Today's Great Flood... of Satanic Acts of Cruelty. By Joseph Costa


The Holy Bible tells us, that, "In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth." And "By the Word of the Lord the heavens were made." And "It was through Him [the Lord Jesus Christ] that all things came into being, and without Him came nothing that has come to be."  [(Genesis 1.1), (Psalms 33.6), (John 1.3), respectively.]

And so we have Creation, created order in the Universe. And some physicists have indeed expressed some of this 'order' in precise, perfect, mathematical expressions.

Jesus tells us, that "... nothing must be violence. Nothing. Violence is always against order; and God, and what comes from God is order. Do not attempt to be superior to God."  ... ... "For everything obeys the command of God, except Satan, and man who is more or less a rebel." Says the Lord Jesus Christ: Truth, Order, Mercy.

Haters of, and rebels against, sweet Jesus abound, yea, but Hell is boundless for rebels against, and haters of, Jesus... and for all other comers besides, including especially any treacherous clergy: Judases. Jesus is good, merciful, for sure - blessed be His goodness and His mercy - but being good and merciful does not mean weakness, as Lucifer soon enough found out when he rebelled against Jesus, hating Him, wanting to replace Him. Lucifer thought Jesus was weak, thinking so all the way down and down into the Abyss: Hell, to revel there in the fires, the misery, the pains, and the sufferings. Lucifer was wrong. And so too are all those who think and act like him. Jesus is not weak. He's Perfect, Infinite, Almighty.

Those who know, that they're set for Hell, negate that Hell exits; and so thereby gag their agitated consciences that cry out in anguish at such a prospect - the horror of horrors.

Satan - transformed from being a beautiful luminous angel into an ugly demon - still proud - and attempting to be condescending and patronising, once said, among other things, to God the Father:

 <<... that Abode [Heaven] of Yours, from which You expelled me, me, the only intelligent being in Your creation...>>

Satan, as Lucifer, obviously believed that he was high and mighty, untouchable, equal to God Almighty. Satan, a created creature, limited, wanting to be equal to the God Uncreated, Unlimited. I doubt that Satan has changed his beliefs. Or... more correctly, his delusions.

But Satan, at the time when he was Lucifer and the first spirit, was indeed created very beautiful and highly intelligent by God, created with an extraordinary beauty and intelligence befitting his then role of being the head of all the created angels. Created, not evolved.

Lucifer is also the classic example of high intelligence gone horribly wrong, rotten, putrid: the example of someone not being grateful for the extraordinary gifts granted him by God. Lucifer instead chose to be overtly ungrateful, belligerent, a rebel. And so he turned against his Benefactor, Jesus, abusing the gifts of his Benefactor, becoming wicked, and refusing to understand - 'stubborn against reason' - why he sank and plunged down into the Abyss: into the eternal fires of Hell that will never die out in eternity.

Jesus refers to Satan as being the "... Cursed One [Satan], who deprived God of the joy of being the Father of all men created!" This obviously occurs when a sinful man separates himself from God, goes to Hell,

and thereby ceases being a son of God. Some separate themselves from God even before earthly death, by sinning mortally. Some men don't care, like some in the church I usually go to: devil-men.

Man has many times mimicked Satan, and been punished, something that continues to this very day... every day.

Since God's creation of intelligent man, of our primogenitors Adam and Eve, man has experienced two Great Floods - punishments - purifications - with the third one now in full swing: the New Great Flood: God the Father allowing, i.e. not restraining, a flood of satanic acts of cruelty taking place, an analysis of which is outlined hereunder that will be preceded, though, by a brief discussion of the first two Great Floods.

Satanic acts cruelty around the world are occurring, multiplying, though some media organisations use euphemisms to report them simplistically, or not at all - a form of deceit, 'fake news,' that glorify the father of deceit and lies: Liar, Satan.

The discussion below, therefore, is compartmentalised as follows:

(A) The Great Flood of Water over the Whole World.

(B) The Reasons for the Great Flood of Water over the Whole Earth.

(C) The Great Flood of Blood of Jesus Christ.

(D) The Reasons for Today's New Great Flood.

(E) The New Great Flood: God the Father allowing a Flood of satanic acts of cruelty. [Seemingly via the removal of the 'restraint' mentioned by saint Paul in his Epistle, II Thessalonians 2.6-7.]

A discussion of the foregoing, thus follows hereunder. I would suggest that those who enjoy reading only 'fake news,' or dumb dumb-downed news, or good-time Christianity, cease reading at this juncture.

What follows below is rather severe reading... tough love.

But then again, someone, somewhere, did indeed say that 'life wasn't meant to be easy.' Living as a Christian in today's cruel times, seemingly being the 'end times,' is even less easy. But the rewards in Heaven, after earthly life, are immense. Time spent living on planet earth is only an immeasurable 'fraction of an instant of eternity - of infinity.' The calculation of this 'time spent,' is like dividing any number by the number of infinity, a calculation that some mathematicians say equals zero.

(A)  The Great Flood of Water over the Whole World

The Holy Bible tells us, explains to us very briefly, how man eventually became incorrigible, irreparably wicked - a beast-man, a devil-man:

"And now God found that the earth was full of men's iniquities, and that the whole frame of their [men's] thought was set continually on evil; and He [God] repented of having made men on the earth at all. So, smitten with grief to the depths of His Heart, He [God] said, 'I will blot out mankind, My creature, from the face of the earth, and with mankind all the beasts and the creeping things and all that flies through the air; I repent of having made them.' Only on Noah did God look with favour."  [Genesis 6.5-8]

Note that God's looked solely at Noah with favour. Only at one man!

An example today, of "men's thought being set continually on evil," is of course the satanic acts of the computer hackers. They're always on the prowl, seeking to do evil, seeking to invade other people's computers, and wilfully 'pillage and plunder and destroy' - at enormous costs to the victims.' The hackers, along with their father, Satan: Destroyer, probably laugh and gloat with every hacking success. The computer hackers may think they're smart... but they're only being too smart by half, really, because sooner or later they will indeed face divine Justice: punishment.

One of the many tools of the computer hackers, is of course the DoublePulsar, a malware that's most difficult to locate and eradicate.

And so, God washed the earth clean, purifying it, eradicating the beast-men from the face of the earth, by sending the Great Flood of water over the whole world, submerging it completely with water, but preserving only Noah and his family - only 8 persons in total, from whom we all descend.

The waters were created directly by God: by Intelligence, not by evolution, climate change, global warming, or other nonsense without evidence.

After the waters had subsided, or whatever, a Rainbow appeared in the sky, and seen by Noah and his family. The Rainbow is the peaceful sign of Most Holy Virgin Mary: Peace - today's only Bridge remaining between Heaven and Earth. Sinful man has driven away the previous Bridge: Jesus Christ.

One usually does not hang around where one is not wanted.

(B)  The Reasons for the Great Flood of Water over the Whole Earth

Jesus explains below, in greater detail, "men's iniquities" mentioned by the Holy Bible above: the iniquities that existed just before the onset of the Great Flood of water over the world, iniquities that compelled God to wash and purify the world: chastisement.

Jesus, true God and true Man, pursuant to the Gospel that He dictated to holy mystic and 'victim soul,' Maria Valtorta - the "pen of Jesus:"

 Jesus Christ explains the first great washing of the world, the first purification, thus -

"If the first sin [disobedience: Original Sin] of Adam had made man degenerate [that continues on to this very day] to such a degree, what measure of decadence must have been produced by the second [sin, of Cain killing Abel], to which God's curse was joined? What must have been the sources of sin in the heart of the animal-man [Cain] and what power must they [sources of sin] have reached after Cain had not only listened to the counsel of the Accursed One [Satan], but embraced him as his beloved master, killing as ordered by him [by Satan]?

 "The descent of one branch [of humanity: Cain's], the one poisoned by Satanic possession, knew no rest and took on thousand faces [i.e. committed many sins]. When Satan seizes, he corrupts in all manifestations. When Satan is king [in a man], the subject becomes a satan. A satan with all the unbridleness of Satan. A satan going against divine and human law. A satan violating even the most elementary and instinctive norms of life among men endowed with a soul and becoming brutish with the foulest sins of bestial man [of animal-man, of beast-man].

 "Wherever God is not present, Satan is [present, there]. Wherever man no longer has a living soul [i.e. if he has changed his soul into a damned soul by mortal sin], he is a beast-man. The beast loves the beasts. Carnal lust - more than carnal because it is seized and sharpened by Satan - makes him avid for all unions [all licentious unions, including same-sex sex and sex with animals]. What is horrid and disturbing, like a nightmare, strikes him as beautiful and seductive. What is licit does not satisfy him. It is too little and too honest. He is mad with lust for what is illicit, degrading, and bestial. [Some call all this, by the euphemism: 'addiction to sex.']

 "Those [Cain and his descendants] who were no longer children of God, because, with their father [Cain] and like their father, they had fled God to accept Satan, ventured precisely into what was illicit, degrading, and bestial. And they had monsters as sons and daughters. Those monsters who now impress your scientists and lead them into error [of evolution from the monkey or other quadrumane]. Those monsters who, because of their powerful physique and savage beauty and ferocious boldness - results of the union between Cain and the beasts, between the most beastly children of Cain and the brutes - seduced the children of God - that is, the descendants of Seth [= third son of Adam and Eve] through Enos, Cainan, Mahalaleel, Jared, Enoch of Jared - not to be confused with Enoch of Cain [Genesis 4.17] - Methuselech, Lamech, and Noah, the father of Shem, Ham, and Japhet.

[We all descend from Noah's three sons: Shem, Ham, and Japhet. Ham was the father of Canaan, whose descendants became known as the evil Canaanites, whom God found repugnant, evil, and so commanded the ancient Hebrews to exterminate them but did not complete the job - thus disobeying God and so got duly punished for this disobedience.]

 "It was then that God - to keep the branch of the children of God from being entirely corrupted by the branch of the children of men [= Cain's branch] - sent the universal deluge [of water over the whole earth] to extinguish men's lust under the weight of the waters and destroy the monsters begotten by the lust of the godless, insatiable in sensuality [in sex of all sorts, much like today's] because they were aroused by the fires of Satan. [Certain so-called 'religions' today also encourage unbridled sex. Some call this... an addiction to sex.]

"And man, contemporary man, jabbers about somatic lines and zygomatic angles and, in not wanting to admit a Creator, because he is too proud to acknowledge he has been made, he admits descent from the beasts!  In order to say to himself, 'By ourselves we evolved from animals to men.' He degrades himself, practises self-degradation, because he refuses [like Satan] to humble himself before God. And he [man] is sinking. Oh, he is really sinking! In the times of the initial corruption [via Cain and before the Great Flood] his [human] appearance was animal. Now his thought and heart are, and his soul, because of deeper and deeper union with evil, has taken on Satan's visage in too many cases."

The soul of a man takes on the appearance of his living. The more holy, a man is, the more beautiful and white, his soul looks and becomes: angelic. Whereas, the more wicked, a man is, the more monstrous and black, his soul looks and becomes: satanic.

Our Lady of Fatima, Most Holy Virgin Mary, the Madonna, has long given us a vivid vision of this, of the ugly monstrous blackened souls in Hell made so ugly and monstrous and black through their sinning. This vision of Hell was given to Lucia and the other two visionaries of Fatima, when they were children.

(C)  The Great Flood of Blood of Jesus Christ

Angel saint Azariah reveals to us below, God the Father's command to Jesus, to wash the sins of mankind - Redemption - to purify mankind with His Most Holy Precious Blood.

Pursuant to the dictation that angel saint Azariah gave to holy mystic and 'victim soul,' Maria Valtorta:"

 Angel saint Azariah reveals to us, that: "The Word [Jesus] has always obeyed. The Father said to Him, 'You shall be a Man, for only You can instruct Humanity.'  The Word said, 'I will be a Man. May Your Will be done.' The Father said, 'You shall die, for only Your Sacrifice can redeem Humanity.' The Word said, 'I will die. May Your Will be done.' The Father said, 'And You shall die on the Cross, for to redeem the world the sacrifice of Your life amidst the pains of death from illness is not sufficient for Me.' The Word said, 'And I will die on the Cross. May Your Will be done'."

And so Jesus, remaining God, Son of God, became also a Man by the power of the Holy Spirit through Virgin Mary, eternally ever-Virgin. This happened at the Annunciation immediately Mary had consented to be the Mother of Jesus. Jesus is now true God and true Man - whether or not some people like it or not, or whatever else. This is now an eternal Truth. Negating It, is blasphemy.

Jesus instructed man with His Gospel and, in 33 A.D., for seeking and doing good, He was beaten, mercilessly flogged-pummelled into a bleeding rag, had a crown of thorns squeezed tightly around His Head, was stoned, spat on, had filth and stones hurled at Him along 'the way of the Cross,' and finally He was nailed with three big nails to a Roman wooden cross, hanging solely on those 3 nails in pain till He died, till He died in indescribable agony from extreme pain... all resulting in Jesus shedding all His Most Holy Precious Blood in order to redeem sinful man, to purify man: with the Great Flood of Blood of Jesus Christ.

Crucifixes, that show a clean-body Jesus, are patently untruthful: a filthy lie.

Despite all those pains and sufferings, and more, Jesus reveals to us, that He:  "... the Divine Redeemer, on Calvary [on the Cross], in the hour of immolation, was able to save the thief [Disma, crucified next to Him], [Roman Centurion, but now saint] Longinus and very, very few others of the thousands of persons present at my death [on Calvary]..."

When Roman governor, Pontius Pilate, had ordered a Roman centurion [not Longinus] to flog Jesus, the centurion replied:

 "How many blows?" [strokes of the lash]

Answering, displaying a callous disregard for the sanctity of life, Pontius Pilate replied:

"As many as you like... In any case, the matter is over. And I am bored. Go."

But the crown of thorns that was squeezed on Jesus' Head was not ordered by Pontius Pilate.

Clearly, the punishments meted out to Jesus were clearly excessive, overstepping reasonable limits. 'A man without charity is a brute and a demon.'

Some time previously, on an unrelated occasion, Jesus censured excessive punishments, thus:"... if according to human law a criminal is to be punished, you must not overstep all limits. Remember that. A man who is powerful today may be miserable tomorrow [in Hell?]. God only is eternal."

And so the rhetorical question arises: is Pontius Pilate in Hell? For having 'overstepped all limits?'

At the time, Pilate's wife, Claudia, was a near full convert to Jesus. She was part of the then powerful Roman Claudi family, and it seems that Pilate may have attained governorship of then Palestine through his wife's connections.

God the Holy Spirit explains further, thus –

 "Only the Man-God, Jesus, could have appeased God and redeemed man, being true God and true Man.

 "And Jesus was immolated. However, His Sacrifice was not consumed on dead flesh, but on a living Body onto which all the torments were hurled in order to expiate all the sins of which the Innocent One [Jesus] had burdened Himself so as to consume them all.

 "Total sacrifice: of the spirit [soul] of Christ tested by the abandonment of the Father in order to make amends for the sin of the spirit [soul] of Adam [the first created man], guilty for having abandoned God and His Law; of the perfect intellect of the Son of Man [Jesus] in order to make amends for the pride of Adam [who thought he could be like God]; of the innocent flesh of the Lamb of God [Jesus] in order to make amends for Adam's [carnal] lust [who had sex with aroused Eve below the forbidden tree, the apple tree of trial]. And so that the world, forever a sinner, could always have a perfect victim in the presence of the immolation, the eternal Christ and Pontiff constitutes the perpetual sacrifice: that of the Eucharist in which it is still and always Christ in Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity who is offered and consumed upon the altars." [NOT on dinner tables!]

(D) The Reasons for Today's New Great Flood

Jesus discusses below today's 'men's iniquities,' that have resulted in yet another purification, chastisement by God the Father.

Jesus, true God and true Man, pursuant to the Gospel that He dictated to holy mystic and 'victim soul,' Maria Valtorta - the "pen of Jesus:"

 Jesus Christ explains, thus - [Below is an excerpt of Jesus' first ever Dictation to Maria Valtorta, given on 23 April 1943.]

 "The first time My Father, to purify the world, sent a lavacre [a great washing, purification] of water [= the Great Flood]; the second [time] He sent a lavacre of blood [= Crucifixion of Jesus on the Cross, shedding all His Blood] - and what Blood!  Neither the first nor the second lavacre has availed to make men sons and daughters of God. Now the Father is weary, and to make the human race perish He lets the punishments of Hell be unleashed, for men have preferred Hell to Heaven, and their dominator - Lucifer [Satan] - tortures them to spur them to curse Us [Holy Trinity] so as to render them his [Satan's] sons and daughters completely.

[Many men - faithful sons of Satan - do indeed curse, in various ways, the Most Holy Trinity: the Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.]

[The unleashing of the 'punishments of hell" - 'allowing a flood of Satanic cruelty' - seems to be happening today via the removal of the 'restraint' mentioned by saint Paul in his Epistle, II Thessalonians 2.6-7.]

 "I would come a second time to die, to save them [men] from an even more atrocious death... But My Father does not allow Me to... My Love would permit it; Justice does not. It [Justice] knows that it would be useless. I will thus come at the final hour [second coming of Christ?]. But woe to those who will see Me in that hour after having chosen Lucifer [Satan] as their lord! There will be no need for weapons in the hands of My angels to win the battle against the antichrists. My look will suffice.

 "Oh, if men even now were capable of turning to Me, who am salvation! I desire nothing but this and I weep because I see nothing is able to make them lift up their heads to Heaven, from which I am extending My arms towards them."

(E) The New Great Flood: God the Father allowing a flood of satanic acts of cruelty

In His holy anger, in His holy wrath, God the Father has decided to punish today's mankind with a new Great Flood: by allowing the Satanic forces to send a great flood of satanic acts of cruelty upon mankind. [II Thessalonians 2.6-7: seemingly by removing God's restraint.]

The tone of the Father's reproof below is rather severe: 'tough love.' We'd better listen very carefully to His Voice, and comply diligently with what He wants all of us to do, under pain of eternal death in the tortures and fires of Hell.

God the Father, pursuant to His Dictations to holy mystic and 'victim soul,' Maria Valtorta, speaks to us, thus:

 God the Father reproves man, thus:"What My son of old [one of the prophets? Isaiah?], out of holy fear of God, prudently did not want to do, resisting the temptation I had sent him as a trial, is what you [today's men] are requesting, not because of a temptation coming from Me, but through a regurgitation of your [today's men's] rebellious spirit guided by the forces of Evil, instigated by your Enemy [Satan], whom you love more than you [men] love Me, your Most High Lord [the Father], above Whom there is no other.

 "You ask for a sign. You ask for it with your impure hearts and your blasphemous lips. And you thus request it in a way that is derision of My power, negation of My existence. You badger Me to show Myself with a sign because you doubt My existence.

 "In the time of My Son [Jesus' three years' evangelisation on earth], the Jews also badgered Him to give them a sign about His Nature [Matthew 16.1-4, Mark 8.11-13, Luke 11.29-32], for they denied in their hearts that He was the Son of God. And the only sign which made them aware of their deicide [of their killing God - Jesus] was the one [= the sign of punishment] that came after the death of My Word [Jesus]. An unavoidable punishment for those who were deaf and blind to the prodigies and words of My Christ [Jesus].

 [Punishment: the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem was destroyed via the hands of the Romans; Jerusalem and much of then Palestine was sacked and cursed; then Israel, as a nation ceased to exist; and the centre of the knowledge of the true only God was transferred to Rome.]

 "You do not receive a sign from your God because I do not manifest Myself to those who deny Me. You [men] instead receive the multiple signs of the one [Satan] you worship as slaves. He, the Enemy, multiplies his signs, and you, now close to the time of worship of the apocalyptic Beast [Apocalypse 13.1-18], remain seduced by them [by Satan's many signs] and consider that the creator of such signs is greater than I, is the only one that exists. You wonder, 'Who is God? Who is He?' And inside yourselves, to justify your acts of wickedness, you reply, 'God does not exist.'

 "I Am Who I Am (Exodus 3.14). I am so superior to you [men] that no manifestation of mine would now be understood by the world, which has plunged into the most terrible darkness and foolishness. What you think is progress is your regression to the twilight of the early times [to the times preceding the Great Flood - see Jesus' explanation above], when men, having lost God and His Paradise, were only slightly superior to beasts and pushed their corruption to such a point that I decided to exterminate the [whole human] race [except Noah and his family: 8 persons], at which [whole human race] I was indignant [Genesis 6.7].

 "The end will be like the beginning. The circle closes by joining the two dark stumps to each other. The new flood - that is, God's wrath - will come in another form. But it will still be wrath. Faithful to My word [Genesis 9.11], I will not send the flood [of water] again. But I will let the Satanic forces send the flood of the Satanic acts of cruelty.  [Saint Paul's Epistle: II Thessalonians 2.6-7: seemingly by removing God's 'restraint.']

 "You have received the Light [= Jesus Christ]. I sent you My Light [Jesus Christ], so that the parabola of humanity would be illuminated by It. I sent It [Light = Jesus Christ] so that it could not be said that I wanted to keep you in the twilight of expectation. If you had welcomed It [Light = Jesus Christ], the whole other part of the circle which will join together man's way, from his beginning to his end, would have been illuminated by the Light of God, and humanity would have been enwrapped in this Light of salvation, which would have led you without shocks and pains into the City of Eternal Light [Heaven].

 "But you [men] have rejected the Light [= Jesus Christ]. And It shone at the summit of the circle and then remained increasingly distant from you, that have descended by the other way, not saying to It [Light = Jesus Christ], 'Lord, remain with us, for the evening of the ages is falling and we do not want to perish without your Light [Jesus Christ].' As in the course of the day, you men came to meet the Light [Jesus Christ], received It, and then returned to the darkness. It, My Light [Jesus Christ], My Word, has remained as the Sun set in His Heaven, where He [Jesus Christ] returned after, not death, but your rejection of Him sent Him back.

"It, My Light, My Word [Jesus Christ, Truth], has remained the Teacher for those few [= a remnant] who love Him and have welcomed His Light into themselves. And no darkness can extinguish It, for they ['those few' who love Jesus] defend this Light, their love, even at the cost of their lives [becoming Christian martyrs]. Because of this faithful love of theirs they shall have Life in Me, for they already possess My Emmanuel [Jesus Christ - Emmanuel means 'God is with us'] and thus have God with them already. That Emmanuel whom the Virgin [Mary], joined to Me, conceived and gave birth to. The only sign given by God to the house of [king] David, to the kingdom of Judah, to make it sure of its duration, which would have been eternal if My people [then Israel - the Jews] had not rejected My Emmanuel [Jesus Christ].

 "In the prophecy of My prophet [Isaiah] it is stated, 'He [Jesus] will have butter and honey as food until He is able to reject evil and choose good.' (Isaiah 7.15)

 "By His [Jesus'] wisdom, enduring in Him even in his condition as Man, in which His divine Nature had been annihilated, under the exigency of a love so great as to be incomprehensible for you [men] - a love which spurred Him to humiliate Himself, the Infinite, in the circumscribed wretchedness of mortal flesh - He was always able to distinguish between Good and Evil. He did not need years to arrive at the possession of reason and the faculty of discernment. And if, so as not to violate order [because Jesus is also Order],

He wanted to follow the common stages of human life under that appearance of an infant's incapacity, of the semi-incapacity of a child, He possessed in concealment the treasures of His infinite Wisdom.

[This became patently evident when Jesus was about 12 years old  {Luke 2.46-47}  and was then disputing with the then Jewish doctors/clerics of the (religious) Law - chiefly with Hillel, Gamaliel, and also with at least another one, Shammai, a nasty fellow who's probably now in Hell for calling 12 years old Jesus, 'Satan.' They, those religious doctors present, and those like them, Jesus told those present, '... could not understand the Word of God because meanness, pride, and falsehood prevented them from seeing and hearing.' Of course, these self-imposed, self-inflicted handicaps continue to plague the Church to this very day - via some clergy - albeit unseen, snakily.]

 "But that prophetic word ['not to violate order' ?] means that He would feed on humanity and concealment until the moment in which, when the time came, He would become the Teacher of Israel, the Teacher of the world. My testimony [Jesus], the Defender [Jesus] of the Father's cause, and, like a flame free from concealment, He [Jesus] would shine in the power of His Light and His Messianic Nature, showing gentleness to the good and severity to the wicked, shaking, watering, and fecundating hearts, and giving to man - not to Himself, for He had no need of that gift - discernment to distinguish between Good and Evil, removing every doubt, every nebulosity in this regard.

 "He came to perfect the Law [Ten Commandments] and make it clear for you [men] with His teaching and capable of being followed with His example. He came and loved Good and rejected Evil so much that He agreed to die so that Good would triumph in the world and in hearts and Evil would be defeated by His divine Blood.

"No more butter and honey for My Christ when He arrived at manhood. But vinegar and gall. Vinegar and gall in the final hour [= Crucifixion], preceded by the metaphorical vinegar and gall of three years of public life continually combated by His enemies and rendered difficult by the burdensomeness of His friends and disciples [chief among these was of course the traitor Judas Iscariot, who many times wanted to be the master to his Master].

 [Jesus' enemies at the time were principally the then Jewish clergy: scribes, pharisees, and chief priests - much like today's Christian clergy - many but not all - that combats the Gospel that Jesus dictated to holy mystic Maria Valtorta, conjoined in the fray by their dopey arrogant sycophants metaphorically shouting, 'crucify her, crucify her!' Maybe they'll change their minds when they land in Hell.]

 "The Lips of My Christ are still afflicted by the gall and vinegar of this insolent race [the Jews?, the clergy?, the human race?]. And the Father is saddened over the pain of His Son [Jesus]. And His [the Father's] affliction turns into wrath towards you, men who no longer have a spirit faithful to your God. The Sacrifice [Jesus' Crucifixion - Eucharist] which is repeated on the altars [not on dinner tables] of the earth is no longer salvation for you. But from Golgotha the Blood of My Son fell on His slayers, crying out His pain to Me [the Father] and provoking My punishment, so it now falls upon you [men - today's mankind] - hypocrites and blasphemers, deniers and debauchees, haters of God and of man, your brother - and marks you with blood and fire for your condemnation.

 "The Earth howls like a creature afraid of the monsters [men] inhabiting it; the Universe trembles with horror at the sight of the crimes covering the Earth. I, your God, burn with divine wrath at your corruption in flesh, mind, and spirit. Neither the mercy of the Saviour [Jesus Christ] nor that of the Virgin [Mary] and the Saints appease My wrath [anger] with their prayer.

"Truly, as in the time of [real prophet] Moses, I say, 'I will erase those who have sinned against Me from My Book [of eternal Life], and if I were to enter into your midst just once, I would exterminate you.' (Exodus 32.33-34) Truly I say that only to My remaining children do I speak as a friend, for by their faithfulness they have found grace in My sight, and I will show them My Good and have mercy on them. And even more benign than with My servant Moses, for My most holy Son [Jesus] has brought you His benignity and established the Kingdom of Benignity, without waiting for the day you come to Heaven. I will make the Face of My Christ shine in you, O My faithful children who adore Me with holy respect and with filial love. [The soul is a particle of God, and so is filial.]

 "Love It [the shining Face of Christ in us?], for whoever loves It loves Me. Love It, for it is your salvation. The Star did not appear only for Jacob.  (Numbers 24.17)  But for all those who love God with all their strength. And Christ the Star, after the earthly struggles, will lead them to Me in Heaven, where your place is ready - O you blessed ones [a remnant], for whom My Word [Jesus Christ] did not take on Flesh in vain, and My Christ did not die to no purpose."

In the Agony in the Garden, in Gethsemane on Good Thursday evening, Satan tormented and tortured Jesus saying to Him, among many other things, that His Death would be in vain. But through the prayers of Virgin Mary, the Father sent saint Gabriel the Archangel to suffering Jesus, to comfort Him. Jesus reveals to us:

 "That is why the angel [Gabriel] of My sorrow showed Me the hopes of all those who have been saved through My sacrifice, as medicine for My dying."

Jesus sometimes seems to speak 'in an eternal present.'

Most Holy Virgin Mary knew, from the time of the Annunciation, what Her destiny and Her Son's, was to be, which was what actually transpired. In part, Mary reveals:

"God, in His goodness, had Me greeted [at the Annunciation by Gabriel the Archangel] as 'Full of Grace.' But the fullness was in Me when I was One with My Son [Jesus]. It was then My soul, One with God, that received His abundance of the virtues.

 "Charity was the pre-eminent one at the time. If I loved before, afterwards I surpassed creaturely love for I loved with the heart of the Mother of God. I burned. Fire is a veil of frost on a winter field compared to the ardour which was in Me. I no longer saw creatures [human beings] with a woman's thought, but with the mind of the Bride of the Most High and the Mother of the Redeemer. Those creatures [human beings] were Mine.

 "My spiritual motherhood then began, for there was no need, no, for Simeon [at the Presentation of Jesus in the Temple] to speak [about Mary's future sorrow] in order to know My destiny. I knew because I possessed Wisdom [Jesus] within Me. He became Flesh in Me, and His Words ran like blood through My being and flowed into My heart, where I kept them. The future life of My Son [Jesus] held no secrets for His Mother, who was bearing Him. And if this was torture, for I was the Woman, it was also blessedness equal to that of My Child, for to do the Will of God and redeem to reunite to God those separated and obtain the annulment of sin and an increase in the Father's glory is what produces the happiness of the true children of God. And My sweet Jesus and I, through the goodness of God, His Mother, are the founders of the family."

Jesus Christ continues to be, now and in eternity, true God and true Man.

Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit.

Mary, Help of Christians, pray for us.

The foregoing is pursuant to the Gospel that Jesus dictated to Maria Valtorta, the Bible, and my analysis.


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