Imran Khan government protecting Chinese criminal involved in human trafficking of Christian brides. By Nazir S Bhatti


The international media reports that 629 Pakistani women were wrongfully married by Chinese men taken to China where they were kept in brothels and abused. In some cases when Chinese men took these brides to Islamabad, they were sexually attacked by many other Chinese allowed by their husbands on which these brides refused to migrate to China and returned back to their parents.

The marriages of Chinese men surfaced in early 2018, when some Pastors of House Churches were approached by these alleged criminal human traffickers from China declaring themselves as Christians and expressed intentions to marry Christian girls from poor families with monetary help and a lucrative life in China.

Its also reported that among 629 Pakistani women are 80% Christian and other Muslims which shows the reach of these Chinese human trafficker gangs and their support in Pakistan.

After reports, during Nawaz Sharif government, dozens of Chinese bridegrooms were arrested by FIA and presented before court of law in Faisalabad but when Imran Khan was installed as Prime Minister of Pakistan by Pakistan Army in 2019, we not listen about results of those cases.

There are few thousands of Sikh minority individuals in Pakistan but in 2019 , when one Sikh girl was kidnapped and enforcedly converted to Islam and married by Muslim man in Punjab, the Imran Government stepped in and girl returned to her family whereas hundreds of Christians and Hindu girls kidnapped and enforcedly converted to Islam were never handed over back to their families.

As all know that Pakistan military establishment and their installed Prime Minister Imran Khan have opened Kartarpur corridor to export terrorism to India and support campaign of Khalistan to form independent Sikh state of Punjab. When the only case of Sikh girl kidnapping and marriage by Muslim happened in Pakistani Punjab, the Imran Khan government recovered girl and gave to Sikh parents.

There are millions of Christian and Hindu minority communities in Pakistan comparing with few thousands Sikh minority but urgency shown in Sikh girl case was never found in Christian and Hindu girls. The question arises that why its so?

In case of Chinese human trafficking to China, the complete silence of Imran Khan government is spreading suspicion among poor Christians and poor Muslims families of girls who were taken as brides by Chinese men to China and put them in ugly profession of prostitutions. The powerful military of Pakistan and Imran Khan government travel to China frequently trying to seek more money and projects in CPEC, so have no voice for its citizens.

Therefore, its need of time that PTI government may step up in issue of poor Christian and Muslim brides and Chinese may be punished according to law of land.

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