Christmas - a more fuller account. By Joseph Costa


Pursuant to the Gospel that Jesus Christ dictated to Maria Valtorta, He said the following, in a conversation with some of His disciples when, circa 31 A.D., they all went to visit the grotto/cave/stable of His birth at Bethlehem, then a Jewish town:

 '... here [Bethlehem] the night of the twenty fifth of Chislev [Jewish month], Feast of the Lights, Jesus Christ was born of the Virgin [Mary], the Immanuel, the Word of God made Flesh, for the love of man: I Who am speaking to you.'

God is Light.  [I John 1.5] So perforce He had to take on man's appearance.

IMMANUEL ('God is with us')

As you would already know, 'Immanuel' means: 'God is with us,' having come down on earth cloaked in a 'robe of human Flesh,' like any other flesh of man born of woman.

Jesus Christ is true God and true Man. If you re-examine the Gospel according to saint John, you will notice that he tried, as much as possible, to highlight the fact that Jesus Christ was, is God, not just a Man.

Jesus became also a Man in order to redeem and instruct man, to become the 'Tree of Life,' in obedience to the Will of His Father and ours.

God the Holy Spirit tells us, that:

"It ['Tree of Life'] is a figure of the Incarnate Word [Jesus], Whose fruit, the Redemption, hangs from the wood of the Cross. It is a figure of Jesus Christ Who is the Bread of Life, Fount of Living Water, and Grace, and Who has restored Life to you [men] all with His Death. And you [men] can always eat [Flesh, Body of Christ - Eucharist] and drink [Blood of Christ - Consecrated Wine] of Him, in order to live the life of the just and to reach eternal Life [in Heaven]."

Jesus, by command of God the Father, had to repair the damage done, the sins committed, by our primogenitors, Adam and Eve. They disobeyed God's command not to eat the forbidden fruit, and so sin and death entered into the world.

In today's times, many men also 'eat' what's 'forbidden' - 'to enjoy a temporary pleasure on earth to be paid for by an eternity of pains and sufferings in Hell.'


Pursuant to the decree emanating from Roman emperor, Caesar Augustus, peoples in the then vast Roman empire had to partake in a census, to register their respective names in their own respective cities and towns.

It was then in the period of "Pax Romana" - a Latin term which means ' Roman Peace.' It was a period of near full peace and stability in the Roman empire, that began with the reign Caesar Augustus and ending with the reign of Marcus Aurelius, a period that lasted over 200 years: from about 27 B.C. to about 200 A.D. [B.C. stands for 'before Christ,' and A.D. stands for, in Latin, 'Anno Domini' - in the year of our Lord Jesus Christ. Sinners and the godless hate using B.C. and A.D., so they have made up other stupid alternatives, corrupting the language as they're corrupt.]

Both saint Joseph and Virgin Mary were from the line of king David of Judah, and so they had to go and register their names in Bethlehem of Judah, which was then a Jewish province of Palestine - then all ruled by the Romans.

For reasons not known to this writer, saint Joseph and Virgin Mary travelled to Bethlehem with just one donkey, and so they obviously would not have had much luggage with them - only a small trunk for bare essentials. The donkey, therefore, carried heavily pregnant Mary and very minimal luggage. Reliable and trust-worthy Joseph, walked, and walked, and walked.

On arriving in Bethlehem, poor saint Joseph was utterly disheartened when no one had charity on the heavily pregnant condition of his Betrothed, Virgin Mary Most Holy, perpetual ever-Virgin. The hotel-keeper there, Hezekiah, a Judean, could have found a place, a 'hole,' in his crowded hotel for them, but did not do so because he was seemingly prejudiced against poor, unknown Galileans, as seemingly were Mary and Joseph there, although both were descendants from the line of king David of Judah. Joseph then knocked on many private doors asking for lodging, and the people all said no.

When Joseph and Mary finally went to the grotto/cave/stable after all failures to get lodging, there was only an ox there, and the stench therein was somewhat unbearable. Their donkey duly went and placed itself alongside the ox. It is inferred that the donkey knew that it had carried its Creator (in the Womb of Mary) to Bethlehem. The donkey was very careful where it placed its hooves while doing so, while walking along.


Below is the vision, like a movie, of the actual birth of Baby Jesus, that was shown to Maria Valtorta on 6 June 1944.

Maria Valtorta's visions were all like 'movies,' except that she was an invisible witness inside those 'movies,' and so she could see and hear and smell and feel things round her while the vision moved along:

 " [Maria Valtorta narrates the vision:]  ... I still see the inside of the poor stony shelter [= grotto/cave/stable], where [Virgin] Mary and [saint] Joseph have found refuge, sharing the lot of some animals.

 "The little fire [which Joseph had previously lit for warmth] is dozing together with its guardian [Joseph was looking after the little fire, to keep it ongoing]. Mary lifts Her head slowly from Her bed [of hay on the ground] and looks round. She sees that Joseph's head is bowed over his chest, as if he were meditating, and She thinks that his good intention to remain awake has been overcome by tiredness.

 "She smiles lovingly and, making less noise than a butterfly alighting on a rose, She sits up and then goes on Her knees. She prays with a blissful smile on Her face. She prays with Her arms stretched out, almost in the shape of a cross, with the palms of Her hands facing up and forward, and She never seems to tire in that position. She then prostrates Herself with Her face on the hay, in an even more ardent prayer. A long prayer.

 "Joseph rouses. He notices that the fire is almost out and the stable almost dark. He throws a handful of very slender heath on to the fire and the flames are revived, he then adds some thicker twigs and finally some sticks, because the cold is really biting: the cold of a serene winter night that comes into the ruins from everywhere.

 "Poor Joseph must be frozen sitting as he is near the door, if we can call a door the hole where Joseph's mantle serves as a curtain. He warms his hands near the fire, then takes his sandals off and warms his feet. When the fire is gaily blazing and its light is steady, he turns round. But he does not see anything, not even Mary's white veil that formed a clear line on the dark hay. He gets up and slowly moves towards Her pallet.

 "[Joseph:]  « Are You not sleeping, Mary? » he asks.

 "He asks Her three times until She turns round and replies: « I am praying. »

 [Mary went into ecstasy whenever She prayed, and so it took a bit of time for Her to 'switch off' from Her ecstatic state and to attend to Joseph.]

 "[Joseph:]  « Is there anything you need? »

 "[Virgin Mary:]  « No, Joseph. »

 "[Joseph:]  « Try and sleep a little. At least try and rest. »

 [Mary was heavily pregnant, and Joseph was rightly concerned: both had recently arrived after a long journey, aggravated by their being rejected by the people in Bethlehem.]

 "[Virgin Mary:]  « I will try. But I don't get tired praying. »  [Mary went into ecstasy whenever She prayed.]

 "[Joseph:]  « God be with You, Mary. »

 "[Virgin Mary:]  « And with you, Joseph. »

 "Mary resumes Her position. Joseph to avoid falling asleep, goes on his knees near the fire and prays. He prays with his hands pressed against his face. He removes them now and again to feed the fire and then he resumes his ardent prayer. Apart from the noise of the crackling sticks and the noise made now and again by the donkey stamping its hooves on the ground, no other sound is heard.

 "A thin ray of moonlight creeps in through a crack in the vault [= the grotto/cave/stable] and it seems a blade of unearthly silver looking for Mary. It stretches in length as the moon climbs higher in the sky and at last reaches Her. It is now on Her head, where it forms a halo of pure light.

 "Mary lifts Her head, as if She had a celestial call, and She gets up and goes on to Her knees again.

 "Oh! How beautiful it is here now! She raises Her head, and Her face shines in the white moonlight and becomes transfigured by a supernatural smile. What does She see? What does She hear? What does She feel? She is the only one who can tell what She saw, heard and felt in the refulgent hour of Her Maternity. I can only see that the light around Her is increasing more and more. It seems to come down from Heaven, to arise from the poor things around Her, above all it seems to originate from Herself. [Jesus, God, was in Her womb, and 'God is Light'.]

 "Her deep blue dress now seems of a pale myosotis blue, and Her hands and face are becoming clear blue as if they were placed under the glare of a huge pale sapphire. This hue is spreading more and more on the things around Her, it covers them, purifies them and brightens everything. It reminds me, although it is somewhat softer, of the hue I see in the vision of holy Paradise [Heaven], and also of the colour I saw in the visit of the Wise Men.  [i.e. of the vision when the 3 kings from the East went to Bethlehem to adore Toddler Jesus.]

 "The light is given off more and more intensely from Mary's body, it absorbs the moonlight. She seems to be drawing to Herself all the light that can descend from Heaven. She is now the Depository of the Light. She is to give this Light to the world. And this blissful, uncontainable, immeasurable, eternal, divine Light which is about to be given, is heralded by a dawn, a morning star, a chorus of atoms of Light that increase continuously like a tide, and rise more and more like incense, and descend like a large stream and stretch out like veils.

 "The vault [grotto/cave/stable], full of crevices, of cobwebs, of protruding rubble balanced by a miracle of physics, the dark, smoky repellent vault, now seems the ceiling of a royal hall. Each boulder is a block of silver, each crack an opal flash, each cobweb a most precious canopy interwoven with silver and diamonds. A huge green lizard, hibernating between two stones, seems an emerald jewel forgotten there by a queen: and a bunch of hibernating bats is like a precious onyx chandelier. The hay from the upper manger is no longer grass blades: it is pure silver wires quivering in the air with the grace of loose hair.

 "The dark wood of the lower manger is a block of burnished silver. The walls are covered with a brocade in which the white silk disappears under the pearly embroidery of the relief, and the soil. what is the soil now? It is a crystal lit up by a white light. Its protrusions are like roses thrown in homage of the soil; the holes are precious cups from which perfumes and scents are to arise.

 "And the light increases more and more. It is now unbearable to the eye [to Maria Valtorta's]. And the Virgin disappears in so much light, as if She had been absorbed by an incandescent curtain.and the Mother emerges.

 "Yes. When the light becomes endurable once again to my eyes, I see Mary with the [Her] new-born Son [Baby Jesus] in Her arms. A little Baby, rosy and plump, bustling with His little hands as big as rose buds and kicking with His tiny feet that could be contained in the hollow of the heart of a rose: and is crying with a thin trembling voice, just like a new-born little lamb, opening His pretty little mouth that resembles a wild strawberry, and showing a tiny tongue that trembles against the rosy roof of His mouth.

"And He [Baby Jesus] moves His little Head that is so blond that it seems without any hair, a little round Head that His Mummy holds in the hollow of Her hand, while She looks at Her Baby and adores Him weeping and smiling at the same time, and She bends down to kiss Him not on His innocent Head, but on the centre of His Chest, where underneath there is His little Heart beating for us. where one day there will be the Wound [from Longinus' spear thrust]. And His Mother is doctoring that Wound in advance, with Her immaculate kiss.

 "The ox, woken up by the dazzling light, gets up with a great noise of hooves and bellows, the donkey turns its head round and brays. It is the light that rouses them but I love to think that they wanted to greet their Creator, both for themselves and on behalf of all the animals.

 "Also Joseph, who almost enraptured, was praying so ardently as to be isolated from what was around him, now rouses and he sees a strange light filter through the fingers of his hands pressed against his face. He removes his hands, lifts his head and turns round. The ox, standing as it is, hides Mary. But She calls him: « Joseph, come. »

 "Joseph rushes. And when he sees [Baby Jesus in Mary's arms], he stops, struck by reverence, and he is about to fall on his knees where he is. But Mary insists: « Come, Joseph » and She leans on the hay [on the hay-bed on the ground] with Her left hand and, holding the Child close to Her heart with Her right one, She gets up and moves towards Joseph, who is walking embarrassed, because of a conflict in him between his desire to go and his fear of being irreverent.

 "They meet at the foot of the straw bed and they look at each other, weeping blissfully.

 "[Virgin Mary:]  « Come, let us offer Jesus to the Father » says Mary.

 "And while Joseph kneels down, She stands up between two trunks supporting the vault [grotto/cave/stable], She lifts up Her Creature in Her arms and says:

 « Here I am. On His [Jesus'] behalf, O God, I speak these words to You: here I am to do Your Will. And I, Mary, and My spouse, Joseph, with Him. Here are Your servants, O Lord. May Your Will always be done by us, in every hour, in every event, for Your glory and Your love. »

 "Then Mary bends down and says: « Here, Joseph, take Him », and offers him the Child.

 "[Joseph:]  « What!  I?. Me?. Oh, no! I am not worthy! »

 Joseph is utterly dumbfounded at the idea of having to touch God.

 [N.B., N.B.: In relation to the Eucharist that is Jesus, God, Jesus has said severely, that:  '... angelic purity is required of My priests. Woe to the profaners who, with their bodies sullied by carnal union [sex], touch the Body of God. For if your body [man's] is the temple of the Holy Spirit and must thus be kept holy and chaste, the body of the priest at whose command I descend from Heaven to become Flesh and Blood and rest in his hands as in a cradle must be purer than a lily. And, along with his body, his mind, heart, and tongue.']

"[Maria Valtorta continues:]  But Mary insists smiling:

« You [Joseph] are well worthy. No one is more worthy than you are, and that is why the Most High [God] chose you. Take Him, Joseph, and hold Him while I look for the linens. »

 "Joseph, blushing almost purple, stretches his arms out and takes the Baby, Who is screaming because of the cold and when he [Joseph] has Him in his arms, he no longer persists in the intention of holding Him far from himself, out of respect, but he presses Him to his heart and bursts into tears exclaiming: « Oh! Lord! My God! » And he bends down to kiss His tiny Feet and feels them cold. He then sits on the ground, and holds Him close to his chest and with his brown tunic and his hands he tries to cover Him, and warm Him, defending Him from the bitterly cold wind of the night.

 "He would like to go near the fire, but there is a cold draft there coming in from the door. It is better to stay where he is. No, it is better to go between the two animals which serve as a protection against the air and give out warmth. Thus, he goes between the ox and the donkey, with his back to the door, bending over the New-Born to form with his body a shelter, the two sides of which are a grey head with long ears, and a huge white muzzle with a steaming nose and two gentle soft eyes. [i.e. between the two gentle animals: the ox and donkey, described by Maria Valtorta in loving metaphors.]

 "Mary has opened the trunk [which She had brought from Nazareth] and has pulled out the linens and swaddling clothes. She has been near the fire warming them. She now moves towards Joseph and envelops the Baby with lukewarm linen and then with Her veil to protect His little Head.

 "[Virgin Mary:]  « Where shall we put Him now? » She asks.

 "Joseph looks round, thinking.

 « Wait » he says. « Let us move the animals and their hay over here, we will then pull down that hay up there and arrange it in here. The wood on the side will protect Him [Baby Jesus] from the air, the hay will serve as a pillow and the ox will warm Him a little with its breath. The ox is better than the donkey. It is more patient and quiet. »

 "And he [Joseph] bustles about, while Mary is lulling the Baby, holding Him close to Her heart, and laying Her cheek on His tiny Head to warm It. [Mary was then about 16-17 years old; and Joseph about 20 years older than her.]

 "Joseph makes up the fire, without economy this time, to have a good blaze, and he warms the hay and as it dries up, he keeps it near his chest, so that it will not get cold. Then, when he has gathered enough to make a little mattress for the Child, he goes to the manger and sorts it out as if it were a cradle.

 "[Joseph:]  « It is ready » he says. « Now we would need a blanket, because the hay stings, and also to cover Him. »

 "[Virgin Mary:]  « Take My mantle » says Mary.

 "[Joseph:]  « You will be cold. »

 "[Virgin Mary:]  « Oh!  It does not matter! The blanket is too coarse. The mantle is soft and warm. I am not cold at all. Don't let Him suffer any longer! »

 "Joseph takes the wide mantle of soft dark blue wool, he double folds it and lays it on the hay, leaving a strip [of the mantle] hanging out of the manger. The first bed for the Saviour is ready.

 "And the Mother, with Her sweet, graceful gait, moves to the manger, lays Him [Baby Jesus] in it, and covers Him with the strip of Her mantle [that was hanging out of the manger]. She arranges it also around His bare Head, almost completely covered by the hay, from which it is protected only by Mary's thin veil. Only His little Face, the size of a man's fist, is left uncovered. Mary and Joseph, bending over the manger, are blissfully happy watching Him sleep His first sleep, because the warmth of the clothes and of the hay has appeased His crying, and made Him sleepy."


The shepherds, 12 in all, to whom the angels had previously appeared announcing the birth of the Saviour and 'peace to men of good will', came soon after the birth of Baby Jesus, while it was still night-time.

"Good will is the desire for Good and Truth." Said Jesus.

On the shepherds' arrival at the grotto/cave/stable, Levi, the first shepherd to peek inside the grotto/cave/stable, whispered to his companion-shepherds:

 "I can see a beautiful young Woman and a man bending over a manger and I can hear... I can hear a little Baby crying, and the Woman is speaking to Him in a voice... oh! what a voice!"

 [Mary's speech always had the beautiful harmony of a nightingale.]

[The others then asked:] "What is She saying?"

[Levi, the shepherd responds, continuing:]

 "She is saying:

"  « Jesus little one! Jesus love of Your Mummy! Don't cry little Son. »

 "She is saying:

 "  « Oh! If I could only say to You: 'Take some milk, little One.' But I have not got any yet. »

 "She says:

 "  « You are so cold, My Love. And the hay is stinging You! How painful it is for Your Mummy to hear You crying so, without being able to help You! »

 "She says:

 "  « Sleep Soul of Mine! Because it breaks My heart to hear You crying and see Your Tears. »

 "and She kisses Him, and She must be warming His little Feet with Her hands because She is bent with Her arms in the manager.

After a short little discussion between themselves, all the 12 shepherds then revealed themselves, bringing-in gifts of food and wool [a sheep's skin], saying that they had come to worship the Saviour pursuant to the angel's announcement. [Being that of saint Gabriel the archangel.]

The shepherds also came with a sheep's skin (for Baby Jesus), and with a lamb that had lambed and so it had milk. Mary for the moment had no breast milk to feed Her Baby with, for the time being, as She was not yet lactating.

After a few days, the shepherds, now effectively becoming the first Christian Evangelisers, were able to find accommodation for the Holy Family in the Bethlehem town proper. Mary later lactated and was then able to breast feed Her Baby Son and Lord Her God (and ours). Mary, though raised and educated as a young Jewish girl of those times, became the first Christian - from the Annunciation.

Mary, out of charity, also breast-fed another woman's baby, but this is yet another episode. This meant, of course, that Baby Jesus did not get all the milk He would have wanted.

Noting the unbearable stench in the grotto/cave/stable, the shepherds then went on to procure proper accommodation for the Holy Family, in a house in the Bethlehem town proper. The house was owned by Anne, and it was opposite the hotel that had once refused lodging to Mary and Joseph.


The 3 kings (or magi or wise men) from the East - from the geographical region that we now call Turkey, Afghanistan, and Persia (Iran) - came to Bethlehem some months after the birth of Baby Jesus, when He was about 6-12 months old, a Toddler.

All the 3 kings (Gaspar, Melchor, and Baldazar) experienced a sort of 'pre-Pentecost' when they all eventually joined up, unbeknown to one another, beyond the Dead Sea, as they, as well as all their servants, all spoke and understood one another in their own native language. Obviously a miracle. Their garments reflected their respective "country" of origin. The star that was guiding the 3 kings did not appear in Jerusalem when they initially went there, because it had become a sinful city. It was learned [rabbi?] Hillel who said that the Messiah would be born in Bethlehem.

The 3 kings and their respective entourages - the cavalcade - arrived in Bethlehem during the night, but in magnificent supernatural lights and colours and splendour when they actually got there proper, much like it happened inside the grotto/cave/stable on the birth of Baby Jesus, as mentioned briefly by Maria Valtorta above.

Their guiding star came to rest above the house, Anne's, that the Holy Family resided in.

On seeing this, the three kings dismounted from their respective mounts, walked towards the house, and then 'prostrated themselves, touching the ground with their foreheads, to kiss the soil.'

They stayed the night at the hotel that Hezekiah owned.

The next day, when the 3 kings (or magi or wise men), obviously fabulously wealthy and resplendent in their rich kingly attire, entered the room in the house (in Bethlehem) where the Holy Family was lodging, Mary, who was sitting on a chair with Her Child Jesus on Her lap - 'Madonna and Child' - and Joseph standing near Her, stood up, bowed to them respectfully, and said: 'May God be with you.' And then She asked them to sit down on the nearby chairs.

They momentarily stopped walking towards Her, astonished, most probably overcome by the sweetness of Mary's greeting. Then they proceeded and prostrated themselves at Her feet and asked Her to sit down (with Her Child on Her lap and faithful Joseph standing near Her).

Still on their knees, the 3 kings adored their King and God: the Child Jesus, who was then about 6-12 months old - a Toddler.

Then the oldest of the 3 kings, speaking on behalf of all three, first explained some of the various particulars, including the many hardships they endured on their journey, that eventually brought them all there, to Bethlehem, to the house She was lodging, to God and Her, to adore Her Child: God, and then said, offering their gifts:

 "... ... In the meantime, here is the gold which befits a king to possess, here is the incense which befits a God, and here, Mother, here is the myrrh [then normally used for anointing the dead bodies of men before burial] because your Child is a Man as well as God and He will experience the bitterness of the flesh and of human life as well as the inevitable law of death... ... ..." ... ... ...

 "... ... That His heavenly blessing may descend upon us [the 3 kings] while we kiss His Feet."

Some of the words of the elderly king were yet another 'sword of sorrow' thrust into the heart of Virgin Mary, nearly similar to that as done by Simeon in the Temple in Jerusalem after the Presentation of Baby Jesus there. The above words of the elderly king are only an excerpt. Of course Mary was frightened and saddened by the prospect of future sorrow, as She was also with Simeon's; but She hid the pain of the king's 'sword of sorrow' under the gentleness of Her sweet smile.

Mary then allowed each of the 3 kings to hold Toddler Jesus in their individual arms, and to kiss Him, much like She did as with Simeon some time back in Jerusalem's Temple.

Toddler Jesus was a beautiful Child, with dark blue eyes and blond hair. The Holy Spirit has said that Jesus had drawn the 3 kings there to Him, to adore Him. Jesus is King of kings, King and Master and Lord and God of everyone and of everything else.

After all this, and just before exiting the front door of the room to depart:

 "... the magi take leave kneeling down once again kissing Jesus' Feet. Mary, bending down over the Child, takes His Hand and guides It, in a blessing gesture over the head of each wise man. It is already a sign of the cross, traced by Jesus' little fingers, guided by Mary."

Soon after, the 3 kings, along with their respective entourages - the cavalcade - departed from Bethlehem. But they did not go back to king Herod, to report back about Jesus as previously requested by him.

Jesus gave this vision to Maria Valtorta on the 3 kings on 28 February 1944, some months before He gave her, on 6 June 1944, the vision of His Birth.

Jesus has also given us a Commentary concerning the 'adoration of the three kings,' but it's much too long to reproduce it all herein.

In summary, though, He called 'the vision of the scene of the Magi' as being the "Gospel of faith."

In part, Jesus says to us:

 "It is always [Virgin] Mary who takes Jesus' Hand and guides It. [As She guided Baby Jesus' blessing Hand over the head of each of the 3 kings, above.]

 "Even now [in today's pagan, wicked, satanic 'end times'].

 "Now [in today's times] Jesus knows how to bless. But sometimes His pierced Hand falls down tired and disheartened, because He knows that it is useless to bless. You [men] destroy My blessing. It falls also indignant, because you [men] curse Me. It is [Virgin] Mary then Who removes the disdain from My Hand with Her kisses. Oh! the kiss of My Mother! Who can resist that kiss? And then, with Her slender, but lovingly irresistible fingers, She takes My Wrist and forces Me to bless. I cannot reject My Mother, but you [men] must go to Her, and make Her your Advocate.

 "She is My Queen, before being yours, and Her love for you [men] makes such allowances that no one can possibly imagine or understand. And even without any word, but only with Her tears, and the memory of My Cross, the sign of which She makes Me trace in the air [in blessing men], She pleads your cause and exhorts Me: 'You are the Saviour. Therefore save'."

Those who curse Jesus, God, are:

 "... the atheists, who curse God by denying Him, and the rationalists, who curse Him by diminishing Him, the many heretics who curse Him by mutilating Him, and the indifferent, who curse Him by not remembering Him..."

Jesus has also said, though:

 "But ah, when the Son of Man comes, will He find faith left on the earth?"  [Luke 18.8]

Jesus would hardly have posed the above rhetorical question, if faith on earth still existed upon His return.

Satanism, and worshipping of Satan, seem to be advancing fast on every front, even within some of the Judas-clergy and legislatures... to the delight of Satan and his devil-men. Judas - thief and traitor and debauchee, is in Hell.


When king Herod the Great Cut-Throat finally realised that the 3 kings did not return back to him to reveal the location of Toddler Jesus in Bethlehem, Herod ordered the slaughter of all the babies there, having hoped thereby to catch Toddler Jesus in the planned murderous drag-net, in the mass slaughter of the Innocents.

But in dream, an angel of the true only God warned, not Mary, but Joseph - the head of the Holy Family - of Herod's plan to kill Toddler Jesus, and so commanded Joseph to take 'the Child and His Mother' and flee to Egypt, and to remain there until such time as he, the angel, commanded him to return back to then Israel.

Pursuant to '... detailed information given by Maria Valtorta on a separate sheet added to the original manuscript:'

 "The real numbers of babies killed...  [were] thirty-two [32], of which eighteen [18 were] in the actual town of Bethlehem and fourteen [14 were] in the nearby country [in the nearby countryside].

 "Also six [6] baby girls were slaughtered as the hired cut-throats could not tell them from baby boys because they were dressed alike, and also because of the darkness and their hurry to kill."

Is there anything more wicked and repugnant than killing or abusing or maltreating an innocent defenceless baby??

Apart from the babies, some parents, including Anne, were also killed, in their struggle to protect their babies from king Herod's assassins. And some houses were also destroyed, including Anne's. She had given lodging to the Holy Family.


Joseph probably thought that, with the gifts of the 3 kings, he might now make Mary's life a little easier. Not to be for our Lady of Sorrows, but unbeknown to Joseph. It got even harder, more painful, more sorrowful.

Not too long later, the Holy Family had to flee fast, in the night, for Egypt as commanded by the angel (archangel Gabriel?), for king Herod, a cut-throat, 'The Great' Cut-Throat, wanted to kill the Child Jesus, and the gifts of the 3 kings served for this purpose, as well as for acquiring or renting a poor house in Egypt, and finally to buy furniture for their despoiled house in Nazareth when they, "the Refugees," finally returned back home when the danger was over. The money from the 3 kings ended at this point. The pyramids were visible from that poor house in then Matarea, Egypt. Egypt was then the Egypt of the Pharaohs - a totally non-Muslim country, and Islam did not then exist.

Soon after king Herod's slaughter of the babies, of the Holy Innocents, a slaughter that Rome under Caesar (? Augustus ?) censured, accusing Herod of being 'a pig that feeds on blood,' the inhabitants of Bethlehem turned viciously and wickedly against the 12 shepherds, unjustly blaming them for being the cause of the babies' slaughter, and so they had to flee. Those who survived continued their evangelisation, undeterred.

Jesus, at the commencement of His three years' evangelisation, went in search of the 12 shepherds, even in Bethlehem where He, and all those with Him, were instead menacingly driven away, under a hail of stones and hatred. The people still hated all things Jesus.


Satan had a gut feeling that Jesus was then in the world, and was actively, desperately, searching for Him, in order to destroy His Mission. But the Father cast a veil over the Holy Family to prevent Satan from recognising Jesus before the appointed time - a veil of ordinary living. Satan knows the present and the past, but not the future. He cannot create, but he can certainly destroy, and kill... via his devil-men: his satans.

Satan is extremely intelligent, having once been magnificent archangel Lucifer and prince of all the angels. He, then as archangel Lucifer, was once 'the most perfect mirror of God.'

But Lucifer, through pride, got too big for his boots, and so came to believe that he was god and so wanted to supplant his Boss: the true only God. Instead, Lucifer got fulgurated from Heaven into a new job in Hell, a Hell that did not exist before his rebellion. Nothing impure can ever enter, or remain in, Heaven.

Jesus reveals to us:

 "Do you know how Satan burns with desire, with remorse, with nostalgia for what he has lost? Understand Me, it is not from a spirit of love - for he cannot love. But from the perfect pride of his spirit. What he lost is the Kingdom where he was the head of the angels. He suffers not only for not being an angel, but [also] for not being their head, inferior in splendour only to God."

Satan even 'eats his own.' He is Hate, and he hates even those who love and worship him: the devil-men!!  Halloween is a worshipping of Satan!! And some of his many countless worshippers dress-up, during Halloween, to look hideous and repugnant and monstrous as the damned souls are in Hell.

No man on earth can defeat Satan in debate, except God. Jesus says that Satan feels more repugnance at the Name of Mary, His Mother, than at His Name or the Cross. Satan, though, becomes powerless before a cross. That's why he commands his devil-men to destroy crosses and churches, to keep him strong and powerful. Always wear a (Roman) cross.

Satan flees from Mary as he cannot withstand the brilliance of Her presence, beauty, and purity. Satan is Filth. His name is a name and an acronym for all things evil, and

 '... the name 'Satan' came directly from God, and it is one of the first revelations that God made to the spirit of His poor son [primogenitor Adam] wandering over the earth...'

This first revelation happened after Adam's fall from Grace and expulsion from the Garden of Eden, which was then located near Masada in today's geographical Israel.

God can indeed speak direct to a man's soul without him knowing about it.


 "[Virgin] Mary's virginity after Her delivery [= birth of Jesus, delivered into Her arms in ecstasy immersed in light] and [saint] Joseph's chastity have been strongly denied by those who being putrid mud themselves, are not prepared to admit that one [e.g. Mary and Joseph] like them can be as pure and clear as light.

 "They [the deniers of Mary's and Joseph's purity] are wretched people whose souls are so corrupted and their minds so prostituted to the flesh, that they are incapable of thinking that one [e.g. Joseph] like them can respect a woman [e.g. Virgin Mary] seeing in her not her flesh but her soul, neither can they [the deniers] elevate themselves to live in a supernatural atmosphere, craving not for what is flesh, but only for what is God.

 "Well, I wish to tell those deniers of the most beautiful things, those worms incapable of becoming butterflies, those reptiles covered with the slaver of their own lewdness, incapable of understanding the beauty of a lily, I wish to tell them that [Virgin] Mary was and remained a virgin, and that only Her soul was married to [saint] Joseph, exactly as Her spirit was united only to the Spirit of God by Whose deed She conceived Her Only Child: I, Jesus Christ, the Only Begotten Son of the Father and of Mary.

 "This is not a tradition embellished afterwards, out of loving respect for the Blessed Virgin Who was My Mother. It is the truth and has been known since early times.

 "[Saint] Matthew was not born after centuries. He was a contemporary of [Virgin] Mary. Matthew was not a poor ignorant man brought up in a forest and likely to believe any idle story. He was a clerk in the taxation office, as you would say nowadays, he was an excise man, as we said then. He could see, hear, understand, and tell the truth from the false. Matthew did not hear things reported by third parties. He heard them directly from Mary's lips to Whom he applied for information, prompted by his love for his Master [Jesus] and for the truth.

"I do not believe that those repudiators [the deniers] of Mary's inviolability will dare think that She may have lied. My own relatives could have given Her the lie, had there been other children: [His relatives, saint] James, Judas [saint Jude], Simon, and Joseph [all these four were sons of Alphaeus, the brother of saint Joseph] were disciples together with [saint] Matthew. Therefore Matthew could have easily compared their versions, had there been more than one account [about Mary's perpetual virginity].

 "But [saint] Matthew [in his Gospel] does not say: 'Get up and take your wife.' He says: 'Take His Mother.' Before he says: 'A virgin betrothed to Joseph;'  'Joseph Her spouse.' Neither those repudiators [the deniers] of Purity [Virgin Mary] should tell Me that it was a way of speaking particular to the Jews, as if to say 'wife' was a disgrace.

 "No, deniers of Purity [Virgin Mary].

 "At the very beginning of the Bible we read: 'And he [Adam] will join himself to his wife [Eve].' She [Eve] is called 'companion' up to the moment of the sensual [sexual] consummation of the marriage, and afterwards she is called 'wife' in various circumstances and in different chapters [of the Bible].

 "And these [below] are the expressions referred to the wives of the sons of Adam. [As follows:]

 "And so Sarah is called the 'wife' of Abraham: 'Sarah your wife.' And: 'Take your wife and your two daughters' is said of Lot. And in the book of Ruth it is written: 'The Moabitess, the wife of Mahalon.' And in the first book of the Kings it is said: 'Elkanah had two wives.' And further on: 'Elkanah then had intercourse with his wife Hannah.' And again: 'Eli blessed Elkanah and his wife.' And again in the Book of the Kings it is said: 'Bathsheba, the wife of Uriah the Hittite, became the wife of [king] David and bore him a son [= Solomon].'

 "And what do you read in the blue book of Tobias [the 'Book of Tobit' that's in the Bible?], what the Church sings [? now ?, previously sung?] to you at your wedding, to advise you to be holy in your marriage? You read: 'Now when Tobias arrived with his wife and his son....;' and again: 'Tobias succeeded in escaping with his son and with his wife.'

 "And in the [4] Gospels, that is [i.e.] in times contemporary with Christ, when therefore they wrote in a modern style of language, as compared to the ancient kind, and therefore no error of transcription could be suspected, it is said and just by Matthew in Chapter 22: '... and the first, after marrying his wife died and left his wife to his brother.' And Mark at Chapter 10: 'The man who divorces his wife....' And Luke called Elizabeth the wife of Zacharias for four times running, and in the eighth Chapter of his Gospel he says: 'Johanna, the wife of Chusa.'

 "As you can see, this name [i.e. 'wife'] was not a word banished by those who walked in the ways of the Lord, it was not an impure word not worthy of being uttered and least of all written when there was a mention of God and of His wonderful work. And the angel, saying: 'The Child and His Mother,' proves to you that Mary was His real Mother. But She was not a wife of [saint] Joseph. She remained for ever: 'The virgin betrothed to Joseph'."  [Amen.]


The people of Nazareth, but not saint Matthew, called some of these relatives, the "brethren" of Jesus.  [Matthew 13.55-56]

Virgin Mary knew exactly what Her destiny, and Her Son's, were to be from the time of the Annunciation - that knowledge then being, not just another one of the many, many sorrows of Most Holy Mary, our Lady of Sorrows, but the sorrow that lasted 33 years for Her, right up till the glorious Resurrection of Jesus, Her Son and Lord Her God.

The Wound on Jesus' Chest was eventually made by the spear that was thrust into His Heart while He was crucified on the Cross on Golgotha on Good Friday. It was done by Roman centurion, Longinus, as an act of what he then perceived as being an act of Roman military mercy, in order to end Jesus' sufferings. 'As for a knight,' said Longinus, and did so while Virgin Mary was momentarily not looking. But he did not notice that Jesus was already dead when he thrust the lance into Jesus' Chest-Heart. Blood and Water trickled down Jesus' Chest, rather than spurt out had He been alive with a pulsating live Heart. It is inferred that it was the Father's eternal decree that Longinus was to be the one to pierce Jesus' Heart.

It was Longinus who was in charge of Jesus' Crucifixion and, just before setting out, Longinus promised Jesus that he would not make Him suffer more than what was necessary.

Longinus later converted and became a saint of the Church.

Of course, from Jesus' Wound, from this pierced-Heart, Jesus has long given us access to His Divine Mercy via His Image as well as via the Chaplet of Divine Mercy that He instituted via saint Maria Faustina.

Joseph and Mary were fully married in accordance with the Jewish traditions at the time:  a two step process, except that the marriage was never ever carnally consummated. God knows where to lay His Gifts. Joseph was already a Jewish Nazirite [one who took a vow of chastity for a period of time] before meeting Mary in the Temple in Jerusalem. Joseph was about 20 years older than Mary, and She was then about 15-16 years old.

Before they married, though, Joseph and Mary freely, willingly, offered their perpetual chastity in marriage to God for the early arrival of the Messiah, except that Mary had already long offered Her perpetual virginity to God for the same purpose when She was about 2-3 years old and then known as the 'Flower of Nazareth' because of Her exceptional unmatched beauty: 'Tota Pulchra' - the  'All Beautiful.' No artist on earth can depict Her as She truly is, in all Her Beauty, being the Father's Masterpiece of Beauty.

Had primogenitors Adam and Eve not sinned in the Garden of Eden at the beginning, earth would have been a pre-Heaven, and man (and woman) would have been conceived and born similarly to how Jesus was: solely by the love of God [that's a mystery, not revealed].

Mary, the Madonna, was born Immaculate, i.e. without Original Sin. She was conceived, in Her flesh, in a natural human way by Her somewhat old, holy, married Jewish parents, saints Joachim and Anne, who never knew that they had given birth to the Mother of God and ours.

Mary is our real Mother, given to us by Jesus from the Cross. Her Immaculate soul was created by the Holy Trinity, jointly, 'from everlasting.' It's usually the Father who creates souls, but not in this case, as an exception.

Jesus reminds us:

 "Always remember that She [Virgin Mary] is the Daughter of the Father, the Mother of the Son, and the Bride of the Holy Spirit and that Her fusion with the Trinity is perfect. She thus possess the power, intelligence, and wisdom of Her Lord. And She possess them in absolute fullness."

After the fall of Lucifer [Satan] and the fall of our primogenitors, Adam and Eve, it was Virgin Mary who consoled the Father. Satan deprived the Father the joy of being the father of all children created by Him. The rainbow that appeared in the sky after the Great Flood over the whole earth has not been fully understood. The rainbow was the sign of peace and of the bridge between Heaven and Earth, and Mary is that Sign and that Bridge; and the clouds are impending punishments that are dispersed by:

 '... Mary, the peaceful bridge joining Heaven and Earth, the most Beloved One who obtains mercy for sinners with Her sole presence.'

The Father forgets sinful man whenever He looks at His Daughter Mary.

Same-sex sex practitioners have seized that rainbow as their own sign, the rainbow sign of Most Holy Mary, Purity, profaning it with their abominations.

Mary's parents: Saint Joachim was from the line of king David of Judah, and saint Anne from Aaron's (Moses' brother).

Though old, saint Anne did not experience any discomfort or pain in carrying Mary, nor with Her delivery. Mary always brings joy, not pain. Except for Her parents and those who assisted at Her birth, no one else on earth had ever seen Her Body. Mary was promised and given over to the Temple in Jerusalem at 3 years of age, to be instructed there in the Scriptures and to be brought up and taught to be ready to become a traditional Jewish wife, to give children to God. There were other young Jewish girls there, all in the care of a holy woman, Anna of Phanuel.

Mary became an orphan while she was still boarding in the Temple, and She left it only after marrying Joseph, who was selected for Her in a miraculous way. It was the will of God, and She obeyed. Mary always duly respected Joseph as the head of the Family, even though She was much more intelligent, had more wisdom, and was so much better educated than he; but She was particularly careful not to upstage or mortify him by Her superior knowledge, wisdom, and intelligence. She remained silent whenever such a risk arose. Holy Joseph was a carpenter... no mean feat, especially in those ancient times when skills in trades were so much more important for survival.

In home life, Mary attended to traditional women's duties, Joseph to men's. Both lived at Nazareth, then a Jewish town, in the house of Mary's deceased parents and of Her birth, which house was Mary's dowry given over to Joseph upon marriage. Joseph had his own separate bedroom.

Joseph had a brother nearby, in Nazareth, whose name was Alphaeus, who had 4 sons by his wife Mary of Clopas: Joseph, Simon, Judas (saint Jude), and James (saint James).

It seems that the father (or his father) of Alphaeus and of his brother saint Joseph were driven out from their lands in Judah, for reasons not disclosed.

Virgin Mary eventually gave religious instructions - home schooling - to Judas (saint Jude) and James (saint James) as well as Jesus, in order for them to become what was then termed, a 'son of the Law' - something like coming of age. Jesus too went through that process. Susanna, the bride featured 'at the wedding at Cana,' appears to have been the relative of both saint Joseph and Alphaeus, rather than of Virgin Mary's. Old Elizabeth was of course Mary's cousin. She resided at Hebron with her husband, Zacharias, a priest. She was not spared the pains of child-birth of her son, saint John the Baptist.  [Genesis 3.16]  John was feisty even as a baby. Eliza was a Temple friend of Mary's and a disciple of Jesus.

Virgin Mary, as said above, is the Father's Masterpiece of Beauty.

Jesus reveals to us, that:

 "If it were granted to you mortals [men] to see the beauty of [Virgin] Mary as it is, you would remain enraptured and sanctified by it. There is no comparison in the universe that serves to tell you what My Mother [Virgin Virgin] is. Be holy, and you will see Her."

 "Strive to imitate [Virgin] Mary. And, since it is too arduous, ask Mary to help you. What is impossible for man is possible for God - extremely possible, moreover, if asked for in Mary, with Mary, and through Mary."

Jesus seems to be telling us, that it's relatively much easier to obtain a grace from Him via Mary than via Him direct. 'Who seeks Mary finds Jesus.' All graces come from God, either from Him direct or from Him via intercessors such as Virgin Mary, saint Joseph, and other saints.

Jesus once said to His Mother, Virgin Mary:

 "You alone can and will be able to change the punishment decrees of the Eternal Father for one soul or for many of them. Because the Trinity will never be able to deny Its Flower anything."

It is Virgin Mary who is currently standing in the way of Jesus bringing sinful mankind, 'Babylon,' and the world to an end.


Virgin Mary's Beauty in unmatched in the universe.

'The Father created the colour of wheat, golden, to match the colour of Virgin Mary's hair; the colour of the sky, sky-blue, to match the colour of Her eyes; the colour and texture of the pearl, white, to match the colour and texture of Her teeth; the colour of the lily, white, to match the colour of Her skin; the harmonious speech of the nightingale to match the sound of Her speech; and... the weeping speech of the turtledove to match the sound of Her weeping... our Lady of Sorrows.'

Virgin Mary is 'All Beautiful' - "Tota Pulchra Es, Maria."


Jesus and Mary are now both in Heaven, more beautiful than ever, with Their transformed magnificent glorified human Bodies, except that Jesus' glorified Body still carries, by His will as an exception, the Stigmata of His Crucifixion but in a glorious way, to remind us for all eternity how much it cost Him to redeem and save us.

Saint Joseph and all the other humans in Heaven await the end of the world, the resurrection of the dead human bodies some time after that, and the Last Judgement by Jesus Christ-the-Judge before they too can acquire their own beautiful glorified body. Those born on earth with a deformed body, if they are good and go to Heaven, will acquire a glorified body more beautiful than the angels'.

Life in Heaven is an eternal present in unceasing joy. God has given us an easy road map to get there: by obeying the Law, the Decalogue, the immutable Ten Commandments, which are our own 'apple tree' test of obedience to the command of God, no different in principle to the 'apple tree' test of obedience that Adam and Eve were ordered to face but instead rebelled and disobeyed by their own free will, through pride. Though highly intelligent and knowledgeable like her companion Adam, it was Eve that led Adam to rebel and disobey God and sin, and it was Eve, sexually aroused beforehand by Satan, who seduced Adam to have sex with her under that apple tree. Both were punished.

Most of those who go to Hell do so through sins of the flesh, and such sins pervade all stratas of society, from the most abject poor to the most fabulously rich. The antidote to that poison is unfailing daily prayer. Sex is meant, not for carnal lust, but for procreation, for giving children to God if a married couple, a man and a woman, can afford to do so. All animals obey that natural law, but not all men do so. All methods of artificial birth control are wicked, except via abstinence from sex, which abstinence is yet another 'apple-tree' test of obedience to the command of God, One and Three.

Jesus says that everything in Creation obeys God, except Satan, and except man who is more or less a rebel. A bird that sings in the tree, for example, is praising the Lord as it's doing what it was created to do. Many times animals are so much better than men, who will not do what they were created to do. The peoples of planet earth are the great Babylon of the Apocalypse, not a city. Calling a wicked man an 'animal,' might very well be offensive to animals, as they, really, are only obeying the laws of Creation, whereas the wicked man is not, having sunk below the level of the beasts and become a demon.

Animals are always happy. It is men who make them unhappy. And animals must not be maltreated.

Sweet loving, adorable Jesus Christ continues to be, now and in eternity, true God and true Man.

Saint John says to us:

"Let those who blaspheme by saying that Christ was not true God and true Man cease to blaspheme out of mercy on their souls."  [Implicit punishment not revealed.]

Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit.

Mary, Help of Christians, pray for us.

The foregoing is pursuant to the Gospel that Jesus dictated to Maria Valtorta, the Bible, and my analysis.


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