Islamic extremism is damaging true values of British society. By Nazir S Bhatti


After watching video of one Muslim Taxi Driver from UK and statement of a Muslim Home Secretary of that Pakistani Muslims are criminal tendency more than comparing with other British nationals is very alarming and needs serious actions.

The Britain ruled over half of world for more than two centuries but after awarding freedom to those countries and ending colonial rule declaring a loose bond under banner of Commonwealth countries. The people of those countries who remained slaves for centuries under British Raj after independence still remember one factor and praise it “Whatsoever British Justice system was best and ensured justice to common person without any discrimination”

It seems that British Justice system for which they were famous worldwide is declining and under pressure of Muslims minority in UK. Instead of Making Muslim immigrants true Britisher with their values even Judicial system bowed towards extremism of Islam and granted permission to establish their own Sharia Courts parallel to centuries old supreme Justice system of Great Britain.

When I watched hate video of Mohammad Zaheer abusing Christianity on Facebook I thought he is Islamic extremists driving on any street of Islamabad in Islamic Republic of Pakistan but after search I found that this radical Islamist lives in one city of UK it made me more worrying and first thought sparked in my mind “Is Britain under serious attacks of extremist Muslims and will traditional cultural  values of equality and respect are dying down with hunger of Britisher political leaders who ignoring criminal Islam for votes to form their governments”

It is still time for British politicians to adopt such policies to bring Muslims immigrants in mainstream political arena with British values where a waiter in any restaurant was called as “Sir” and Waiter was calling “Sir” to guests.    


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