly removed crosses from more than 900 churches in a single province the first half of this year, warning church members that opposition would lead to dire consequences, according to a new report.

Bitter Winter, which mon


Teenage Pakistani Christian domestic servant beaten for not converting to Islam

London: A Christian girl, Anika Shehzad, 18, from Ferozwala district Shakhupura, who was working as a domestic servant was beaten after refusing to convert to Islam, and accused of theft.

Anika comes from a poor family, and to support her family she accepted a job for Rs. 5000, around $


Prof Malik S Din who retired as VP Gordon College passed away

Rawalpindi: The prominent Christian leader and entrepreneur Mr. Nisar Khan resident of Long Island New York was shocked to hear about death of his father Professor Malik S Din in Pakistan.

Almost all students of Professor Din whom he has taught were along with Malik’s were grieved


Zero Tolerance against Hate Speech should be exercised during Moharam: Rwadari Tehreek

Lahore: Rwadari Tehreek on 18th August, 2020 held an Interfaith Rwadari Caravan of Karbla Gamay Shah (one of the oldest Imam Bargah of Lahore) ahead of the month of Moharam to express togetherness and to deliver a message of peace to refrain from sectarian tensions which has been damaging the nat


Thar Coal Project devastating Thar, its People: PFF

HYDERABAD: (By Abbas Kassar) Pakistan FisherFolk Forum has alleged that Engro Urea company which has been engaged by Sindh government to explore coalmines in Thar, southern part of Pakistan bordering India was in fact trying to devastate Thar and its around 17 million residents by depriving popul


Pakistani Police kill Christian Father who attempted to safe his son to witness murder trial of his cousin

Toba Tek Singh: A Christian father of five children was beaten to death by police officers, who it is alleged where attempting to thwart justice in a murder case that involved a Muslim man with strong family connections within the local police authority.

Younis Masih (58 yrs) was beaten


GPFP observes Pakistan Minority Day

Karachi: The Pakistani Christians activists of “Gods Peoples Fellowship of Pakistan” GPFP (Christian Friends of Israel) observed “Pakistan Minority Day” 2020 and held a peaceful protest demonstration in front of Karachi Press Club in demand to allow Pakistani Christians fo


HRFP demands for constitutional reforms on National Minority Day 2020

Faisalabad: Human Rights Focus Pakistan (HRFP) observed National Minority Day 2020 with civil society organizations, social & political workers, teachers, HRD’s, women , youth and stakeholders highlighting the core issues with demands for constitutional reforms in support of religious m


RT puts charter of demand on National Minority Day of Pakistan

Lahore: On National Minority Day, Rwadari Tehreek expresses concerns over the deep rooted religious discrimination, and the recent incidents of hate speech, instigation and provocation against minorities in connection with the construction of a Hindu Temple in Islamabad, murder of Nadeem Joseph &


The Voice Society Chief Aneeqa Maria visit Peshawar to reports murder of Nadeem Joseph

Peshawar: Nadeem Joseph, a Christian man shot to wounded and then death afterwards in Peshawar city of KPK ON 2nd  June 2020, when he was at home and he was attacked on his door and the attackers also opened fire at the family when, Elizabeth Masih Joseph’s Mother in law was also short


A Christian arrested under blasphemy after Muslim mob attack at his home

Gujranwala: A blasphemy case was registered in the police station of District Gujaranwala against Sohail Masih son of Nazar Masih on August 5, 2020. Sohail Masih was caught by the people of the village and was beaten but due to the in-time interference of Police he managed to stay alive and now s


ICV to celebrate National Minority Day on August 11, via Zoom due to COVID-19

Toronto: The International Christian Voice ICV in a press release have announced that August 11th is a very significant day in the history of Pakistan. On this date in 1947, Pakistan’s founding father, Quaid -E-Azim Mohammed Ali Jinnah, in his speech to the first constituent Assembly of Pak


Sadly' reported another case of blasphemy against a Christian man in Punjab Pakistan

Gujranwala: On August o5, 2020 Sohail Masih son of Nazar Masih, resident of a small village Abidabad, Tehsil Nowshera Virkan District Gujranwala has been accused of blasphemy, case FIR no. 894/2020 has been registered offence under section 295 - C / 295 – A,  in the local police statio


Pakistani Christian man charged with blasphemy

London: A Christian man, Sohail Masih from Abidabad, Nowshera Virkan has been charged with committing blasphemy.

He has been accused of insulting Islamic personalities on Facebook. According to reports as soon as the police came to know about this, they arrested him on August 5 and took


Prayer Request for Stephen Masih Blasphemy Case District Sialkot

Lahore: (By Qaisar Loudhi) Stephen Masih son of Mughal Masih Residential of Mohala Imran Pura, Baddyana Tehsil Pasrur, District Sialkot.

Stephen, is mentally ill Pakistani Christian man who has been charged with blasphemy. Stephen Masih was charged following a complaint from local cleri


Opening of Ram Temple on the Babri Mosque site

Voorhees, NJ: The Babri Mosque was founded in 1527 which got demolished by the Hindu ultranationalists in 1992. It is extremely strange that the Supreme Court of India has acknowledged that the Babri Mosque as a place of prayer and its continued existence for around 465 years, yet the very biased


BACA continued food parcel delivery during return of Punjab province Covid Lockdown

London: On Tuesday Pakistan reported their lowest number of daily infections by coronavirus, as well as fatalities linked to the disease in a 24-hour period. Official statistics showed 553 more deaths raising the overall death toll to 5,957, whereas the number of infections reached 279,699.


Learn the Quran and gain 20 extra university credits in Pakistan

Sargodha: A Christian medical student was denied his place at university despite achieving the required marks.

Kamran Safdar claims Muslim students with lower grades were awarded seats simply because they had memorised Hafiz-e-Quran.

The son of a fruit hawker from Sargodha, Di


Mayor of London's office plan COVID-19 recovery solutions for all minorities

London: On 30th June 2020, I was able to attend a zoom panel with the Deputy Mayor of London for 'Social Integration, Social Mobility and Community Engagement', Debbie Weekes-Bernard, as a volunteer for the BACA. We were invited to talk about how the Pakistani community has been affected


Man accused of blasphemy In Pakistan shot dead at court

London: A man on trial for blasphemy in Pakistan has been shot dead in court. Tahir Ahmad Naseem, who allegedly claimed to be a prophet, was shot six times during a hearing in Pakistani city of Peshawar. According to reports the shooter admitted the killing, saying that he shot Naseem for committ


Pakistan: Punjab Assembly passes bill protecting foundation of Islam

London: The Punjab Assembly has passed a bill that allows the Directorate General Public Relations (DGPR) powers to visit and inspect any printing press, publication house, book store and confiscate any book, at any stage of printing.

As well prohibiting the printing and publication of


Rwadari Tehreek seek political parties’ interventions to stop hate speech and instigation

Lahore: In a letter to the heads of mainstream political parties, Rwadari Tehreek calls the attention and support of the political parties to make interventions to draw the attention of the government and relevant state institutions towards the incidents and trends of hate speech towards minoriti


HRFP welcomes the MOI report to IHC on Cynthia D. Richie deportation

Faisalabad: Human Rights Focus Pakistan (HRFP) welcomes the submission of Ministry of Interior (MOI) positive report to Islamabad High Court (IHC) on 17th July 2020 that American blogger, journalist & writer Cynthia D. Ritchie is not involved in any anti-state or illegal activity and can stay


HRFP urged for the construction of Hindus Temple in Islamabad

Faisalabad: Human Rights Focus Pakistan (HRFP) urged with deep concerns to construct the Hindu’s temple “Shri Krishana Mandir Complex” in Islamabad with usage of proposed government funds without any delay for pressure from the religious fundamentalists.

Naveed Walter


An Open Letter to PM from RT for action against hate speech towards minorities

Lahore: Mr. Samson Salamat, Chairman Rwadari Tehreek has urged Prime Minister of Pakistan Mr. Imran Khan and his government for an immediate strict action to stop provocative and hateful campaign and statements in connection with the issue of construction of temple in Islamabad.

Mr. Sam


House of Lords on Global Christian Persecution Review not read by UK Home Office

London: The UK government last week sought to project itself as the champion of religiously persecuted people worldwide when it announced its Global Human Rights sanctions regime targeting those involved in religious persecution. The announcement was made during a House of Lords webinar titled th


Land Mafia Demolished Church Boundary at Kang Chelokay Village District Sialkot

Sialkot: (By Kashif Nawab) The incident took place at Kang Chelokay village which was established before partition of Pakistan that consist about 450 families out of which there are only 45 Christian families.  There is only one local Church named Ephraim Memorial Church that belongs to Chur


Pakistani Christian man shot dead by neighbour for buying house in Muslim dominated area

London: A Pakistani Christian man who was shot by his Muslim neighbour for buying a house in a Muslim area has died.

Nadeem Joseph was admitted to hospital after being attacked in Peshawar, but died on June 29, 2020, after multiple surgeries.

Nadeem and his mother-in-law Eliza


Black men are being unfairly targeted by London's police say's Youth Councillor

London: Hannah Chowdhry an Essex and Redbridge Youth Councillor warns that black men are being unfairly targeted by police stop and searches, as current police data reveals that searches of white and Asian men has a higher yield of success.

The death of George Floyd, a 44-year-old Afro-


Do Church of Pakistan constitution allow commercial projects?

Karachi (Staff Reporter) Vice Chairman ABAD, Chile Builder Abdul Rehman has paid amount for guarantee and upon dubiousness of agreement lodged FIR against Bishop Sadiq Daniel and Zafar Iqbal.

 There is dispute amongst Vice Chairman of ABAD and Church of Pakistan Bishop regarding me


HRFP condemns Zeeshan Masih imprisonment, Maira Shehbaz abduction & Younas Masih murder

Faisalabad: Human Right Focus Pakistan (HRFP) condemns the imprisonment of Zeeshan Masih a husband of Rida Zeeshan working as domestic worker at Muhammad Rafique’s house.

HRFP is also concerned for the issue of Younas Masih murder and keeping proceedings in monitoring being case o


Inspirational teenager helping homeless and vulnerable during Covid-19 receives Rotary Club Citizen Award

London: 16-year-old Hannah Chowdhry cares passionately about making a difference to her community and during the Coronavirus Pandemic, she is on the frontline helping at a daily project to feed the homeless and vulnerable in Ilford, East London as the youngest volunteer for the British Asian Chri


Budget 2020-2021 is anti-masses, anti-minorities: Khalid Gill

Toronto: (By Sheraz Khan) Condemning the 2020-2021 budget as anti-people and anti-minorities Khalid, Gill vice president PPP Canada and former ticket holder for national and provincial assembly seats in the 2008 general elections has said that the incumbent rulers are out of touch with the issues


Pakistani Christian man accused of blasphemy by his wife and daughter

London: A wife and daughter have accused their husband and father, respectively, of committing blasphemy.

Pakistani Christian man Anwar Masih from Lahore has been charged under blasphemy law 295-C for uttering blasphemous words in the respect of the Prophet Muhmmad (PBUH).



Muslim Gang Threaten Christian Church with Land Grab

Sheikhupura: A gang of Muslim men took advantage of deserted streets during the lockdown period to break into a church and threaten its Pastor. At midnight on the 9th May, local residents from a small town in Sheikhupura heard men attempt to break open their local church doors by removing it from


Pakistani Muslim and Hindu Converts to Christianity on list of 158 families to have received food aid

Pakistan: The food distribution programme launched by British Asian Christian Association has been able to reach new converts to Christianity.

So far around 6 ex-Muslim and ex-Hindu families that have only come to the Christian faith just a few months before the pandemic started, are no


A Christian Family Get Refugee Status After 6 Years Wait

Bangkok: A family of four who escaped Pakistan for Thailand to avoid false blasphemy charges, have now been given official refugee status from Australia after six years.

The news comes after the family had received financial help and support from British Asian Christian Association duri


36th Anniversary of the Attack on Darbar Sahib by the Indian Government

Voorhees, NJ: The American Sikh Council (ASC) stands in solemn solidarity with the Sikh ‘Panth’ in remembering the attack by the Indian Government on the most sacred and important Gurdwara for the Sikhs – “Darbar Sahib” (incorrectly known as the Golden Temple). The a


BACA Aid for Asylum-seeking Pakistani Christians in Thailand

Bangkok: (By Ali Hasnain) The power and devastation of the Covid-19 pandemic has reached far and wide over the past few months, as the globe has struggled with its consequences.

Lock-down is the new normal for millions of people that compounds the misery of the poor in particular the Pa


Deaf and mute Christian Teenager Kidnapped Whilst Police Dithered

Lahore: A deaf and dumb teenager has been kidnapped whilst Pakistani police took two months to investigate.

Komal Patras, a 17-year-old deaf and mute girl by birth, was taken from her home in Shibli town, Sandha Band road, Lahore, whilst her parents were at work and her little brother s


63-year-old grandmother with Parkinsons disease is freed from Brutal Bangkok IDC after 50,000 bail fine paid by BACA

Bangkok: A 63-year-old grandmother Mrs Rasoolan Bibi who was arrested in a crackdown on asylum seekers and refugees in Thailand days before Christmas (19th December 2019) has escaped the brutal detention she suffered in Bangkok's infamous Immigration Detention Centre, Thanks to BACA.



Why was George Floyd murdered?

Voorhees, NJ: The American Sikh Council (ASC) mourns the tragic death of George Floyd of Minneapolis. ASC stands in solidarity with every American who stands for true equality and justice but also stand with our Black brothers and sisters in condemning the heart-rending death of Mr. Floyd.


Corona pushed peasants to work as Bonded Labor

Hyderabad: (By Abbas Kassar) Hari Welfare Association (HWA) Sindh has expressed its deep concerns for the non-implementation of the Sindh Bonded Labour System Abolition Act (SBLSAA) of 2015 especially in the pandemic of covid 19 and lock down situation. While speaking to the media persons during


Interreligious Leaders Assemble to Pray on the Call of Pope Francis

Lahore: (Pervez Yousaf) Holy Father Pope Francis calls on believers of all religions to unite spiritually in a Day of Prayer and Fasting and Works of Charity to implore God to help humanity overcome the coronavirus pandemic.  Following call of Holy Father, the National Commission for Interre


HRFP demands for National Commission for Minorities (NCM) on SC verdict pattern

Faisalabad: Human Right Focus Pakistan (HRFP) demands for National Commission for Minorities (NCM) on Supreme Court verdict’s pattern by Chief Justice Tassaduq Hussain Jillani directed to government of Pakistan on 19th June 2014 that “the function of said Council should inter-alia be


Muslims attack a church and desecrate the cross in Pakistan

London: A group of Muslim men entered a church in Kala Shah Kaku, Sheikhupura, about 25 miles away from Lahore, shouting that they would burn Christians and set the building on fire.

 According to the pastor, Samuel Hidayat Masih, who is in charge of the Trinity Pentecostal Church,


Dutch Pentecostal Preacher Ben Hoekendijk Dies At 81

HARDERWIJK, NETHERLANDS: (BosNewsLife) Ben Hoekendijk, the Dutch evangelist who became the face of the Netherlands’ post-war Pentecostal movement, has died. He was 81, friends confirmed to BosNewsLife. Hoekendijk, who was in frail health after suffering a stroke, died last week in his homet


The newly constituted National Commission on Minorities Contempt of Court: Rights groups

Lahore: A number of rights groups, lawyers, academics and civil society activists in a press conference, have termed the approval of the National Commission on Minorities by the federal cabinet on May 5, 2020 as contempt of court. Speaking at a press conference at the Lahore Press Club, Peter Jac


Formation of Pakistan’s National Minority Commission rejected by Christian leaders

Faisalabad: Professor Anjum James Paul as Chairman Minorities Teachers Association PMTA have raised concerns about formation of National Minority Commission under present administration in a letter to Prime Minister of Pakistan and urged to constitute it under Act of Parliament.

Dr. Naz


Raja Walter Offers Ifaar Invitation to All Deserving Muslim Brethren During Holy Month of Ramadan

Lahore: (By Pervez Yousaf) Raja Walter offers Iftaar (the meals at the end of fasting time of Muslim brethren) to all the deserving Muslim brethren throughout the Holy month of Ramadan 2020, Fr. Francis Nadeem OFM Cap disclosed today.  Talking to social media representatives Raja, a resident


Pakistani Governor makes Quran teaching with translation compulsory in Punjab universities

London: Punjab Governor Chaudhry Muhammad Sarwar has made teaching of the Quran with translation compulsory in all provincial universities.

He said it will be compulsory for students to attend the lecture, adding that Quran is a complete code of life and its better understanding will he


USCIRF express concern on forced marriages and religious freedom of minorities in Pakistan in report

Washington DC: In 2019, USCIRF recommends that the State Department redesignate the following 10 countries as CPCs: Burma, China, Eritrea, Iran, North Korea, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Tajikistan, and Turkmenistan. USCIRF also finds that six other countries meet the CPC standard and should be


Pakistani Pastor and his family attacked for building a wall on their own land

London: On April 21 Pastor Haroon Cheeda, his wife Mariam and their 15-year-old son Asher were attacked by their Muslim neighbour.

Rafique Bhatti attacked them for building a wall on their own land. He has illegally built his house on Pastor Haroon‘s land and now wanted to grab th


BACA feed up to 65 people a day in Ilford and are helping NHS support those in self-isolation

London: The work of the British Asian Christian Association in Ilford has expanded to help a burgeoning number of needy people. We now provide a foodbank at 9am. Alongside our foodbank we provide some hot meals prepared by Singh Sabha East London.

We are also providing daily evening mea


Fearful but determined BACA feeds Pak-Christian asylum seekers in Thailand

Bangkok: As the lockdown in Thailand gets closer to a month’s duration many Pak-Christian families are feeling the pressure of no income and a reduction in the help received by local charities. On a daily basis our officer in Thailand, John, is receiving calls from families seeking help wit


China Detains Church Leaders For Online Service

BEIJING, CHINA: (BosNewsLife)– Chinese security forces have detained six leading members of China’s heavily persecuted Early Rain Covenant Church (ERCC) for participating in an online Easter service, rights activists confirmed.

The Christians were reportedly arrested in Sich


HRFP demands for faster provision of justice & control over violations during Covid-19

Faisalabad: Human Rights Focus Pakistan (HRFP) demands for continuity of courts proceedings for faster provision of justice and safety measures to minority victims & families including the recent cases of Raees Augustine, Musa Riaz and many others during Covid-19 pandemic.

Raees Aug


Raja Walter a Philanthropist and Remarkable Example of Social and Interreligious Harmony

Lahore: (Pervez Yousaf) If we search on google, we find meaning of the word philanthropist “A philanthropist is a person who donates time, money, experience, skills or talent to help create a better world. Anyone can be a philanthropist, regardless of status or net worth.” Then, if we


Pakistani Christian transgender murdered by Muslims after gangrape

Faisalabad: When all Pakistani are under fear due to Corona Pandemic some Muslims boys took one Christian transgender man and killed him after gangraped him. According report Christian transgender name Musa who was resident of Daud Nagar, Faisalabad, was murdered.  Musa lived with his Master


Teenager's request for food for beleaguered Christian community leads to food distribution

Lahore: A desperate plea for help from a teenage Christian boy in the Punjab, led to BACA delivering their second batch of food aid during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Saqib Maish, (17 yrs), contacted BACA for help after remembering restoration work that we had completed after the 2017 flo


Christian NGO Edge Foundation distributes hundreds of food packs on Easter to those hit hard by COVID-19 in Pakistan

Lahore: A Lahore based Christian organisation The Edge Foundation distributed hundreds of food packages, masks, gloves and other essential items in Lahore and surrounding areas to those hit hard by COVID- 19. The packs were distributed in Lilyani, Easa Nagar, Garden Town (Junana) and Youhanabad w


Interreligious Prayer Service: NCIDE Express Solidarity with the Victims of Corona Virus

Lahore: (Pervez Yousaf) The National Commission for Interreligious Dialogue and Ecumenism (NCIDE) a project the of Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Pakistan (CBCP) organized an Interreligious prayer gathering here at Lahore.  The prayer gathering which was attended by the leaders of dif


HRFP’s Pandemic Awareness & Assistance Campaign

Faisalabad: Human Rights Focus Pakistan (HRFP) campaigned for Corona’s (COVID-19) Pandemic Awareness & Assistance through coordinating and supporting to the target groups who are still not aware but directly involve in cleanings and sanitations without any precautionary measures and hyg


After homeless man in London commits COVID-19 induced suicide; Christian charity calls for more focus on helping this vulnerable group

London: Pritham who had been attending a meals for the homeless project at British Asian Christian Association's headquarters took his life by jumping from a train, in what his friends have said was increasing depression over self-isolation and a lack of support services.

The impact


Response of Catholic Archdiocese of Lahore to Coronavirus Crisis

Lahore: A special Eucharistic Mass was held in the Catholic Cathedral, Lahore where the main celebrant was His Grace Archbishop Sebastian Francs Shaw. The Eucharistic Mass was offered for all the Coronavirus victims in the world. His Grace Archbishop Sebastian Francs Shaw said that it is the time


Against My Will, In The Land Of Pure: Report on kidnapping of 15 years old Hindu girl by Muslim in Pakistan

BHAWALPUR: (voicepk.net) In a tehsil of Bhawalpur, Yazman, a Hindu woman, Hassi Mai, sits forlorn lamenting the fate of her child, whose good looks brought her misfortune. She opens her trunk and pulls out a picture of her 15-year-old daughter and stares at it longingly. Her daughter, Bhambo Mai,


Pakistani Christians and Hindus denied ration aid distribution by NGO working with government during Corona crisis

Karachi: During ration aid packages distribution by one of NGO which working with Government of Imran Khan during such event denied packages to Hindus in Lyari area of Karachi and in in District South of Karachi to Christians.

The said NGO is supported by Imran Khan and have launched on


National Emergency? Emergency without invoking the Constitution deserves attention of political parties

 New Delhi: Prime Minister announced four-hour in advance on 24th March, 2020 bringing the entire Nation, India, under Lockdown for 21 days issuing a guideline on the Corona Virus pandemic, disaster. This Prime Minister ordered was released on the basis of Disaster Management Act (DMA). This


BACA launches appeal to counter fears of starvation for Pak-Christian asylum seekers in Thailand

London: Pak-Christian asylum seekers in Thailand are close to starvation due to a Government lockdown imposed in Bangkok since the 18th of March 2020.

So far (26th March) the number of those infected by COVID-19 has reached 1045 cases of which 6 deaths have occurred and 7 people have re


Christian boys Raped by Muslim Motorbike Gang in Pakistan

Lahore: Suneel Naeem and his friend Harry Boota were playing video games along with Harry’s brother Yash when four men on motorbikes took the three Christian boys to a remote location for 30 minutes, where they were stripped and raped.

The incident happened at 9.30pm on the 1st Ma


Capuchin Friars in Pakistan Pray for The Elimination of Coronavirus

Lahore: (Pervez Yousaf) The community of Mariam Siddeeqa Capuchin Custody Pakistan organized Holy Hour and offered Prayers for the eradication of deadly coronavirus pandemic.  The prayer gathering was attended by a number of Capuchin friars serving in the Mariam Siddeeqa Capuchin Custody Pak


Sikhs brutally murdered by ISIS terrorists in Kabul, Afghanistan

Voorhees, NJ: The American Sikh Council (ASC) is extremely distraught by the terrorist attack on the only Gurdwara Guru Har Rai located in Shor Bazaar, Kabul, Afghanistan, yesterday. According to reports several attackers stormed the gurdwara premises at about 7 am and killed at least twenty-five


NCIDE’s Awareness Campaign regarding Corona Virus

Lahore: (By Pervez Yousaf) To share the efforts to combat the deadly corona virus the National Commission for Interreligious Dialogue & Ecumenism prepared an instructional pamphlet for the general public to make them aware of the precautionary measures to remain safe from its effects. 


London must brace itself for a potential food shortage while devious local council parking regimes add to stress of economic downturn

London: British Asian Christian Association is warning the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan and Prime Minister Boris Johnson, that something must be done to brace an unnecessary food crisis. Today an email has been sent to both calling for improved measures to calm the disastrous panic-buying of recent


Christian servant beaten by Muslim landlord for daring to quit job in Pakistan

Mian Chanu, Punjab: A young Christian servant was beaten to near death after he refused to continue work for a wealthy Muslim who was paying below what was agreed between them and forcing him to clean toilets which was not part of the original job description.

Shaan Masih (21) a residen


UK Government must assist charities supporting the homeless to prevent loss of essential aid

London: A homeless people's support group in Ilford is raising deep concern over the lack of advice and support for charities working with these vulnerable people through the current COVID-19 Pandemic.

British Asian Christian Association has been supporting over 26 people through a


Fears that high COVID-19 infection rates in Pakistan will kill thousands of Christians raised by charity

Lahore: Pakistan has only had relatively few infections of Coronavirus but even then, the Government has begun a lockdown in provinces most affected.

The number of Coronavirus infections in Pakistan rose to 646 after the country reported 160 new cases over the last 24 hours. Pakistan ha


Agony of Pakistani Christian girls’ family after her kidnapping by Muslim man

Lahore: (By Napoleon Qayyum) Warris Masih who is the resident of Gulshan-e-Noor SharifPura Cantt Lahore and is the father of 7 (2 Died). One of her daughters named Anita, on February 14, 2020, at about 8:00 am on Friday went to a nearby shop to buy some grocery items but a boy of neighborhood Nas


Professor Anjum Paul writes an open letter to Federal Minister for Education Pakistan

Faisalabad: The Chairman of Pakistan Minority Teachers Association Professor Anjum James Paul have written an Open Letter to Mr. Shafqat Mehmood Federal Minister for Education, Government of Pakistan to ensure freedom of religion and belief for religious minorities students in upcoming single nat


Community togetherness can overcome COVID-19

London: British Pakistani Christian Association is collaborating with Chigwell Row Residents Association and Reverend Paula Preston of All Saints Church, Romford Road, Chigwell on a number of projects to help retain community identity and provide support whatever COVID-19 measures are introduced.


Ilford GP practice closes to public amid fears of Coronavirus leaving seriously-ill patients vulnerable

London:  Ilford GP practice had queues of people outside the premises alarmed at their sudden closure this morning (13th March). Oaktree Mediacl centre in Green Lane, Seven Kings seems to be the first Ilford practice to prohibit consultations in person within the borough.

A note on


Panic on the streets of London as shoppers cram trolleys following rise in Coronavirus infections

London: Panic has set into the people of London as concerns about the spread of Coronavirus has stimulated panic buying. Last night in the London Borough of Redbridge. At the Goodmayes Tesco branch shelves could be seen to bereft of any tissues, rice, chapatti flour, pasta, sanitizers and medicin


Pakistani Christian parents denied custody of their son

London: Pakistani Christian parents have been refused the return of their son because he converted to Islam, and therefore cannot live with them.

 According to reports John Masih and his wife Shamshad Bibi of Mian Channu, District Khanewal have been denied custody of their son, Arj


Freedom is our Birth Right: Pro Feminism orgs. Rally in Sukkur

HYDERABAD: (By Abbas Kassar) Various pro-feminism organizations took out a big rally in upper Sindh city of Sukkur (known for its anti -feminism) and also notorious of being slaughter house for women because of the area infested and infected with tribal and feudal system.

Various organi


International Women’s Day Celebrations by NCIDE and Bishop Conference of Pakistan

Lahore: International Women’s Day was celebrated by National Commission for Interreligious Dialogue and Ecumenism (Catholic Bishops’ Conference Pakistan) on March 7, 2020 at St. Mary’s Gulberg, Lahore. His Grace Archbishop Sebastian Francis Shaw, the Chairman of NCIDE presided o


British High Commissioner underline Huge Business potential of Pakistan linking Two-Day programme in UK

Islamabad: British High Commissioner to Pakistan, Dr Christian Turner CMG, has set out his ambition to double UK-Pakistan trade during a two-day programme in the North of England.

Speaking at a business event in Manchester, he called on business leaders to build on their deep UK-Pakista


Campaigners chagrin rises as cynical Sri Lankan government formally withdraw from UN Human Rights Council a week before Special Rapporteur report

London: In September 2015 after a landmark investigation the United Nations released a major report on serious human rights violations committed during the final stages of the Sri Lankan civil war and the surrounding period (2002-2011). The ‘OISL Report’ [1] asserted that violations p


HRFP and GHRD observed Women’s Day on Realizing Women’s Rights

Faisalabad: Human Rights Focus Pakistan (HRFP) in collaboration with Global Human Rights Defense (GHRD) observed International Women’s Day 2020 with the UN theme for International Women's Day 2020, “I am Generation Equality: Realizing Women's Rights”.

The minor


'Without Jesus, I Wouldn't Be Who I Am': World Heavyweight Boxing Champion Evander Holyfield

Washington DC: (Christianheadlines) Mention the name Evander Holyfield and the first few things that may come to most people’s minds are: boxing champion, the ear-biting incident with Mike Tyson or maybe even headlines from tabloids that pick apart the four-time heavyweight boxing champion


NCIDE and COP Raiwind Diocese voice against brutal killing of Saleem Masih and violence against Muslims in India

Lahore: (Pervez Yousaf) March 04, 2020: The National Commission for Interreligious Dialogue & Ecumenism (NCIDE) and Church of Pakistan (Raiwind Diocese) jointly raised voice against the brutal killing of Saleem Masih, who was a resident of Chunian district Kasur, Punjab, Pakistan. The meeting


Christian shot in Sahiwal can no longer speak and requires specialist brain surgery

Sahiwal: (PCP) We previously reported on the double shooting and axe attack on the Christian community of Sahiwal near Lahore, following attempts to build a church. You can read the full article (here)

Azeem Masih (32 yrs) who was shot in the head before his entire 38 family Christian c


Asia Bibi: God chose me at birth for my suffering

France: (PCP) Asia Bibi held her first ever press conference today and seemed so non-plussed you would have been forgiven for thinking it was her 50th.

The conference was primarily for the purposes of promoting her new book but questions within the conference seemed to be about anything


Iran: Mary Mohammadi released on bail

Tehran: (Middle East Concern) Iranian Christians are pleased that Christian convert Mary (Fatemeh) Mohammadi has been released conditionally from Qarchak women’s prison, Varamin.

 Mary (21) was arrested on 12 January near Azadi Square in Tehran while protests were underway fo


Pakistani Christian man tortured to death for washing himself at tube well owned by Muslims

Kasur: (PCP) Pakistani Christian Saleem Masih, 22, couldn’t survive his injures after being tortured for washing himself at a tube well owned by Muslims.

He died at the General Hospital, Lahore of February 28 after being severely beaten by the Muslim landowner on February 25 who a


Bishop Kaleem asks Christians to pray elimination of Coronavirus during fasting

HYDERABAD: (By Abbas Kassar) Bishop Kaleem John Christian leader of Diocese of Hyderabad Church of Pakistan has urged upon Christian community to pray elimination of deadly disease coronavirus which has spread from China and has been spreading across whole world. Addressing a big gathering of Chr


Two Pakistani Christian shot in the head for church construction

London: (PCP) Two Pakistani Christian men who were working on the construction of a Church in Sahiwal, Punjab have been shot in their head while other have been injured. 

 On 2nd February local Muslims Muhammad Akram, Muhammad Liaqat, Aslam and their companions attacked the Ch


Parlez-vous Francais Asia Bibi - Bibi seeks political asylum in France

London: (PCP) Asia Bibi has declared her love for France and is seeking political asylum there to be reunited with Anne-Isabelle Tollet a French Writer who was influential in her campaign for freedom.

Asia Bibi is currently in France promoting her latest biography 'Enfin Libre'


Two Christians shot and one attacked with axe for building a church in Sahiwal, Pakistan

London: (PCP) Three Christian men survived a vicious attack by local Muslims in the town of Sahiwal in Pakistan which erupted over offence caused by attempts by the Christian men to build a church for worship services.

The argument began way back in June 2019 when Azeem Masih (24 yrs) f


Pakistani Christian leader Akram Waqar Gill brutally murdered; killers at large

Pakpattan, Punjab: (PCP) Mr. Akram Waqar Gill’s dead body was found in canal which was duly recovered by Police of Farid Police Station on February 21, 2020. It was miles away from his home town Arif Wala was he was conducting family business from years till his murdered of age 55. He trave


IDC Shedding Light On The Plight Of Persecuted Christians In Burkina Faso

Washington DC: (PCP) In recent years, Burkina Faso has seen an escalation of jihadist attacks targeting Christian communities in the northeast region. The violence has left many Christians in the area scared for their very existence. Churches have had no choice but to implement security measures,


Chinese Churches 'Must Support' Communist Leaders and Gov't, New Law Says

Washington DC: (Christianheadlines) New regulations that went into effect in China this month require churches and other religious organizations to “support the leadership” of the Communist Party and “adhere to” the government’s teachings.

Further, all chur


British Deputy High Commissioner in Karachi visits Industrial Cities of Pakistan

Islamabad: (PCP) The British Deputy High Commissioner (BDHC) in Karachi Mike Nithavrianakis has concluded a three-day visit to Pakistan’s industrial cities of Sialkot, Lahore and

Faisalabad to help strengthen bilateral trade between UK and Pakistan

 During his visit


Journalists Protest against murder of Mehrabpur reporter Aziz Memon

HYDERABAD: (By Abbas Kassar) Journalists across Sindh including Hyderabad took out to hold protest demonstrations against murder of Aziz Memon journalist of Mehrabpur (reporter of daily Kawish and KTN channel). Protesting journalists chanted slogans against his cold-blooded murder and demanded fr


Britain Rushes To Keep Deadly Storm At Bay

LONDON/BUDAPEST: (BosNewsLife) Britain is struggling with life-threatening flooding as Storm Dennis continues to pound the island, killing at least two people. It follows another storm that claimed the lives of people living in other European countries.

Storm Dennis is roaring across Br


Gwadar to create over 1 million jobs professionals

Pakistan: Predicted to become the region's most significant port in the coming years by investors and analysts, Gwadar is set to see a sharp increase in employment opportunities.

Several megaprojects highlighted in the city's master plan will provide sizeable employment opportun


Iran: Mary Mohammadi abused and facing criminal charges

 Tehran: (Middle East Concern) Iranian Christians request prayer for Christian convert Mary (Fatemeh) Mohammadi who is now known to be in Qarchak women’s prison, suffering from physical abuse she has received while in detention.

 Mary (21) was arrested on 12 January near


The IDF Implements MEF's Victory Concept

PHILADELPHIA: (Middle East Forum) The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) just unveiled a new work-plan inspired by the Middle East Forum's Israel Victory Project.

The five-year "Momentum" plan is designed to increase the IDF's capabilities sevenfold. Defense Minister Naftali


Pakistani Christian teenage girl abducted and forced to convert is recovered from her kidnappers

London: Pakistani Christian Sneha, 14, of Bahar Colony, Lahore, who was kidnapped, forcibly converted to Islam and married to her kidnapper Zeeshan, has been recovered and reunited with her family. 

 Sneha is the youngest daughter of Sabir Masih and has two sisters and one old


First Anniversary of the Historic Document on Human Fraternity for World Peace and Living Together

 Lahore: (PCP) A graceful ceremony was held at the Governor House, Lahore, Punjab in order to commemorate the first anniversary of the historic document on “Human Fraternity for World Peace and Living together” signed by Pope Francis and Ahmad Al-Tayyeb the Grand Imam of Al-Ahzar


Preparatory Meeting on 50th Anniversary of Federation of Asian Bishops Conference

Faisalabad: (PCP) Federation of Asian Bishops Conference (FABC) had its preparatory Consultation in Jesuit Reflection Center, Siem Reap, Cambodia, February 1 to 3, 2020, in preparation of the 50 year Celebration of the visit of Pope Paul VI to Manila, Philippines, at the end of November 1970, whi


NPP pays rich tributes to Sarhadi Gandhi on his birthday

New Delhi: (PCP) Abdul Ghaffar Khan was a Pashtun freedom activist who fought against the British occupation of India. Popularly known as ‘Bacha Khan’, he was also a political leader of importance and a spiritual leader known for his philosophy of non-violence and pacifism. A devout M


Distribution of Sewing Machines to village women of 17 MariahKhial, Punjab Pakistan

Glasgow: (PCP) Global Minorities Alliance (GMA), a Scotland based human rights organisation has distributed sewing machines to the women in the local village in the Punjab province of Pakistan on 5th January 2020.

The gender development programme aims to support young women and girls wh


A book on Christian persecution in Pakistan presented to UK Parliamentarian

London: (PCP) British Asian Christian Association (formerly the British Pakistani Christian Association) has sent all UK Members of Parliament a copy of our most recent book, Call it by its name: 'Persecution!' The book comprehensively analyses and documents the manner in which Christians


US President Trump Defends School Prayer In Partisan Speech

WASHINGTON DC: (BosNewsLife)– With hours to go before his all-but-certain impeachment acquittal in the Senate, U.S- President Donald Trump told legislators, he will defend religious liberty including the constitutional right for Christians to pray in public schools. Speaking in his annual S


Kashmiri realize Pakistan is not our well-wisher: JKYDF

Srinagar: (PCP) A one-day seminar “Proposed Reunification of POJK with India” was organised by J&K Youth Development Forum at Town Hall Kunzar Baramulla District of North Kashmir.

The seminar was held keeping in view the current political situation in Jammu and Kashmir a


Christians Murdered In Burkina Faso and Cameroon

OUAGADOUGOU/YAOUNDE: (BosNewsLife)– Christians in two African nations are forced to bury loved ones after Islamic militants killed dozens of Christians in recent days. In Burkina Faso, Islamic militants claiming to be executing “in the name of Allah” returned to the scene of a p


Kashmir Solidarity Day Observed in New York

Brooklyn, New York: (PCP) “We applaud the widespread and enthusiastic support in the United States and around the world for the Kashmiri self‑determination cause on this Solidarity Day, a commemoration called by Syed Ali Geelani, Chairman, All Parties Hurriyet Conference. The participation


Christian Student Received Gold Medal in BBA

Sialkot: (By Sarfraz Gill) Ms. Beenish Yousaf daughter of Yousaf Masih who has passed her The Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.) examination from The University of Gujrat –Pakistan.

Yousaf Masih talking with Pakistan Christian Post said “Today our family has a mome


Women Freedom March to be held at Sukkur

HYDERABAD: (By Abbas Kassar) Joint action committee of Aurat Azadi March has decided to organize Women Freedom March this year at Sukkur on 8 March 2020. Such decision was taken at a meeting at Khana Badosh here last night. The meeting was chaired by professor Arfana Mallah and participated by me


Asia Bibi finally shares her testimony in published biography

London: (PCP) Asia Bibi a mother of two and step-mother to three other children persecuted for her faith in Pakistan and incarcerated under the draconian blasphemy laws of Pakistan, has written her account of what happened in a book co-written by Anne-Isabelle Tollet.

In a press release


HRFP hails the acquittal of Youhanabad riots prisoners by anti-terrorism court (ATC)

Faisalabad: (PCP) Human Rights Focus Pakistan (HRFP) hails the acquittal of Youhanabad riots victims and appreciate to court for their courageous decision about prisoners who were alleged and arrested for killing of two Muslim men under the charges of anti-terrorism act 7-ATA after 15 March 2015


40 Pakistani Christians accused of participating in Youhanabad’s riots acquitted

Lahore: (PCP) In very mysterious circumstances, Judge Arshad Hussain of Anti-Terrorism Court Lahore concluded four trails today giving benefit of doubt in Youhanabad riots accused Christians and ordered their release.

Its learnt by sources of Pakistan Christian Post that about a month a


Professor Anjum Paul writes Punjab government on Religious Minority Students rights

Faisalabad: (PCP) Professor Anjum James Paul Chairman of Pakistan Minorities Teachers Association PMTA writes an Open Letter to Administration of Punjab government for equal treatment of freedom of Religion and Belief with religious minority students in education institutions in Punjab.


Iran: Concerns about arrested Christian convert

Tehran: (Middle East Concern) Iranian Christians request prayer for Christian convert and activist Fatemeh (Mary) Mohammadi, who remains unaccounted for since her arrest in Tehran on 12 January.

 Fatemeh, or Mary as she likes to be known, was near Azadi Square in Tehran while prote


Jeay Sindh Mahaz,s Tehfuz Sindh rally on Feb 14, Altaf- Burfat nexus condemned

HYDERABAD: (By Abbas Kassar) Riaz Chandio, chairman Jeay Sindh Mahaz has denounced nexus between MQM chief Altaf Hussain and JSMM head Shafi Burfat on their ugly pledge of carving Sindhu Desh out of Pakistan. Addressing news conference Riaz Chandio, a senior Jeay Sindh leader criticized statement


Closing Ceremony of 800 Years of Dialogue between St. Francis of Assisi and Sultan Al-Kamil

Lahore: January 20, 2020. (PCP) Closing Ceremony of 800 Years of Dialogue between St. Francis of Assisi and Sultan Al-Kamil took place at Alhamra Arts Council, Lahore in the evening of January 17, 2020. The ceremony started with the readings from the Holy Bible and the Holy Quran. The distinguish


UN Persecuting Christians In Refugee Camps

BEIRUT/BUDAPEST: January 20, 2020. (BosNewsLife) Christian aid workers say the United Nations is involved in persecuting Christians who have fled war-ravaged areas of Syria.

The Christian refugees reportedly face difficulties when trying to seek refuge in camps set up in Jordan, Lebanon


Hungary Observes Liberation Of Jewish Ghetto

BUDAPEST, HUNGARY: January 20, 2020. (BosNewsLife) Hungary’s Jewish community has commemorated the 75th anniversary of the liberation of the Jewish ghetto in Budapest, the capital, amid concerns that history will repeat itself. Tens of thousands of Jewish men, women, and children had lived


Seeking Material on Stephen Gill

Ottawa, Canada: (PCP) Professor Dr. Arvind Choudhury invites submissions for a study on Stephen Gill that will be released by a prominent book publisher, possibly in June 2020. Every contributor will receive a complimentary copy of the book. 

The main message in Stephen Gill’


260 Million Christians Suffer For Faith

BUDAPEST, HUNGARY: (BosNewsLife) Advocacy group Open Doors says the number of Christians facing “high levels of persecution” has jumped to more than 260 million, 15 million more people than last year. “That’s one in eight believers worldwide,” said Open Doors editor


Prominent Iran Christian Rights Activist Disappears

TEHRAN, IRAN: (BosNewsLife) Iran has reportedly detained a prominent Christian rights activist who converted from Islam to Christianity and publicly expressed anger about her country’s Islamic leadership. The whereabouts of Mary Fatemeh Mohammadi, 21, remained unknown late Sunday, January 1


IDC Calls for Release of Syriac Monk in Turkey

Washington, D.C: Turkey has arrested Syriac Orthodox monk, Father Aho, on fraudulent charges of treason.

On Thursday evening, January 9, Turkish anti-terror security forces raided Saint Yakoub d’Qarno, a Syriac Orthodox Monastery, in Turabdin, Southeastern Turkey. They searched th


Professor Anjum Paul writes Prime Minister of Pakistan on issue of Religious freedom on minorities

Faisalabad: (PCP) Professor Anjum James Paul, Chairman Pakistan Minorities Teachers Association, who continuously writes on issues of Religious Freedom and Belief of Pakistani Minority Students to Supreme Court of Pakistan, Government of Islamic Republic of Pakistan and different administrative u


No more faith-based discrimination of Christians in the armed forces of Pakistan in recruitment

Faisalabad: (PCP) Professor Anjum James Paul, Chairman Pakistan Minorities Teachers’ Association received feedback from the President of Pakistan’s Secretariat Islamabad, Control Number 2610/2019 dated 31 December 2019 on his letter dated June 24, 2019 on the subject “Faith Base


BACA concerned that political moves and discrimination are undermining Pak-judicial process to detriment of Christians

London: (PCP) British Asian Christian Association believes a large number of persecuted Christians that we are supporting are suffering the ignominy of extended lengths of time between hearings and unfathomable postponements to their detriment.

Our belief is that the majority of these d


HRFP condemned Gurdwara attack; fact findings team visited Nankana Sahib Shrine

Nankana Sahib: (PCP) Human Rights Focus Pakistan (HRFP) condemned the mob attack of religious fundamentalists on Gurdwara Nankana Sahib (birth place of Guru Nanak) on 03rd January 2020 and urged government of Pakistan to take immediate actions for security measures of Sikh’s temple and comm


NCIDE presents Gifts to the Students of Muslim Madaris on Christmas Day

Lahore: (PCP) A graceful ceremony took place at St. Mary’s Church Gulberg on Christmas Day in order to share the joy, brotherhood and peace of Christmas with the Muslim brothers where a good number of students from Madaris participated. His Grace Archbishop Sebastian Francis Shaw, the Chair


HRFP assists Dawood Shahid family, a Christian boy murdered after rape

Faisalabad: (PCP) Dawood Shahid aged 14, a Christian boy labor at embroidery factory, raped and killed by factory workers Sadaqat Ali, Rizwan Farooq with two unknown men; the family being assisting by Human Rights Focus Pakistan (HRFP) with legal efforts and justice to them.

Naveed Walt


Blasphemy laws need reform, but not to become more stringent

London: (PCP) The Punjab Assembly in Pakistan unanimously passed a resolution asking the government to improve existing laws, or make new ones, to sternly punish blasphemers.

It also called for a central screening system, like that used in Saudi Arabia, to intercept blasphemous content

"Trial of Pakistani Christian Nation" By Nazir S Bhatti

On demand of our readers, I have decided to release E-Book version of "Trial of Pakistani Christian Nation" on website of PCP which can also be viewed on website of Pakistan Christian Congress www.pakistanchristiancongress.org . You can read chapter wise by clicking tab on left handside of PDF format of E-Book.

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