Salamat Bhatti will be ever remembered in political history of Pakistani Christians. By Dr. Nazir Bhatti


It was an evening of 1992, when I was walking on street of Gujranwala towards GTS Bus stop to catch bus for Islamabad that I heard some loud voices following me, I stopped and saw that Salamat Bhatti was before me.

He met me with great passion and forced me to cancel my trip and stay with him in his village for a night which was few kilometers away on Sheikhupura Road from city of Gujranwala. On way to his village in Tatlewali he told me that he has won election of Local Body and is councilor now.

That night with Salamat Bhatti was an amazing experience and to know more about his changing views of different issues of Pakistani politicians.

I knew Salamat Bhatti from Karachi where he was and expert musician and I must say very successful professional musician. We were meeting daily as we lived in same neighborhood. Then I saw him following the processions of Pakistani leader J Salik. He was organizing rallies of J. Salik in Karachi during his election Campaigns.  

The time passed by and Salamat Bhatti moved from Karachi to his native village in Gujranwala district and our communication was lost for years but I was hearing his active participation with policies of J. Salik in national media of Pakistan.

Then suddenly was a breakup in relationship in politics of J. Salik and Salamat Bhatti and I heard he has joined Emmanuel Zafar party Masihi Awami Party. On this J. Salik called me many times and asked to talk with Salamat Bhatti on his change of stance which expressed that J. Salik was so much fond of him.

Salamat Bhatti also participated in Chuch activities and became Elder in one of Church on which he became famous on political arena as Elder Salamat Bhatti.

Then we all witnessed that Salamat Bhatti start organizing Masihi Awami Party in Punjab day and night. He worked very hard to raise voice for Dual Voting rights for Christians from his platform.

He was instrumental part in Christian-Muslim dialogues in his district and organized many events to bring both communities together on many issues.

Then suddenly I read news of sudden death of Elder Salamat Bhatti on January 19, 2019, and on February 28, 2019, is Chehlum gathering of him which some body sent me in news items. I am writing these few lines to pay homage to services of Elder Salamat Bhatti as I am unable to participate in his last rituals but I believe that he will be remember for long time among his friends and foes due to his valuable services for Pakistani Christians.  

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