Present situation of Christian in Pakistan is worsening. By Nazir Bhatti


Recently Chief Justice of Supreme Court of Pakistan Justice Asif Khosa in reception in Lahore by Women Judges said that minorities in Pakistan are enjoying equal rights enshrined in constitution which seemed mockery to justice as according to judgement of SCP in 2016 never received implementation as directives by court were never issued.

 Earlier Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan in his speech at UNGA very loudly announced that minorities are safe and happy in Pakistan which was duly challenged by Pakistan Christian Congress that claimed made by Imran Khan are not true.

When we see cases of blasphemy, kidnapping of minority women and their enforced conversion to Islam for marriages are at rise after PTI government in 2018 was installed by establishment in Pakistan. Its unfortunate, that government of Pakistan is only focusing on section of minority groups to fulfill their religious demands for political and terror aspects for its vested interests to destabilize the peace in region through Sikhs.

No doubt, opening of Kartarpur corridor for Sikhs to perform religious rituals on 550 anniversary of Baba Guru Nanak have spread wave of happiness and comfort among Sikhs in India and around globe but it must be noted that who closed it and why it was not reopened and frequent requests of different civil governments for decades. The Pakistan Army who rules foreign and domestic policies in Pakistan from over 60 years played very dirty role in closing down Kartarpur pilgrimage. The Chief of Army staff General Bajwa suddenly whisper in ear of visiting Sikh parliamentarian and former Indian cricketer Najvat Singh Sidhuu during oath taking ceremony of their puppet Prime Minister Imran Khan is Islamabad to opening of Kartarpur corridor. The news is flashed around world creating comfort of Sikh community and leaving behind other economic issues of Pakistan citizens the funds were rushed to comply with this project which was completed in months.

Apart from opening borders for Afghanistan which faces closers due to mismanagements from time to time, permission for thousands of Sikhs daily to visit Kartarpur have raised many questions.

Its confirmed fact that ISI of Pakistan Army have been fully involved in recruiting terrorists and exporting terror in India, Afghanistan and around globe which kept international community at alarm always. To provide support to terror groups and harbor them are blames laid down on Pakistan from all peace lovers in world and International forums but it also questionable that why International forums never declared Pakistan a terrorist state? The Human Watch, Amnesty International and UN never urged Pakistan Army to release missing persons who are in numbers in thousands from Balochistan, Sindh, KPK and Urban Sindh who were picked up and nor produced any court of law.

The ultimate reasons to open Kartarpur corridor is to receive sympathy of activists of Khalistan mostly living abroad from Indian Punjab to launch a new terror wave by Pakistan inside India Which will cause serious situation in South Asian region.

The campaign is weakened by minority leaders leaving Pakistan after oppression and fabricated cases against them but silent struggle of minority rights can surface any moment to change stage.

We strongly condemn incidents of recent kidnapping of 14 years of Christian student and enforcedly converting her to Islam and marriage with Muslim cabby. The horrific incident of burning home of Christian family in Kasur district of Punjab is an eye opening for human right defenders on situation of Christians in Pakistan.

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