Some drops from the ocean of understanding. By Joseph Costa


In the Most Holy Trinity, there are three divine Persons, yet being one God: the true only God of the Holy Bible.

Saint John has long revealed to us that God is light. (I John 1.5)  An unbounded light.

Everything in the Holy Bible has either a lesson or a supernatural meaning, very often not readily understood by man, e.g. the apologue against Abimelech and Ezekiel's Theophany (both long explained by Jesus).

"The story is told in Christian lore of how the brilliant theologian and Doctor of the Church, St. Augustine of Hippo, used to ponder long and hard on the greatest mystery of the Christian faith: the Holy Trinity, as he tried to understand it.

[Hippo: ancient Roman port town adjoining today's Annaba, Algeria.]

"Strolling along the seashore one day while pondering how there could be three Persons in one God, he noticed a small child seemingly at play on the beach. He watched how the child repeatedly scooped up water from the sea in a shell and carried it to a hole in the sand into which he emptied the water.

"Then returning to the water's edge, the child refilled the shell and repeated the process over and over.

"Curious, Augustine walked over and asked the child what he was doing.

"Smiling up at him the child said,

 'I am emptying the sea into this hole.'

"Amused at the child's naivete, Augustine replied,

 'Why, even if you spent your whole life at this task, child, you could never complete it. The sea is far too vast and deep to be contained in so small a hole!'

"The child looked up solemnly at Augustine and said:

 'Yet I will complete this task before you can ever understand the Mystery on which you ponder' - and with that, the child vanished.

"Augustine then realized that he was a messenger sent to him by God to point out the futility of his efforts to understand this Mystery."

[All the above in quotes: reproduced with permission.]

Though a man on earth will obviously never ever be able to unravel the mystery of the Most Holy Trinity, yet we do have some drops from the ocean of understanding of It... revealed by the Most Holy Trinity Itself: by the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. These glittering gems of understanding follow hereunder.

At mount Sinai [called mount Horeb in the Holy Bible], asked by real prophet Moses what God's Name was, He said to Moses: "I Am Who I Am... ... ... say this to the people of Israel [who were then enslaved in ancient Egypt, then the Egypt of the Pharaohs], 'I Am has sent me to you'."  (Exodus 3.14)


Israel was the new name given [by an angel/God] to Jacob, the second-born of Isaac, the second-born of Abraham.  (Genesis 32.28)

"I Am" seems to be the Most Holy Name of God. "It is written, Thou shalt worship the Lord thy God; to Him only shalt thou do service."  [Luke 4.8; Deuteronomy 6.13]

As our Lord Jesus Christ explains clearly below: in "I Am,"  God "In being there is everything."

At the time, the then Hebrews - Israel, as a people, not as a geographical area - were the only men on earth who knew the true only God. But this knowledge made them rather haughty, proud, not humble. And before the coming of Jesus Christ on earth, they did not evangelise. The Hebraic Essenes likewise developed a flawed restrictive idea about God. God is for everyone, who wants Him. Those who do not want Him, means they want Satan. There are no other choices!! Either God or Satan, meaning of course choosing either Heaven or Hell. There's no pussying around these truths.

Jesus, when He walked the earth, revealed to us that there were, are, three divine Persons in the true only God: Father, Son [Jesus], and Holy Spirit.

Jesus, true God and true Man, pursuant to the Gospel that He dictated to holy mystic and 'victim soul,' Maria Valtorta - the "pen of Jesus:"

 Jesus Christ elaborates further, thus:

 "He [Holy Spirit] is powerful, free, and instantaneous. He brings light and intelligence with Him. Even an uneducated or mentally retarded person, if assailed by the Spirit of God, becomes learned - not with your [men's] poor human science [= man-acquired knowledge], but with the sublime Science of God.

"I said  'I thank you, O Father, for you have hidden these things from the learned and have revealed them to the humble.'  [Luke 10.21]  On saying 'O Father,' I was also saying 'Spirit,' for the Father is One with the Spirit, and I am with Them, and whoever blesses One blesses the Three, and whoever is loved by One is in the arms of the Three, for there are not three Gods, but one God alone with a triniform nature and a single unity.

 "Great is the Father, great is the Son, and great is the Spirit. Powerful is the Father; powerful is the Son; and powerful is the Spirit. To the same degree.

"The Father comes in His Unity generating Us [= Son, Holy Spirit]. The Son [Jesus] comes with His saving origin [as Saviour, not as Executioner]. The Spirit comes with his septiform sanctifying flame [as Sanctifier with His 7 Gifts: Wisdom, Understanding, Counsel, Fortitude, Knowledge, Piety, and Fear of the Lord].

 "They [Father, Son, Holy Spirit] come loving one another and loving and make a humble person, the least of persons, [e.g. Maria Valtorta, Sabea of Bethlechi] into an eye penetrating into the mystery of God, a mouth speaking the words of God."

The world knows who holy Maria Valtorta was - beloved by the Most Holy Trinity, but slandered and rejected, without cause, by the Valtorta haters and their beloved father Satan: by Hate. Sabea of Bethlechi is relatively unknown.

Briefly, circa 32-33 A.D., 'inspired prophetess,' Sabea of Bethlechi, "assailed" by the Holy Spirit, accurately foretold the downfall of then Israel and additionally had other things to say, including explaining the reason for the inability of today's geographical Israel to 'build a solid home' in Palestine. At the time, Judah, Samaria, and Galilee were part of then Palestine, inhabited by the Jews. Jesus, in His Humanity, but not in His Divinity, was born in Bethlehem, Judah, and was later brought up in Nazareth, Galilee, after the Holy Family's return, when the danger was over, from Matarea, Egypt. Virgin Mary was of course a Jewess from the lineage of king David of Judah. In Egypt, saint Joseph worked, and fed God, Jesus, and the Mother of God, Virgin Mary.

Satan knows the present and the past, but not the future, except perhaps to the extent that he may conjecture about it. Only God knows the future, as well as the present and the past.

Jesus warns the negators of His revealed Truths, that:

 "... there must clearly be a punishment for those who do not want to hear Me in the words you [Maria Valtorta] write under My dictation."

God the Father counsels us:

 "Do not listen to false voices telling you [men] a doctrine different from the one [the Gospel, Christianity] My Son [Jesus Christ] has brought. And how can these criers of 'new words' speak of Life if Life is not in them, if they are falser [more false] than the images of the deceitful gods? Don't make them into gods: it is an abomination to make oneself be believed to be such [e.g. as some Roman Emperors and other potentates did], and it is an abomination to believe it [perhaps also applicable to some men who say 'I adore you' to a woman]. One alone is God: He and the One [= Jesus Christ] I have sent, who became incarnate out of Love. The others are wicked ones sold to Satan and sell you to the accursed Serpent."

Pursuant to the Gospel that God the Holy Spirit dictated to Maria Valtorta:

The Holy Spirit explains the Trinity further -

 "No one can make observations or place impositions on God. Because God is God, and everything - people and things of the past, present, and future - are nothing compared Him. One and Triune, Immense, Perfect in all of His Three Persons [Father, Son, Holy Spirit] and in His admirable Unity [God], as He also is in His Attributes and Actions.

"There is no other God except Him: God the Father, Creator and Lord of Heaven and Earth, First Person of the most Holy Triad [Trinity] who was generated by no one because He is Eternal, and by Himself, through divine generation, He generated His Word [His Son, Jesus Christ] - through whom all things were made - the Second Person, divine, eternal, immense and perfect, equal in everything to the First [Person, God the Father] in whom He delights, just as the Son delights in the Father who generated Him, giving through this two-fold joy an origin to the Holy Spirit [Third Person] who proceeds from the Father and the Son and who is their same love, the bond which embodies them, the embrace which unites them, the fire who fuses them without creating a confusion of Persons, the peace in whom they tirelessly work and rest together in Love [Holy Spirit], through Love and with Love which proceeds from Them and which is the major attribute and the very essence of God."

Jesus is also Peace, Who tells us, that:

 "The world moves towards its peace, which is not My peace. For Mine is a peace of holiness and justice. The world's, of tyranny and corruption."

Jesus, true God and true Man, pursuant to the Gospel that He dictated to holy mystic and 'victim soul,' Maria Valtorta - the "pen of Jesus:"

 Jesus Christ elaborates further, thus:

 [What follows below may be somewhat difficult to understand, and so may require more than just one reading/contemplation. Ask the Holy Spirit to help you.]

"To conceive of God comparisons to created things must not be made. God is not to be compared. He is. In being there is everything.  [Which explains why God said  'I Am'  to Moses.]  But being has no body, and the eternal Being [God] has no body.

 "Look: God is light. This is the only thing that can still represent God without being antithetical [in opposition] to His spiritual Essence. The light exists, and yet it is incorporeal [i.e. it's without a body]. You see it, but you cannot touch it. It exists.

 "Our Trinity is light. An unbounded light [which means infinite light]. The Source of Itself, living by Itself, and acting in Itself. The universe's greatness does not equal Its Infinity [i.e. the greatness of the universe does not equal the Infinity of the light of the Trinity]. Its essence [of the Trinity's light?] fills the Heavens, glides over Creation, and holds sway over the infernal caverns [Hell also has numerous pits and caverns for special targeted punishments, apart from the common fires applicable to all the damned]. It does not penetrate you - that would be the end of Hell - but it overwhelms them with its glowing, which is beatific in Heaven, comforting on earth, and terrifying in Hell. Everything is threefold in Us [Most Holy Trinity]. Forms, effects, and powers.

 "God is light. A vast, majestic, and peaceful light is given by the Father. An infinite circle which has embraced all Creation since the moment when 'Let there be light' (Genesis 1.3) was said until forever and ever, for God, who existed eternally, has been embracing the Creation since it existed and will continue to embrace all that - in the final form, the eternal one [Heaven], after the [last] Judgement - will remain of Creation. He will embrace those who are eternal with Him in Heaven.

 [Only two abodes will remain eternally after the Last Judgement by Christ-the-Judge: Heaven and Hell. Everything else of creation, as we know it today, will be expunged. Vanish.]

 "Within the eternal circle of the Father there is a second circle, begotten by the Father, working differently and yet not working in contrary fashion, for the Essence is One. It is the Son [Jesus]. His light, more vibrant, not only gives [human] life to bodies, but gives [eternal] Life to souls that had lost it, by means of His Sacrifice [on the Cross: Eucharist]. It is a flood of powerful, gentle rays which nourish your humanity and instruct your mind.

 "Within the second circle, produced by the two workings of the first circles [= the first two circles - Father's and Son's], there is a third circle with even more vibrant, inflamed light. It is the Holy Spirit. He is the Love produced by the relations of the Father with the Son [Jesus], the intermediary between the Two, and a consequence of the Two, the wonder of wonders.

 "Thought [the Father] created the Word [Jesus], and Thought and the Word love one another. Love is the Paraclete [Holy Spirit]. He acts upon your [man's] spirit, your soul, and your flesh. For He consecrates the whole temple of your person [man's body], created by the Father and redeemed by the Son [Jesus], created in the image and likeness of the triune God.

 "The Holy Spirit is the chrism [the anointing] upon the creation of your person [man's body], made by the Father; He [Holy Spirit] is grace to benefit [men] from the Sacrifice of the Son [Jesus' Crucifixion]; He [Holy Spirit] is Knowledge and Light [for men] to understand the Word of God [Jesus]. A more concentrated Light, not because it is limited in comparison to the others, but because it is the spirit of the spirit of God, and because, in its condensation, it is most powerful, as it is most powerful in its effects.

"That is why I said [to the remaining Eleven Apostles after Judas had left], 'When the Paraclete [Holy Spirit] comes, He will instruct you.'  (John 16.13-15)  Not even I [Jesus], who am the Father's Thought that has become the Word, can make you [men] understand what the Holy Spirit can make you understand with a single flash.

"If every knee must bend before the Son [Jesus], before the Paraclete [Holy Spirit] every spirit must bend, for the Spirit gives life to the spirit. It is Love that created the Universe, taught the first servants of God, spurred the Father to give the [Ten] Commandments, enlightened the Prophets, conceived the Redeemer [Jesus] with [Virgin] Mary, placed Me [Jesus] on the Cross, sustained the [Christian] Martyrs, governed the Church, and works wonders of grace.

"A white fire, unbearable for human sight and nature, He [Holy Spirit] concentrates in Himself the Father and the Son [Jesus] and is the incomprehensible Gem, who cannot be gazed upon, of our eternal Beauty. Fixed in the abyss of Heaven, He [Holy Spirit] draws to Himself all the spirits of My triumphant Church [i.e. those who are in Heaven] and breathes into Himself those who are able to live by the spirit in the militant Church [i.e. those on earth who are part of the Church working to earn a place in Heaven].

"Our Trinity, Our threefold and single nature is set in a single splendour in that point from which all that is, is generated in an eternal being.

 "Say, 'Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit'."

The foregoing, then, is Jesus' explanation of the Most Holy Trinity: God, One and Three.

Note well that, because Jesus was light when He was God only, He perforce had to take on man's shape when He became also a Man to live on earth. Jesus was tall, and had deep ocean blue eyes and kind of blond hair.

Pursuant to the Gospel that God the Father dictated to Maria Valtorta:

The Father elaborates further, thus:

 "[You men] Do not be afraid to approach Us [One and Three: Father, Son, Holy Spirit], who love you. Do not divide Our Unity by loving One and not the Others. We love one another and are united by love. Do the same.

"The Son [Jesus] must not let you [men] forget the Father. He [Jesus] does not do so. He teaches you to love Me, and from His holy Lips He had the perfect prayer to the Father in Heaven burst forth. The Son [Jesus] must not let you neglect the Holy Spirit. He [Jesus] does not do so. As on the threshold of His preaching He taught you to pray to Me, the Holy Father, so on the threshold of the [His] Passion He taught you to love the Paraclete [Holy Spirit] who would be the Illuminator of the Truth taught.

 "Without the Father you would not have had the Son [Jesus], and without the Son [Jesus] you would not have had the Spirit. Without the Spirit you could not comprehend the Word [Jesus], and without comprehending the Word [Jesus] follow His precepts as just people and conquer the possession of the Father [of God in Heaven]."

The true only God is the God of the Bible, Who is One and Three. There is absolutely no other God outside of Him, despite Lucifer-Satan having succeeded in fooling himself, through pride, that he was god. Instead, he got fulgurated into Hell for saying and believing so, when he rebelled against Jesus Christ, refusing to adore Him.

Lucifer adored himself... also saying before Jesus... <>  Instead, he should have said: "i am Satan," because that's what he really became just before being kicked out of Heaven. Nothing impure can remain in Heaven. Satan is impure: Filth!!

Lucifer-Satan also fooled many foolish angelic spirits that he was god, and they too went to Hell along with him. Satan, being highly intelligent, is very good at debating. So don't ever try arguing with him, even if you're the best of lawyers. You would surely lose, hopelessly. Only the true only God, the God of the Bible, can defeat him.

And Satan, in his many forms, in his many disguises, continues to fool many men on earth that he is god, and they too will join him in Hell, for they worship him in his multi-faceted forms. "Whoever rejects Jesus Christ invokes Satan."

False gods abound today just as they did in ancient times. Even today, too many people metaphorically still dance around the "golden calf:" false gods. Their followers have developed a faith that has "blossomed on a wicked tree not grafted onto Christ."

Not one of these false gods, nor any of their followers, has ever performed a miracle. And see how reverential and observant their foolish followers are!! They know who Jesus is: true God and true Man; and, upon their earthly death, Jesus-the-Judge will require an accounting from them, why they chose to follow and adore their false gods rather than Him. They will not be able to lie!! Satan will run away from them... probably cackling with laughter, leaving them all alone, gloating over his many conquests for his Hell. Satan even hates his own followers who love him. He is Hate!! He eats even his own.

Angel saint Azariah tells us, that:

 "In the old Law, in the former time [in Old Testament times], the Hebrews had the Father, who filled the Temple [in Jerusalem] with His Glory, and the [Holy] Spirit from time to time filled some creatures [e.g. prophets] with Himself. But in the New Time, in the era of Christ, Christians do not, indeed, have the First [the Father] or the Third Person [the Holy Spirit], but the completeness of the Triune God [Father, Son, Holy Spirit] in Jesus Christ Our Lord."

Jesus confirms all this, by saying, that: "My Father and I are One."  (John 10.30)

And again Jesus says, that: "Whoever has seen Me, has seen the Father;"  (John 14.9)

And in relation to the Holy Spirit, Jesus reveals, that:

 "And He [Holy Spirit] will bring honour to Me, because it is from Me that He will derive what He makes plain to you. I say that He will derive from Me what He makes plain to you, because all that belongs to the Father belongs to Me."  (John 16.14-15)

Saint Paul says: "In Christ the whole plenitude of Deity [Triune God] is embodied..."  (Colossians 2.8-9)

Saint John says: "God is light, and no darkness can find any place in Him;"  (I John 1.5)

Sweet loving, adorable Jesus Christ continues to be, now and in eternity, true God and true Man.

Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit.

Mary, Help of Christians, pray for us.

The foregoing is pursuant to the Gospel that Jesus dictated to Maria Valtorta, the Bible, and my analysis.


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