Fall of Kabul and fear of safety of Christians in Pakistan.


The fall of Kabul is an important incident after the fall of Dacca in the history of sub continent of India and in the history of Pakistan. The effects of fall of Kabul shall leave marks on the Muslim history when fall of Dacca left impressions on Pa

The two-nation theory collapsed in moments with fall of Dacca but theory of Islamic teachings shall need healing after the fall of Kabul. The pillars of Islam like 'Jihad' shall need lengthy discussions and reforms after Kabul incidents. The independent movements in different parts of world shall also bear new shapes and meanings and severe damage to the cause of oppressed nation on globe shall be on mercy of certain elements to evaluate their goals. It seems that inhabitants of universe shall be bound to such forces to review their burdens in light and circumstances of such particular forced center without their wishes without slogans of liberty and freedom of speech and expressions.

The liberty of speech may be snatched in the name of liberty of expressions from oppressed nations. For instance, in section of international press appears a news item on behalf of Ex. CIA chief of USA that danger to life of Pope is feared by the Osama, s Al Quaida militant network during the Christmas eve but not due consideration is given to the 15 million Christians safety in Pakistan being in grave danger from these militant groups in Pakistan who have already targeted the christian worshipers in church and killed the innocent Christians who were not even aware of meanings of terrorism and Jihad in rural area church praying for the solidarity and integrity of Pakistan, sitting on carpets at floor of church in new millennium without expensive furnished church buildings like west.

They felt sorry and grieved on the 11 September incident of terrorist attacks of New York and Pentagon and truly cared and prayed for the safety of Pakistan at same time but no body cared for them and adopted measures for safety of life and property.

Now after fall of Kabul, the news of killing of Pakistani members of Osama network by the Northern Alliance forces, proving the presence of thousands of Pakistani militants in Afghanistan draws attention of general Muslims when their dead body start arriving in different cities of Pakistan, the reaction and anger shall turn toward the poor and oppressed christian nation of Pakistan and the fear exists of more and serious incidents like Bahawalpur church incidents in Pakistan. The safety of Pope in Vatican is under security but the safety of general Christian in Pakistan is on mercy of militants and it's enough to draw the attention of international community to raise voice for the safety of them. Its very important that government of Pakistan have been already failed to ensure safety of Christians when the community leaders appealed for the same before incident of Bahawalpur church in the light of 'Fathwas' issued by Muslim religious leaders to kill two Christians if one Muslim is killed by Allied forces attacks in Afghanistan.

Allied forces can assure the safety of Christians living in Muslim countries also by not issuing statements to attack other Muslim states to curb terrorism like Afghanistan but terrorism can be faced by diplomatic measures and with powers of peace ideology.

By these words we again stress upon the government to take strict measures in the safety of Christians in Pakistan in coming days and especially in the month of Christmas Eve when dead bodies of Pakistani jihadis have started reaching from Afghanistan.

The government of Pakistan have not officially lodged the FIR against the suspects under custody involved in Bahawalpur church carnage up to this day which indicates that administration is not serious about christian safety in Pakistan and trying to bargain the power full militant groups involved in christian massacre.

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