Christmas Greetings From Cage in silence of J. Salik.

J.Salik who is in cage and on silence stance in a message through his liaison officer said that Jesus Christ had been asked by the then Sardars, Waderas and exploiters of the masses to keep his truth saying: companions silent, the apostle replied that rocks would speak up if his companions became qu


Pakistani Christians in Holland praying for Solidarity of Pakistan on Christmas.

He wished Christians in Pakistan merry Christmas. Meanwhile Egbert Alias, Micheal Thomas, Nasir Bhatti, Remol Wilson, Jamal Francis and Namet Bhatti from Holland have expressed best of happy New Year to Christian community.



Not everyone is lucky in several nations where the animal of state-sponsored terrorism is at large. The massacres on September 11 in the United States and on October 28 in St. Dominic Church in Bhawalpur, Pakistan, while the congregation was praying, are interconnected. These massacres and sev


Christmas is message of the hope of salvation and the hope of eternal life.Bishop Nasir<br>Christmas greetings from Canada and Holland to readers.

It is a festival for most of the people related to the birth of Christ. Most of the people who even do not know any thing about Lord Jesus Christ celebrate Christmas just for sake of some sort of celebration. Yet we need to know what Christmas is all about.

Christmas is not just a date. What a


Shanti Nagar again under new Style of terrorism.<br>By PCP correspondent

The recent act of terror and harassment confirms the doubts of Pakistani
Christians that Muslim militant groups plan to break violence before the Christmas Eve. After 28
Oct. 2001, the church carnage by militants killing 16 christian worshipers in Bahawalpur, the miles
away from Shanti Nagger, t


Memorial service held for victims of Sept 11 terrorist attacks -DAWN

The diya was lit at the exact hour of the anniversary. The function, arranged by the US embassy inside the embassy compound, was attended by a large number of Pakistani school children, politicians and almost all the ambassadors and heads of foreign missions based in the federal capital.



Christians to fast on Friday

The message received from the Vatican City by local representatives here on Tuesday which contained guidelines offered specific suggestions for the Dec 14, the day of fast called by 'Pope John Paul II in conjunction with the end of the Muslim fasting month of Ramazan'.

It said that after the gr


Karachi YMCA to face One million Rupees embezzlement case verdict.

The charges were filed by the then treasurer of YMCA against Sarfaraz layod and Aslam Sunder on fraudently changing the amount figures of checks issued on different payments by the YMCA account. The President YMCA Sarfraz Layod with collaboration of aslam Sunder withdrew the sum of one million rupee


Muslim militia killing Christians, burning homes and churches in Indonesia

Perhaps as many as 63,000 Christians are trapped in the predominantly Christian city of Tentena. One missionary in Indonesia fears the "jihad warriors" will break through to Tentena and massacre the Christians who have taken refuge there.

Afghans and other foreigners are fighting alongside the


Pakistani Presbyterians ordain Timotheus Nasir as Bishop of UPCP.

The United Presbyterian Church of Pakistan is of the opinion that the "office of Moderator" in Presbyterian traditions has failed particularly in Pakistan. The theologically untrained "Laity" has damaged the United Presbyterian Church of Pakistan long enough. The Presbyterian of Pakistan has suffere


Three Taliban Fighters Claim to Be Americans

A man identified as John Walker is receiving medical care from U.S. forces after being discovered among captured Taliban troops and al-Qaida fighters who had holed up in a fortress in Mazar-e-Sharif. CNN reported that Walker, a convert to Islam, had suffered grenade and bullet wounds.

In an in



Asylbek Nurdanov, a convert from a Muslim background, was ordered to appear at a local police station in Kazalinsk on 27 October after police raided the church he leads seizing Christian
literature. During his interrogation Asylbek was hit on the head, causing him to pass out, beaten, stripped nak


Persecution Watch for November 30, 2001: INDIA

According to Christian Aid Missions (CAM), Indian Evangelical Team (IET) members Dulluraj and Narendre Jhadav traveled to the village to share the gospel. After the Nov. 21 movie showing, the two got on their borrowed bicycles for the return trip.

On the way, a gang of about a dozen people att


Thousands of Indonesia Christians Flee

"Thousands have fled," he said Saturday. "What could they do? Their houses have been burned. The police came yesterday, but it was too late." The Jakarta Post newspaper reported that hundreds of homes in settlements around the coastal town of Poso had been destroyed by uniformed members of the Laska


Rome's Envoy to Saudi Arabia Converts to Islam.

Torquato Cardilli, a career diplomat from overwhelmingly Roman Catholic Italy, revealed his decision to Saudi newspapers Saturday, his 59th birthday. Italian diplomatic sources confirmed the announcement Monday. His official conversion was made on the eve of the Islamic holy fasting month of Ramadan


Pope is Bin Laden's Christmas target - ex-CIA chief

Mr Cannistraro says the al-Qaida terror network will attempt an attack during the festive season in revenge for the West's bombing of Afghanistan during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan. "The Pope is the prime target because the US continued to bomb during Ramadan," Mr Cannistraro warns. "He looks


Victimization of christians under blasphemy laws increased to 58 comparing to 53 in 1999-2000.

Specific government policies that discriminate against religious minorities include: The use of the "Hudood" Ordinances, which apply different standards of evidence to Muslims and non-Muslims and to men and women for alleged violations of Islamic law; The lack of an adequate government response cont



"As of Saturday night Indonesia time, the District of Poso in central Sulawesi Island was under attack by Islamic Jihad forces," said Christian Aid's contact in northern Sulawesi. "The situation is very critical. Unless there is a miracle many lives will be lost.

"Over the weekend we received


Taliban Says They Have Taken Aid Workers to Kandahar.

John Mercer emerged from a 20-minute meeting with Taliban diplomats in Islamabad to say they had confirmed the six women and two men were well but had been taken by retreating Taliban forces from Kabul.Mercer, who has been seeking his daughter's release since shortly after the arrest of the group e


Punjab police arrests alleged killers of church carnage from Karachi. Militant group, Lashkar e Omar claimed responsibility of massacre.

A member of a militant Islamic group was arrested Thursday in connection with the weekend massacre of 18 people at a Protestant church service, police said. Shafiq ur-Rehman, a member of the extremist Sipah-e-Sahaba, was believed to have provided unspecified support to the six masked gunmen who mass


At least 16 dead in Pakistani church shooting.

The Rev. Jim Nuttle, a Catholic priest at the church where the shooting happened, said about 50 people were in the church when the attack began at the end of the first service at 9 a.m local time. The men rode up on motorcycles and shot a police officer who was a church security guard, Nuttle said.


Killing of Christians in church is barbaric act of Terrorism, government urged to arrest ulprits.

It Can be viewed in connection of "Fathwa " a decree issued by Muslim religious leaders in Friday prayers since Oct, 7 in mosques throughout pakistan " of killing two Christians on one death of Muslim " in Afghanistan by the attacks of allied forces, massacre of christian is identical to incidents o


Afghan Conflict Triggers Backlash Against Christian Minorities.

In recent weeks, Christians in Nigeria, Indonesia, Pakistan, Malaysia and the Palestinian self-rule areas have come under attack from Muslims, in incidents often believed to be linked to the events in Afghanistan, the Barnabas Fund reports. "Christian minorities across the Islamic world are becomin


Vietnam Sentences Catholic Priest .. October 19, 2001

His harsh sentence could speed up U.S. Senate action on a separate Vietnam human rights act that Vietnam's Communist Party has severely criticized. The act, already passed overwhelmingly by the U.S. House of Representatives, would halt future U.S. non-humanitarian aid unless Vietnam's government imp


8 Die in Indonesia Religious Fighting.

Security forces opened fire on the attackers, said Pamrin, who goes by a single name. Six unidentified corpses were later brought to the town's main hospital, witnesses said. Shortly after, police shot and killed two members of the Muslim paramilitary group Laskar Jihad who were traveling toward the


The Pope, neither condemning nor approving the Anglo-American military action. Anglican Bishop, questioned the morality of bombing of Afghanistan.

Bishop Foster said that "However justified it might be, we ask the same question, where will it lead - will it put an end to terrorism, or just encourage more of it?" "God is present in New York and Washington, but also in Afghanistan. He's with a wealthy and sophisticated Western society which has


Christians attacked and threatened to leave Pakistan in Quetta and Peshawar.<br>CSW and BF report.

There have been isolated attacks on Christians in Pakistan, including an attack by extremists on the Christian community at Quetta on the border with Afghanistan.Islamic extremists told believers at the Christian Colony University in Peshawar to leave the country and beat several before police inter


Khadim Harman Sharifan King Fahd, Pope of Rome, Bishop of Canterbury and Imam of Kaaba urged to play role on Bush's offer on second chance to Afghanistan. J salik.

The letter said "the World Minorities Alliance looks upon you as Khadim Harman Sharifan the Holiest places of the entire Muslim world for an initiative to snatch the signal given by the US President George W. Bush in the shape of offering a second chance to Afghanistan, as an opportunity to help end


Imam e Kabba, Mufti e azam Palestine, Pesh Imam Shahi Masjid Delhi and Other Muslim leaders shall clarify concept of Jihad.

He expressed his grave concern on loss of lives and property in wave of agitation after the 'Fathwa of Jihad ' by the religious leadership of Afghanistan in Pakistan, where Muslims are killing in the name of such decrees from decades by killing their fellow Muslims brothers of different sects in Is


U.S. reports heavy strike on Taliban.


Oct. 7 - The first wave of military action against Afghanistan's ruling Taliban regime has begun, President Bush announced to the nationSunday at 1 p.m. ET. "The Taliban will pay a price" for harboring terrorists, the president vowed minutes after explosions


Riaz Mash Killed, Sadeeq Mash seriously injured by Muslim protestors in favour of Taliban at Rawalpindi.

Sadeeq Masih residence of I-9/1 Essa Nagri Islamabad, 30yrs of age, married, was beaten by some Muslims. According to him I was on my way, few Muslims gathered round me and asked. Who are you? I told them I'm a Christian. Are you sure your are a Christian? Yes I'm Sadeeq replied. After that they st


Christian killed in Rawalpindi, Church set on fire in Shakargrah, homes attacked and families beaten in different cities of Pakistan by fundamental Muslims.

From Quetta date line (AP) have reported the fear of attacks by Christians from Muslim groups when social boycott from their Muslim friends is signal of dire consequences during attacks of allied forces against terrorism in Afghanistan.

According to Post correspondent from Lahore, Muslims set on


1940 resoulation of Pakistan was treaty among Muslims and Christians. Islam guaranteed safety of Christians and Jews under Medina treaty, recent decree of killing two Christians to one Muslim deplored.....New York. Oct.01, 2001.

He further added that Prophet (PBHU) entered into two treaties and six pacts with Jew and Christian tribes of Bani Auf, Al Harris, Sa, Ida, Jusham, An- Najjar, Amr, Al Wabiyyat, Al-Aus, Jafna, Al Shotaiba, and Hashm to defend Medina. In the same way the Christians of Pakistan have fought three wars,


Sheraz Mashi killed on dialogue of religion by Muslims.

On Aug. 9, Sheraz' body was found in front of the gate of his church with a letter attached that read, "Stop Preaching to Muslims," VoM reported. The dean of his Bible college asked for prayer for Sheraz' family, which includes his parents and three sisters.

Meanwhile, Christians Pervez Masih an


No bail again for Parvez Mash arrested under blasphemy laws. CRWSI shall challenge in Supreme Courts of Pakistan. Aslam Parvez.

During the hearing to day, the Secretary General of PLF) said that the Article of 295-C is not a complete law, therefore honorable Justice cannot take right decision. The jurist on Islamic laws said that the article 295-C should be amended, Because when such as cases are heard the witness also defil


Mushraf Urged to ensure safety of Christian in Pakistan.

The protest by the Army general led political parties of general Aslam Beg and Hamed Gull, Awami Quaidat Party and Tehreek Ithad Pakistan Party, can be easily viewed in the light of their planning to establish and support fundamental Muslim government in Afghanistan.

Bhtti expressed thatThe fear


America Under Attack.<br>Terror will not win. Bush<br>Thousands of lives were suddenly ended' in strikes at Pentagon, World Trade Center.

September 11 - 'Today, our fellow citizens, our way of life, our very freedom came under attack.' President Bush addresses the nation.

IN A BRIEF address televised from the White House Oval Office, Bush characterized the "despicable acts of terror" as "acts of mass murder." It was a stark acknowl


Terrorist attacks on WTC and Pentagon condemned.

Mr. Bhatti said that North American Pakistani Christians pray and share in sorrows of the families of the deceased in these sad incidents and vow to struggle shoulder to shoulder with other communities for the integrity and solidarity of America.

Secretary for,
Nazir S. Bhatti, President PCC


Christian Aid Workers Trial in Afghan Supreme Court in closed rooms.

Chief Justice Noor Mohammad Saqib said judges had resumed sifting evidence, but the accused had not been recalled because it was not clear how they wanted to handle their defense. Reporters were barred from the proceedings, which took place inside Kabul's four-story Supreme Court building.



Dozens of Christians killed in recent Christian Muslim riots in Nigeria.

``There were so many bodies,'' said Muhuyiddeen Jibrin, a Muslim stall owner, who said he watched six people - one, his neighbor - gunned down in a single exchange between Christians and Muslims. ``I don't know how I'll ever sleep.''

Jos, a predominantly Christian city of 4 million with a large


Followed by Pakistan the Afghanistan begins Blasphemy cases against western Christians. Preaching Christianity is crime under capital punishment of death. Charge sheet filed by Taliban against aid workers in Supreme Court.

Taliban officials have said converting Muslims is a crime punishable by death but any final decision on punishment is up to supreme leader Mullah Mohammad Omar. Taliban officials in Kabul said the trial would begin soon. But the Taliban ambassador in neighboring Pakistan, Mullah Abdul Salam Zaeef, s


Leaders of CRWI vows to file appeal against Lahore High Court Division Bench bail denial to Parvez Mash arrested under blasphemy laws.

The CRWI leaders added that they have been successful to gain 67 square acres of agriculture land in Toba Tek Sing and rehabilitated 126 Christian families. The said that millions of acres of Christians agriculture land through out pakistan has been illegally occupied by Muslims after independence i


Parvez Mash bail application denied like Ayub Mash. Except Imam the Testimony of Ordinary Muslim is ineffective in blasphemy Laws Division Bench of Lahore High Court.

During the bail hearing at Lahore High Court, the Muslim groups demonstrated and gathered around the court room, chanting slogans ' Hang the Blasphemer ' to press upon the judges to reject his bail, according to the reports More than 200 Muslims poured into the courtroom of Justices Khalilur Rehman


Vajpayee statement has created feelings of insecurity of Life and property among religious minorities of south Asia.

He added that Hindu Muslim riots in India have been witnessed by the international communities since 1947, the independence of sub continent from British colonial rule, killing thousands of Muslims on controversial religious issues by the Hindu majority. The sad and inhuman incidents of burning miss


They want to kill me. Pastor Ciniraj Mohammad.A voice of Indian Pastor in wilderness.

To me the only important thing about living is Christ, and dying would be profit for me. So I don't care about their pledge and warning, for I don't afraid of people who can kill The body but cannot kill the soul. For the Only One I fear who can destroy the soul and The body in hell. And I'm sure th


Police raids on TJ chief house prove doubts that city governments system is triangle of feudal lords, armed forces and bureaucracy against poor people of Pakistan.

Mr. Bhatti, added that Feudal lords and religious parties have capture the Nazism and naib Nazism seats in all the district in local body elections by military government, under proportional democracy, new system of city government, neglecting peoples representation act of 1976 have proved that loca


Lesson for western NGO's to free Afghanistan from Russia. Taliban say diplomats can meet Christian detainees.

It was unknown whether the diplomats would see the 16 detained Afghans, who possibly face the death penalty if found guilty of either deserting Islam or proselytizing .Shaheen added he expected to receive visa clearance later on Thursday or Saturday for the diplomats from Australia, Germany and the


Lebanon rounds up Christian opposition.

One of those arrested is Toufic Hindi, a leading member of the Lebanese
Forces who was picked up from his home without a warrant.
Another of those detained is retired Lebanese army commander Nadim Lteif,
who is the coordinator of the FNC.
Many people were arrested in


Revival of Liaquat- Nehru Pact and establishment of Minority Commission in Pakistan demanded.

In a statement he said that, major law enforcement agencies in pakistan are famous for ill behavior, corruption, wrongful confinement and extra judicial killings of Christians under the administrative excessive powers, now involved in discrimination on religion with fellow christian trainee constabl


<b>Muslim Christian Dialogue Forum. Investigation Report by Post Team.</b>

PCC and Seminars.
The 4th amendment in Constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan 1973, Ahmadi, s claiming to be Muslims were turned to be non-Muslims. The
Controversy of being a Muslim and non-Muslim originated creating
Hat rate and despair, assuming the phenomena of believer and non-believer


Blasphemy victim Saleem and Rasheed Masih,s Sister in law raped.

The up to date of cases from 1999 to 2001.


* April 1, Christian teacher Pervez Masih was arrested on charges of blasphemy. Mr. Masih, who ran his own high school in Chailayke village, Sialkot district, was accused of uttering blasphemous remarks against Muhammad during tutoring sessi


The World Bank has officially evinced interest in J.Salik's suggestion of launching international lottery scheme to raise funds for IMF debt relief of poor countries including Pakistan.

In a letter addressed to the convener of World Minorities Alliance and former Federal Minister J.Salik, the World Bank said "Your suggestion about rising money to launch a Fund to retire external debts of the poorest countries (Including Pakistan) is interesting, and we are grateful for your concern


Muslim editor jailed on blasphemy charges.

``This case shows how dangerous the blasphemy laws can be for any Pakistani journalist who tackles the difficult topic of religion,'' said the CPJ executive director, Ms Ann Cooper. ``These four journalists have been jailed for more than a month and face charges that could result in the death penalt


Christian’s representation in meeting with Mushraf before Summit not from Christian people.

He regretted on those Christian religious leaders invitation in this meeting, who have been praising the military government since 1999 take over in Pakistan and on international forums to safe guard their personnel interests and true representation of Christians was not present in that important me


On Anniversary of Bishop John Joseph.

The news of murder of Bishop John Joseph was learned with grief and anger around the world on May 7,1998, for confirmation, when I contacted agency France press in New York and wished to record my condolence and demand to arrest the killers, the news manager Informed that situation is contrary to my


Bishop Lobo assurance. Denationalized Missionary Schools In RawalPindi No More Business Concerns.

According to the sources, the education officials handed over Government Saint Theresa Girls High School, Murree Road, Saint Patrick Boys High School, Murree Road, Saint Catherine High School, Lalkurti, and Saint Joseph Middle School, Lalkurti, to the woman from Ireland last year. The sources said t


Muslim Millitant groups threaten to burn down Christian schools in Peshawar.

The meeting was addressed by Maulvi Ameen, Maulvi Kareemullah, Maulvi Abdul Wahab, Mirza Qasimzai and others. They asserted that these schools were spreading vulgarity. They warned that if these schools continued operating in the area, they would be forcefully closed down. The officials of the NGO r


Muslim Nurses Refused To Take Meals Prepared By Christian Cook in Jinnah Post Graduate Medical Center Karachi.

. Parvez John, an experienced cook of five star hotel, passed the entry tests, interview and medical by the JPMC and was posted at school of nursing hostel. Mst Mehwish Nadir, Muslim, superintendent of the hostel, suspended him and informed the director, prof. Capt. Rasheed Ahmad Chowdry that Muslim


Another Christian arrested under Blasphemy law in Faisalabad. June 8,2001.

The FIR was registered at PS Sargoda Road, Faisalabad. Shabaz Masih was arrested and sent to Faisalabad central jail.


Blasphemy case against Christians in sindh.<br>Jacob abad. June 10,2001.

Christians Khalid Masih, 22, and Nasir Masih, 25. The two were arrested in Jacobabad after showing the JESUS Film and handing out a booklet called "Who Is Jesus?" The two are currently free on bail and waiting there Next court hearing.

The literature distribution was put together by a team From C



It is very difficult to meet Parvez Masih in district jail of Sialkot where he is under surveillance of authorities and he is restricted to see any body except his family members. The Pakistan Christian post arranged an interview without the knowledge of jail officials to provide full information di


CHRISTIANS SENTENCED TO Life under blasphemy law, Appeal TO HIGH COURT, waiting for hearing. Jhang.<br>june 20,2001.

Both were arrested and jailed more than two years ago for allegedly setting fire to a copy of the Koran, or Islamic Holy book.Amjad and Asif Masih were sentenced in Sessions Court in Jhang, March 20th, 2001.Both men suspected the Sessions Court judge was under Pressure from radical Muslims to hand d


Federal Minister for Sports and Tourism Col.(Rtd.) SK

Talking to the agencey here saturday upon arrival after attending 57th human rights conference, he told that ageneral mis-impression was bieng propogated but in essence and form, the law is not discriminatory, no one has been awarded capital punishment under the blasphemey law, he added, it is a com



He added that christians were already not having the proportional share in development budgets and this act of reducing their seats shall make the life more miserable for them without the basic facities of life like water, streets and medical facilities for them.

Mr. Khokar said that any millitar



Mr. wilson said that he was personelly known the deceased Bishop when he was the rector of Karachi Seminary and scholar and religious person like that can not act an anti christian teaching suicide as the Catholic church of Pakistan claimed after
his killing by some unknown persons in Sahiwal.




He stressed upon continuation of dialogues extending up to town levels where political and religious and political Muslim representatives may exchange views with Christian leaders to sole problems. He assured that JWP would cooperate and fully participate in such gatherings like again.
He demanded


REPEAL OF BLASPHEMY LAWS DEMANDED. <br>The president PCC condemned the arrest of Parvez Mash under section 295 c PPC from sialkot.

Mr. Bhatti, said that legislation of Blasphemy Laws was adopted neglecting all rules of conducts of national assembly of Pakistan, the Christian members of national assembly were not allowed to present any motion or amendment in this bill nor it was brought before select committee for discussions Th



Feroze Masih was also among thousands of peacefull protestors
when Karachi Police discriminatory opend fire and killed Feroze
Masih, injuring dozens and arresting more than 1000 youths.
Feroze Masih was a true christian and freedom fighter for christian rights in pakistan who sacrificed his preci



He said that JWP is in favour of religious freedom and believes in the equal basic rights for all the citizens of Pakistan and the use of any law against any religious community in Pakistan is un constitutional as gauranttes provided in the constitution. He said that JWP during his government in Bal


Parvez Masih Arrested under Blasphemy Laws.

The arrest of Parvez Masih, a christian, school owner, making better education services than muslim school owners of vicinity was victimised under this law. we are presenting the details of FIR lodge by muslim rivals. Parvez Masih is in Sialkot district Jail under maximum security and his family mem

"Trial of Pakistani Christian Nation" By Nazir S Bhatti

On demand of our readers, I have decided to release E-Book version of "Trial of Pakistani Christian Nation" on website of PCP which can also be viewed on website of Pakistan Christian Congress . You can read chapter wise by clicking tab on left handside of PDF format of E-Book. ,