Pakistani Christians can also benefit Modi new Indian Citizenship laws. By Nazir S Bhatti


When we consider recent legislation by BJP government led by Narendra Modi about Citizen of India, it gives bit relief that it makes non-Muslim migrants from Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh liable for citizenship of India. There are have been very large number of Hindu, Christian and Ahmedi religious minorities in Pakistan who have been facing persecution and oppression by Muslim majority and not found any proper refuge in India. In Bangladesh Hindu and Christians face life threat by majority community of Muslims and felt helplessness. Same was situation in Afghanistan were Buddhists, Hindus and Sikhs face unaccountable incidents of persecution during Talban regimes.

The Government of Pakistan and Bangladesh have launched a strong protest on new Indian laws about citizenship. Truly speaking, Pakistan is Islamic Republic of Pakistan, where non-Muslim are bar to become President of Pakistan, Prime Minister of Pakistan and Speaker of National Assembly of Pakistan or Chairman of Senate of Pakistan according to constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan of 1973. The non-Muslims can not hold any keep-post in Armed Forces of Pakistan nor they can rise up to rank of general from which any one can view democracy in Pakistan.

On other hand, Islamic Republic of Pakistan have legislated controversial laws of blasphemy, laws of evidence and compensation and other anti-minorities laws which have made lives miserable for religious minorities. The kidnapping of minorities women and enforcedly converting them to Islam and taking them in marriages is black face of Pakistan.

Comparing to Islamic Republic of Pakistan, India still stands a true democratic country on globe where Muslims have been taken as President of India and many Christians have been as Chief of Indian Army. There are not such laws in India which harm Indian Muslims as they enjoy independent Muslim Law board which protects their religious identity. There is very powerful Indian National Commission for minorities to protect minorities legal and constitutional rights.

While, in Islamic Republic of Pakistan, the national commission for minorities is mockery with any such body which is headed by Muslim. It is ironic that Muslim Judges in Islamic Republic of Pakistan are issuing decrees on marriages and divorces of Christian couple and Christian Law board is never constituted after frequent appeals of Christians of Pakistan.

As, Indian democracy is well recognized around world and duly respected which have made rise and shine in economic field comparing to countries like Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh in region where democracy is never practiced, the Muslim nationals from these countries when visited India to their relatives tried to settle there. The terror out fits in these states also enjoyed the liberty and democracy of India and settled in India to spread terror.

The Narendra Modi government in India have provided unique opportunity for true refugees of region to settle in India under this citizen laws who are unable to march to Western countries under disguise of refugees.

When we watch situation of economic settlers under refugee from Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh in Europe and North America, we find millions in numbers, who launched migration to West on persecution and state oppression and became citizens. These Muslims filed their cases on maladies and wrongful contents to enjoy economic benefits of Western Society only.

Its best part of Indian Citizen law enforcement to block such trends by Muslims of South Asian region which Muslims did for settlement in West. It is also very important to make India a safe country for peace and prosperity to stop Muslim terrorism.

The Pakistani Christians who suffered from Blasphemy laws and life threats by Muslim majority but with sound economic background found refuge in Thailand, Sri-Lanka and other South Eastern Asian countries where they faced arrests and jails as such countries have no International treaties of UN. Now, Christians of Pakistan can go to India and stay for migration to West.    

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