Congratulations to readers on 9th anniversary of Pakistan Christian Post. By Nazir S Bhatti,


Editor's Special Note
We have successfully achieved completion of 9th anniversary of Pakistan Christian Post on Internet here today on December 2, 2008, by blessings of Lord Jesus Christ.
The hate e-mails from extremist Muslim groups and Pakistan establishment to end PCP again failed this year to make Christian nation in Pakistan to be voiceless.
I wish to bring on record that I never forgot miseries and persecution of my nation and bravely covered it on PCP when Muslim national media of Pakistan ignored Christian’s protests, rallies, hunger strikes, press releases, press conferences and socio-religious events of true Christian social, religious and political leaders.
I appreciate and pay homage to all Christian leaders who also launched weekly and monthly magazines with limited resources and covered my nation’s daily events to undermine funded journals established by clergy which only cover news and views of importance to their vested interests.
The so-called founder of Pakistan Mohammad Ali Jinnah who was an agent of British colonial rulers stressed upon Muslim community during Pakistan movement to establish newspapers in numbers to expedite struggle with fountain pen instead of sword claiming that words are more powerful than cuts of sword but Christians of Pakistan never paid due attention to commission daily newspapers.
The members of Muslim community abroad played very effective role to propagate and misled international forums by establishing newspapers and we find hundreds of newspapers and journals in US and UK in English and Urdu but Pakistani Christians living in western countries from decades never paid any attention on the situation of their poor nation in Pakistan and international community never knew the true situation of human rights of Christians and depended on the propaganda of government of Pakistan.
Under unavoidable circumstances, during my stay abroad, I discussed the issue to morally support my poor Christians of Pakistan with many Christian leaders here but their response was not encouraging. My friends also suggested me to join any church to become a pastor and to have proper status here but I preferred the manual labor, which I never experienced in my native land.
Traveling in a subway to my workplace in solitude, I prayed to my lord to guide me to serve my poor brothers, sisters and elders in Pakistan with my own resources in 1999. Sometime I was confused that how I can help my people being thousand miles away without funds? Then suddenly God revealed me to go on globe and raise voice for my community and he gave me the name Pakistan Christian post.
I had no knowledge of computer and it was major obstacle to put PCP on Internet nor I have enough funds to engage any expert to complete this task. I decided to learn the basics of computer and started attending coaching classes after my long duty hours. After 12 hours of manual labor I traveled to reach the institution to take one-hour training course of computer and established PCP on a free server.
It was very difficult for me to maintain the standard of design and to feed the news, articles and editorials when I was not having enough writers and correspondents. I splendid hours after my duty to work on PCP website daily to try to make it more attractive and contact Christian writes to send their material. The journey of PCP kept on creeping and Christians started writing by the blessings of Lord and now the PCP is well-designed and most informative media of Pakistani Christians. I sketched the lay out of PCP and I worked hard, reduced my meals, smokes and drinks to save money for PCP. I was afraid sometime that on commissioning of PCP, the government of Pakistan and fundamental Muslim elements can create potential threat to my family, relatives and friends in Pakistan but Lord directed me to move ahead and assured me of success and safety of all concerned.
It is to clarify that no contributions or funds are involved unto this day in PCP and my earnings are only part of this media availability as service to my community.
The Pakistan Christian post was in print media from New York from 2004-2005 but I was forced to suspend under unavoidable circumstances and lack of funds but still I pray to print it from Islamabad and USA.
The Pakistan Christian Post is a bridge and source of communication between Pakistani Christian in west and in Pakistan to aware the international community about true situation of Christians.
It is dream of PCP on printing media from Islamabad and to be on every news stall of Pakistan every morning, which needs your cooperation, help and support. Let us pray for our dream and success in future.

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