Elderly Christian arrested for kidnapping Murderer of his son in despicable attempt to thwart justice

London: (By Hannah Chowdhry) The father of a Christian man killed by Muslims for defiling the purity of water from a tube well they owned, has now been accused of kidnapping the son of one of the murderers named Haji Muhammad Razaq.

It is believed that the alleged kidnap is an attempt t


More unwarranted court delays lead to High Court writ to acquit teenage blasphemy prisoner

London: (By Hannah Chowdhry) Nabeel Masih was only 16 when he was arrested in 2016 and imprisoned for an alleged blasphemy. 

After three years in prison and many failed appeals while under the care of other Christian charities, Nabeel chose to seek help from British Asian Christian


Whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters…

LLondon: Across the globe even in countries where Christians are a minority celebrations for Christmas can be seen through discount sales, Christmas trees and festive lights.  The celebrations have become more global in recent decades with even Pakistan having a Santa in trains and plan


Furious Judge may appoint public prosecutor to convict rapist of 6 year old child

London: (By Hannah Chowdhry) The defence council for the rapist of a 6 year old Christian child in Lahore, Pakistan failed to attend a court hearing on 2nd December 2021, for the sixth time.

During the hearing Judge Iftikhar Ahmed expressed great disappointment in the repeated failure f


Freedom may yet come for Pakistan’s longest serving blasphemy convict as BACA slowly extricates noose from around his neck

London: (By Hannah Chowdhry) We wrote about the impending death sentence for Zafar Bhatti.  This was being sought in Rawalpindi Sessions Court, by extremists intent on making the elderly Christian convict the first ever man lynched under the notorious blasphemy laws of Pakistan. &n


Teenager resurrects project to bring Jesus back to Ilford after beheading in 2018

London: (By Hannah Chowdhry) In 2017, an article in the Ilford Recorder calling for the return of a Christmas Nativity to Ilford, spurred teenager Hannah Chowdhry into action.  The article illustrated that people of other faiths wanted a similar introduction of a nativity. It was eviden


Christians Hold Vigil for Sri Lanka victim on lynching in Hyderabad

Hyderabad: Today on10 Dec 2021 at press Hyderabad, SHADE organization conducted Candlelight Vigil. social activist, Advocates and women participated, Advocate Sooba Bhatti, Adv Suneel Shatroghan , pastor Aber , Adv Saleem Yousuf , Rana Perdeep Kumar , Nasir Raza, Victor Gulzar, HAFEEZ Bhatti, Mas


HRFP with GHRD and NMAP, PDF and networks observed Human Rights Day 2021 on “EQUALITY - Reducing inequalities, advancing human rights”

Faisalabad: Human Rights Focus Pakistan (HRFP) observed International Human Rights Day 2021 in collaboration with Global Human Rights Defense (GHRD), GHRTV, National Minorities Alliance Pakistan (NMAP) and Peace and Development Foundation (PDF) with civil society and stakeholders on UN theme of &


Pak-Christian asylum community fears another lockdown will result in starvation

London: The refugee and asylum seekers in Thailand were just beginning to recover from the latest COVID-19  lockdown in Bangkok, when the threat of the new Omicron variant emerged.

At the moment around 7000 cases of COVID-19 infections every day, which is worrying for the asyl


Grief-stricken mother dies after being coerced into compensation for murdered child

London: The mother of a murdered 10 year old who we supported for two years died of grief from being coerced into a compromise agreement for her murdered son.

Badil Masih was sodomised and murdered by his employer Mr Mohammed Ikram and a cohort, in July 2019, for daring to seek full pay


Justice for Christian man sodomised and killed by Muslim friends draws near

London: A 35 year old Christian labourer known to be a hard worker was killed by two Muslim neighbLours who burst his intestines by inserting high pressure air into his anus (click here).  Two other men were initially implicated in the murder but cases against them were dismissed, follo


Sri Lankan factory worker Lynched and burnt by Muslim mob for alleged blasphemy

London: A mob of infuriated Muslims lynched a Sri Lankan man named  Priyantha Kumara, who was working at a factory in Sialkot.

Violent Muslim mob revel in the action of burning body of alleged blasphemer

Priyantha Kumara was working as  a General Manager in


Zafar Bhatti Pakistan’s longest serving blasphemy victim may become first man killed under Pakistan’s infamous blasphemy laws!

London: Zafar Bhatti (56 yrs) has spent almost ten years of his life in Prison and has now become the longest serving blasphemy convict in Pakistan.

Several Christian charities have failed in freeing him from prison and Zafar Bhatti  has now turned to British Asian Christian A


News of Liverpool Terrorist attacker's ‘reconversion’ to Islam is no surprise.

London: We wrote about our concerns for the church after Police investigators became stumped by the motives of the Liverpool terrorist who unintentionally blew himself up in a taxi on Remembrance day (click here for recap). 

It is postulated that the terrorist was targeting the Rem


Baloch spring in Gwadar U.S. referendum against Pakistan, says Dr Tara Chand

WASHINGTON, DC: The Baloch American Congress (BAC) has lauded the popular uprising of the people of Gwadar against Pakistan state injustices and called it the Baloch spring which Islamabad will not be able to crush.

“For quite too long the people in Balochistan have silently suffe


HRFP condemned brutal murder of Sri Lankan Priyantha for falsely accusing of blasphemy:

Faisalabad: Human Rights Focus Pakistan (HRFP) condemned a horrific incident of Sialokot on 3 December 2021 where a man from Sri Lanka was beaten and burnt alive by mob for alleging blasphemous act.Naveed Walter, president of Human Rights Focus Pakistan (HRFP) said that Priyantha Kumara, 40s


Sri Lankan factory manager killed in Pakistan over blasphemy allegations

 London: A Sri Lankan factory manager in Pakistan has been beaten to death and set on fire by an Islamist mob over alleged blasphemy.

 The incident which took place in Sialkot, was described by Prime Minister Imran Khan as a “horrific vigilante attack”.



Pak-judicial prejudice illustrated by holidays and postponements that delay acquittal of Christian teen

London: Nabeel Masih (now 20 yrs) Pakistan’s youngest ever blasphemy victim was released from prison on bail through the work of British Asian Christian Association on 18th of March.  By this time he had already spent more than fours years of his life in Kasur District Jail. Read


Pak-Court shenanigans delay justice for Christian child raped at 6 years of age

London: Brave Tabitha and her father continue to challenge for justice SHARE

After a Christian girl of only six years was beaten and raped after being forcibly taken to the home of a Muslim man in broad daylight during September 2019, BACA stepped in to help- read more (here).


Terror attack in Liverpool was undertaken by an alleged Christian convert – this poses many questions for the church!

London: (By Hannah Chowdhry) On the 11th November every year churches and cathedrals across the country commemorate fallen soldiers, and  hold special services to reflect on the wars that have caused mankind so much anguish and pain.

In Liverpool this year that sombre atmosphe


12 years old another Christian girl is kidnapped for intentions of forced marriage in Sahiwal

Meerab Abbas, 12years old Catholic girl is kidnapped by a Muslim man with a intentions of marriage. According to Meerab Abbas mother, Farzana that my girl is kidnapped by Muhammad Daud who is from Balochistan. 


Police launched the FIR against the 5 people who are r


Halloweenesque skeletal remains point to sodomy and murder of missing 12 Y/O Christian boy in Pakistan

London: The uncovering of 45 bones on 22nd October in Jaranwala, Pakistan confirmed the unspeakable horror of the death of a Christian boy of only 12 years of age.

Shahbaz Masih father of Iftikhar Masih (RIP) had been informed of a confession by the murderers made at a community meeting


Saraiki martyr’s daughter in Canada says biggest land mafia Pak army has blood on its hand

Canada: (Ahmar Mustikan) She ardently believes her dad Zafar Lund, 59, was shot dead not because he was an Ahmadi but because he was mobilizing the local masses against the biggest land mafia in the country, Pakistan army.

Ramla Zafar, 26, originally from the Saraiki belt of Southern Pu


Fundamentalist Muslim' Pakistan is given two death sentences for killing 'ritually impure kaffirs' in argument over water drainage

London: A father (Shabir Masih [56 yrs] ) who has waited almost a year for justice for his son and wife who were shot dead by neighbours for being Christian has spoken out about the judicial decision that has resulted in death sentences for the murderers. 

Yasmeen Bibi (55 yrs) and


Pakistan: Muslim emergency staff refuse to save now deceased Christian sewage workers because they were ritually unclean

London: A Christian sewer worker fell unconscious after entering a known dangerous sewer with high toxicity, after being threatened with the sack when he initially refused.

Two Christian friends concerned about the unconscious man lost their lives trying to rescue him from the known dea


Lahore Christian community suffer gun attack causing injuries to men and women

London: A gun attack on a Christian community in Lahore has left several people injured and receiving medical attention.  Fear has gripped the Christian enclave of Shamsabad, Sherakot who fear further attacks.

The attack began after a dispute between a Christian man named Asgh


Arzoo Abduction, Rape, Forced Conversion & Forced Marriage Case update

Karachi Pakistan: Arzoo's hearing was fixed for 9am, Monday September 13, 2021, Canadian Aid to Persecuted Christians (CAPC)

representatives were closely in touch with her father Raja Lal and mother Rita. The family was disguised and present in the 

court parking lot,


Pakistani court rejects Christian father’s petition seeking recovery of his daughter forcibly converted, and married to her abductor

London: On 24th September, the Lahore High Court (LHC) rejected a petition filed by a Christian man, Gulzar Masih, for the recovery of his underage daughter Chashman Kanwal who was allegedly forcibly converted to Islam and married to a Muslim man, Muhammad Usman.

 Masih, a rickshaw


Protestors converge at 10 Downing Street to oppose Taliban oppression in Afghanistan

London: A Muslim-led anti-Taliban rally outside 10 Downing Street was attended by diverse people from a multitude of faiths and no faith on Saturday, 18th September 2021. 

The event was organised by the Muslim Education Centre of Oxford headed by Imam Dr Taj Hargey. He said: <


Pakistan: Anti-forced conversion bill draws concern from clerics

London: Clerics and religious scholars have expressed serious reservations over the draft of the anti-forced conversion bill.

At a meeting called by the Ministry of Religious Affairs they/clerics warned the ministry it cannot be implemented as it stands.

Only Muslim stakeholde


Asian Christians to support anti-Taliban oppression protest in unity with concerned Muslims

London: An anti-Taliban oppression protest has been arranged for Saturday, by the Muslim Education Council of Oxford led by the courageous and much loved Imam Dr Taj Hargey a long-term friend of the British Asian Christian Association, who has collaborated with us on many of our protests.


Christian girl of 10 years beaten and raped in Pakistan

London: A Christian girl of only 10 years of age has been savagely raped by a local Muslim boy of only 18 years of age after he first beat her on the head with a large heavy stone. 

Aleeza Younis was later left bleeding on a street corner where she was found by her father and some


Acquittal for Pakistan's youngest blasphemy prisoner dashed by yet another lawyers strike

London: We have regularly informed you about the case of Nabeel Masih who was only 16 years old, when he was accused of blasphemy after someone shared an image of the Kabba (Muslim holy shrine in Mecca) with a pigs head on it, on his Facebook page. 

Nabeel Masih was entirely innoce


Acquittal for Pakistan's youngest blasphemy prisoner dashed by yet another lawyers strike

London: We have regularly informed you about the case of Nabeel Masih who was only 16 years old, when he was accused of blasphemy after someone shared an image of the Kabba (Muslim holy shrine in Mecca) with a pigs head on it, on his Facebook page. 

Nabeel Masih was entirely innoce


Husband throws boiling water on wife who converted to Islam to marry him

London: On August 31, Punjab police raided a house in Dhing Shah village, Kasur (Punjab- Pakistan) to recover a formerly Christian woman, Sajida, after a complaint was registered at the Khudian Police station, Kasur.

 Police found Sajida fighting for her life and gasping for breath


8 Years of Age Christian Female Child Was Brutally Raped And Attempted To Be Murdered By An Adult Muslim Man

Sahiwal: On the date of September 2 in the year 2021, an incident was reported of an eight year old Christian female child, Liza Younas, the daughter of Younas Masih, who was brutally raped and beaten in the head with a stone until she fell unconscious by an adult Muslim man who lives in their ne


One culprit arrested involved in 16-year-old Muqadas's abduction rape and forced Islamic marriage with support of BACA

London: A 16 year old Christian girl was forcibly abducted from her own home by three gunmen resulting in serious injuries to her grandmother who was thrown against a door when she tried to stop the abductors enacting the crime. 

The whole incident was seen by a village of witnesse


I know the hatred that Christians will now face in Afghanistan says UK-based Afghan Christian

London: Some of you will remember how in 2018 we helped Jay an Afghan Christian escape the dangerous persecution he faced in Kent when the Muslim community discovered his apostacy (quitting of Islam). We helped him move to a place far away from where he had lived and with the help of Nissar Hussa


Christian nurses forced to work continuously in COVID-19 ward accused of blasphemy when one resisted on basis that burden should be shared with Muslims

Pakistan: Two nurses of District Headquarters Hospital (DHQ) were arrested under the notorious blasphemy law of Pakistan despite being involved in the countries COVID-19 response. 

On 9th April 2021, an application was filed with the local police authority against Mariyam Laal, cha


Pakistan: Two years after rape of 6-year-old Christian trial begins in earnest

London: After a Christian girl of only six years was beaten and raped after being forcibly taken to the home of a Muslim man in broad daylight in September 2019, BACA stepped in to help- 

We provided a solicitor and began the legal procedure to get justice, however the perpetrator


A Muslim nurse challenge abysmal treatment of Nurse Tabeeta who was attacked by colleagues after a false accusation of blasphemy

Karachi: Tabeeta Gill, a Pakistani Christian nurse and a Gospel singer, was falsely accused of having committed blasphemy on 28th January 2020. We reported full details of this in a previous article which you can read (here). 

Tabeeta was tortured: slapped, beaten with clubs and dr


Pakistan: Another Christian woman accused of blasphemy for forwarding a text

 London: A Christian woman, Shagufta Kiran from Islamabad, Pakistan has been accused of blasphemy for simply forwarding a message.

 Shagufta was arrested on July 29 by the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) and she is still in their custody under investigation.



Christian parents plead with Pakistani Authorities to return 16-year-old daughter kidnaped, raped and forced into Islamic Marriage

Lahore: A 16 year old Christian girl was forcibly abducted from her own home while her grandmother and sisters tried to prevent the gang of Muslim men who entered their house from enacting the crime. 

At around 11.30 am, Monday, 9th August, Muqadas Nadeem Masih (16 yrs) from Shorko



Haripur: (By Qaisar Loudhi) 14 years old Christian girl named Princess who is residence of Haripur city in Khyber Pakhtoon khawa province of Pakistan was kidnapped while she was going to school. She studied in 9th grade of her school and was very bright student. When she was going to school, a ma


Teenage Christian cousins kidnapped at gunpoint outside their house

London: On 16th August 2021 two teenage Christian cousins from Warburton, District Nankana Sahib were kidnapped at gunpoint outside their house by local Muslim men.

 According to Mumtaz Bibi, the mother of Simran and aunt of Sheeza, on 11 August she went to attend the funeral one o


HRFP condemned the abduction, forced conversion & forced marriage of Chashman Kanwal

Faisalabad: Human Rights Focus Pakistan (HRFP) condemned the abduction, forced conversion and forced marriage of juvenile Christian girl Chashman Kanwal who is 14 years old and she is the daughter of Gulzar Masih resident of #  223 R.B Nadir Shah Town, Faisalabad.

Chashman Kanwal w


3-year-old Christian child subjected to brutal rape while learning at UNICEF sponsored school in Pakistan

London: A three year old Christian child has been raped while attending a UNICEF sponsored school in Raiwind, Pakistan. Police are investigating the husband of Mrs Saleem the Principal of the school, for the alleged rape.

Video taken from public Facebook page of Saleem Iqbal: Punjab Min


Professor Anjum Paul express concern on Teaching of Quran and minority Students

Faisalabad: Professor Anjum James Paul, Chairman Pakistan Minorities Teachers Association PMTA writes an open letter to Director Curriculum Government of Punjab regarding TEACHING OF QURAN MAJEED AS COMPULSORY SEPARATE SUBJECT AND THE STUDENTS OF RELIGIOUS MINORITIES



Two Young Adult die while cleaning gutter without safety gear in Pakistan

Okara: (By Qaisar Quyyum) Two Christian youths died while cleaning the sewerage line in Mehboob Town (Okara) near Post No. 7. Residents of the area say that a young sanitary worker was breathing and was rushed to the District Headquarters Hospital by the residents of the area but the doctors and


Sanjan Nagar School GlaxoSmithKline Lahore Christian Girl Rape Case Update

Lahore: (By Qaisar Lodhi) According to reports, a Christian child who is currently serving a prison sentence for being involved in a rape case and is also 12-13 years old, and DNA reports that the child and the test did not have a DNA match. Makes it clear that the rapist is not a child.



Mother and son shot dead for hatred of dirty Christians in Pakistan

London: Incited by religious hatred and Islamist fundamentalism, a Muslim neighbour mercilessly shot a mother and her son in Kathor Kalan village, Gujranwala Pakistan.

As they were shot dead the murderers called them kaffir (derogatory name for non-Muslims) and shouted out Choora (derog


Court delays prevent seemingly inevitable acquittal of Nabeel Masih who was 16 when imprisoned for blasphemy

Lahore: Nabeel Masih (now 20 yrs) Pakistan's youngest ever blasphemy victim was released from prison through the work of British Asian Christian Association on 18th of March. By this time he had already spent more than fours years of his life in Kasur District Jail. Read more (here).



Muslim murderers of ritually impure Christian have secured bail but will now face trial

London: With help from British Asian Christian Association, the mother and father of Saleem Masih continue to fight for justice for their murdered son.

Saleem Masih (22 yrs) was beaten to death for rinsing himself off in the tube well of Muslim land owners in Chunia District, Kasur. It


Pakistan Religious Affairs Ministry oppose a restriction on converting religion before the age of 18

London: A decision by Pakistan’s Ministry of Religious Affairs on Wednesday (14th July 2021) opposing a restriction on converting religion before the age of 18 years, is supported by British Asian Christian Association.

Noorul Haq Qadri the Minister for Religious Affairs, during a


Christian man: Pakistan's longest serving blasphemy convict ever has his appeal refused

Pakistan: The plight of an elderly Blasphemy victim whose farcical charges for blasphemy should never have stood has been exacerbated by yet another refusal of his appeal.

The conviction for Zafar Bhatti (58 yrs) is based on a Muslim witness testimony who was not present at the time of


Religious affairs ministry says religious conversion before 18 should be allowed

Pakistan: The Ministry of Religious Affairs has opposed restrictions on religious conversion before the age of 18.

It said that if someone 14 years old wants to convert to religion, they could not be stopped.

During a meeting of the Senate parliamentary committee on minorities


In Pakistan to prevent Sodomy investigation A Christian man killed with pressurized air pump

 Faisalabad: A 35-year-old Christian labourer known to be a hard worker has been killed by two Muslim men who burst his intestines by inserting high pressure air into his Anus.

It is believed that before he died Shehzad Masih was gang-raped by the two Muslim men.

The brut


A Christian girl raped in Hyderabad Pakistan

Hyderabad: (By Qaisar Qayyum) Nadeem Masih's daughter Elisha, a nine-year-old innocent Christian girl from Hyderabad, fell victim to brutality.

According to details, a brutal adult named Babar 45 year found the nine-year-old innocent daughter of tenant Nadeem Masih's daughter El


Pakistan High Court sends another Christian girl with her captor

London: (The Edge Foundation) On July 1 the Lahore High court sent another Christian girl with her abductor who is much older than her and already has three wives.

13-year-old Nayab Gill’s case was heard by the high court justice Sheram Sarwar Chaudhary, she was brought to the cou


Muslim Doctor forcefully converts 13-year-old Christian girl to work in kitchen in Pakistan

London: A Muslim doctor forcefully converted a 13-year-old Christian girl to Islam to allow her to work in their family kitchen.

Munawar Masih, a Christian by faith, and his wife Mehtan Bibi from Muzaffargarh work with a local landlord for Rs. 8000 a month.

They have eight chi


Pakistan: Small Christian village attacked by irate Muslim mob of over 300

A small Christian village were subjected to a violent mob attack by over 300 Muslim villagers on 14th May 2021, creating fear and anxiety and leaving a trail of injured victims. People from the christian community of Chak 5, Okara are still in fear of a further attack and little help or support i


Protest for persecuted Christian, forced conversion, forced marriage, recently Edward College Peshawar had been taken by the Government of Pakistan

London: (By Rt. Rev FS Bhatti) This protest meeting had been arranged by Watson Gill’ Holland team with most renowned personalities of different leading Organizations, social activities, religious leadership and political leadership to work for Pakistani Christian communities more effective


Judicial farce: Murderers of Christian man regularly fail to attend Pakistani court and judge simply postpones hearings

London: Saleem Masih (22 yrs) was beaten to death for rinsing himself off in the tube well of Muslim land owners in Choonia District, Kasur. It should be noted that many Muslim men have been permitted to rinse themselves off in the well for many years, however it was the fact that a ‘ritual


Flowers of Solidarity presented to Rabbi who was attacked in Chigwell

London: After a Rabbi was attacked on Sunday 16th May at around 13:15 it made international news. Police who investigated the attack have listed the crime as a hate crime but have said that the attack "is not based on attacks happening overseas or anywhere else in the country." You can


Teenage blasphemy victim set free by BACA when 20 years old, has successful operation to remove large painful lipomas

London: Nabeel Masih a Christian Teenager of only 16 years old when convicted of blasphemy had been released from prison on bail on 18th March, after a two year long campaign and legal battle led by British Asian Christian Association. Read more and watch video.

The young man now 20 yea


Blasphemy death convicted Christian couple acquitted after years suffering in jail. By Mushtaq Gill

LAHORE: A Christian couple, Shagufta Kausar and Shafqat Emmanuel, are found not guilty after 7 years of suffering in jail. The couple have been sentenced to death in April 2014 but imprisoned since 2013 for insulting the Prophet of Islam by sending blasphemous SMS via mobile phone sim. On the bas


Pakistani court sends minor Christian girl with her Muslim abductor

Lahore: (The Edge Foundation) On May 31 a Pakistani court sent 13-year-old Christian girl, Nayab Gill with her abductor, Saddam Hussain, who already has three wives. 

Nayab, a student of 9th grade was working at a beauty salon during the closure of her school in Pakistan, due to th


Pakistan: Christian mother of five abducted and severely abused

London: A Christian mother of five children, Venus Bibi, 30, of Sahoo Ki Malian (village), Sheikhupura, was recently freed from her kidnapper after a police complaint was registered against the abductor.

Venus and her husband are both brick kiln workers.  According to her husband,


Contents of interfaith harmony and contribution of religious minorities included in Pakistani textbook

Faisalabad: Professor Anjum James Paul, Head of the Political Science Department, Government Graduate College Samundri, district Faisalabad, Chairman Pakistan Minorities Teachers’ Association, Information Secretary Punjab Professors & Lecturers Association (Faisalabad Division) has beco


Agony of family of 16 years old Pakistani Christian girl being kidnapped by Muslim

Lahore: (By Napoleon Qayyum) Kiran Bashir is 16 years old and a resident of Lahore and used to work with her mother in homes. There are eight siblings and when Kiran was returning home along with her mother on 8th March 2021 was kidnapped by a small group of people, who tortured Kiran and put her


Professor Anjum Paul demand restoration of Pakistan’s Federal Minorities Affair Ministry

 Faisalabad: Chairman Pakistan Minority Teachers Association PMTA Professor Anjum James Paul in a letter to Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan have demanded the restoration of Federal Ministry of Minorities Affair in best interests of millions of Christians.

Minority Ministry wa


Minor Christian girl raped by Muslim man in Pakistan

Lahore: Anum Bibi aged 8, a Christian child faced sexual abuse, rape and mental torture by a Muslim man Mohammad Awais aged 22. The poor girl went to the fields along with her parents and younger brother Atif Masih 10 year old to work where she become the victim of brutal incident of rape on Sund


Muslim nurses took over a chapel and threatened to convert it to a mosque in Pakistan

London: On April 26, a group of Muslim nurses of the Punjab Institute of Mental Health (PIMH) came into the chapel and desecrated the Holy Bible and other sacred items. They continued to recite Na'at (Islamic anthems) for hours in the chapel after accusing three Christian nurses, Sakina, Jess


EU concerned over Pakistan’s rising blasphemy case

London: The European Union has raised concern about Pakistan’s blasphemy laws which it says are often misused to discriminate against religious minorities.

On Thursday the European Parliament adopted a resolution calling on authorities to review Pakistan’s GSP (Generalised S


CSIOC writes letter to Canadian Premier to “Stop Deportations of Pakistani Christian Refugees”

The Right Honourable,

Justin Trudeau

Prime Minister of Canada

80-Wellington Street

Ottawa ON K1A 0A2

Your Excellency:

In the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, as the world watches, religious extremists are virtually controlling the State.


HRFP urged to control over violent religious groups concerning to minorities safety& growing violations

Faisalabad: Human Rights Focus Pakistan (HRFP) urged authorities to control over the hardline religious groups and their violent demonstrations. In current situation HRFP is highly concerned with minorities’ safety & security as the violations against religious minorities are growing an


Hyderabad Bishop’s Advisor booked in Fraud Case

Karachi: The Diocese of Hyderabad, Church of Pakistan is facing an embarrassing situation, as the Advisor of its Bishop Imran Joseph Gill, who is the right hand of Bishop Kaleem John and also serving as Property Manager in the Diocese has been booked in a Fraud case and Karachi Police is conducti


Border closure yet another proof of Pakistan’s anti-Baloch mindset, says Dr Tara Chand

WASHINGTON, DC: The Baloch American Congress (BAC) has said closing the border with Iran is yet another proof of the anti-Baloch mindset of the state of Pakistan.

“In the backdrop of extreme economic deprivation in Balochistan, Pakistan’s action has shut the door of liveliho


Human Rights Fraternity lost its Guardian- IA Rehman: Rwadari Tehreek Pakistan

Lahore: On behalf of all the members of Rwadari Tehreek Pakistan, I would like to express condolences to all the human rights fraternity as we lost our guardian in human rights struggle Mr. I.A Rehman who breathed his last on Monday, April 12, 2021.

Former Secretary-General of Human Rig


Saleem Khokhar condemned arrest of Two nurses on blasphemy in Faisalabad

  Liverpool, UK: Mr. Saleem Khursheed Khokher former member of parliament Sindh Pakistan and presently Director of Christians’ True Spirit – CTS UK chapter condemned the alleged accusation of blasphemy against two Christian nurses in Punjab.

On April 9, 2021, Muham


Blasphemy allegation against two nurses at DHQ Hospital Faisalabad

Lahore: Two Christian nurses at District Head Quarter Hospital Faisalabad (Marriam Lal d/o Lal Gill (senior staff) and Newish Arooj d/o Shahid Masih (student 3rd year of nursing) were blamed for the desecration of the Quran in Faisalabad, Punjab, Pakistan on April 9, 2021.

The local con


Two Christian Nurses charged with blasphemy in Pakistan

Toronto: (ICV) International Christian Voice is heartbroken at the news of accusations of blasphemy against two Pakistani Christian women, Maryam Lal and Navish Arooj, in Faisalabad, Pakistan today (April 9, 2021). The accusations arose after Navish, a third-year student-nurse, reportedly removed


Pakistan: Two Christian nurses charged with committing blasphemy

London: On 9 April, in charge nurse Maryam Lal and 3rd year student nurse Navish Arooj working in Civil Hospital, Faisalabad, were charged with committing blasphemy.

A first information report (FIR) under blasphemy law section 295-B, has been registered against Maryam and Navish after a


HRFP condemned false accusation of blasphemy on two Christian Nurses in DHQ Hospital, Faisalabad-Pakistan:

Faisalabad: Human Rights Focus Pakistan (HRFP) condemned false accusation of blasphemy charges on two Christian Nurses and brutal attack on both during duties on 8th October 2021.

The two Christian Nurses Mariam Lal (staff nurse) and Neush Arooj (student) are charged for blasphemous act


Police not cooperating in search for kidnapped 13-year-old girl, mother says

London: Samina Bibi, mother of Christian girl Shakina Johnson, has complained that the police are not making enough effort to recover her kidnapped daughter. Samina is understandably upset, and every passing day is devastating for the family. The well-being of Shakina is unknown.



US Human Rights Report expresses concern over freedom of expression restriction in Pakistan

Islamabad: (PPF) This analysis of the situation of press freedom in Pakistan was presented as part of the US Department of State’s 2020 Country Report on Human Rights Practices in Pakistan which looked at human rights violations in the country including the environment under which the media


Former minister says Balochistan turned into ‘land of blood & tears’

WASHINGTON, DC: The Baloch American Congress (BAC) has informed the relevant UN bodies about the discovery of yet another mass grave in Balochistan and enforced disappearances of close relatives of veteran human rights campaigner, Mama Abdul Qadeer.

In a communication sent to the UN Spe


Baloch struggle shows they reject forced annexation in 1948, says Dr Tara Chand

WASHINGTON, DC: The Baloch American Congress (BAC) has said the Baloch struggle for their right to self-determination is ample proof they have not accepted Pakistan’s forced annexation of their homeland seventy-three years ago.

Dr Tara Chand, president of BAC, in a statement to ma


Pakistan: Petition filed to make the death penalty the only punishment for blasphemy in the Pakistan Penal Code

London: Pakistan’s attorney general and provincial advocate general have been issued notices by the Peshawar High Court regarding a petition calling for the removal of all punishments except the death penalty for blasphemy from the country’s penal code.

The notices were issu


RT holds Round Table Conference for inclusion of Transgender in Politics

Lahore: Rwadari Tehreek-Pakistan held a Roundtable on March 25, 2021 at Lahore to discuss the challenges to Transgender Inclusion in Politics and their participation in the electoral processes as voters and candidates. The consultation Moderated by Chairman Rwadari Tehreek Mr. Samson Salamat and


Jihad Will Continue If US Troops Not Withdrawn by May 1: Taliban

Doha: (By Manish Rai) As the US President recently made vague remarks about the implementation of the Doha agreement and withdrawal of all foreign troops, and moreover, some NATO member states are seeking to extend the occupation of Afghanistan, the Islamic Emirate would like to clarify its stanc


Rwadari Tehreek Protest Against Torture, Extra-Judicial Killings & custodial deaths

Lahore: Rwadari Tehreek-Pakistan held a protest in front of Lahore Press Club to draw the attention of the Chief Justice of Pakistan, Prime Minister, Chief Ministers, and the Police Chiefs in Baluchistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Punjab, and Sindh to take stern and concrete action (s) to stop the cons


Nabeel Maish who four years ago as a 16-year-old was convicted of blasphemy in Pakistan is now free

London: They said it could not be done, several NGO's failed but today British Asian Christian Association is proud to annoubce that Nabeel Masih a Christian Teenager of only 16 years old when convicted of prison has been released from jail on bail.

The young man now 20 years of age


HRFP urged authorities for interventions on minority girls’ threats & families’ miseries

Faisalabad: Human Rights Focus Pakistan (HRFP) urged government for immediate actions to stop minority girls’ abductions, forced conversions and forced marriages. The silence of authorities meant their support with culprits to prolong the threats to girls & miseries of their families, H


Kenya Christian face locusts invasion

NAIROBI, CHRISTIANS: (Stefan J Bos for BosNewsLife) – Thousands of Christians are among those struggling to survive in northern Kenya after locusts invaded the region, aid workers say.

The latest invasion of locusts reportedly began late January – just at harvest time-devour


Iran Christians Get Shelter in Hungary After International Outcry

BUDAPEST, HUNGARY: (Stefan J Bos for BosNewsLife) An Iranian Christian father and his young son, who were detained on the Hungarian-Serbian border for 527 days, have been moved to a home in northwest Hungary following international pressure. A Baptist church helped Abouzar Soltani, a convert from


Israel’s Fourth Election in Last two years Kickstarts as polls open for Diplomats

Jerusalem: (By Manish Rai) Israel's fourth election in a very short span of two years started on Wednesday when polls started to open at Israeli missions around the globe, ahead of the official Election Day on March 23. The first to vote were the diplomats in the New Zealand capital of Wellin



PORTLAND, USA: (Stefan J Bos BosNewsLife)– Luis Palau, the international evangelist who preached the Gospel of Jesus Christ to more than 1 billion people through media and evangelistic events, has died, his family confirmed. The 86-year-old preacher, a close friend of the late evangelist Bi


Pakistan’s Christian Widows face starvation and persecution

ISLAMABAD, PAKISTAN (By Stefan J Bos for BosNewsLife)– Hundreds of Pakistani Christian widows and their children rely on monthly food parcels in impoverished Pakistan amid Christian persecution and an ongoing coronavirus pandemic, aid workers told BosNewsLife.

Barnabas Fund, an ai



BAGHDAD, IRAQ (By Stefan J Bos for BosNewsLife)– Pope Francis has visited Iraq to reassure the nation’s dwindling Christian community of his prayers after years of Islamic attacks and persecution.

“We believers cannot be silent when terrorism abuses religion,” Fr


Pakistan: Police force pastor to shut down church

London: Pakistani police arrested the pastor and congregation of the New life Church in Mohallah Sialkoti, Lahore, during lent worship.

The arrest was made after a complaint to the local police by the Muslim residents of Mohallah Sialkoti.

According to Pastor Amjad and Elder Y


On International Women’s Day Rwadari Tehreek urges for effective Legislation to Stop Forced Conversions

Lahore: Rwadari Tehreek Pakistan held a Protest Camp in front of Lahore Press Club on 8th March International Women's Day in collaboration with other civil society organizations to demand immediate and effective legislation to stop forced religious conversions and to express solidarity with t



WASHINGTON, USA: (BosNewsLife) “The end seems near” for international evangelist Luis Palau after a decision to stop all treatment for his incurable lung cancer and start hospice care, his family said.

The 86-year-old Palau, who preached the Gospel of Jesus Christ to more th



WASHINGTON, USA: (BosNewsLife) Leading Christian rights activist, broadcaster, and author Faith McDonnell, has become director of advocacy at the U.S.-based Katartismos Global (KGI Global) charity. The group says it “exists to equip the Church for mission and ministry” by supporting p



ABUJA, NIGERIA: (BosNewsLife) Islamic militants have released a Nigerian pastor who they threatened to kill unless their demands were met, security sources said. Bulus Yikura of the Church of the Brethren in Nigeria (EYN) was held captive since December 24, 2020.

Militants of terror gro


Algeria Christians urge Prayers for detained Pastor and Assistant

ALGIERS, ALGERIA: (BosNewsLife) Algerian Christians have urged prayers for a pastor and his assistant who were jailed and fined for evangelizing in Algeria, an Islamic nation, BosNewsLife learned.

Pastor Rachid Seighir of a church in Oran’s coastal city, and a salesman helping in


CAPC supporting family of Two Christian Girls brutal murder after gangrape by Muslim

Lahore: The two women and two men, Two water canals. The two dead bodies. The women were Christians. The men were Muslims. The water canals had no religion.

The women were sisters. The men were co-workers. The bodies were of women, discovered from each water canal. The men were accused


Nabeel Masih convicted of Blasphemy at 16 years is to be set free on bail

London: Nabeel Masih was 16 years old boy arrested for blasphemy on 18th September 2016 and had an original application for bail rejected while being supported by another charity. The frightened teenager was confronted by a mob of 80 Muslims baying for his blood and calling for him to be lynched


WAF announces rally on World Women Day

HYDERABAD: (By Abbas Kassar) Leaders of Women Action Forum has announced to take out women equality march on March 8, this year in Hyderabad. Last year WAF march was held in Sukkur.

Addressing news conference at press club here leaders of WAF Professor Amar Sindhu and Alia Buxul Thalho


Christian Teacher threatened to death and rape if not converted to Islam in Pakistan

New York:  A Christian Teacher was threatened to death and rape by her Muslim C0-workers in a Coaching Center adjacent to one mosque in I-9 area of Islamabad city. The Mosque running this Coaching Center required one Teacher of Mathematics for which one Christian girl named Arooj Karamat for


Two Christians charged under blasphemy law for distributing Christian literature

London: On 13 January Model Town police station, Lahore registered a blasphemy case under section 295 -A, B and C, Pakistan Penal Code (PPC), which has a mandatory death penalty, against two young Christians, Haroon Ayub Masih and Salamat Mansha Masih.

The complainant Haroon Ahmad said


HRFP’s legal action freed Samreen Masih from unlawful detention of police

Faisalabad: Human Rights Focus Pakistan (HRFP) condemned the false accusation of theft on Samreen Masih aged 27 a Christian girl has freed from unlawful detention of police by immediate legal actions . HRFP taking further steps of assistance & actions against harassments she facing with famil


HRFP condemned brutal attack & false accusation of blasphemy on Tabitha Nazir Gill

Karachi: Human Rights Focus Pakistan (HRFP) condemned brutal attack & false accusation of blasphemy on Tabitha Nazir Gill aged 30 a Christian, gospel singer and nurse at Sobhraj Maternity Hospital in Karachi.

The issue aroused on Tabitha’s advice to her coworkers for stopping


HRFP’s REAT Helpline Project briefing defending Human Rights & Democratic Values

Faisalabad:  Human Rights Focus Pakistan (HRFP) started HRFP’s REAT Helpline Project in collaboration with Taiwan Foundation for Democracy (TFD) as introductory meeting and briefing to participants of HRDs Network on 29th January 2021 at “Vision Hall”, Faisalabad. &nbs


RT writes An Open Letter to PM of Pakistan to end religiously motivated violence

Lahore: Mr. Samson Salamat, Chairman Rwadari Tehreek has urged Prime Minister of Pakistan Mr. Imran Khan and his government for immediate, effective and serious actions to stop the increasing incidents and trends of religious intolerance, instigation of violence, provocation, hate speech, and rel


Christian nurse Tabita Gill booked under blasphemy laws in Karachi

Pakistan: On January 28, 2021 a Blasphemy case FIR has been registered against a female Christian Gospel singer and staff nurse Tabita Nazir Gill w/o Sohail Alam at Police Station Ram Bagh Karachi.

Tabita Nazir Gill 36-year-old is a gospel singer and she has recorded a number of religio


Pakistan: Christian staff nurse and gospel singer accused of committing blasphemy

London: A Christian staff nurse and gospel singer Tabita, 30, from Karachi has been accused of committing blasphemy.

On January 28, Tabita’s colleagues at Sobhraj Maternity Hospital, Karachi, where she has been working for the last nine years, accused her of committing blasphemy.<


Pakistan: Christian father begging police to help get his daughter back

London: A Christian father is begging the police to find his daughter who was kidnapped while he was at work.

Rafique Masih of Rawalpindi said that on January 5, while he was at work, Muhammad Hamza, forcefully entered his home and kidnaped Mashal, 17, with the help of two of his compan


Malaysia: Court to decide if members of Ahmadiyya are Muslims

Malaysia: (Muslim Times) The High Court here has fixed March 19 to determine whether 39 individuals, including foreigners, who professed the Ahmadiyya belief are Muslims or otherwise.

Lawyer Hasnan Hamzah said judge Vazeer Alam Mydin Meera fixed the date after meeting parties in his cha


HRFP’s legal proceedings started for justice of murder Ishal Afzal, a Christian child girl

Faisalabad: Human Rights Focus Pakistan (HRFP) started legal proceedings for justice of murder victim Ishal Afzal a minor Christian girl aged 2 was abducted by unknown assailants while playing outside his house in Liaqat Town, Faisalabad.

Ishal’s father Afzal Masih with their Chur


Pakistan: Two young Christian sisters killed for not converting to Islam

London: Two young Christian sisters, Abida 26, and Sajida 28, of Makhan Colony, near Lahore, were murdered last month after they continually refused to convert to Islam.

The police have arrested two Muslim men, Mumtaz Khan and Muhammad Naeem, on suspicion of killing the women.

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