Book review Never give up: "Winners never quit and quitters never win". By Jawed Panhwar


A self-motivated book that has been written by Nisar Brohi,as being a part of 21st century’s creature it's very essential for us to be courageous and expert in every field to walk with the modern world with shoulder to shoulder, how to remove the hurdles from life to make it prosper, how to break the bad habits and so many other things we should learn from it.

This book has been compiled in such away while the reader will read no doubt, he gains mirth, there are quotes and their explanations which are directly connected with us.

There are many youngsters near to us they cannot reach their terminus (because they give up) in spite of they have all kinds of resources.

Somehow, we need courage to face the challenges with ease.

This book demonstrates utile and beneficial lessons of life to read this book at any rate we can find out our way easily.

Never give up if you fall behind, run faster, never give up, never surrender, and rise up against the odds and obstacles, be brave to face in hot water situation always be determined and never ever lose hope your self-inspiration you can accrue your goals and do not to get bent out of the shape in case of failure.

In our society these things have become very coarse now a days.

Judging People to Interpose their personal lives without knowing the incidents of their lives, Comparison that means he has xyz and I don't so he is lucky it's not like that in reality, ostensibly we curse our fate that if we fail any brew of life we blame our fortunate,  everyone has his disunite story about his life we have to be happy whatever we have, backbite that is ill mannered thing, believe in rumors that is also big threat to loosing hope, laziness lazy people try to find short cuts and smart people create short cuts, carelessness it may cause the death not yours as well as others too.

We have to believe ourself as like as you trust your fate at the time of sleeping to set the alarm about tomorrow's schedule even, we don't have trust our life apart from that we will be alive or not after that we do so we have to strong attachment with our life to reach out destination.

There was a man sitting in train and his child said his father Dad look at trees they are going back, nearby seat there was couple they felt irritating at him while his son again  said dad look at clouds, they are leaving behind, the couple can't resist themselves and said an old man why don't you take your child to a good Dr man replied we are just coming from there he was blind from birth he just got his eyes today, ostensibly we assume and perceive things in hurry without consideration, we must to seek reality regardless judging.

It's not your way or my way it's highway we must be neutral, we should not think that "A" is bone of contention we must strive to release our pressure and to know oneself that is the success of life.

There are many books that have been written so far and still that elegant contribution is gong on and many readers getting inspiration from such kind of books really this book is consist of many deceitful lessons to them we can relate in our lives it is better for those who always and all the time stuck at motivational videos they might read that master piece I assure them this one will give them spirit and increase their interest to read more such kind of books.

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