The controversy of SES and JES in Pakistan. JES threat to solidarity and integrity of Pakistan.


After years struggle of catholic church in pakistan leadership on national and international levels using their funds, network and other resources have been successful again to govern the poor Christians of pakistan who been feeling free to raise the

Their demand of Joint Election System was never in the interests of Christians as motivated by Catholic Bishops conference. The facts behind this demands lay on passage of time when before the separate election system in pakistan mostly the Bishops were always invited by the governors of provinces on national day celebrations and other occasions and their consents were invited by the federal governments on important issues concerning the christian minority to make decisions. The Christians were forced to approach Priests on petty matters to get attested their documents to furnish in state affairs and to beg them to recommend their job applications even for lowest jobs of sanitary workers.
This strong organizational structure set up by these clergy members used to hold their members in their denomination got a break through when SES came in to being. The poor Christians who were annoyed by church leadership when two christian protestors were killed by police firing in a peaceful protest procession against nationalization of missionary schools, colleges and hospitals by the government and statements were issued by these leaders that Christians protest against nationalization is baseless when church is happy on nationalization. The Christian members in national assembly elected on Christian reserve seats under JES were church recommended who also seconded the church voice against the Christians on this issue.

The demand of SES was more in force after incidents like this and general Christians were successful to convince state to fulfill their demand.The other major reason behind implementation of SES was the fall of Dacca too. It was experienced that wealthy Hindu community in East Pakistan provided funds to Awami League to promote six point agenda and helped to establish contacts with west Bengal Indian province Hindus to separate East Pakistan from West Pakistan and to damage Two Nation theory of founder of Pakistan. It was learnt that if SES was introduced in 1971 elections the East Pakistan have been never fallen. Therefore the Government enforced SES.

Now to restore JES was the major demand of Hindu Community living in Sindh Province. Along with the Catholic Bishop Conference. The elements struggling for independent SINDH have been working from decades and they lost pressure of their demands after SES because they were put on their own seats and no way was left for them to support the separatist's forces. The Hindus of Sindh and Catholic bishop Coots planned this struggle when he was Bishop of Hyderabad and joined the struggle against SES. The JES shall help the Sindh separatist forces and solidarity of Pakistan is again on stake.

Therefore its in best interest of Pakistan to implement 'DUAL VOTE" system for minorities like the Kashmir Assembly where the Kashmir's vote for Kashmir Assembly and for National Assembly of Pakistan. The PPP government and ML governments were serious to implement Dual Voting system for minorities in their respective governments to introduce Dual Vote rights and this is the only solution of Election System for minorities that they may cast their votes in their respective constituencies to Muslim/christian candidate and may elect their own candidates on reserve seats for them.
Nazir Bhatti.

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