Pakistan and India unsafe for religious minorities. By Nazir S Bhatti


Pakistani ruling party led by Imran Khan in a Tweet condemn India and Prime Minister Modi on mob killing of one Muslim in Bihar State of India on Cow Theft. The Cow is very Holy creature in Hinduism but its fact that Muslim rulers during Mughal kings and later on being a minority in India have been slaughtering Cows and harming religious sentiments of majority community.

The Indian history witness riots by Muslims minority and killing hundreds and thousands of Hindu men and women till 1962 after independence of greater India from British Colonial rule.

The Indian subcontinent was divided in two independent countries Pakistan and India in 1947 but some fraction of Muslims ignored to migrate to Pakistan which was created for Muslims because Muslims who preferred to stay in India were of view that weather, they will be in minority in India still they will rule over majority Hindu community as Hindu religion taught them to stay humble and respect humanity.

For Instance, the minority Muslim community never respected religious values of Hindus and to start riots used to cut heads of Cow and throwing in their Temples. In cities of Bihar, UP, AP and other where Muslims have strong pockets of populations never hesitated to kidnap and rape Hindu women, kill men and loot their gold and money during riots.

It was first time in history of India that when Modi was Chief Minister of Gujrat state and Muslim lynched hundreds of Hindu pilgrims in a train at Ghodhra Station, Hindu youth came out in protest and killed Muslims as revenge.

It is on record that after Gujrat reaction of Hindus there were no Muslim riots which encourage common Hindu youth in India that they can defend themselves from Muslim minority aggression.

Apart from Hindu majority and awareness to protect their religious values the Muslim minority is not ready to accept their majority and to respect their religion.

Now, if we view religious minorities in Pakistan, they were never social or political threat to Muslim majority and never attempted to start riots against majority as Muslim had been doing in India but still Muslims have been lynching Christians on accusations of blasphemy.

Every day five times when Muslim gather for prayers in mosques through out Pakistan, sermons are delivered by Muslim Imams on loudspeakers that Christian, Hindus and other religious minorities individuals are infidels and liable to be headed but religious minorities listen and keep silent to safe their life.

The blaming of Pakistan to India for lynching Muslims may be true but what when Muslims in Pakistan lynch Christians and culprits are never punished under law but walk free.

If Pakistan demands protection of Muslims in India then Pakistan must also protect Christians in Pakistan who have been treated like 2nd class citizen while Muslim in India still enjoy equal rights and due share in resources of state.


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