Risen Lord Jesus appears and consoles the mother of Judas Iscariot. By Joseph Costa


I can't recall anything being said in the most holy Bible concerning Mary of Kerioth, the mother of traitor and debauchee Judas Iscariot. But there's some information about her in the Gospel that Jesus dictated to Maria Valtorta.

Judas Iscariot's mother, Mary of Simon, a widow in the time of Jesus' three years' evangelisation, was a holy woman and a faithful disciple of Jesus.

Mary of Simon had a close friend nearby whose name was Anne of Kerioth. Both women, mothers, had fallen out of friendship as a result of Mary's son, Judas Iscariot, terminating his relationship with Anne's daughter, Johanna - a virgin. Judas had told her that he didn't want to marry her. She had waited all her youth for him. He was after something "better," obviously treating marriage as a business enterprise rather than a holy union in order to give children to God.

Johanna was grief stricken as a result of the termination of that hoped-for-marriage, and so died of grief, of a broken heart. And her mother, Anne, got grief stricken as a result Johanna grief and death, and so became ill and ended up being bedridden. And so Anne's relationship with Mary soured. Mary was innocent.

But Mary was determined to re-establish her relationship with Anne, and so when Jesus visited her during one of His evangelisation journeys, Mary asked Jesus to help her. Jesus agreed, obviously knowing much more than was generally known.

Jesus succeeded in restoring the friendship between Mary and Anne, but He needed to reveal to Anne the sorrowful future awaiting Mary, and so He prepared Anne to help, and care for, Mary when the time came; and Anne did so when that sorrow materialised for Mary. Two separate visions are involved in all this, that need to be understood and absorbed.

So, what unfolds below, is: (a) Jesus Prepares Anne of Kerioth to Help Judas' Mother, Mary of Simon; and (b) Anne of Kerioth's Loving Care of Judas' Mother, Mary of Simon.

At the centre of all this, of course, is traitor and debauchee Judas Iscariot. He was an only child, and seemingly spoilt by his father. But, by all accounts, Judas was what we would today term: a scumbag, but obviously not known to Johanna and her mother Anne of Kerioth.

Judas' own mother, Mary of Simon, once revealed that there were "... places where he [Judas] will no longer go because he may receive a fair punishment."

Mary knew her son Judas was evil; and so she had made him swear that he "... would be good to the Master [Jesus]." Judas did not live up to his oath. And for this and many, many, other sins and reasons, Judas is now forced to live in Hell forever.

Mary of Simon, though, is now in glorious Heaven, and Jesus has made her forget that she was the mother of Judas Iscariot.


The following took place in the third year of Jesus' evangelisation [in 33 A.D.], a "few months" before Jesus was murdered by cruel crucifixion at Golgotha.

Pursuant to the vision that Jesus gave to holy mystic and 'victim soul,' Maria Valtorta - the "pen of Jesus," she being an invisible observer therein:

[Very briefly, while Jesus was with His 12 apostles in Mary of Simon's home, she asked Jesus to accompany her, alone, to Anne of Kerioth's country home to attempt a reconciliation between herself and Anne. When Jesus and Mary arrived there, Mary waited outside the house and Jesus walked in alone. A female servant quizzed Jesus a bit, and then allowed Him to go into Anne's bedroom where she was in bed, bedridden and ill, and slowly dying of grief, near death.]

 "[Maria Valtorta continues the vision:]  ... ... ... Jesus approaches the bed slowly. He kindly wipes the perspiration on the face of the woman [Anne of Kerioth], who finds difficulty in doing so because her hands are incredibly swollen, and He fans her head with a fan made with palm leaves. He helps her to drink as she seeks some refreshment in the liquor on the night table. He [Jesus] seems a son near a diseased mother. He finally sits down, kindly but firmly determined to fulfil His mission.

 "The woman [Anne] watches Him and calms down, and with an agonising smile she says:

 [Anne of Kerioth speaks to Jesus:]

" 'You are handsome and kind. Who are You, Rabbi? You are as gentle as my beloved daughter [deceased Johanna] was in comforting me.'

 [Jesus replies to Anne of Kerioth:]

  " « I am Jesus of Nazareth! »

 [Anne of Kerioth replies to Jesus:]

 " 'You?!... And You have come to me?... Why?...'

 [Jesus replies to Anne of Kerioth:]

 " « Because I love you. I have a Mother, too, and in every mother I see Mine, and in the tears of mothers, I see My Mother's...'

 [Anne of Kerioth replies to Jesus:]

 " 'Why?  Does Your Mother weep?  Why?  Has another son of Hers died?'

 [Jesus replies to Anne of Kerioth:]

 " « Not yet... I am Her only Son and I am still alive. But She already weeps because She knows that I must die. »

 [Anne of Kerioth replies to Jesus:]

 " 'Oh!  Poor Woman!  How dreadful to know beforehand that a Son must die. But how does She know? You are healthy. You are strong. You are good. I deluded myself until she [Anne's daughter Johanna] died, and she was so ill!... How can Your Mother know that You must die?'

 [Jesus replies to Anne of Kerioth:]

 " « Because I am the Son of Man, foretold by the prophets. I am the Man of sorrows seen by Isaiah, the Messiah sung by David and described as the tortured Redeemer. I am the Saviour, the Redeemer, woman [Anne]. And death, a dreadful death is awaiting Me... and My Mother [Virgin Mary] will be present... and My Mother has been aware, since I was born, that Her heart will be broken by sorrow like My own...

 [Anne weeps.]

 " « Do not weep [Anne]... Through My death I will open the gates of Heaven to your [deceased daughter] Johanna... »

 [Upon dying on the Cross, Jesus immediately descended into Limbo and released all those who where waiting therein in expectation of Redemption; and they all followed Him into Heaven, with Jesus' foster father, saint Joseph, behind Him and in front of all the rest.]

 [Anne of Kerioth replies to Jesus:]

 " 'Also to me! To me!...' [i.e. to open the gates of Heaven also to her.]

 [Jesus replies to Anne of Kerioth:]

" « Yes. In due course. But first you must learn to love and forgive. To begin to love again. To be just [holy]. And to forgive... Otherwise you will not be able to go to Heaven, with Johanna, and with Me... »

 "[Maria Valtorta continues:]  The woman weeps uncontrollably. She moans:

  [Anne of Kerioth moans to Jesus:]

 " 'To love... To love when men have taught us to hate... when God has ceased to love us having no mercy on us... it is difficult... How can we love, when men have tortured us, and our friends have hurt us and God has abandoned us?...'

 [Jesus replies to Anne of Kerioth:]

 " « No. He [God] has not abandoned you. I am here. To make heavenly promises to you. To assure you that your grief will turn into joy, if you so wish.

 " « Listen to Me, Anne... You are weeping because the marriage [of her daughter Johanna to Judas] was cancelled, and that has become the cause of all your grief, and because of that you say that a man [Judas] is a murderer and his poor mother [Mary of Simon] an accomplice.

 " « Listen, Anne. In the next few months you will realise that it was a grace from Heaven that Johanna did not get married to Judas... »

 [Anne of Kerioth shouts to Jesus in reply:]

" 'Don't mention his [Judas'] name to me!'

 "[Maria Valtorta continues:]  shouts the woman.

  [Jesus replies to Anne of Kerioth:]

" « I am mentioning it, to tell you that you must thank the Lord and you will be thanking Him in a few months' time... »

 [Anne of Kerioth replies to Jesus:]

 " 'I will be dead...'

 [Jesus replies to Anne of Kerioth:]

 " « No. You will be alive and you will remember Me, and you will understand that there are sorrows greater than yours... »

[Anne of Kerioth replies to Jesus:]

 " 'Greater?  It's not possible!'

 [Jesus replies to Anne of Kerioth:]

 " « What about My Mother Who will see Me die on a cross? »

 "[Maria Valtorta continues:]  Jesus has stood up. He is imposing.

 [Jesus continues His reply to Anne of Kerioth:]

 " « And what about the grief of the mother [= Mary of Simon] of the betrayer [= Judas] of Jesus Christ, the Son of God? Think, woman [Anne of Kerioth], of that mother [Mary of Simon]...

 " « You... The whole [town] of Kerioth, the country around it and beyond it have sympathised with you [Anne of Kerioth] in your grief! You have been as proud of it as of the crown of a martyr.

 " « But that mother [Mary of Simon]!

 " « Like Cain [i.e. Mary being hated like Cain], without being Cain, being instead Abel: victim of her traitorous son [Judas], the killer of God, a sacrilegious cursed son [Judas], she will not be able to stand the look of men, because each glance will be like a stone of lapidation [= a stone in a mass stoning], and in every word, in every voice of man, she will seem to be hearing a curse, an abuse and she will never find shelter on the Earth until her death, until God, Who is just, takes the martyr [Mary of Simon] with Himself making her forget that she is the mother of the murderer [Judas] of God, by giving her the possession of God... [Apocalypse 21.4-5?]

 " « Is that mother's sorrow [= Mary of Simon's] not greater? »

 [Anne of Kerioth replies to Jesus:]

" 'Oh! immense sorrow!...'

  [Jesus replies to Anne of Kerioth:]

 " « You understand... Be good, Anne. Admit that God was good in what He did... »  [In not allowing Johanna to marry Judas.]

[Anne of Kerioth replies to Jesus:]

" 'But my daughter [Johanna] is dead! Judas made her die, to have a richer dowry... His mother approved...'

[Jesus replies to Anne of Kerioth:]

 " « No. That is not true. I can assure you, and I read hearts. Judas is My apostle but I tell you - he behaved badly and will be punished for it. But his mother [Mary of Simon] is innocent. She loves you [Anne of Kerioth], and would like to be loved by you... Anne, you are two unhappy mothers. But you are proud of your dead child [Johanna], who was innocent and pure, celebrated and honoured by the world... Mary of Simon cannot be proud of her son [Judas]. His conduct is reproved by men. »

 [Anne of Kerioth replies to Jesus:]

 " 'That is true. But if he [Judas] had married Johanna, he would not be reproved.'

 [Jesus replies to Anne of Kerioth:]

 " « But in a short time you would see Johanna die of a broken heart, because Judas will die a violent death. »

[Anne of Kerioth replies to Jesus:]

 " 'What are You [Jesus] saying?  Oh! poor Mary!  When?  How?  Where?'

[Jesus replies to Anne of Kerioth:]

 " « Soon. And in a dreadful way... Anne! You are good! You are a mother! You are aware of the sorrow of a mother! Anne, become Mary's friend once again! Let sorrow join you as joy was to unite you. Let me go away happily, knowing that she [Mary of Simon] will have a friend, one only, at least one... »

 [Anne of Kerioth replies to Jesus:]

 " 'Lord... to love her [Mary]... means to forgive her... It is very hard... I seem to be burying my daughter [Johanna] once again... to be killing her myself...'

 [Jesus replies to Anne of Kerioth:]

 " « Such thoughts originate in Darkness [in Hell]! Do not listen to them. Listen to Me [Jesus], the Light [Jesus] of the world. The Light of the world tells you that Johanna's destiny has been less bitter dying a virgin than dying the widow of Judas. Believe Me, Anne. And consider that Mary of Simon is more unhappy than you are... »

 "[Maria Valtorta continues:]  The woman is pensive, she struggles, weeps and says:

 [Anne of Kerioth replies to Jesus:]

 " 'But I have cursed her [Mary of Simon], both her and the fruit [Judas] of her womb!  I have sinned...'

 [Jesus replies to Anne of Kerioth:]

 " « And I absolve you. And the more you love her [Mary of Simon], the more you will be absolved in Heaven. »

 [Anne of Kerioth replies to Jesus:]

 " 'But if I become her friend... I will meet Judas. Lord, I cannot do that!...'

 [Jesus replies to Anne of Kerioth:]

 " « You will never meet him [Judas] again. I will never come back to [the town of] Kerioth again, neither will Judas. We [= Jesus and His 12 apostles] have already said goodbye to the people [of the town of Kerioth]... »

 [Anne of Kerioth replies to Jesus:]

 " 'Oh! You said...' [that Jesus will not come back again.]

[Jesus replies to Anne of Kerioth:]

 " « That I will not come back again.

" « Judas said that he will not be able to come back until after My accession.

 " « But he [Judas] believes he will be seeing Me ascending a throne. Instead death on a cross is waiting Me. And he thinks that he will become one of My ministers. Death instead is awaiting him. But You shall not tell anybody that. Never. His mother is not to know until everything has been accomplished.

 " « You [Anne of Kerioth] said:

" « 'Poor Woman! To know beforehand that Her Son must die.'

 " «  But if My Mother's suffering, also because of that, is already increasing the merits of My Sacrifice, silence is compassion for Mary of Simon. You shall not speak. »

[Anne of Kerioth replies to Jesus:]

" 'No, my Lord. I swear to it in the name of my Johanna.'

 [Jesus replies to Anne of Kerioth:]

 " « I want another promise!  A great, holy one!  You are good.  You already love Me... »

 [Anne of Kerioth replies to Jesus:]

 " 'Yes, so much. I have been at peace since You came here...'

 [Jesus replies to Anne of Kerioth:]

 " « When Mary of Simon no longer has her son [i.e. when Judas is dead] and the world insults her with sneering words, you, you only, will open your heart and your house to her. Will you promise Me? In the names of God and of Johanna. She [Johanna] would have done that, because Mary [of Simon] was still the mother of the man [Judas] she [Johanna] still loved »

 "[Maria Valtorta continues:]  insists Jesus.

[Anne of Kerioth replies to Jesus:]

 " '... Yes!'

"[Maria Valtorta continues:]  replies the woman shedding tears.

 [Jesus replies to Anne of Kerioth:]

 " « May God bless you, woman [Anne], and give you peace... and good health. Come let us go and meet Mary [of Simon], and give her the kiss of peace... »

 [Anne of Kerioth replies to Jesus:]

 " 'But Lord I cannot walk. My legs are swollen and I cannot move them. See? I am here, all dressed, but I am just a trunk...'

 [Jesus replies to Anne of Kerioth:]

 " « You were. Come! »  [Jesus has secretly cured her.]

 "[Maria Valtorta continues:]  and Jesus stretches out His Hand invitingly.

"The woman [Anne of Kerioth], staring at Jesus' Eyes, moves her legs, she stretches them out of the little bed, lays her bare feet on the floor, stands up and walks...

 "She seems fascinated. She is not even aware that she has already been cured... She goes out into the dim corridor, her hand still in Jesus'... She goes towards the door. She is almost there when she meets the servant seen previously, who utters a cry of joyful fear...

 "Other servants rush there, fearing she was dying, whereas they see that their mistress [Anne of Kerioth], who shortly before was about to breathe her last and hated Mary of Simon, is now walking fast with her arms stretched out, after leaving Jesus' Hand, towards poor Mary [of Simon], whom she calls and embraces to her heart, while they both weep...

 "... On their [Jesus' and Mary's] way back to the house [Mary's house?], after the peaceful farewell, Mary of Simon thanks her Lord and asks:

 [Mary of Simon asks Jesus:]

 " 'When will You [Jesus] come back to do more good?'

 [Jesus replies to Mary of Simon:]

 " « Never [to the town of Kerioth], woman [Mary of Simon]. I have already told the citizens [of the town of Kerioth]. But My heart will always be with you [Mary]. Remember, always remember that I loved you and I love you. Remember that I know that you are good, and that is why God loves you. Always bear that in mind, also in the most dreadful hours. You must never think that God considers you guilty. In His eyes your soul appears and will always appear adorned with the gems of your virtues and the pearls of your suffering.

 " « Mary of Simon, mother of Judas, I want to bless you, I want to embrace you and kiss you so that your faithful sincere maternal kiss may compensate Me for any other one... and My kiss may make amends for all your sorrows. Come, mother of Judas. And thank you, thank you for all the love and honour you have given Me »

 "[Maria Valtorta continues:]  and He [Jesus] embraces her and kisses her forehead, as He [usually] does with [saint Joseph's sister-in-law] Mary of Alphaeus.

Jesus also told Mary of Simon not to go to Jerusalem for the [33 A.D.] coming Passover festivities, being a "few months" away. Mary obeyed. She must have been a wonderful woman.


Some time on Good Friday, when Mary of Simon was told of the evil that her son Judas had done to Jesus, she collapsed on the ground, in grief. Anne of Kerioth, faithful to her previous promise to Jesus, opened her heart and home to Mary of Simon, and so took Mary in, to her, Anne's, country house near Kerioth.

Some days after Jesus' death, we read below about Anne's loving care of Mary, and about risen Lord Jesus appearing to Mary of Simon, to console her.

Pursuant to the vision that Jesus gave to holy mystic and 'victim soul,' Maria Valtorta - the "pen of Jesus," she being an invisible observer therein:

[Maria Valtorta narrates the vision of risen Jesus - Divine Pity - appearing to the mother of Judas Iscariot, to console her, she - Maria Valtorta - being an invisible observer therein. The pathos is generally one of sadness and pity for Judas' innocent holy mother, Mary of Simon:]

 "[Maria Valtorta speaks:]  The house of Anne [of Kerioth], the mother of Johanna [who was dumped by Judas Iscariot, and who died of a broken heart]. The country house [near the town of Kerioth] where Jesus, in the company of Judas' mother, worked the miracle of curing Anne [who became ill because of the death of her daughter Johanna]. Here also there is a room and a woman [= Mary of Simon, the mother of Judas Iscariot] lying on a bed.

 "A woman [= Mary of Simon, the mother of Judas Iscariot] who is altered beyond recognition by mortal anguish. Her face is worn out. Fever devours it, inflaming her cheekbones, so sunken are her cheeks. Her eyes, black ringed, red with fever and tears, are half closed under her swollen eyelids. Where there is no reddening caused by fever, her complexion is yellowish, greenish, as if bile were spread in her blood. Her lean arms and thin hands are relaxed on the bedclothes, which are raised by her rapid panting.

 "Near the sick woman, who is no one else but Judas' mother, there is Anne [of Kerioth], Johanna's mother. She [Anne] wipes perspiration and tears, she waves a fan of palm, she changes the cloths, dipped in spicy vinegar, on the forehead and throat of the sick woman, she caresses her hands and loose hair, that in a short time has become more white than black, and is spread on the pillow, and, wet as it is with perspiration, adheres to her ears, which have become transparent.

 "Also Anne weeps, uttering words of comfort:

 [Anne of Kerioth, the mother of deceased Johanna, speaks to Judas' mother, Mary of Simon:]

 " 'Don't, Mary [= Judas' mother]!  Don't!  Enough!  He [Judas Iscariot]. he has sinned. But you, you know how the Lord Jesus.'

 [Mary of Simon, the innocent holy mother of traitor and debauchee Judas Iscariot, replies:]

  " 'Be quiet! That name [= Judas]. to me. said to me. is profaned. I am the mother. of the Cain. of God!  Ah!'

 [Poor Mary. Her anguish is palpable. She has become a co-redeemer through her sorrow. In her anguish, she's obviously comparing Judas killing Jesus to bad Cain killing his good brother Abel... to comparing the bad killing the good, as so often has happened since the earth was created from nothing by Jesus.]

"[Maria Valtorta continues:]  Her [Mary's] quiet weeping changes into exhausted heart-rending sobbing. She [Mary] feels she is choking, she catches hold of the neck of her friend [Anne], who assists her [Mary] while she [Mary] vomits some bile. [Vomiting bile is a dreadful experience, and even more so when one runs out of bile to vomit.]

 [Anne of Kerioth speaks to Mary:]

 " 'Peace!  Peace, Mary!  Don't!  Oh! what shall I tell you to convince you that He, the Lord [Jesus], loves you? I repeat it to you! I swear [we must never swear] it on the things which are most holy to me: my Saviour [Jesus] and my child [deceased Johanna]. He told me when you brought Him [Jesus] to me.  [When they both got reconciled - see above.]  He [Jesus] had for you words and providence of infinite love. You are innocent. He loves you. I am certain, certain that He would give Himself once again to give you peace, poor martyr mother.' [a co-redeemer.]

 [Mary of Simon replies to Anne:]

 " 'Mother of the Cain [of Judas as killer] of God! Can you hear it? That wind, out there. It says so. The voice goes all over the world. the voice of the wind, and it says:

 " '< Mary of Simon, the mother of Judas, he who betrayed the Master [Jesus] and handed Him over to His executioners. >'

 " 'Can you [Anne] hear it? Everything says so. The stream out there. The doves. the sheep. The whole Earth shouts that I am. No, I do not want to recover my health. I want to die!. God is just and He will not punish me in the next life.

 " 'But here, no. The world does not forgive. it does not distinguish. I am becoming mad, because the world howls.:

" '< You are Judas' mother. >'

 "[Maria Valtorta continues:]  She [Mary] is exhausted and collapses on the pillows. Anne [of Kerioth] recomposes her and goes out to take away the dirty linen cloths.

 "Mary, her eyes closed, deadly pale after the effort she made, moans:

 [Mary of Simon moans:]

 " 'The mother of Judas!  of Judas!  of Judas!'

"[Maria Valtorta continues:]  She [Mary] pants, then resumes:

 " 'But what is Judas?  What did I give birth to?  What is Judas?  What have I.'

"[Maria Valtorta continues:]  [Risen, resplendent, glorious] Jesus is [appears] in the room, which is lit up by a trembling light, because daylight is still too faint to illuminate the large room, in which the bed is at the end, very far from the only window. He [risen Jesus] calls her gently:

 [Jesus calls Mary gently:]

 " « Mary!  Mary of Simon! »

 "[Maria Valtorta continues:]  The woman [Mary] is almost delirious and does not attach importance to the Voice [of Jesus]. Her mind is far away, carried away by the vortex of her grief, and she repeats the ideas that haunt her brain, monotonously, like the tick-tack of a pendulum-clock:

 [Mary of Simon repeats:]

 " 'The mother of Judas!  What have I given birth to? The world shouts:

 " '< The mother of Judas. >'

"[Maria Valtorta continues:]  Two Tears well up in the corners of Jesus' very mild Eyes. I am surprised at Them [Tears]. I did not think that Jesus could weep also after His Resurrection.

"He [Jesus] bends. The bed is so low for Him Who is so tall! He lays His Hand on the feverish forehead [of Mary], pushing aside the cloths damp with vinegar, and He says:

 [Jesus speaks:]

 " « A poor wretch. That and nothing else. If the world shouts, God covers the shout of the world saying to you:

" « ' Have peace, because I love you. '

 " « Look at Me, poor mother! Gather your lost spirit and put it in My Hands. I am Jesus!. »

 "[Maria Valtorta continues:]  Mary of Simon opens her eyes, as if she were coming out of a nightmare and she sees the Lord [Jesus], she feels His Hand on her forehead, she covers her face with her trembling hands and moans:

 [Mary of Simon moans:]

" 'Do not curse me! If I had known what I was giving birth to, I would have torn my womb to prevent him [Judas] from being born.'

 [Jesus replies to Mary:]

 " « And you [Mary] would have sinned. Mary! oh! Mary! Do not depart from your justice [holiness] because of the sin of another person. The mothers who have fulfilled their duty must not consider themselves responsible for the sins of their sons. You have done your duty, Mary. Give Me your poor hands. Be calm, poor mother. »

 [Mary of Simon replies:]

 " 'I am Judas' mother. I am unclean like all the things that demon [= Judas] touched.  The mother of a demon!  Do not touch me.'

[Mary erroneously considers herself to be contaminated by reason of her son Judas' crime, and so she does not wish to contaminate pure Jesus by her perceived contamination.]

 "[Maria Valtorta continues:]  She [Mary] struggles to avoid the divine Hands that want to hold her.

 "[Maria Valtorta continues:]  The two Tears of Jesus fall on her face burning once again with fever.  [This is probably a Baptism that washes away all sins, including Original Sin.]

  [Jesus speaks to Mary:]

 " « I have purified you, Mary. My Tears of compassion are on you. I have not shed My Tears on anybody since I consumed My Sorrow [= death on the Cross]. But I am weeping over you with all My loving pity. »

"[Maria Valtorta continues:]  He [Jesus] has succeeded in getting hold of her [Mary's] hands and He sits, yes, He really sits down on the edge of the little bed, holding her trembling hands in His.

 "The loving compassion of His bright Eyes caresses, envelops and cures the poor wretch [Mary], who calms down weeping silently and whispering:

 [Mary of Simon whispers:]

" 'Have You [Jesus] no grudge against me?'

 [Jesus replies to Mary:]

 " « I have love. That is why I have come. Have peace. »

 [Mary of Simon replies to Jesus:]

 " 'You [Jesus] forgive!  But the world!  Your Mother! She will hate me.'

 [Jesus speaks to Mary:]

 " « She [Virgin Mary] thinks of you as of a sister. The world is cruel. That is true. But My Mother is the Mother of the Love [Jesus], and She is good. You cannot go about in the world, but She will come to you when everything is at peace. [Vision not given, so far as I can recall]  Time pacifies. »

 [Mary of Simon replies to Jesus:]

 " 'Make me die, if You [Jesus] love me.'

 [Jesus speaks to Mary:]

 " « A little longer. Your son [Judas]  was not able to give Me anything. Give Me a period of time of your suffering. It will be a short one. »

 [Jesus is obviously calling on Mary to be a 'victim soul' - i.e. a co-redeemer.]

 [Mary of Simon replies:]

 " 'My son [Judas] has given You [Jesus] too much. Infinite horror he has given You.'

[Jesus replies to Mary:]

 " « And you your infinite sorrow. The horror is over. It no longer serves. Your sorrow serves [as a victim soul, as a co-redeemer]. It [sorrow] joins these Wounds of Mine, and your tears and My Blood wash the world. All sorrows join together to wash the world. Your tears are between My Blood and the tears of My Mother [Virgin Mary] and around them there is all the sorrow of the saints who will suffer for the Christ and for men, for My sake and for the sake of men. Poor Mary! »

"[Maria Valtorta continues:]  He [Jesus] lays her down gently, He crosses her hands and watches her as she calms down.

"Anne [of Kerioth] comes back in and stops dumbfounded on the threshold.

"Jesus, Who is now standing, looks at her saying:

[Jesus speaks to Anne of Kerioth:]

" « You [Anne] have complied with My wish [see above]. There is peace for obedient people. Your soul has understood Me. Live in My peace. »

 "[Maria Valtorta continues:]  He [Jesus] lowers His Eyes again on Mary of Simon, who looks at Him [Jesus] through a stream of tears which are now more calm, and He smiles at her again. And He says to her:

 [Jesus speaks to Mary:]

 " « Lay your hope in the Lord. He will give you all His comfort. »

 "[Maria Valtorta continues:]  He [Jesus] blesses her and is about to go away.

 "Mary of Simon utters a passionate cry:

 [Mary of Simon speaks to Jesus:]

 " 'They say that my son [Judas] betrayed You [Jesus] with a kiss!  Is it true, Lord?  If it is so, allow me to wash it [away] by kissing Your Hands. There is nothing else I can do! I cannot do anything else to cancel. to cancel.'

 "[Maria Valtorta continues:]  She [Mary] is struck with deeper grief.

 "Jesus, oh! Jesus does not give her His Hands to kiss, those Hands on which the wide sleeve of His snow-white tunic reaches down to half the metacarpus concealing the Wounds, but He takes her head in His Hands and He bends and with His divine Lips He lightly touches the burning forehead of the most unhappy of all women, and standing up again He says to her:

 [Jesus speaks to Mary:]

 " « My Tears and My kiss! No one has ever had so much from Me. So be at peace, because there is nothing but love between you and Me. »

 "[Maria Valtorta continues:]  He [Jesus] blesses her [Mary] and, after going across the room quickly, He goes out behind Anne [of Kerioth], who did not dare to come forward, or to speak, but is weeping deeply moved.

 "But when they are in the corridor that leads to the main door, Anne [of Kerioth] dares to speak and to ask the question which she has at heart:

 [Anne of Kerioth speaks to Jesus:]

 " 'My Johanna?' [= Anne's deceased daughter - see above]

 [Jesus replies to Anne of Kerioth:]

 " « For fifteen days she [Johanna] has rejoiced in Heaven. I did not mention it there [in Mary's presence], because too big is the contrast between your daughter [Johanna in Heaven] and her son [Judas in Hell]. »

 [Anne of Kerioth speaks to Jesus:]

 " 'It is true!  A great torture!  I think she will die of it.'

 [Jesus replies to Anne of Kerioth:]

  " « No. Not soon. »

 [Anne of Kerioth replies to Jesus:]

 " 'Now she [Mary] will be more at peace. You [Jesus] have consoled her. You! You Who more than anybody.'  [Because Jesus is God.]

[Jesus replies to Anne of Kerioth:]

 " « I [Jesus] Who pity her more than anybody else. I am the Divine Pity. I am the Love. I tell you, woman [Anne]:

 " « if Judas had only cast a glance of repentance at Me, I would have obtained God's forgiveness for him. »

[Judas Iscariot had no remorse whatsoever for what he did. And he obviously did not repent of his many sins, including his treachery.]

"[Maria Valtorta continues:]  How sad is Jesus' face!

[Jesus does not want anyone to go to Hell. But many people freely choose to go to Hell, and Jesus respects their free-will choice to go therein. Jesus has revealed, elsewhere, that: "Judas has been and is the deepest sorrow in the sea of My sorrows. It is the sorrow that remains. The other sorrows have come to an end with the Sacrifice." Of all the 12 apostles, Jesus loved Judas the most.]

 "[Maria Valtorta continues:]  The woman [Anne] is struck by it [that Jesus would have forgiven Judas had he repented]. Words and silence struggle on her lips, but she is a woman, and curiosity is the winner. She asks:

 [Anne of Kerioth asks Jesus:]

 " 'Was it a. an. Yes, I mean: did that wretched man [Judas Iscariot] sin all of a sudden, or.'

 [Jesus replies to Anne of Kerioth:]

 " « He [Judas Iscariot] had been sinning for months and no Word of Mine, no act of Mine was able to stop him, so strong was his will to sin. But do not tell her [Mary] that. »

 [Anne of Kerioth replies to Jesus:]

 "[Anne replies, and recounts what happened to Mary:]  'I will not!. Lord! Because now, when Ananias [a relative of Mary of Simon] ran away from Jerusalem, the very night of the Preparation Day [Good Friday?], without even completing the Passover, he came in here [it's unclear where this 'in here' was] shouting:

 "[Anne states what elderly Ananias shouted at Mary:]  '< Your [Mary of Simon] son [Judas Iscariot] has betrayed the Master [Jesus] and has handed Him over to His enemies! He [Judas Iscariot] betrayed Him with a kiss. And I have seen the Master beaten, covered with spittle, scourged, crowned with thorns, laden with a cross, crucified and dead through the action of your son [Judas].

" '< And our name is shouted with obscene triumph by the enemies of the Master, and they relate the feats of your son [Judas], who, for less than the price that a lamb costs, has sold the Messiah [Jesus] and with the betrayal of a kiss has pointed Him [Jesus] out to the guards! >', [most of the guards were recently recruited bandits in the service and pay of the Sanhedrin.]

"[Anne continues to recount what happened to Mary:]  'Mary [Mary of Simon] fell on the ground, and became black all of a sudden, and the doctor says that her liver has burst and the bile has flown out and all her blood is corrupted by it. And. the world is bad. She is right. I had to bring her here, because they came near her [town] house in [the town of] Kerioth to shout:

 "[Anne states what the mob, in Kerioth, shouted at Mary:] '< Your son [Judas Iscariot] is a deicide [a killer of God] and a suicide [a killer of oneself]! He has hanged himself! And Beelzebub has taken his soul, and Satan has come to take even his body. >'

 "[Anne continues to recount:]  'Is that horrible wonder [Judas] true?'

 [Jesus replies to Anne of Kerioth:]

 " « No, woman [Anne]. He [Judas Iscariot] was found dead, hanging from an olive-tree. »

 [Anne of Kerioth speaks to Jesus:]

 " 'Ah! And they [mob] shouted:

 "[Anne states what the mob above had shouted at Mary:]  '< Christ has risen and is God. Your son [Judas Iscariot] has betrayed God. You are the mother of the betrayer of God. You are the mother of Judas. >'

 "[Anne continues:]  'At night, with Ananias [= a relative of Mary of Simon] and a faithful servant [of Anne's], the only one left to me, because no one wanted to stay near her [Mary]. I brought her here [= Anne's country house?]. But Mary [of Simon] hears those cries in the noises of the earth, in everything.'

 [Jesus replies to Anne of Kerioth:]

 " « Poor mother! It is horrible, indeed. »

[Anne of Kerioth speaks to Jesus:]

 " 'But did that demon [Judas Iscariot] not think of all this, Lord?

 [Jesus replies to Anne of Kerioth:]

 " « It was one of the reasons I had recourse to, to hold him [Judas Iscariot] back [from sinning]. But to no avail. Judas went so far as to hate God, as he [Judas Iscariot] had never loved his father and mother or any other neighbour with true love. »

 [Jesus even did very, very severe penance for Judas. And Jesus and Mary also prayed for him. And Jesus also exhorted the other 11 apostles to pray for Judas.]

 [Anne of Kerioth speaks to Jesus:]

" 'That is true.' [about Judas not loving anyone.]

[Jesus replies to Anne of Kerioth:]

" « Goodbye, woman [Anne]. May My blessing comfort you to bear the mockery of the world because of your compassion for Mary. Kiss My Hand. I can show It to you. It would have done too much harm to her [Mary] to see this. »

 "[Maria Valtorta continues:]  He [Jesus] throws the [His] sleeve back, uncovering the [His] pierced Wrist [Hand?].

 "Anne utters a groan as with her lips she lightly touches the tips of His Fingers.

 "The noise of a door that is opened and a stifled cry:

 [Ananias, an elderly relative of Mary of Simon cries out:]

" 'The Lord!',

 "[Maria Valtorta continues:]  A rather old man prostrates himself and remains so.

 [Anne of Kerioth speaks to elderly Ananias:]

 " 'Ananias, the Lord [Jesus] is good. He has come to comfort your relative [Mary] and to comfort us as well'

 "[Maria Valtorta continues:]  says Anne to console also the elderly man [Ananias], who is too deeply moved.

 "But the man dare not move. He weeps saying:

 [Ananias, an elderly relative of Mary of Simon speaks, weeping:]

" 'We are of horrible blood. I cannot look at the Lord.'

[Ananias also thinks erroneously that he and his relatives are guilty by reason of their family association with Judas. Jesus debunks this false belief.]

 "[Maria Valtorta continues:]  Jesus goes to him. He touches his head, repeating the same words as He said to Mary of Simon:

 [Jesus speaks to, and commands, elderly Ananias:]

" « Relatives who have done their duty must not consider themselves responsible for the sin of a relative. Take heart, man [Ananias]! God is just. Peace to you and to this house.

" « I have come and you [Ananias] will go where I send you. For the supplementary Passover [= a Jewish rite] the disciples will be at Bethany [in Lazarus' estate]. You will go to them and you will tell them that on the twelfth day from His death, you saw the Lord [Jesus] at Kerioth, alive and true, in Body and Soul and Divinity. They will believe you, because I have already been with them quite a lot. But it will confirm them in their faith on My Divine Nature to know that I am everywhere on the same day. [by simultaneous multi-location?]

 " « And before that, this very day, you [Ananias] will go to [nearby town of] Kerioth to ask the leader of the synagogue to gather the people together, and in the presence of everybody you will say that I [Jesus] came here, and that they are to remember My Words of the farewell. They will certainly say to you:

 " « 'Why did He [Jesus] not come to us?'

 " « You will reply so:

 " « 'The Lord [Jesus] told me to say to you [to the people of the town of Kerioth] that, if you had done what He told you to do to the innocent mother, He would have shown Himself. You failed in your duty of love, and that is why the Lord has not shown Himself.'

 " « Will you [Ananias] do that? »

 [Ananias, an elderly relative of Mary of Simon, replies to Jesus:]

" 'That is difficult, Lord!  It is difficult to do that! They consider us all [= Mary's relatives] as heart lepers. The leader of the synagogue will not listen to me, and he will not let me speak to the people. He may beat me. However, I will do it, because You want it.'

 "[Maria Valtorta continues:]  The elderly man [Ananias] does not raise his head. He speaks bent in deep prostration.

 [Jesus commands elderly Ananias:]

" « Look at Me, Ananias! »

 "[Maria Valtorta continues:]  The man [Ananias] looks up trembling with veneration.

 "Jesus is as bright and handsome as He was on Mount Tabor [at the Transfiguration - Matthew 17.2-8]. The light envelops Him, concealing His features and His smile. And the corridor is left without Him, without any door being moved to let Him pass. [i.e. Jesus vanished in front of Anne's and Ananias' eyes.]

 "The two [i.e. Anne and Ananias] worship and worship, as they have become all adoration through the divine manifestation."

We now also know, that Jesus can now also be invoked as: "Divine Pity," as He Himself described Himself, to Anne of Kerioth.

"Woe to those who decree iniquitous decrees, and the writers who keep writing oppression... ", said real Jewish prophet, Isaiah.  [Isaiah 10.1]

Sweet loving, adorable Jesus Christ continues to be, now and in eternity, true God and true Man.

Saint John says to us:

 "Let those who blaspheme by saying that Christ was not true God and true Man cease to blaspheme out of mercy on their souls."  [Implicit punishment not revealed.]

Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit.

Mary, Help of Christians, pray for us.

The foregoing is pursuant to the Gospel that Jesus dictated to Maria Valtorta, the Holy Bible, and my analysis.

All for the glory of Jesus our Lord God and Master.


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