MQM and PML (Q) led government in Sindh Province claims Church was not target in Karachi bomb explosion. PCP. Report.

The Sindh Government spokesman pleaded " hand grenade thrown on Bible Society was to gather security personals in the vicinity to be victim of the second car bomb explosions which exploded only 15 minutes later"
Earlier the Police Operations Chief Tariq Jameel said, " Attack occurred after police r


Peace March for the Reconciliation of the Children of Abraham, and World Peace. By Rev. Elio Roman, Regional Director, NYC, World Media Association.

The Peace March began at the Zion Gate of the Western Wall of the wall which surrounds the ancient and holy city of Jerusalem. It then proceeded to the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, the site of Jesus Tomb from which he ascended into Heaven. From there they marched to the Wailing Wall, which is the s


Car Bombing in Pakistan Injures 12. By AFZAL NADEEM

Fifteen minutes later, a bomb hidden in a nearby parked car exploded, Jameel said. Twelve people, including six police and paramilitary officers, were injured, said Seemi Jamali, a doctor at Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Center, where many victims were taken. At least 10 nearby cars were destroyed in


MQM Chief urged to send Bishop Sadiq to his own people for final decision on Church of Pakistan. Irfan Bhatti.

"The New Year which ought to have started with new and Christian commitments and notes in the back drop of urge for reconciliation within the Church of Pakistan has sadly started with a threat to the peace of the Church on new fronts.
I have been asked to read a news on the website of 'Daily Times'


Dr. Rashid Gill appeals to PM Pakistan on Killing of pastor Mukhtar Masih. PCP. Report.

In his Letter to Prime Minster of Pakistan Mir Zafar Ullaha Khan Jamali and other high administration officials Rev Dr. Rashid Gill has demanded the Compensation to the family of pastor's to be paid immediately.

In this communication Rev Gill has urged upon Security of All worship places in Pakis


Rev. Mukhtar Masih shot dead

District Police Offier Jamil Ahymed told the reporters. Khanewal is an important Southern Punjab district and known famous in cotton crop.
According to initial reports of postpartum, the priest was hit by three bullets and expired on the spot. However the initial investigation did not reveal any i


Eve of the Nativity of our Lord Jesus Christ. Sermon by Rev. Canon Patrick P. Augustine, Rector Christ Episcopal Church, La Crosse, Wisconsin. December 24, 2003

For the yoke of their burden, and the bar across their shoulders, the rod of their oppressor, you have broken as on the day of Midian. For all the boots of the tramping warriors and all the garments rolled in blood shall be burned as fuel for the fire. For a child has been born for us, a son given t


An Open Letter to President Musharraf. By James R. Reese, KGCTJ

I would like to see greater ties between the United States and Pakistan. However, there are things going on in your country that prevent a closer relationship, and I am writing this letter to ask you to address those things.

The matter of greatest concern to me is the persecution of Christians


Musharraf feasts with Christian community.

We do not believe in ideological and political divides because it tends to drive a wedge between civilisations and religions, Mr Musharraf said, while speaking to guests at a dinner in honour of the Christian community Christmas. Today, as the world collectively deals with challenges posed by terrro


Jeanny Swartz presented PCC and Manzoor Alam and Earnest Gulab PACC in 1450 WILM Radio Talk show. PCP Report.

Jeanny Swartz who is Resident Editor Of Pakistan Christian Post and representative of PCC in USA, also talked about the problem with the
Blasphemy laws that affect both Christians and Muslims in Pakistan. She said that in fact President of Pakistan General Musharraf himself has said this law has


JOY TO THE WORLD! Christmas message from Rt. Rev. Dr. Major (Retired) Timotheus Nasir Presbyterian Bishop of Pakistan.

For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord.
And this shall be a sign unto you; Ye shall find the babe wrapped in swaddling clothes, lying in a manger. And suddenly there was with the angel a multitude of the heavenly host praising God, and saying, Glory t


Pakistan Christian Post deserves our profound blessings on Christmas. Message by Dr. Bruce Swaffield.

The staff of the Pakistan Christian Post should be our example and model of Christian discipleship. As Christians, we should not fear standing up for our Lord no matter what threatens to harm us.

Christmas is an ideal time for all of us, no matter where we live, to display the light and love of


15 year Christian boy kidnapped, beaten and forced to become Muslim.

Henceforth, his captors informed him, he was a Muslim and if he tried to run away or return to Christianity, they would kill him. He was made to fast daily. Furthermore his captors even started to give him training in the use of guns and grenades.

The mosque attached to the school informed his an


Buddhist monks attack six churches in Sri Lanka. PCP Report.

The Sri Lanka, an island in south Asia with 74% of Buddhist, 15% of Hindu and 7% of Muslim population with Republic of Sri lanka constitution have never faced riots among religious communities since independence of British rule in 1948. The recent wave of attacks on Christians in Sri Lanka are great


Protest on Abida Parveen,s show in church sanctuary. PCP Report.

The Canadian church which is leader in approving gay marriages and Canadian government is ready to enforce Muslim sharia laws for the large Muslim population in Canada, the voice of Obaid Chowdry may be in wilderness but still the echoes shall string for long time.

The protest of Obaid chowdry is


Missionary schools no danger to Islam: Musharraf

He said the missionary schools in Pakistan were trying to raise education standards. We are in no danger from the missionaries, he said. We should welcome more missionary schools and colleges in Pakistan.

Gen Musharraf said it was important for Pakistanis to be as good at English as Urdu. It is


Dajkot Church attacked. PCP Report.

The station House officer of the police station refused to lodge any report of the Christians when Christian injured were lying in the hospital where Muslim doctors left them unattended with any medical aid on directions of Muslim influential of the vicinity.

The SHO of the local police turned do


Anwar Masih arrested under Blasphemy laws in Shadhra. Muslims attacked his house. PCP. Report.

During religious dialogues between Anwar Masih and Naseer Ahmed in the street of Paracha Colony, Nasser Ahmed started shouting to gather the neighboring Muslim resident and blaming that Anwar Masih have defiled the name of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH)

The Muslims in the vicinity gathered in hundreds a


Extrajudicial killing of Sunil Samuel in Camp Jail Lahore awaits justice.

Sunil Samuel had worked at an Internet Caf? In Mall Road, which does Mr. Jute own. When Sunil Samuel demanded his salary, Mr. Jute tried to delay payment and they made an intensive argument. After that, Mr. Jute, registered a false charge of robbery against Sunil Samuel and others with the assistanc


What is permitted and what is not permitted in Christianity is written in the Holy Bible. Bishop T. Nasir. PCP. Report.

According to Christian News International CNI, Bishop T. Nasir " no one can agree with opening statement on this issues. He added" The Holy Bible does not vary from people to people, nation to nation, denominations to denominations and/or culture to culture.
The Holy Bible if the final authority on


The Church of Pakistan on brink to split. PCP Report.

It was learned in very beginning that clergy in Pakistan representing different religion theologies should not make up with this unity for long term but political situation in Pakistan forced the Bishops to dine on one table for such a long period.

The formation of Church of Pakistan was only way



The crowd had gathered outside the school because they were unhappy with what they considered to be the lack of action against the pupil and attempted to gain entry in order to enforce their own punishment. When police shot a 17 year-old protester in the neck whilst trying to protect the school t



Another Member of the European Parliament, Ms Glenys Kinnock has informed Mr. Saeed of that the European Commission during its recent visit to Pakistan in October has raised Human Rights issues with Pakistani authorities. The European Commission has called for more protection for Christians and memb


Ravikumar Stefan, National Vice President CBMC India visiting Pakistan. PCP Report.

The main objective of this peace mission of Mr. J Ravikumar Stefan, The NVP of CBMC shall be to present Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord to business and professional people, during 6th Joint Convention of PIPFPD at Karachi from 12th Dec. to 14th December 2003 at his visit leg of visit.
Mr. Ravikuma


Victory! Not Gloom and Doom. By The Rev. Canon Patrick P. Augustine, Rector Christ Episcopal Church, La Crosse, Wisconsin.

And if the Lord had not cut short those days, no one would be saved; but for the sake of the elect, whom he chose, he has cut short those days. And if anyone says to you at that time, 'Look! Here is the Messiah!' or 'Look! There he is!'--do not believe it. False messiahs and false prophets will appe


The accountability of Leaders shall lead to success. James Khokhar

Mr. James Khokhar, a prominent Christian labour leader and secretary general of the KMC Reformer Union, Karachi, is now in Canada and granted asylum by the Canadian government, have the grave concern for his Christian community in Pakistan. He still aims at safeguard the prospect of Christians in Pa



She said he was not adult so his conversion be declared illegal. The demonstration was led by Harchand the minority councilor of Union Council No.9 Hyderabad City. Boy's mother said they had given application to DPO Hyderabad who forwarded it to City police station but police did not listen them and


Minorities enjoy equal rights in Pakistan. PM Jamali.

Minister of State for Minorities, Culture, Sports, Tourism and Youth Affairs, Rais Munir Ahmad, Secretary Minorities affairs and Minority MNA Sardar Gayan Singh were also present on the occasion.

The Prime Minister said that the minorities enjoy equal rights in the country and the government is


Boota Masih leads Katchi Abadis protest sit in outside CDA Head office

Women, men and children sat outside the CDA's main gate for over 2 hours until their representatives were invited to meet with CDA officials to discuss their grievances.

Led by Boota Masih, Muhammad Iqbal and Inayat Bibi, the protestors demanded immediate compensation for those residents of the


International Day of Repentance. Message from Rt. Rev. Dr. Major (Retired) Timotheus Nasir.

They will also pray for the "persecuted church" in countries like ours and so many other things according to their needs and desires. This day has been observed yearly since how many years I am not sure, but I remember "International Day of Prayer" being observed when I was a child. Now as I look ar


Pakistan asks Hindus to quit military area

The Daily Times quoted a local Hindu leader Ram Lal as saying that the entire land and property was in the name of one Mehar Chand Khanna who had bought it way back in the 19th century.

The newspaper said the notice was issued last week to the residents of Kali Bari to vacate around 70 houses and


I am servant not master of Pakistani nation. PM Jamali. PCP Report.

PM said that government of Pakistan is using all means to arrest the killers of Fr. George Ibrahim who was martyred in Renala Khurd. PM assurances came after the memorandum presented by Mr. Anjum Bhatti, President, Pakistani Christian League in USA, in this meeting.
Mr. Anjum Bhatti, demanded immed


An Open Letter to Osama bin Laden: By Chevalier James R. Reese, Grand Prior of the United States

We doubt that you really believe there are any Crusaders left, as we doubt that you really believe in God. You would not taunt Crusaders if you really believed in them, because you are a craven coward who cherishes his own flesh while admonishing your followers to blow themselves up. You are an in


Violet Cheema robed, abducted and raped by influential Muslim group. PCP. Report.

According to FIR number 238/03, registered at Mahmoodabad Police Station, under section 379/34 PPC by Violet Cheema, She was approached at her home by an unknown black beard man, claiming him to be special police officer enquiring about any Kakoo Shah, insisted her to approach to the home of area in


Christian boy burnt to death in Hotel. By Shamshad

Three other Christian employees of the hotel have left the job under fright and fear after Raja's death. According to his father Chuni Lal "Raja was working as sweeper in a big hotel situated on Thandi Sarak Hyderabad. On September 4,2003 I was informed on phone from hotel that my son Rja has receiv


First Edition of Pakistan Christian Post newspaper publication from New York on September 29, 2003. Special Report.

The PCP print edition shall be of full size 24 pages covering the news conferences, press releases and major national and Christian events. The PCP editor said that publication should start from New York, which shall be circulated in Pakistan, Europe and North America. He added that as soon as Gover


Govt. committed to protect rights of minorities: Nilofer. PCP report by Afzal Masih

Speaking at a function arranged by Christian community here on Sunday in connection with Madar-e-millat year Nilofer said the important and historic role played by Christian leaders in Pakistan movement and therefore, it would include in syllabus of schools and colleges.

She said the government u


Non Muslims persecuted in Bangladesh: Human rights activist. By Afzal Masih

Director of hotline Bangladesh Rosaline Costa a former nun now visiting US, told the Washington times that Bangladesh is now land of terror for many Hindus, Buddhists, and Christians citizens.

She told the paper in the Bhola Islands on the southern coast of the country 98 percent Hindu women inte


Muslims ethnic groups luring white girls into sex rings. PCP special By Afzal Masih.

Police and social services have spent over 18 months investigation claims that young Asian men are grooming under age white girls for drugs and prostitution, parents worried about the widespread organized sexual abuse in Keighley, where Pakistani and Bangladeshi families are settled in large numbers


Institute Supports Saudi Council of Senior Clerics' Condemnation of Violence by Islamic Militants

The statement from the Council, Saudi Arabia's highest religious body, came a day after Saudi authorities arrested at least 11 suspected militants and seized a large weapons cache in southern Jizan province.

"This courageous statement of leadership from the Saudi Council of Senior Clerics deligit


Prison Sentences Upheld for Two Christians in Pakistan.

Amjad and Asif claim that the police officers set fire to the book themselves because they refused to pay a bribe.

However, the Lahore High Court has agreed with the prosecution, saying that, "The act of the accused was calculated to outrage the religious feelings of the Muslim(s)." The court als


Dr. Gammons shall be awarded by Faith Theological Seminary Gujranwala. PCP. Report.

In that I mentioned that Dr. Peter Gammons got "fake" Masters and Doctorate degrees from a former rather run away employee of Faith Theological Seminary Gujranwala, Pakistan. Earlier when we found out about the "Fake" degrees we did contact Dr. Gammons. He tried to clarify his position and we demand



This was announced by Saleem Khokhar former MPA and president All Pakistan Minority Alliance Sindh while addressing press conference at press club here on Saturday.He was accompanied by Ariel Frank,Samuel Xvier and Yousuf Gill.Saleem Khokhar the media trial of Benazir Bhutto and Asif Zardari as cons



Poetry and prose of Dr. Stephen Gill have appeared in more than three hundred and fifty publications. He has authored around twenty-four books, including collections of poems, books of fiction, literary criticism and books of historical nature. He writes poetry in English, Urdu, Hindi and Panjabi la


Christians Protest in Faisalabad.

They chanted slogans all the way through against the police, saying "the actual murderers of Fr Ibrahim are yet to be arrested." Some of the Christian youths were beating their chests, holding the police responsible for worsening the law and order situation in Okara by arresting the "innocent" peopl


Diana Barnes to honour Staines Awards to Teesta Seltalvad and L. Ram Das. PCP. Report

This Award will be given in Wilmington in the presence of Mrs.Gladys Stains the widow of Dr Graham Staines and the representatives of various Human Rights Organizations on 16th August at 12pm by Dr. Diana Barnes of State Department.

The previous recipients of the award include the late Archbishop


Over 800,000 join Ahmadiyya Muslim community. Mirza Masroor Ahmad. PCP. Exclusive Report.

Hadhrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad gave a detailed description of the 10 conditions of bai'at as laid down by the founder of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, the Promised Messiah and Mahdi Mirza Ghulam Ahmad. He read out the 10 conditions of bai'at and said that everyone who wants to join the Ahmadiyya Musl


National Commission for Justice and HRCP demo against Terrorism. By Abbas Kassar. PCP Report.

The rally was led and addressed by Brother Philip Hera, Father John Murad, Aftab Ahmed Chowdhry, Ahuja S.Lal, Ghaffar Malik and Sooba Bhatti. They said that on July 4,2003 suicide bomber killed 35 people and injured 56 in Imambargah in Quetta, On July 5 Father George Ibrahim was killed in Renal Khur


Full Gospel Assembly of God is a balanced Pentecostal church in Pakistan. Pastor Hizkiel Serosh. PCP. Report.

In Pakistan, millions of Christians have heard lectures of Rev. Pastor Hizkiel Serosh in annual united conventions organized in villages, towns and cities. He is very famous to change the lives in the name of Lord Jesus Christ, which have drawn attention of international community and compelled to e


Minority MPs protest against police inaction.

Around 3,000 Christians, including minority MPAs Pervaiz Rafique, Naveed Amir and Najmi Saleemi, gathered on Friday at Central Church in Mitchells Fruit Farms, Renala Khurd.

Speaking on the occasion, the minority MPAs said the Punjab IGP during his visit to Okara had assured the arrest of killer


I claimed and still claim that Bishop john Joseph was murdered. Bishop T. Nasir. PCP. Report.

The same was the case on 6th May 1998 when Bishop John Joseph was killed or murdered. Even Catholic Clergy then accepted his brutal murder as "suicide" and the case was hushed up. I claimed them and I claim now that Bishop John Joseph was murdered. He was not a man who would give up so easily. Not h


Christian Councilor of Multan Harassed by Muslim member of Punjab Assembly. PCP Report.

Councilor Pervaiz Stephen have requested for the safety of his life, family and property from the government of Pakistan. In a written letters to President Gen Pervaiz Musharraf, Prime Minister Zafarullah Jamali, the Punjab governor, chief minister, the Chief Election Commissioner and inspector gene


Martyr Father George Ibrahim, a victim of terrorism in Pakistan.

The Christians in Pakistan and living aboard heard the sad news of terrorists attack on Father Ibrahim with grief and anger. He was dedicated priest and serving the poor Christian community in small town of Mitchell's Farms now known as Renala Khurd. The Our Lady of Fatima Parish has girl's schools


PCP Team leaders Khalid Soomro and Stephen Nazir under threat of Muslim fundamental groups in Pakistan. PCP Report.

Mr.Khalid Mansoor Soomro

I am editor of Dharb-i-mumin a large weekly-circulated newspaper. I come to know that you become kafir and left Islam, and you are working against Islam in an Islamic country. This is too much.

Behave yourself and repent and again enter into Islam, otherwise, our yout



Drowned in Mainstream. By Bishop Timotheus Nasir

Today I read my friend Mr. Nazir Bhatti's remarks that the MNAs and MPAs of MMAP should resign over the Shariat Bill passed by MMAP government in North West Frontier Province. Earlier we saw the result of PCP "poll" on the performance of Christian representatives in National and Provincial Assemblie


Catholic Priest gunned down by unknown attackers in Renla Khurd, Punjab. PCP Report.

Renal Khurd is small town in Okara district where Catholic school is in operation from decades and this small town is famous for the Mitchell's Farms.

This is second incident of Catholic priest killing in Pakistan, when a priest was found dead in Karachi in his house some years back. The killing


New Islam Movement. PCP Report

Following outlines of "New Islam Movement" are not only the answer of Muslim's compatibility with rest of the mankind, Mr. Gora is also working on a series of books for modern turn out of Islam. In fact, Mr. Gora is asking for FREEDOM in all walks of life in Muslim Nations. His philosophy does not s



The First Inflatable Church on display in LA. PCP. Report.

The Inflatable Church will be dedicated by the Reverend Lee on the 7 July 2003 at the New Hope Chapel and will run a number of services and activities for the local young children.
'We are delighted to be the first US congregation to try out the church,' said the Reverend Dr Jesse Lee, pastor of Ne


Christian Members in National and Provincial Assemblies urged to resign from MMA after Shariat Bill in NWFP. Nazir Bhatti

Christians never seek membership of Muslim religious political parties nor they invited and permitted Christian membership since 1947, the independence of Pakistan, now its tragic that joint electorate enabled MMA to bag Christians reserved seats in National Assembly of Pakistan and Two Provincial A


Christians feel insecure on Sharait bill in Pakistan. PCP Report.

They expressed this view at a press conference on "Maulana Azam Tariq's Shariat Bill: Threat to Minorities?" The programme was organized by the Christian Democratic Front (CDF) at a local hotel.

Chairman CDF Khalil Tahir Sindhu Advocate narrated how the minorities had been feeling insecure and


Islamists ban women in ads in Pakistan metropolis. By Amir Zia

Naimatullah Khan, mayor of Karachi, told Reuters the council in the metropolis of 14 million passed the law this week and planned to implement it soon.

"Our culture and values are different from the West," he said. "We want to protect women's honour. We don't want to make women toys like they are


Bishop Timotheus Nasir receives Mader-e Millat Award

"Your Excellency Mr. Chairman, honorable members of National and Provincial Assemblies, ladies an gentlemen,
It is a great honor for me to receive this prestigious award that has been given to me in the name of "Mader-e-Millat" (The Mother of the Nation) Muhtarma Fatima Jinnah. I extend my facilita



An open letter to President Bush on meeting of President Musharraf.

I, Nazir s Bhatti, Founder of Pakistan Christian Congress and Editor of Pakistan Christian Post, wish to write you on behalf of 15 million voiceless Christians of Pakistan to raise issues of religious freedom in Pakistan in your meeting with President Parvez Musharraf of Islamic Republic of Pakistan



Sign Letter to President Bush for Meeting with President Musharraf of Pakistan. PCP. Report.

Dear Friends:

The situation of religious minorities is Pakistan worsens on a daily basis. Pakistani Christians and Hindus face tremendous persecution under that country's Blasphemy Law, which is applied arbitrarily upon the accusation of insult to the Prophet Mohammed or the Holy Koran and can c


Muslim leaders of PPP and PML (Q) grab Christian cemetery in Lala Musa. PCP Report.

The Christian community of the Lalamusa city has threatened to come on the roads against the occupation of their Sabzi Mandi cemetery by some influential people.

The Christian leaders alleged that the land grabbers had offered them an 81-marla plot outside the limits of the Lalamusa Municipal Co


Attack on New Apostolic Church, Zaid Wali, Narowal. PCP. Report.

On 9 May 2003, some Muslims who lived in the village, Datezarke, adjacent to Zaid Wali village attacked the church injuring several Christian worshippers and breaking the furniture and the holy utensils. Background:

Christians and Muslims have been living together in the village of Zaid Wali for


Minorities Commission in Gujarat to probe Christian complaints.

Christian activists have alleged that the Gujarat government is carrying out a survey of Christians to justify the passing of a new anti-conversion bill called the Freedom of Religion
"The Commission has been approached by various members of the minority community regarding the problems faced by t


Fr. D'Arcy De Souza celebrates 90th birthday at Karachi. By Robin Fernandez. PCP Report.

Fr. D'Arcy De Souza was born on June 4, 1913, a year before the First World War began. In the same year the Archdiocese of Karachi got its first locally ordained priest, John Fernandez, who later became a monsignor.

Fr D'arcy's birthday celebrations opened with a special mass at the Christ the Ki


Ordination anniversary of Rev. Fr. Thomas R. Betz at St. William's Church Philadelphia. PCP report.

The Pakistani Catholic Christians participated in the anniversary programmes with enthusiasm by services and rituals in Sunday prayers led by Fr. Tom Betz, Rev. Fr. Edmahar and Fr. Dominic Isaac. The large attendance of the Pakistani Catholic Christians proved to be the major success of Fr. Dominic


MQM governor's interference in Karachi YMCA. PCP Report.

Members of the outgoing board, led by Dr. Sarfraz Lloyd, complained that they weren't told about the dissolution order at all. "We challenged the authority of the usurpers who wanted us to vacate the premises immediately on the strength of the alleged government notice," a former board member said,


107,065 children weave carpets: ILO survey. PCP. Report.

It reveals that there are 95,204 carpet weaving household in the province and 107,065 children weavers aged between five and 14. Of them, the number of girls is 62,904 and boys 44,161 (a ratio of 54:41). In the central Punjab, this ratio goes up to 67:733, the survey adds.

The highest concentrati


Lack of protection for minority communities and abuses of the Blasphemy Laws in Pakistan Amnesty International Report 2003.

Preventive and protective measures were non-existent or inadequate, and action was taken to investigate such killings only following domestic and international pressure.

In October, two men entered the office of the Christian organization Commission for Justice and Peace in Karachi. They bound a


Pakistan province votes to enforce Islamic law. By Javed Aziz

The bill was approved by the assembly of North West Frontier Province, which became the only Pakistani province to take such a step on sharia.

The assembly is dominated by the Muttahida Majlis-e-Amal (MMA), a six-party Islamic alliance accused by rights groups of trying to emulate Afghanistan's f


Vandalism in Karachi Catholic Church. PCP. Report.

The attack took place two weeks ago at St Monica's church in the large informal settlement of Bhittaibad. The identity of the attackers could not be ascertained, nor could their motive. But the attack has left the Christian community of Bhittaiabad in shock.

The archdiocese of Karachi held a spec


Hindus Protest Occupation Of Graveyard Plot. By Abbas Kassar. PCP Report.

Deewan Hiro Mal and Deewan Aaroo Mal.More led the hunger strike than 100 men and women belonging to Hindu community joined hunger strike. The leader of Hindu Tanzeem told newsmen that Advisor to Sindh Chief Minister has spread terrorism among Hindus by occupying their Massan (graveyard) and Mandir.


Shariat Bill termed replica of old one. By Waseem Ahmad Shah.

The bill was introduced in the assembly with slight modification, keeping in view the powers of the NWFP government, as the Shariat Act of 1991 was meant for the entire country and the proposed bill, if passed by the assembly, would be applicable only to the province.

Instead of the words "Pakis



ANP to move SC if Shariah Enforced in NWFP.

Such steps of Mutahida Majlas-e-Aamal aimed at introducing Taliban like Shariah. A central leader of National Awami Party and a lawyer, Latif Afridi while expressing concern over the new law said that the ruling six religious parties alliance in the province should not destroy the region like the Ta


Muslims Rape 9-Year-Old Christian For Iraq Revenge. By Michael Ireland. ANS

The girl from Faisal Town in Lahore claims that when she cried for mercy, they would ask her to call for the Americans to help her, according to a report from Christian Solidarity Worldwide (CSW).

The girl said the couple told her they were taking revenge for the American bombing of Iraqi Muslim


Pakistani Christians Injured in Church Attack "Voice of the Martyrs"

They stood in the girls' path, making humiliating remarks and attempting to pull off their scarves. Once the prayer meeting had begun, the Muslims broke up the meeting, carrying weapons into the church compound and yelling. When Mughal Masih stepped outside to reason with the men, some of the Muslim


Seminar on Persecution of the Ahmadiyya Community in Pakistan

The Ahmadis (as people of the Ahmadiyya sect are called) have been targets of persecution and sectarian violence in Pakistan for a long time. In 1974, the Constitution of Pakistan was amended, decreeing the Ahmadis as non-Muslims in the eyes of the law. This opened the door for the official persecut


Two Christians Murdered: Long Feared Anti-Christian Violence Begins in Iraq? By, Barnabas Fund.

Britain's Daily Telegraph reports the deaths of Sabah Gazala and Abdul Ahed who were shot and killed by two Islamic gunmen within ten minutes in separate incidents in Basra on 8 May. Like a number of Christians in the city and in other parts of Iraq they were involved in the sale of alcohol, jobs f


Missionary Beheaded on Troubled Pacific Island. By Patrick Goodenough. Pacific Rim Bureau Chief. May 19, 2003

The 60-year-old man was decapitated by an unidentified assailant, armed with a large bush knife, a church worker said by phone Monday.
Lance Gersbach worked as business manager for an 80-bed hospital run by the Seventh Day Adventist Church on Malaita, one of the larger islands in the Solomons archi


Bangladesh: Time for action to protect human rights. Amnesty International Report.

"As a result of these two laws, thousands of people are arbitrarily detained every year and many are tortured in the process. It is high time for the current government to take action."

The Special Powers Act allows arbitrary detention for long periods of time without charge. It circumve


Disaster averted in Bannu.

He said the bomb, which was timed to go off around 8:00 am on Tuesday was detected by a hotel worker at around 5:00 am. Had it exploded it would have caused heavy losses in the city,s most congested area, Khan told AFP by telephone.It was recovered almost two hours after a small home-made device exp



Moderator Bishop Sadiq Daniel held meeting with the fathers from all over Sindh at Diocese Hyderabad.They welcomed his appointment and presented Ajrak and Sindhi cap to him as mark of respect. They expressed confidence in him.

Addressing the meeting on this occasion Moderator Cumsory Bishop Sadiq


Pakistan brewer eyes Indian sales amid peace moves.

"We look forward to it if relations improve," said M.P Bhandara, Managing Director of Rawalpindi-based Murree Brewery Co Ltd and a member of a team of Pakistani lawmakers visiting India on a friendship mission.

New Delhi named a new ambassador to Pakistan on Tuesday, the latest step toward better


Lahore police lodged Blasphemy case against Christian woman after rape.

The case under section 295 B & C PPC was registered against her in the same police station where she was raped on November 10, 2002.

The strange part of this false blasphemy case against Nasreen Bibi is that Sub Inspector of Police of same Nawan Kot Police station named Mohammad Bashir Ahmed ASI,


Catholic MP attacks `outrageous' Home Office priorities. Christians sent home as Taliban are given asylum. By Bess Twiston Davis. Catholic Herald UK.

'It seems outrageous that ex-Taliban fighters who have shed British blood are allowed to stay in Britain. We know Christians are being persecuted for their faith in Pakistan. Yet it is fine for Christians, who have the faith of the established Church in this country, to be thrown out."

Miss Wid


Alcohol licences of all hotels cancelled.

The Excise and Taxation officials on Tuesday sealed bars of city's 5-star hotel - Pearl Continental and Greens Hotel - without serving any official notices, sources told Dawn.

"Three officials of the Excise and Taxation Department came to the PC Hotel and sealed the bar without showing any offic


Rev. Siddique Masih, Founder of Indo Pak Bible fellowship Church New York, Vows on uplift of Christians in Pakistan. Interview by PCP Team. New York. May 11, 2003.

In 1967, Rev. Siddique Masih joined the government of Pakistan and served in different Federal Ministries in high profiles for years. He stood firm in his Christian belief among his Muslim co-workers who were in majority and mostly criticized the Christianity. His knowledge in Holy Bible and experie


Tammy Ann Gaskins, Advisor of CWS Pakistan in USA, aims at freedom of Christian children Bonded Labour in Pakistan. PCP. Exclusive Report.

She said " precious sacrifice of Iqbal Masih is cashed by the opportunist labour leadership and killers of Christian children have been set free by the deal among government of Pakistan and Carpet Industry owners' She said that Christian children are in thousands, as Bonded Labour in Brick Kline and


Karo-kari claims three women lives. PCP. Report.

In this new millennium, they Sindhi people follow the same tradition and kill their wives, daughters and sisters. Police does also not report such incidents and cases of murders are not registered against these inhuman killings in Pakistan.

In Sukkur district of Sindh province, Nasrullah Misrani


Bomb Blast at Lebanon Home of Dutch Missionary. By Nazih Siddiq

It was the second attack on Christian missionaries in Lebanon in six months, and the most recent in a string of attacks on Western targets that has picked up pace since the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq.

Security officials identified the dead man as a Jordanian acquaintance of the couple who had con


Book on Terrorism Banned in Pakistan.

The book banned on Monday "has the potential to deliberately and maliciously outrage the feelings of different classes of citizens in Pakistan," the government of Pakistan's North West Frontier Province said in a statement.

The province's Home and Tribal Affairs Department said it wa


Bomb blast outside Pak Christian hospital. Press Trust of India/ Agence France-Presse

The blast caused minor damage to the wall but no casualties, he said. The 200-bed Christian Missionary Hospital has been operating in Tank, some 400 kilometres south of here, since 1945. Local police officer Mohammad Khan told AFP by telephone that such devices were made in the tribal area. An inves


Burma's "Killing Season" has Begun Christian Freedom International Urgent Appeal by Jim Jacobson, President, CFI

While world attention is focused elsewhere, minority ethnic groups in Burma have been struggling to survive--ever since World War II. This ongoing war is the longest continuous war in the history of Southeast Asia. But very few people in the West know . . . or, worse, care. The Karen received the Go



Christians are second-class citizens of Islamic Republic of Pakistan. By Nazir S. Bhatti

Before going through the steps of constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan which declare the Christians to be second class citizens, we wish to bring on record that economic and social situation of Christians is worst due to constitutional burdens.
Lets see the share of Christians in the admin


Christian in Pakistan Sentenced to Prison. The Associated Press

The defendant was arrested on May 8, 1998 after he allegedly damaged a neon sign depicting a verse from the Quran, the Muslim holy book, at a rally to mourn the death of a Catholic clergymen.

The maximum penalty for Pakistan's blasphemy is death. Maseih's attorney Khalil Sindhu said he would appe


Christian apartheid in Pakistan. Nazir S Bhatti. Interview by Yoginder Skind published in Outlook India and now appears in Qalandar Magazine.

Q: What has been the impact of Islamist movements, both moderate as well as militant, on the status of Christians and Christian Muslim relations in Pakistan?
A: Relations between different communities in Pakistan were fairly harmonious before the Objectives Resolution was adopted as a preamble to t


Rev. Mark Harding organizing Conference on 'Holy Jihad' on May 10 at Ontario, Canada. PCP Report.

For it is quite clear by the Islamic teachings themselves that Islam is not the religion of peace that the world has been lead to believe it is. . Allah, the moon god of Islam, is said to be establishing his children for the final Jihad against the world. ....'Holy Jihad'. Islam, according to its ow


"Need Help for a Pakistani Christian Pastor in jail" James R. Reese, KGCTJ, appeals to US Senator. PCP Report.

One of our primary goals is to help members of the persecuted church, and it is for this reason that I am contacting you.

I wrote to you on January 25th of this year, but I have not received an answer--I was much disappointed tht I received absolutely no answer at all. I am truly hoping for a pos


Pakistan Christian Family Threatened.

After Sadeeq came to the Lord, all of his sisters-in-law and his father-in-law also trusted in Christ, and Sadeeq became an effective gospel witness. Now Christian leaders are trying to find a new home to relocate the family before Friday. Financial assistance for this emergency move will be welcome


An open letter from CLASS to John Battle MP of UK.

As you know that we are an Interdenominational Christian human rights organisation and presently working for the Pakistani Christians who are being persecuted because of their faith. We raise awareness at national and international levels and we have also raise this matter several times with you and


Chevalier James McGrath, Knights Grand Cross of Temple of Jerusalem, awarded with silver Medal of Merit with Honours. PCP Report.

The award was presented by the Marquess of Aulnois, His Sovereign Excellency Chevalier Gary Beaver, on the 22nd of March in a ceremony attended by the Deputy Grandmaster of the Ordo Supremus Militaris Templi Hierosolymitani, His Sovereign Excellent Chevalier Luis Roseira, and Chancellor of the OSMT


Christian Dies in Custody in Lahore. Special Report.

Rehmat was employed as a custodian at the Punjab Civil Secretariat (PCS) in Lahore. When 300 law books went missing, a member of PCS Law Department accused Rehmat and another Christian, Iqbal Masih. According to Rehmat's wife, he was illiterate and his only transportation was a bicycle, making the



Foreign missionaries registration and interviews with IB to delay in visa renewals. By Robin Fernandez. PCP Report.

A few among those missionaries were informed some weeks ago that they would need official clearance, when they last applied for renewal of their papers. "One of the priests in my [Catholic] order was asked to appear before an intelligence Bureau (IB) official," the source disclosed. Until recently t


Christian woman raped by Muslim landlord awaits justice. PCP. Report.

The woman and her husband, also a cardholder of a human-rights group, tried to file a first-information report against the alleged rapist immediately after the incident. But even a week after her rape, the police refused to lodge the case, according to Fr. Samson Saroya who represented the woman in


Christian attorney Pervez Aslam under potential threat of life due to representation of blasphemy laws. PCP Report.

Yesterday, about 9pm when he went to see his nephew at Children Hospital Freeport road Lahore, near Glendive Hospital to take road of Children Hospital, at once two people on motorbike asked him to stop the car. They abused him and used the filthy language and one of them slap on his face and gave h


CHRISTIANS AROUND THE WORLD URGED TO PROTEST ANTI-CONVERSION BILL IN GUJARAT. All India Christian Council believes it is against the Indian constitution.

Dr. Joseph D'souza, president of the All India Christian Council has asked Christians to pray against and protest the bill, which he described as being against the India constitution.

In an urgent AICC communiqué, D'souza said, "Dear partners and friends of the All India Christian Council. This




In Iraq Christians are most vulnerable. Christian leaders fear it would only take one small spark - an aggressive anti-Christian sermon preached in a mosque, or an argument between a Christian and a Muslim neighbour - to trigger violent attacks on churches and Christian homes. To date than


US report says civil liberties under threat in Pakistan. By Khalid Hasan. Daily Times.

The report - Pakistan, the mullahs and the military - issued by the International Crisis Group, which is based in Brussels and maintains an office in Islamabad, expressed special concern for the plight of women and religious minorities in the country. It regrets that the Muttahida Majlis-e-Amal (MMA


Culprits involved in firing Christian leaders home and setting ablaze his car still at large. PCP Report.

The FIR of this incident was duly registered with Mahmood Abad Police station and relevant authorities were informed about this terrorist act and security was demanded by the Karachi Administration.

The Christian leader, Younas S Khan Advocate, who is elected councilor of Karachi city and Chairma


Asiapeace condemns the slaughter of Kashmiri Pandits.

Professor Ishtiaq said "Asiapeace condemns the slaughter of 24 innocent men, women and children from the minority Hindu community of Kashmiri Pandits in the village of Nadimarg, 80 km south of Srinagar on the night of 24 March".
Its said that The cold-blooded, heavily-armed killers, dressed in Indi


Government asked to ensure minorities' safety by Benazir Bhutto

She made the call to the government after some minority leaders expressed apprehensions that during the protest demonstrations some extremist elements may link the Pakistani Christians with the US and the West and thereby harm them in a bid to avenge US war on Iraq.

Christians and other minoriti


NWFP announces enforcement of Shariat.

He said that Islamic Shariat would be the supreme law in the province, and Quran and Sunnah would be the sources of guidance for future legislation in the NWFP.

All the provincial laws would be brought in conformity with the Islamic Shariat, he said.

"All laws falling within the ambit of th


Share the pain. Iraqi Christians in the Gap! And how we can help? Carl Gordon, Advancing Native Missions "ANM" to Angela Watkins PCP Correspondent..

We want to bring the "bread of life" to the Iraqi people who have suffered for so many years.

God has been preparing a people to bring His Word to the Iraqi people. Since the first Gulf War, thousands of Iraqis have become refugees in Jordan. God has used this "Exodus" experience from their home


Minorities against US war on Iraq: APMA Chairman Shahbaz Bhatti. By A Reporter. Daily Dawn

The religious extremists always linked Pakistani Christians and minorities with the West and America because they thought that by killing Pakistani Christians, they could take revenge from America, the APMA leader said.

"We are Pakistani citizens, and we are proud of our culture and heritage a



Three hours after the raids began, a grim-faced Saddam appeared on state television in military uniform, black beret and thick-rimmed glasses, urging Iraqis to defend their country.

''The criminal little Bush has committed a crime against humanity,'' he said, reading from notes. It was not certai


Islamabad Church Attack Remembered. By SADAQAT JAN. The Associated Press

Barbara Green, who worked as an assistant in the U.S. Embassy's Human Resources Office, and her daughter, Kristen Wormsley, were killed when assailants hurled grenades into the congregation during a Sunday service at the Protestant International Church in Islamabad on March 17, 2002.

``Barbara wa


Bangladeshi American Hindu, Buddhist and Christian present Memorandum to senator Arlen Specter. By Angela Watkins. PCP Report.

In the packed house gathering, prior to official start of the program, Senator Specter was apprised by Mr. Sitangshu Guha, Rup Bhowmick, Nabendu Dutta, Dr Dwijen Bhattacharjya, Bidyut Das and Pradip Das about the ongoing genocide against the religious and tribal minorities of Bangladesh spearheaded


Bangladesh Human Right Watch concern on barbaric attacks against minorities. By Angela Watkins. PCP Report.

They chopped Tapan Bhattacharji, a Hindu man, to death, wounded his younger brother Swapan Bhattacharji and gang-raped 3 Hindu women over a period of 2 hours. The thugs claimed that they were paid by the rival political leaders to kill them. These Hindu family members have worked against the current


Rev. Mike Harding, Exhorter Minister from Canada tells story of a seminar sabotaged by Canadian Muslims. PCP report.

That's RIGHT. I do not have such special privileges as a Minister, nor did my Son's. We could attend their prayer rituals every Friday, and miss class to boot. Class's range from Lunchroom to the Gym, depending on size needed. An Imam is sometimes there but his Participation is encouraged by the Boa


Minorities enjoy equal rights in Pakistan: Musharraf.

He said that minorities in Pakistan enjoy equal rights as enshrined in the Holy Quran, the Constitution of the country and envisioned by the Father of the Nation, Quaid-e- Azam.

The President made these remarks during a meeting with a delegation of the World Council of Churches, Geneva led b


Christian Slaves in Pakistan? Report by Christian Freedom International. CFI

To afford the dowry, families who don̢۪t have the funds secure a loan. For far too many Christians, the payback is a lifetime of making bricks. Owned by wealthy Muslims, the brickyards enslave the entire family. Families toil day in and day out making bricks. They must make over a


Nazir Bhatti to be first Knight and Grand Prior of Grand Priory of Pakistan of Knights Templar of Scotland order. PCP Report.

Mr. Nazir s Bhatti shall be installed as the Grand Prior of the Grand Priory of Pakistan with the rank of knight Grand Officer. This was announced by Chev. James Reese, The knight and Knight Grand Officer of the Grand Priory of the USA.

Chev. Reese further stated that the Grand Prior have sancti


WEA Defender update on persecution and religious freedom. Significant Trends That Could Impact the Church in 2003. Submitted by Angela Watkins.

WEA Defender update on persecution and religious freedom. Significant Trends That Could Impact the Church in 2003. Submitted by Angela Watkins

The Religious Liberty Commission of World Evangelical Alliance identifies global trends to alert people to the ongoing struggles faced daily by believers


Christian Terror Victim Calls for Better Education in Pakistan. By Lawrence Morahan.

Dr. Christy Munir, president of the International Protestant Church in Pakistan, suffered a severed artery in his right shoulder, a broken leg, severe burns and a pierced lung in a grenade attack on his church that left five people dead and 45 others wounded on March 17, 2002.

Munir underw


Situation of Minorities in Pakistan. By: Junaid Qaiser

Within the category of hope one can enlist the reversion to the system of joint electorates during Election-2002 whereas the list of new fears is pretty long. At least two churches, one missionary hospital and a school became the new targets of the disposed Jihadis (holy warriors). The unprecedented


20,000 children engaged in prostitution in Pakistan.

"I want to put a human face on the problem," Rani Hong said in a low, even voice. She is now a wife and the mother of four.

Hong is one of as many as four million women and children who are sold, kidnapped or coerced into a life of sexual servitude annually, according to theorganizers of the "Pat


Christian shot dead in Iraq.

Ziwar, who worked as a taxi driver in Zakho, in the Kurdish authority area of North Iraq, was shot by Abd al-Karim Abd al-Salam at a taxi rank early in the morning on 17 February. Abd al-Salam approached Ziwar and challenged him to return to Islam. When Ziwar refused he opened fire with an automat


WEA calls for prayer to Reconciliation, Justice, Righteousness and Peace. By Angela Watkins. PCP Report.

John Langlois, Channel Islands; Sam Olson, Venezuela, General Secretary, Latin American Region; Eva Sanderson, Zambia; John Smith, Guyana; Gary Walsh, USA; Rudolf Westerheide, Germany; Wong Kim Kong, Malaysia; Godfrey Yogarajah, Sri Lanka, General Secretary, Asian Region; Key Yuasa, Brazil. Daniel B


Pakistan's Christians Fear Backlash Over Association With West. By T.C. Malhotra.

"The U.S. is identified here as a Christian country, and Christians are targeted by terrorists to express their anger against America," according to Samuel Azariah, a church leader in Lahore.

Last month, a shadowy militant group named Jesh Ahle-i-Alqiblat al-Jihadi al-Sari al-Alami distributed p


An open letter to Ambassador Ashraf Jehangir Qazi, Pakistani Ambassador to the United States: By James R. Reese, KGOTJ Grand Prior, Scottish Knights Templar

Rev. Masih has been imprisoned since April of 2001. He has been charged under Section 295c of Pakistani law: "insulting the Prophet." No bail has been granted.

The penalty-the only penalty-is death.

Article 18 of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights states that everyon


Chief of Pakistan Christian Congress and Chairman Martyr Feroz Masih Award Committee announced the names of nominated persons for first Martyr Feroz Masih Award. PCP Report.

The award is in the memory of the sacrifice of Martyr Feroz Masih who was killed by the Karachi Police firing on peaceful protest procession of PCC against Shanti Nager village attack by the Muslim fundamental group on February 13, 1997 before Sindh Governor House. The PCC central council at meeting


Boota Masih, a bonded labour in Government establishment of Farid Town Sahiwal telephone exchange. PCP Report.

In her appeal, She alleged that the higher officers of the Telephone Department are sheltering DE Pervaiz Iqbal and he have not hope of any justice by the present officers looking in the matter of my husband.
In her appeal Wilat Bibi have said "My husband Boota Masih is working as Daily Wages Sweep


Knights Templar threatens move of Pakistani goods and services boycott if Rev. Parvez Masih not released. PCP Report.

He said that we have been writing to the President Parvez Mushraf and Pakistani Ambassador in UK for his release but no action have been taken so far to set free Rev. Parvez Masih.
Mr. Reese said that Rev. Parvez Masih is innocent and we term his detention and arrest as wrongful confinement by the


"Don't forget us, don't leave us alone" Reverend Richard Wurmbrand and his Mission.

Richard Wurmbrand was born 1909, on March 24 in Rumania. He was descendent from German-Jewish family. But the family was not practise the Jewish religion. In Romania as a Jew and as a German he was discriminated both. In the age of nine his father died and the family got poor. The struggle of Life


American Owners of CTI urged to press upon Pakistan for Restoration of illegally Occupied Property. Prof. Salamat Akhtar PCP. Exclusive Report.

Talking to the PCP team Professor Salamt Ahktar said "The Sialkot Mission of the United Presbyterian Church (USA) through its Attorney General has taken all possible measures for the restoration of the illegally occupied property of CTI. Mr. Saleem Bhatti Advocate, the General Power of Attorney has



Robin Fernandez, PCP Correspondent also wins Barret Award of Best News reporter 2002.

In a message of Congratulations by Fr.George Plathottam sdb, President, ICPA, Editor in Chief, SAR News says to Robin Fernandez " I am happy that this time a reporter from Pakistan has won this award. It is a great honor for you and for all of us."

The award will be conferred on Feb. 22nd at eve


PCC to announce Martyr Feroze Masih awards to notable Christians for community services. Nazir Bhatti

He hailed the courage and commitment of Feroze Masih and said that he is Hero of Pakistani Christian nation and future generations shall never forget him because he is among those who laid down his life on street for the basic democratic rights of Christians of Pakistan.

Police firing during peac


Open Letter by Catholic Bishops Conference and NCC in Pakistan to George Bush on Iraq War. PCP Report.

The major spokes persons of churches like Bishop Samuel Azariah and Bishop Alexander Malik never seemed to present in this document issued on national and international levels.

Its amazing that such open letter were never written to any head of state on Christians killing in Pakistan in churche


We must become independent. Bishop T. Nasir. PCP Report.

Bishop Nasir said, " I read Mr. Charles William's letter with great interest. To a larger extent, he is right. The problem with Third World Christians is that they have differences among themselves. I do agree that we should help ourselves. We should be united and should not be fighting amongst ours


Christian expelled by India after 'hit'

Superintendent Kumar said four members of a hard-line
Hindu group, Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, are accused of the attack. The group, allied with the
ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), says Christian missionaries spread Western influence in India. R.
Santhosh, a local leader of the group, said


Decision on returning Christian schools soon: Musharraf

He was talking to reporters after speaking at the concluding ceremony of 125th anniversary of the Lahore Diocese at The Mall Cathedral.

The president said this was heartening that all culprits of the attacks on churches and other Christian institutions had either been arrested or eliminated. H


Canadian High Commission in Islamabad is monitoring situation of Christian. Billy Graham replies to Dr. Rashid Gill.

Dear Reverend Dr. Gill:

The Prime Minister has forwarded to me your e-mail of October 25, 2002, concerning the security of Christians in Pakistan. Canada is acutely aware of, and remains concerned about, the human rights situation in countries around the world, especially as it affects religious


Middle East Ministry Prepares for Crisis. The Mission Insider. Report submitted by Angela Watkins.

because it is our duty to help our brothers and sisters in the area.

"How can we help them though? With empty hands? We cannot do it out of our resources alone. We need to join hands with all of you. Together we can do something to help our brothers and sisters.

"We are now setting up specia


30 years struggle of Methodist Church Of Pakistan for registration renewal. PCP. Report.

In a press release issued today he added " We take opportunity on behalf of "The Methodist Church of Pakistan" to express our heartiest congratulations on the eve of "New Year-2003". Let us mention that the "Methodist Church of Pakistan" has declared this year the year of its rehabilitation. We hav


Arrest killers of Chianwali church Muslim hate attackers. Patras Ghani. PCP Report.

Today at 4.00 PM hundreds of Christian gathered before Assembly building chanting slogans and hitting their chest in particular Indian cultural ways to mourn the deaths of Christian ladies. The protestors carried play cards and banners with the slogans ' we are not safe in Pakistan" and End terroris


Pakistani Christians demand arrest of Christmas Day church attackers. By KHALID TANVEER, Associated Press Writer.

They waved banners reading "Save us, save Pakistan," "We want peace" and "Stop religious terrorism." Police officers stood nearby but did not interfere.

Police have already arrested four people for the Dec. 25 grenade attack on a small church in Chianwala, a village in Pakistan's eastern Pun


We urge Christian Minster Yaqoob Ilyas Masih to honour Aslam Martin and other Justice and Peace slain Christian workers with prayers in Sindh Assembly. Nazir Bhatti.

Mr. Nazir S Bhatti said that its good sign from MQM leadership to take any Christian in the cabinet in Sindh. Mr. Nazir Bhatti stressed upon other provincial and federal government to follow the MQM and take Christians in the cabinet to accept the facts that Christians are second biggest population


Missionaries to Unreached Tribe Attacked in India. Mission Insider report.

Due to problems with communication, a messenger was sent to the site for more information. The Dhakti Bhils are an unreached people group that inhabit the Thar Desert of Rajasthan and neighboring Pakistan. The missionaries had pioneered work among them and had planted a small worshipping congregatio


25 killed, 108 injured in Tel Aviv blasts. By Joshua Brilliant. UNITED PRESS INTERNATIONAL

Both Islamic Jihad and al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade claimed responsibility for the attack. Sedbon said the explosions were "almost simultaneous." One explosion occurred in a section of a pedestrian mall that includes a restaurant, McChina, a money changer and a telephone booth for calls abroad. T


Queen's golden jubilee medal for stephen gill. PCP Report.

Other recognitions of Stephen Gill include two honorary doctorates and an offer for the third; Laureate Man of Letters from United Poets Laureate International; Pegasus International Poetry for Peace Award from Poetry in the Arts, Inc., Texas, USA; Sahir Award of Honor from Sahir Cultural Society, P


Reverend Harding's comments on Canadian mosque message "Merry Christmas equal to Murder" By Christian Standard News.

Now, the mosque director, Abukar Sheikh Hussein told the Star a junior employee without his approval had sent out the e-mail. One of the mosques board members, Said Omar, said, " We didn't give permission to the person who sent the email. Members of the Muslim Canadian Congress, a group formed six m


Muslim stepfather and police wrongfully implicate Christian youth in murder of mother to grab property. PCP Report.

He says two police officials had even told him that they suspect him of involvement in the murder of his 55-year-old mother.
Christian clerics and rights activists have denounced the police claim, arguing that he was a "good and upright boy" who was close to his mother. "This is nothing but a sorr


Christian Liberation Front (CLF) claims confidence in Shahbaz Bhatti leadership. Mushtaq Victor, Simon Jacob and others were expelled from CLF.

In said press conference Simon Jacob claimed to be new chief of CLF and announced the expulsion of Shahbaz Bhatti from chairmanship of CLF. Today at Lahore, The CEC of CLF met to clarify the situation and issued this press note that:

" The Central Executive Committee of Christian Liberation Front


We condemn recent incidents of terrorism against Christians in Pakistan. Ashraf Qazi.

Referring to the recent incidents of terrorism against Christians in Pakistan, he stated that the Government has immediately condemned these cruel and evil acts and has done its best to apprehend the culprits and bring them to justice. The elements who are engaged in these heinous crimes are in fac

"Trial of Pakistani Christian Nation" By Nazir S Bhatti

On demand of our readers, I have decided to release E-Book version of "Trial of Pakistani Christian Nation" on website of PCP which can also be viewed on website of Pakistan Christian Congress . You can read chapter wise by clicking tab on left handside of PDF format of E-Book. ,