Boy Jesus in the Temple teaching Jewish religious doctors. By Joseph Costa


From the Gospel, we learn that Lord Jesus, as a 12 year old, was 'lost' and that His Mother, Virgin Mary, and His loving foster father, (saint) Joseph, spent 3 days searching feverishly for Him, eventually finding Him in the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem [Luke 2.43-51], teaching the Scriptures to Jewish religious doctors, rabbis:

 Jesus, the Eternal Master - Infinite Wisdom - teaching earthly masters - wisdom beginners.

(Saint) Joseph did not have the extensive Graces that Virgin Mary had. So he soon started to treat youthful Jesus as any other child born of woman. And Mary soon followed suit. And so, probably thereby, they eventually came to think, one day, that their beloved Boy Jesus was 'lost.'

Outlined below are: (a) the proofs that Jesus Christ is true God and true Man; (b) the vision of the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem and surroundings in 12 A.D.; (c) the vision of Lord God Boy Jesus teaching the Scriptures to Gamaliel, Hillel, and Shammai; (d) Adult Jesus' Commentary on Virgin Mary's and Joseph's search for Him; (e) God the Holy Spirit tells us never to ask the Trinity, God, 'why' of anything; and (f) Jesus' warning to today's rebelling wicked humanity.

I seem to have provided below a lot more verse references than I usually do. But this time around they are very important, as Boy Jesus has illuminated and made clear a number of obscure verses in the Old Testament of the Most Holy Bible, some of which verses impact upon today's wicked humanity, more wicked than those in the time of Jesus on earth. Those who are wicked, in their pride and arrogance, don't really see themselves as being wicked, with wickedness all around them. It's obvious that Satan, Wicked, has been hugely successful in beguiling people to become wicked.

Everything below requires more than just one patient careful reading and meditation. Humbly ask God the Holy Spirit to help you understand everything in their truthful meanings, according to His will.

Good luck, and:

 "May the Lord bless you and keep you. May the Lord let His face shine on you and be gracious to you. May the Lord uncover His face to you and bring you to peace."  [Numbers 6.24-26]


In all this, we must never forget that, in taking on the additional Human Nature in order to redeem and instruct humanity, Jesus never ever ceased being God, not even when He was being formed, in His Humanity, in His Mother's womb. At all times, uninterruptedly, Jesus always retained His Divine Nature of being God, and continues to do so eternally: to be God Eternally.  [John 8.59, Colossians 2.9-10, Exodus 3.14, Isaiah 9.6]

In the Old Testament of the Most Holy Bible, in the Book of Deuteronomy, real Jewish prophet Moses said to his fellow Hebrews:

 "The Lord your God will raise up for you a Prophet like myself, from among your own [Hebrew] brethren; to Him, to every word of His, you must listen." [Deuteronomy 18.15]

Listen to Him...??!  First, they bashed Him.  Then they crucified Him!!!  And finally, they bribed a couple of Roman soldiers to lie, to say that Jesus did not resurrect from the dead.

The then Jews wanted an all-conquering military commander who would conquer the world for them for their bodies, not someone who would help them conquer Heaven for their souls.

By living as an ordinary man, from birth to death, and by suffering and dying on the cross by crucifixion, Jesus proved that he was like any other ordinary man born of woman: His Human Nature.

Jesus has never divested Himself of His acquired Human Nature.

And by working many, many, many miracles, and by raising 3 people from the dead - one of whom, Lazarus, was in a state of advanced decomposition in his sepulchre - and by resurrecting Himself from the dead, Jesus proved that He was, is, also God: His Divine Nature.  (Colossians 2.9-10) Many do not want to believe this, simply because, in their pride and unassailable arrogance, they don't want to, being 'stubborn against reason;' and it's their perilous free-will choice, their problem, really, not the Truths' problem.

Only 'the true only God of the Holy Bible can create a living body from mud,' or from putrefaction, as in the case of Lazarus, whose rotting putrid carcass was fully re-composed and raised from the dead to life, coming out of his sepulchre in obedience to Jesus' command, of:

 "Come out!  Lazarus!"

And so Lazarus obeyed the Lord God Jesus, and duly came out of his sepulchre alive, fully intact, in the presence of many, many people, including many scribes, pharisees, and some members of the then Jewish Sanhedrin. Lazarus was not allowed to remember what his soul was doing while his body was rotting away and stinking in his sepulchre.

Thus, unequivocally, truthfully: Jesus Christ is true God and true Man.

And so Jesus can rightly and explicitly affirm His Divine Nature, His Title - 'I Am' - as He once did so, in the Temple in Jerusalem before the then disbelieving haughty scribes and pharisees (most of whom are now in Hell).

Jesus had said:

 "Believe Me, before ever Abraham came to be, I Am."  (John 8.59, Exodus 3.14)

In today's times, those who do not believe in this eternal Truth, as I have explained above, simply do not want to, just as the disbelieving haughty scribes and pharisees and chief priests did not want to, and so negated It - trashing Truth with lies, money, treachery, and murder.

"Very often," Jesus tells us, "men can really tell lies better than Satan."

The latest lies of mass deception, of 'crooked ways of deceit,' that immediate come to mind are: fake news; enacting or using human laws to lie, or to become lucifers; pinning 'denier' as an aspersion onto people who refuse to believe lies.

The Truths, though, will always out-live and defeat the lies, the liars, and all those who are anti-Christ or fake Christians. They all risk sinning against the Holy Spirit, as did most of the then Jewish Sanhedrin. That means going to Hell.

In the time of Jesus, among the non-Jews, there were two broad groups of men, with each group having a broad 'consensus.'

The first broad 'consensus' was, that those who believed in the (then) 'gods,' said that only the 'gods' could live the virtues they 'preached,' and so lived in all manner. Jesus, though, by living holily, disproved that ruse and lie. Jesus proved to the world that a man can indeed grow up and live holily if he truly wants to. Jesus truly wanted to, and did so. Many men truly don't want to, and instead prefer to enjoy a 'temporary pleasure on earth to be paid for by an eternity of sufferings in Hell.'

And the second broad 'consensus' among men, was that God did not exist. Jesus' many manifestations as God also disproved that ruse and lie.

The ancient Olympus, the abode of the so called 'gods,' never existed. They were all myths, and nothing else, handed down by successive gullible generations.

Man's purpose on earth is to earn a place in Heaven. Those who don't want to go there, go to Hell. There are no other choices.


Pursuant to the vision given by Jesus Christ to 'His pen,' Maria Valtorta - one the Church's greatest mystics:

 [Maria Valtorta narrates her vision of the Temple, being an invisible observer actually present therein:]

 "[Maria Valtorta]  I see Jesus. He is an adolescent. He is dressed in a tunic which I think is made of white linen, and it reaches down to His Feet. Over it, He is wearing a pale red rectangular piece of cloth. He is bare headed [i.e. without a hat], His long Hair reaches half way down His Ears and It [Hair] is [now] somewhat darker in hue than when I saw Him as a Child. He is a strong Boy and very tall for His age, which [who] is still relatively young, as is obvious from His countenance.

 "He looks at me smiling and stretches His Hands towards me. But His smile is already like the one I see in Him when He is a Man [an Adult]: mild but rather serious. He is by Himself. I do not see anything else for the time being. He is leaning against a low wall on a minor road which is all uphill and downhill, littered with stones and has a ditch in the middle which in bad weather must turn into a rivulet. But at present it is dry because the day is lovely. [In the time of Jesus on earth, water in Palestine was plentiful.]

"I also seem to be going near the low wall and I look around and down, as Jesus is doing. I see a group of houses irregular in formation. Some of the houses are tall, others are low, and they are scattered in all directions. They look like a handful of little white stones thrown down on dark soil: the comparison is poor, but a good one. The streets and the lanes are like veins in all that whiteness. Here and there I see some plants protruding from the walls. Many are in bloom while others are already covered with new leaves. It must be springtime.

 "On my left, there is the massive structure of the Temple, on three sets of terraces covered with buildings and towers and yards and porches. In the centre, the highest most solemn and rich building rises with its round domes, which shine in the sun as if they were covered with copper or gold. It is all enclosed by an embattled wall, the merlons of which are like those of a stronghold. A tower [= the Romans' Antonia Tower] higher than the others, built over a rather narrow climbing road, commands a clear view of the huge building. It looks like a stern sentry.

 "Jesus stares at the place. He then turns round, leans back once again against the wall, as He had done before and looks at a hillock [mount Golgotha ?] which is in front of the building, a hillock crowded with houses at its base, while the rest of it is bare. I see that a street ends over there in an arch, beyond which there is nothing but a road paved with square stones, which are loose and uneven.

 "They [square stones] are not too large, not like the stones of the Roman consular roads: they rather resemble the classic stones of the old pavements in Viareggio [= Valtorta's home town in Italy]  (I do not know whether there are any still left)  but they are not joined together. A really rough road. Jesus' Face becomes so serious that I look at the hillock endeavouring to find the cause of His sadness. [Maybe the hillock was mount Golgotha, the place Jesus knew, where one day, He would be mercilessly crucified.]  But I do not see anything special. It is a bare hillock and nothing else. Instead I lose Jesus because when I turn around, He is no longer there. And I fall asleep with that vision.  [Maria Valtorta was bed-ridden for years.]

 "... When I awake with its memory [of the above vision] in my heart, after I have recovered some of my strength and my mind is at peace, because they [Valtorta's visitors?] are all asleep, I find myself in a place which I have never seen before. There are yards and fountains and porches and houses, or rather pavilions, because they look more like pavilions than houses. There is a large crowd of people dressed in the ancient style of the Jews, and there is a lot of bawling. When I look around I realise I am inside the large building which Jesus was looking at, because I see the embattled wall surrounding it, the tower [the Romans' Antonia Tower] watching over it and the imposing building that rises in the centre, and round which there are beautiful and large porches, where many people are intent on activities.

 "I understand that I am in the enclosure of the Temple in Jerusalem. I see pharisees in long flowing dresses, priests dressed in linen and wearing precious plates at the top of their chests and on their foreheads and with other sparkling points here and there on their varied robes, which are very wide and white, tied to their waists by precious belts. There are also others with fewer decorations, but they must still belong to the sacerdotal caste and are surrounded by younger disciples. I realise that they are the [religious] doctors of the Law [= Ten Commandments].

 "Among all these people I am lost, because I do not know why or what I am doing there. I go near a group of [religious] doctors where they have just started a theological dispute. Many people do the same.

 "Amongst the «doctors» there is a group headed by one whose name is Gamaliel and by another old and almost blind man who is supporting Gamaliel in the dispute. This man, whose name I hear is Hillel  (I am writing it with an «h» because I hear an aspiration at the beginning of the name)  seems to be a teacher or relative of Gamaliel, because the latter treats him with familiarity and respect at the same time. Gamaliel's group is more broadminded, whereas another group, and it is more numerous, is led by one whose name is Shammai [a nasty piece of work], and is noticeable for its conservative, resentful intolerance the Gospel [in the New Testament] has clarified so well.

 "Gamaliel, surrounded by a compact group of disciples, is speaking of the coming of the Messiah [Deuteronomy 18.15], and founding his observations on [real Jewish prophet] Daniel's prophecy, he states that the Messiah must have already been born, because the seventy prophesied weeks [Daniel 9.24-27], from the time the decree of the reconstruction of the Temple was issued, expired some ten years before.

 "Shammai opposes him [Gamaliel] stating that, if it is true that the Temple has been rebuilt, it is also true that the slavery of Israel [by the Romans] has increased and the peace, which He Whom the [real Jewish] prophets  [Isaiah 9.6]  called «Prince of Peace» was to bring, is quite far from being in the world and in particular is far from Jerusalem. The town is in fact oppressed by an enemy [the Romans] who is so bold as to exert his domination inside the enclosure of the Temple, dominated by the Antonia Tower, full of Roman legionaries, ready to put down with their swords any riot that may break out for the independence of the country.

 "The dispute, full of captious [= fault finding] objections, is dragged on endlessly. All the [religious] doctors show off their learning, not so much to beat their opponents as to display themselves to the admiration of the listeners. Their aims are quite obvious.


 "From the close group of the believers the clear voice of a Boy is heard:

 "[12 year old Jesus - speaking as God, Son of God:]

 " « Gamaliel is right.

[i.e. about real Jewish prophet Daniel's prophecy about the actual appearance/birth of the Messiah.]

 "There is a stir in the crowd and in the group of [religious] doctors. They look for the Interrupter. But it is not necessary to search for Him, because He does not hide. He makes His way through the crowd and goes near the group of the «rabbis». I recognise my Jesus adolescent. He is sure of Himself [He is God] and open-hearted, His Eyes are sparkling with intelligence. [He is Intelligence.]

 "[Group of rabbis:]

 " « Who are You? », they ask Him.

 "[12 year old Jesus:]

" « I am a son of Israel [in His Humanity], who has come to fulfil what the Law [= Ten Commandments] prescribes. »

  [i.e. to restore the Law, the Ten Commandments, to their original simplicity.]

 "His bold and frank reply is appreciated and it gains Him smiles of approval and favour. They take an interest in the young Israelite [= in His Human Nature].

 "[Group of people/rabbis:]

 " « What is Your name? »

 "[12 year old Jesus:]

 " « Jesus of Nazareth. »

 "The feeling of benevolence fades away in Shammai's group.

 [At the time, many Jews of Judah viewed Galilee, of which Nazareth was part, as being a scorned region.]

 "But Gamaliel, more benignly, continues his conversation with Hillel. It is indeed Gamaliel who with respect suggests to the old man [Hillel]:


 " « Ask the Boy something. »


 " « On what do You base Your certainty? »  asks Hillel.

 "(I [= Maria Valtorta] will now put the names in front of the replies for the sake of brevity and clarity.)

 "[12 year old Jesus:]  Jesus:

 " « On the prophecy which cannot be wrong about the time and the signs which took place at the time it came true. It is true that Caesar dominates us, but the world and Palestine were in such peace when the seventy weeks expired, that it was possible for Caesar [Augustus] to order the census in his dominions. Had there been wars in the [Roman] Empire and riots in Palestine, he would not have been able to do so. As that time was completed, so the other period of sixty-two weeks plus one from the completion of the Temple is also being completed, so that the Messiah [Jesus] may be anointed and the remainder of the prophecy may come true for the people [for the Jews of that time] who did not want Him [Jesus].

 " « Can you doubt that? Do you not remember the [guiding] star that was seen by the Wise Men [= the 3 kings/magi/wise men] from the East, which [star] stopped over the sky in Bethlehem of Judah and that the prophecies and the visions, from Jacob [= son of Isaac, son of Abraham] onwards, indicate that place [= Bethlehem] as the one destined as the birthplace of the Messiah, son of the son of Jacob's son, through [king] David who was from Bethlehem?  [Virgin Mary is from the line of king David of Judah]  Do you not remember Balaam?  'A Star [Jesus] will be born of Jacob.'  [Numbers 24.17]  The Wise Men from the East, whose purity and faith [= virtues once explained indirectly, briefly, elsewhere] opened their eyes and ears, saw the Star and understood Its Name: 'Messiah', and they came [to Bethlehem] to worship the Light [God, Jesus] that had descended into the world. »

 [Those, including some clerics, who are in sin cannot fully understand the Gospel, the Truths, though they may think they can.]

 "Shammai, glaring at Him [at 12 year old Jesus]:

 " « Do you mean that the Messiah was born in Bethlehem-Ephrathah at the time of the star?

[i.e. the star that was guiding the 3 kings/magi/wise men.] »

 "[12 year old Jesus:]  Jesus:

  " « I do. »


 " «Then He [the Messiah] no longer exists. Don't You know, Child, that Herod [the great cut-throat] had all the born of woman, from one day up to the age of two years, slaughtered in Bethlehem and surroundings? You, Who are so wise in the Scriptures [= an offensive irony], must also know this: 'A voice is heard in Ramah... it is Rachel weeping for her children'. The valleys and the hills in Bethlehem, which gathered the tears of the dying Rachel, were left full of tears, and the mothers have wept again on their slaughtered children. Amongst them, there certainly was the Mother of the Messiah. »

 "[12 year old Jesus:]  Jesus:

 " « You are wrong, old man [see below]. The weeping of Rachel turned into a hosanna, because there, where she gave birth to 'the son of her sorrow', the new Rachel [Virgin Mary] has given the world [not just to the Jews] the Benjamin [= Jesus] of the Heavenly Father, the Son of His right Hand, Him Who is destined to gather the people of God under His sceptre and free it from the most dreadful slavery [of sin, of Satan]. »

 [Using 'old man' herein could be construed as being an aspersion, but, as Jesus never insulted anyone, the perceived aspersion could be in the translation into English. For example, in the Italian, an 'old man' can be called either an 'uomo vecchio' - a perceived aspersion - or alternatively, an 'anziano' - a respectful term to refer to an 'old man.' Maybe the same two terms existed in the Aramaic then spoken by Jesus. This issue is too minor to warrant any further research.]


 " « How can that be, if He was killed? »

 "[12 year old Jesus:]  Jesus:

 " « Have you not read about Elijah? He was carried off by the chariot of fire.  [II Kings 2.11]  And could the Lord God not have saved His Emmanuel so that He might be the Messiah of His people? He, Who parted the sea [Exodus 14.21] in front of [real Jewish prophet] Moses, that Israel might walk on dry ground towards its [promised] land, could He not have sent His angels to save His Son, His Christ, from the ferocity of man? I solemnly tell you: the Christ [the Saviour, the Messiah] is alive and is amongst you, and when His hour comes, He will show Himself in His Power. » [as God and as Man.]

 "Jesus, in saying these words, which I have underlined [owing to a technicality, this underlining has been omitted], has a sharp sound in His Voice which fills the air. His Eyes are brighter than ever, and with the gesture of command and promise He stretches out His right Arm and Hand and lowers Them as if He were swearing [i.e. as if He were taking an oath]. He is a Boy, but is as solemn as a Man [as an Adult]

 "Hillel [obviously sensing something supernatural]:

 " « Child, who taught you these Words? »

 "[12 year old Jesus:]  Jesus:

 " « The Spirit of God. I have no human teacher. This is the Word of the Lord Who speaks to you through My Lips. »


 " « Come near us that I may see You, Child, and my hope may be revived by Your faith and my soul enlightened by the brightness of Yours. »

[Hillel had seemingly lost hope in Israel because of the then wickedness of Jerusalem and surroundings. Jerusalem did not see itself as being wicked, just as most of today's humanity likewise does not see itself as being wicked, singing and drinking and dancing on the road to the Abyss: Hell.]

 "And they make Jesus sit on a high stool between Gamaliel and Hillel and they give Him some rolls to read and explain. It is a proper examination. The people throng and listen.

 "[12 year old Jesus:]  Jesus reads in His clear Voice:

 " « [Abbreviated]  Be consoled, my people. Speak to the heart of Jerusalem and call to her that her time of service is ended [i.e. slavery of sin is ended]... A voice cries in the wilderness: 'Prepare a way for the Lord... then the glory of the Lord shall be revealed... ' »  [Isaiah 40.1-5]

 "Shammai [who doesn't know that he doesn't know, much like the Valtorta haters]:

" « See that, Nazarene [= a term obviously used as an aspersion]. It refers here to an ended slavery, but never before have we been slaves as we are now [by the Romans]. And there is the mention of a precursor. Where is he? You are talking nonsense. »

 "[12 year old Jesus:]  Jesus:

 " « I tell you [Shammai] that the admonition of the precursor [saint John the Baptist had not yet revealed] should be addressed to you [to Shammai] more than anyone else. To you [to Shammai] and those like you. Otherwise you will not see the glory of the Lord [= will not enter Heaven, meaning going to Hell], neither will you understand the Word of God because meanness, pride and falsehood will prevent you from seeing and hearing. »

 [This severe censure can also be equally applied, today, to many of today's Christian clerics. Many, beguiled and blinded by the ways of the world, have lost sight of the 'Pole Star:' real Jesus Christ. Jesus wants His ministers to be totally His, to be totally spiritual.]

 "Shammai [= another 'how dare you' joker, metaphorically rising still higher on his high horse]:

 " « How dare You speak to a master like that? »

 "[12 year old Jesus:]  Jesus:

 " « I speak thus [the Truths]. And thus I shall speak even to My death, because above Me there are the interests of the Lord and the love for Truth of which I am the Son. And I add, rabbi [= Shammai], that the slavery of which the prophet [= Isaiah] speaks, and of which I am speaking, is not the one you think, neither is the royalty the one you consider. On the contrary, by the merits of the Messiah [Jesus Christ], man will be made free from the slavery of Evil, which separates him from God, and the sign of Christ will be on the spirits [= souls], freed from every yoke and made subjects of the eternal kingdom [Heaven].

 " « All the nations will bend their heads, O household of David [= the Jews], before the Shoot [= Jesus] born of you [of the Jews] and which [Shoot - Jesus] will grow into a tree [= Christianity, Church] that covers the whole world and rises up to Heaven.  [Isaiah 11.1]

 " « And in Heaven and on the earth every mouth will praise His Name [Jesus] and bend its knee before the Anointed of God [Jesus], the Prince of Peace, the Leader, before Him Who by giving Himself will fill with joy and nourishment every disheartened and famishing soul, before the Holy One Who will establish an alliance between Heaven and earth. Not like the Covenant made with the Elders of Israel when God led them out of Egypt, treating them still as servants, but infusing a heavenly paternity into the souls of men with the Grace [that Adam and Eve had once lost, and so thereby also did humanity] instilled once again by the merits of the Redeemer [Jesus], through Whom all good people will know the Lord and the Sanctuary of God [= Jesus' Christian Church] will no longer be demolished and destroyed. »


 " « Do not blaspheme, Child!  Remember [real Jewish prophet] Daniel. He states that after the death of Christ, the Temple and the Town [= Jerusalem] will be destroyed by a people [the Romans] and a leader who will come from afar [Daniel 9.26, Luke 21.20]. And You hold that the Sanctuary [= Jesus' Christian Church] of God will no longer be demolished!  Respect the prophets! »

[Contrary to Shammai's assertion of respecting the prophets, Jerusalem usually killed the prophets.

[Very briefly, of what later actually transpired: In 66 A.D. - 33 years after the vicious, atrocious, murder of Jesus Christ by crucifixion (when He was then 33 years old) - riots broke out in Caesarea and Jerusalem, that then led to a band of Jews succeeding in slaughtering the Roman garrison in Jerusalem. The uprisings were totally foolhardy. It was akin to a flea biting the tough hide of a hippopotamus, and the flea breaking its teeth (if it can be said that a flea has strong viable teeth able to bite). The Romans were then at the height of their military power, unequalled in history. Individually and as a group, the Romans always wanted to be 'the rulers.' They crushed anyone whom they perceived as standing in their way.

[Flavius Vespasianus {Vespasian} was sent to the area to suppress the uprisings but, because of troubles in Rome, the task was transferred to his son, Titus.

 [With Vespasianus' son, Titus, in charge {obviously with Roman soldiers}, the Temple was eventually destroyed by the Romans in 70 A.D., together with the rest of Jerusalem - 'amid hideous scenes of pillage and slaughter.' It was awful. About 'a million lives were lost' - according to one source. Other sources quote differing figures. All this means, that no one on earth really knows the exact figure of the carnage, except God.

['Jerusalem was therefore sacked, and became a heap of ruins on which a Roman legion pitched camp.' And the Jews, as a nation, then ceased to exist. And so, also ceased, the Jewish persecutions against Christians. The Jewish stronghold in Masada was eventually taken out about 3 years later without a fight, via the mass 'voluntary' suicide, or 'forced suicide' of the insurgents by their own Hebrew people - but a few secretly objected and hid, and didn't suicide, and so lived to tell the tale.

 [But Christianity, and knowledge of Jesus Christ, continued to flower beautifully and spread across the world, despite the many and varied persecutors of Christians, that continues to this very day - even Christians persecuting Christians.

[Person A persecuting person B, transforms person A into a filthy repugnant devil, no matter whoever person A may be.

[In recent times {1948}, Israel has been re-established as a nation and become very strong, militarily, true, but it's living like a small dingy bopping about perilously in a turbulent sea of hatred - but NOT from Christians.]

 "[12 year old Jesus:]  Jesus [responds to Shammai above, concerning the 'Sanctuary']:

" « I solemnly tell you that there is Someone Who [= Jesus] is above the prophets, and you do not know Him and you will not know Him because you do not want to.

 [They did NOT want to!!!]

 " « And I tell you that what I said is true. The true Sanctuary [Jesus' Christian Church] will not be subject to death. But like its Sanctifier [Jesus Christ] it will rise to eternal life and at the end of the world it will live in Heaven [as the Church Triumphant]. »

[N.B.:  Jesus' real Church is composed, not of all the bricks and mortar churches, but of all those who are in a state of Grace - a remnant that, in today's wicked end times, continues to shrink by the day.]


" [Abbreviated]  « Listen to me, Child.  [Real Jewish prophet] Haggai says: '... The One Expected [Messiah, Jesus] by the nations will come... great then shall be the glory of this House [= Jesus' Christian Church], and of this last One more than of the previous one' [= Judaism].  [Haggai 2.9]

 " « Does he [real Jewish prophet Haggai] perhaps refer to the Sanctuary [= Jesus' Christian Church] of which You are speaking? »

 "[12 year old Jesus:]  Jesus:

 " « Yes, master. That is what he means. Your honesty [Hillel's] leads you towards the Light [God - God is Light] and I tell you: when the sacrifice of Christ is accomplished, you shall have peace [= Redemption: Hillel transferred from Limbo to the peace of Heaven] because you are an Israelite without wickedness. »

[Hillel must indeed have been a good, holy man. He's obviously in Heaven now, as an unproclaimed saint - by the Word of Jesus Christ Himself, above.]


 " « Tell me, Jesus. How can the peace of which the [real Jewish] prophets speak be hoped for, if destruction is going to come to these people [= the then Jews] by war? Speak and enlighten also me. »

"[12 year old Jesus:]  Jesus:

" « Do you not remember, master, what those [i.e. the 12 shepherds] said who were present on the night of Christ's birth?  [i.e. on the night of the twenty fifth of Chislev {Jewish month}]  That the angels sang: 'Peace to men of good will' but this people [then Israel, as well as much of today's humanity] is not of good will and will not have peace. It [then Israel] will not acknowledge its King [Jesus], the Just Man, the Saviour, because they [then Israel] expect Him to be a king with human power, whereas He is the King of the spirit. They will not love Him, because they will not like what Christ preaches [the Truths].

 " « Christ will not defeat their enemies [then Israel's] with their chariots and their horses, He will instead defeat the enemies of the soul, who endeavour to imprison in Hell the heart of man which was created for the Lord.

 " « And this is not the victory Israel is expecting from Him [from the Messiah, Jesus]. Your King [Jesus] will come, Jerusalem, riding a 'donkey and a colt' [John 12.15], that is, the just people of Israel [i.e. those holy from the 'old established House,' Judaism: the 'donkey' metaphor] and the Gentiles [i.e. those from the 'new young House,' Jesus' Christian Church: the 'colt' metaphor].

 [The above term, 'donkey and a colt,' is a complex metaphor. A young male donkey can usually be called a 'donkey,' but it can also be called a 'colt' which is the correct term to describe a young male donkey {or a young horse}. Some horse races consist entirely of colts or fillies; or at times, mixed.]

 " « But I tell you, that the colt [Christianity] will be more faithful to Him [Jesus] and will follow Him preceding [surpassing] the donkey [Judaism] and will grow in the ways of Truth and Life. Because of its evil will, Israel will lose its peace and suffer for centuries [as has undoubtedly already transpired during the course of the last 20 centuries] and will cause its King [Jesus] to suffer and will make Him the King of sorrow of Whom [real Jewish prophet] Isaiah speaks. »

[Good will, Jesus has explained, is the 'desire for Good and Truth.' Evil will is therefore the reverse of good will.]


 " « Your mouth tastes of milk and blasphemy at the same time, Nazarene [= a term obviously used as an aspersion]. Tell me: where is the precursor? When will we have him? »

 "[12 year old Jesus:]  Jesus:

 " « He is. [i.e. he's alive, existing]  Does not [real Jewish prophet] Malachi say: 'Here I am going to send My messenger [the precursor] to prepare the way before Me; and the Lord you are seeking will suddenly enter His Temple, and the angel of the Covenant Whom you are longing for'?  [Malachi 3.1]

 " « Therefore the precursor immediately precedes Christ. He already is, as Christ is. [i.e. both are in the world alive, living.]

" « If years should elapse between him [= the precursor - saint John the Baptist] who prepares the ways for the Lord and Christ, all the ways would become obstructed and twisted again. God knows [everything from eternity to eternity] and arranges beforehand that the precursor should precede the Master by one hour only. When you see this precursor, you will be able to say: 'The mission of Christ is beginning.' [That began when Jesus was baptised in the Jordan by saint John the Baptist, and the Father immediately openly proclaiming Jesus to be His beloved Son.]

" « And I say to you [to Shammai]: Christ will open many eyes and many ears when He comes this way. But He will not open yours [Shammai's] or those of people like you [including scribes and pharisees and chief priests], because you will be putting to death Him Who is bringing you [eternal] Life.

 " «  But when the Redeemer sits on His throne and on His altar, higher up than this Temple, higher than the Tabernacle enclosed in the Holy of the Holies, higher up than the Glory [? the Ark of the Covenant ?] supported by the Cherubim, maledictions for the deicides [for the killers of God, of Jesus] and life for the Gentiles will flow from His thousands and thousands of wounds [including Christ's floggings and Crucifixion], because He, O master [= Shammai] who are unaware of it, is not, I repeat, is not the king of a human kingdom, but of a spiritual Kingdom and His subjects [Christians] will be only those who for His sake will learn to regenerate in the spirit [by Baptism and Confession] and, like [real Jewish prophet] Jonah, after being born, will learn to be born again, on other shores: 'The shores of God', by means of a spiritual regeneration [by Baptism and Confession] which will take place through Christ, Who will give humanity true Life. »

[Very briefly, real Jewish prophet Jonah initially refused to obey God's command to preach to the then wicked people of Nineveh, was thrown overboard the ship which he thought would have enabled him to escape from God, was swallowed by a whale and stayed in its stomach for 3 days and 3 nights, and then spewed out of the whale's mouth alive, onto a beach. Then he went to the then wicked people of Nineveh and preached to them. They listened, repented, did penance, and so were spared the punishments that God had planned for them had they remained wicked.]

"Shammai and his followers:

 " « This Nazarene is Satan! »

 [This satanism most probably earned Shammai and his followers, an immediate one way ticket to the very depths of Hell.]

 "Hillel and his followers:

 " « No. This Child is a Prophet of God. Stay with me, Child. My old age will transfuse what I know into Your Knowledge and You will be Master of the people of God. »

 [How kind, humble, fatherly, and gentle Hillel must have been: Jesus-like. Outside of Jesus, Hillel was seemingly then the highest authority on the Scriptures. Gamaliel was next in line but he later became rather haughty and proud, and would probably have gone to Hell had he not converted (in secret, in tears) to Christianity in his last days, when he was very old and blind. He went to Virgin Mary in tears to help him. 'Who seeks Mary finds Jesus.']

 "[12 year old Jesus:]  Jesus:

 " « I solemnly tell you [= Hillel] that if there were many like you [= like Hillel and his followers], salvation would come to Israel. But My hour has not come. Voices from Heaven speak to Me and in solitude I must gather them until My hour comes [to reveal Himself as the Messiah]. Then with My Lips and My Blood I will speak to Jerusalem, and the destiny of prophets stoned and killed by her [by Jerusalem], will also be My destiny.

" « But above My Life there is the Lord God [the Father], to Whom I submit Myself as a faithful Servant, to make of Myself a stool for His Glory, waiting that He will make the world a stool at the Feet of Christ. Wait for Me in My hour. These stones [of the Temple] shall hear My Voice again and vibrate hearing My last Word. Blessed are those who in that Voice will have heard God and believed in Him because of It. To them Christ will give that kingdom [= Heaven of the Bible] which your selfishness [then Israel's selfishness, lust for power] imagines to be a human one, whereas it is a heavenly one and therefore I say [= addressing the Father]:

 " « 'Here is Your Servant, Lord [the Father], Who [Jesus] has come to do Your will. Let it be consummated, because I am eager to fulfil it'.

 [Jesus' last Words, from His Cross, were: 'Father, forgive them; they do not know what it is they are doing.'  (Luke 23.34)

 [But I'm not so sure that the Father granted Jesus' request.]

 "And here, with the vision of [12 year old] Jesus with His Face burning with spiritual ardour and raised to Heaven, His Arms stretched out, standing upright in the midst of the astonished doctors, the vision ends." [Then His Mother 'finds' Him - see below.]

Notice how boldly, firmly, clearly, and fearlessly Boy Jesus attested to the Truths - a Martyr in waiting - in stark contrast to the 'politically correct' or 'pastorally sensitive' or watered down quasi deceits that many clerics employ today, with consummate skills, thereby sugar-coating and falsifying the Gospel.


Jesus, true God and true Man, pursuant to the Gospel that He dictated to holy mystic and 'victim soul,' Maria Valtorta - the "pen of Jesus:"

[Adult Lord] Jesus comments:

"Let us go back, far back. Let us go back to the Temple where I, a twelve year old Boy, am disputing. Nay, let us go back to the roads which take one to Jerusalem and from Jerusalem to the Temple.

"See [Virgin] Mary's distress when She realised, after the groups of men and women had gathered together, that I was not with Joseph.

"She does not reproach Her spouse bitterly. Every woman would have done that. You [women] do so for much less, forgetting that man is still the head of the family.  [Most domestic problems arise due to lack of respect for a man being 'the head of the family.' Feminism has always been satanic, a family buster conceived in Hell.]  But the pain that appears on Mary's face pierces Joseph's heart more than any bitter reproach. Mary does not give vent to dramatic outbursts. You [women] do so for much less because you love to be noticed and pitied. But Her repressed sorrow is so obvious: She starts trembling, Her face turns pale, Her eyes are wide open and thus She arouses pity more than any outburst of tears and cries.

"She is no longer tired or hungry. And yet the journey was a long one and She has not taken any food for so many hours! But She leaves everything: the bed She was preparing and the food which was ready to be handed out. And She goes back. It is night, it is dark. It does not matter. Every step takes Her back to Jerusalem. She stops the caravans and pilgrims and questions them. Joseph follows Her and helps Her. A long day's walk back to Jerusalem and then the feverish search in town.

 "Where, where can Her Jesus be? And by God's provision for many hours She will not know where to look for Me. To look for a child in the Temple does not make sense. What could a child be doing in the Temple? At most, if He had got lost in town and His little steps had brought him back there, He would have cried for His mother and thus would have attracted the attention of people and of the priests, who would have taken the necessary steps to find the parents by means of announcements left at the gates. But there was no announcement. No one in town knew anything of this Child. Beautiful? Blond? Strong? There are so many like that! It is too little to enable anyone to say: I saw Him. He was there or there'!

 "Then, after three days, the symbol of three other days of future anguish [= Mary's severe sufferings from Good Thursday evening to Easter Sunday at dawn, ending upon Her Son's appearance to Her - Her Son's Resurrection], Mary, exhausted, enters the Temple, walks along the yards and the halls. Nothing. She runs, the poor Mother, whenever She hears the voice of a child. Even the bleating of the lambs give Her the impression that She hears Her Creature weeping and looking for Her. But Jesus is not weeping. He is teaching. All of a sudden, from beyond the barrier of a large group of people, She hears His Voice saying: 'These stones will vibrate...' She endeavours to make Her way through the crowd, and succeeds after much effort. There is Her Son, standing in the midst of the [Jewish religious] doctors with His Arms stretched out.

 "Mary is the Prudent Virgin. But this time anxiety overcomes prudence. It is a hurricane [a cyclone] that demolishes everything. She runs to Her Son, embraces Him, lifting Him off the stool and putting Him down on the ground and She exclaims:

 " [Virgin Mary:]  'Oh! Why have You done this to us? For three days we have been looking for You. Your Mummy is dying with pain, Son. Your father [saint Joseph] is exhausted with fatigue. Why, Jesus?'

 [Adult Jesus continues His Commentary:]  "You do not ask 'why' of Him [God] Who knows. 'Why' He behaved in a certain way. You do not ask those with a vocation 'why' they leave everything to follow the Voice of God. I was Wisdom and I knew. I was 'called' to a mission and I was fulfilling it. Above the earthly father and mother there is God, the Divine Father. His interests are above ours, His affections are superior to everything else. And I tell My Mother.

 "I finish [the vision of] teaching the [Jewish religious] doctors [in the Temple] with the lesson to Mary, the Queen of doctors.  [Mary is also the Seat of Wisdom]  And She has never forgotten it [= Boy Jesus' lesson of never asking God, 'why']. The sun began to shine again in Her heart now that She had Me, humble and obedient, beside Her, but My Words are deeply rooted in Her mind [even now that She is in Heaven??]. There will be much sunshine and many clouds will gather in the sky during the next twenty-one years I will still be on the earth. And great joys and many tears will alternate in Her heart during the next twenty-one years. But never again will She ask: 'My Son, why have You done this to us?'

"Oh, insolent men [= today's wicked humanity, more wicked than those in the time of Jesus], learn your lesson.

"[Jesus addressing Maria Valtorta]  I directed and enlightened the vision [of He teaching Gamaliel, Hillel, and Shammai above, by His Commentary above], because you, little John [= Jesus' pet name for Maria Valtorta] are not able to do anything further."


In His discussion about God commanding Adam and Eve not to eat the forbidden fruit, and about Adam and Eve's actions, the Holy Spirit reminds us all that we should never, never, ever ask God, 'why' or 'whys:'

 "...  which [the Holy Spirit says] are always the shipwreck of love, of faith, of hope. When God orders or acts, one should obey and do His Will, without asking 'why?' He orders or acts in that given manner. His every action is good, even if it does not seem so to the creature [man], limited in its knowledge."

An example of men's limited knowledge and wrong understanding: Some people have cast God as being very severe in the way He dealt with the first-born [Exodus 12.29] of the ancient Egyptians in the time of real Jewish prophet Moses. Jesus has explained the event as being 'tough love,' but still being love. The first-born of the Egyptians that were killed were spared sinning as their fathers had sinned; and those fathers given more time to repent of their sins.

F.  JESUS' WARNING TO TODAY'S REBELLING HUMANITY (that refuses to listen and obey)

Rebellion and violence and anarchy are disorders, that are censured by Jesus, as He is Order.

Jesus warns us, concurrently explaining the message of saint John the Baptist - of the 'voice':

 "Twenty centuries have passed since a 'voice' said what [real Jewish prophet] Isaiah had already said [Isaiah 40.3, Matthew 3.1-3]:

 " 'Prepare the ways of the Lord.'

 "But the ways are rendered increasingly obstructed by your [men's] evil will enslaved to the Beast [Satan's visage and body are indeed that of a hideous Beast], who has you [men] pile up mountains of pride, create fissures of sin, crooked ways of deceit, and valleys of sloth."

The 'voice' had said:

 "Prepare the way of the Lord, straighten out His paths. Every valley is to be bridged, and every mountain and hill levelled, and the windings are to be cut straight, and the rough paths made into smooth roads, and all mankind is to see the saving power of God."  [Matthew 3.3-6]

Jesus' warning, which is love, is clear enough: we must stop sinning and offending Him. And to repent and to ask Jesus for forgiveness.

Let's not interpret Jesus' warning as being a sign of weakness. In another unrelated matter, Lucifer did so, rebelled, and so got transformed into ugly Satan and fulgurated into the flames of Hell, along with all the multitude of rebelling angels.

I have never been able find out what "crooked ways of deceit" Lucifer, Snake, had used to convince intelligent angels to obey him and not Jesus their Creator.

Sweet loving, adorable Jesus Christ continues to be, now and in eternity, true God and true Man.

Saint John says to us:

 "Let those who blaspheme by saying that Christ was not true God and true Man cease to blaspheme out of mercy on their souls."  [Implicit punishment not revealed.]

Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit.

Mary, Help of Christians, pray for us.

The foregoing is pursuant to the Gospel that Jesus dictated to Maria Valtorta, the Bible, and my analysis.


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