Jesus commands the storm to calm down. By Joseph Costa


"God yields to one with love. He turns His Back disdainfully to the other. "The former asks, as I taught to ask [Mark 11.24], without lack of confidence and without tiredness, and does not admit that God may not grant the request, because God is good and who is good grants, because God is powerful and can do everything. That is love and God hears those who love.

"The latter is the overbearingness of rebels who want God to be their servant and to lower Himself to their wickedness and to give them what they do not give Him: love and obedience. This [latter] form is an offence that God punishes by denying His graces."

Those who say, "I thought God was love," want God to be their servant. God is Love, but not according their human theories or desires.

Jesus also tells us that:

"A miracle really is the alteration of what has been destined, a beneficial disorder, thus, which God grants to hear the prayer of man and thus prove to him that He loves him, or that He is He Who is [God]. But since God is Order He never violates order immoderately."

The miracle of the calming of the storm over the lake of Gennesaret in Palestine, does not violate "order immoderately." It seems to be just another one of the many great miracles worked by Jesus Christ, God, when He walked the earth (and walked on water). But Jesus below gives us a teaching not usually taught by others.  [Matthew 8.23-27; Mark 4.36-40; Luke 8.22-25]

Something that I've long intuited from this miracle and others, is that everything in Creation, in the universe, seems to have a 'life' of some sort, obviously understood by Jesus, but not by man.

For example, a bit down below, Jesus commands the wind to: « Stop and be quiet »; and the water to: « Calm down. » And so the wind and the water "hear" and obey Jesus without question, their Creator and Lord. For Jesus tells us, that:

"Everything in Creation obeys God, except Satan and man who is more or less a rebel."

 and that:

"Lives and lives teem in the millions of worlds that are the joy of your [men's] gaze on serene nights. And God's perfection will be apparent to you [men] when - with the intellectual vision of your spirit [soul] united again to God [i.e. when in Heaven] - you can see the marvels of those worlds," says Jesus.

Some time after Jesus' Resurrection from the dead, and just before ascending to the Father from the 'mount of olives' [Gethsemane], Jesus gave a farewell sermon to the multitude that had gathered before Him, an excerpt of which sermon is as follows, that indirectly further explains 'lives and lives teem.'

Pursuant to the vision that Jesus gave to holy mystic and 'victim soul,' Maria Valtorta - the "pen of Jesus," she being an invisible observer therein:

[Preaching in front of a crowd, Jesus says to them:]

 "... ... ... You [the multitude present before Jesus at Gethsemane] are all blessed by Me in this farewell, as from the Father I invoke the reward for those who have comforted the sorrowful journey of the Son of Man [= Jesus of Nazareth].

[Jesus once said: « I want to be called the Son of Man because I lower Myself taking upon Myself all the miseries of man {via having acquired Human Nature, as a Man, in addition to retaining His Divine Nature, as God}, to bear them {= miseries, sufferings} as My first scaffold... »]

 "Blessed be Mankind in the chosen part [= Christian converts] there is among Hebrews and Gentiles, and that has manifested itself [chosen part] in its love for Me.

"Blessed be the Earth with its herbs and flowers, and its fruits that have given Me pleasure and refreshment so many times.

"Blessed be the Earth with its waters and its tepidness, for its birds and its animals that many a time exceeded man in giving relief to the Son of Man [= Jesus of Nazareth].

 "May you be blessed, sun, and you, sea, and you, mountains, hills, plains.

"Blessed you, stars, My companions in My night prayers and in My sorrow. And you, moon, who illuminated Me as I wandered around in My pilgrimages of the Evangeliser.

"May all you creatures be blessed, the works of My Father, My companions in this mortal hour, friendly to Him [= Jesus] Who had left Heaven to relieve tortured Mankind of the troubles of the Sin that separates from God.

  "And may you also be blessed, you innocent instruments of My torture: thorns, metals, wood, twisted hemp, because you have assisted Me in fulfilling the will of My Father!"

 [The Father's will: that His Son, Jesus, instruct and redeem man: Redemption.]

 ['thorns:' the crown of thorns pressed down on Jesus' Head.]

 ['metals:' the three (3) big nails that nailed Jesus on the cross.]

 ['wood:' the wood of the (Roman) cross on which Innocent Jesus was cruelly crucified.]

  ['twisted hemp: the lash that was used to scourge Innocent Jesus, unlimited.]

And Jesus also tells us, that:

"... nothing must be violence. Nothing. Violence is always against order; and God, and what comes from God is order. Do not attempt to be superior to God."

But some legislators, through pride similar to that of fallen archangel Lucifer, have indeed foolishly attempted to be " superior to God."

Incidentally, after the Last Judgement [Ezekiel 37.7-8], everything in Creation, in the universe, will vanish, and only two abodes will remain eternally: Heaven and Hell. Currently, Heaven and Hell are boundless, but after the Last Judgement, the angels will be commanded by God to rivet shut Hell, and it will remain riveted shut for all endless eternity.

Pursuant to the vision that Jesus gave to holy mystic and 'victim soul,' Maria Valtorta - the "pen of Jesus," being an invisible observer therein:

 "[Maria Valtorta narrates the vision of Jesus commanding the storm to calm down, thus:]

"[Maria Valtorta speaks:]  ... Now that everybody [i.e. the visitors in Maria Valtorta's home at that time] is asleep I am telling you my joy. I 'saw' today's Gospel. Mind you, this morning when I read it, I said to myself: 'This is an episode of the Gospel which I will never see, because it is not very suitable for a vision.' Instead, when I was not thinking about it, it came to fill me with joy.

"This is what I saw.

 "A sailing boat, not excessively large, nor very small, a fishing boat, on which five or six people can move comfortably, is ploughing the water of the beautiful deep blue lake of Gennesaret.

"Jesus is sleeping in the stern [= back of the boat]. He is dressed in white as usual. He is resting His Head on His left Arm and under His Arm and Head He has placed His blue-grey mantle, which has been folded many times. He is sitting, not lying, on the bottom of the boat and His Head is resting on the board that is at the very end of the stern. I do not know how sailors call it. He is sleeping peacefully. He is tired and calm.

"Peter [Simon Peter] is at the rudder. Andrew [Simon Peter's brother] is busy with the sails, John and two more people - I do not know who they are - are sorting out the ropes and nets in the bottom of the boat, as if they were preparing to catch during the night. I would say that the day is drawing to its end because the sun is already setting in the west. All the disciples have pulled their tunics up, gathering them round their waists by means of belts, in order to be free in their movements, passing from one part of the boat to another, stepping over oars, seats, baskets and nets, without being hindered by their clothes. None of them is wearing a mantle.

"I see that the sky is clouding over and the sun is hiding behind huge storm clouds, which have suddenly appeared from behind the top of a hill. The wind blows them fast towards the lake. The wind, for the time being, is high up, and the lake is still quiet, it is only becoming darker and its surface is no longer perfectly smooth. There are no waves yet, but the water is beginning to ruffle.

"Peter [Simon Peter] and Andrew watch the sky and the lake and are preparing to draw close to the shore. But the wind suddenly rages over the lake that in a few minutes surges foaming. The swelling waves clash one against the other, they strike the little boat, lifting it up, lowering it down, tossing it in all directions, thus preventing all manoeuvres of the rudder as the wind prevents manoeuvring of the sail, which has to be lowered.

 "Jesus is sleeping. Neither the steps and excited voices of the disciples, nor the howling wind, nor the waves pounding on the sides of the boat and its prow, awake Him. His [blond] Hair is blowing in the wind and drops of water reach Him. But He is sleeping. John runs from stem to stern and covers Him with his mantle, which he has taken from under a board. He covers Him with delicate love.

"The storm rages more and more furiously. The lake is as black as if ink had been poured into it and is streaked by the foam of the waves. The boat lets in water and is driven farther and farther to the open sea [= lake] by the wind. The disciples are perspiring in their efforts to manoeuvre the boat and baling out the water which the waves pour in. But to no avail. They are paddling in the water which that reaches up to their knees and the boat is becoming heavier and heavier.

"Peter [Simon Peter] loses his calm and patience. He hands the rudder over to his brother [Andrew], staggers towards Jesus and shakes Him vigorously.

 "Jesus wakes up and raises His Head.

[Simon Peter shouts to Jesus:]

" 'Save us, Master, we are going to drown!'

 "[Maria Valtorta continues:]  Peter [Simon Peter] shouts to Him [Jesus] (he must shout to make himself heard).'

"Jesus stares at His disciple [Simon Peter], looks at the others and then at the lake.

 [Jesus responds to Simon Peter:]

 " « Do you believe that I can save you? »

[Simon Peter shouts to Jesus:]

" 'Quick, Master'

"[Maria Valtorta continues:]  shouts Peter [Simon Peter], while a real mountain of water moves fast from the centre of the lake towards the poor little boat. It is so high and dreadful that it looks like a water spout. The disciples who see it coming kneel down and hang on to whatever they can, certain that it is the end.

"Jesus gets up. He stands on the stern board: a white figure against the livid storm. He stretches His Arms out towards the billow and says to the wind:

 [Jesus commands the wind, as if it were a living person:]

" « Stop and be quiet »

"[Maria Valtorta continues:]  and to the water:


    [Jesus commands the water, as if it were a living person:]

 " « Calm down. I want it. »

"[Maria Valtorta continues:]  And the billow dissolves into foam, which falls harmlessly with a last roar, which fades into a whisper, while the wind dies down changing into a whistle and then a sigh. And the sky becomes clear once again over the appeased lake, while hope and faith fill the hearts of the disciples.

 "I cannot describe Jesus' majesty. One must see it to understand it. And I enjoy it inwardly because it is still present in my mind and I think of how placid was Jesus' sleep and how imperious was His command to the winds and the waves. [Jesus is King of kings, Lord of lords: God, Almighty King of Tremendous Majesty.]

"[Maria Valtorta continues:]  Jesus then says:

[Jesus Comments:]

 " « I will not expound the Gospel in the same sense as everybody else does. I will elucidate the circumstances preceding the Gospel passage.

 " « Why was I sleeping? Did I perhaps not know that there was going to be a storm? Yes, I knew. Only I knew. Why was I sleeping, then?

  " « The apostles were men, Maria [Valtorta]. They were full of good will, but still very much 'men.' Man thinks he is always capable of everything. When he is really capable of doing something he is full of haughtiness and attachment to his 'ability.'

 " « Peter [Simon Peter], Andrew, James and John [= 4 apostles] were good fishermen and consequently they thought they were unexcelled in handling a boat. As far as they were concerned I was a great 'Rabbi,' but a mere nothing as a sailor. Thus they thought I was unable to help them, and when on the boat to cross the Sea of Galilee, they begged Me to sit down because I was not capable of doing anything else. Also their love for Me was behind their attitude, as they did not want Me to do any material work. But their attachment to their own ability was greater than their love.

  " « I do not impose Myself, Maria [Valtorta], except in exceptional cases. I generally leave you [men] free and wait.

 " « On that day, tired as I was and being requested to rest, that is to let them act, clever as they were, I went to sleep. In My sleep there was mingled also the ascertainment of how man is 'man' and wants to do things by himself [e.g. today's obsession by governments and clergy: to rely solely on the (putative) corona virus vaccines gods] without feeling that God asks but to help him. I saw in those 'spiritually deaf men,' in those 'spiritually blind men,' [= the 4 apostles at that time] all the spiritually deaf and blind people, who throughout centuries would ruin themselves, because 'they wanted to do by themselves,' although I was bent over their needs awaiting to be asked to help them.

 " « When Peter [Simon Peter] shouted:

 " « 'Save us!,'

" «  My bitterness dropped like a stone. I am not 'man,' I am the God-Man. I do not behave as you [men] do. When someone rejects your advice or your help, and you see him in trouble, even if you are not so bad as to rejoice at it, you are uncharitable enough to look at him disdainfully and indifferently, without being moved by his shouts for help. Your attitude means:

 " « 'When I wanted to help you, you did not want me? Well, help yourself now.'

 " « But I am Jesus, I am the Saviour. And I save, Maria [Valtorta]. I always save as soon as I am asked to.

 " « The poor men [? all the men without faith or who do not trust?] might object:

 " « 'In that case, why do You allow single or collective storms to break out?'

 [i.e. why allow natural disasters, misfortunes?]

" « If by My power I should destroy Evil, you [men] would consider yourselves the authors of Good, which in actual fact is a gift of Mine, and you would not remember Me any longer. You would never remember Me. My poor children, you are in need of sorrow to remember that you have a Father. As the prodigal son remembered he had a father when he was hungry.

" « Misfortunes [e.g. earthquakes, drought, floods, forest fires, plagues, etc.] persuade you [men]

  " « [a] of your nothingness,

   " « [b] of your ignorance, which is the cause of so many errors,

    " « [c] of your wickedness, the cause of so much mourning and grief,

    " « [d] of your faults, the cause of the punishments which you inflict upon yourselves, as well as

        " « [e] of My existence,

        " « [f] of My power and

        " « [g] of My goodness.

  " « That is what today's Gospel teaches you. 'Your' Gospel of the present time, my poor children [= today's men].

 " « Call Me. Jesus does not need sleep except when He is in anguish because He sees that He is not loved by you [men].

 " «  Call Me and I will come. » "

These days, rather than calling Jesus, too many governments and some wicked clergy are calling on the vaccine gods.

And there's even a '666' bloke around, who thinks he's god of all the gods. He probably wakes up in the mornings with a sore neck... after trying to kiss himself each night.

"Woe to those who decree iniquitous decrees, and the writers who keep writing oppression... ", said real Jewish prophet, Isaiah.  [Isaiah 10.1]

Sweet loving, adorable Jesus Christ continues to be, now and in eternity, true God and true Man.

Saint John says to us:

"Let those who blaspheme by saying that Christ was not true God and true Man cease to blaspheme out of mercy on their souls."  [Implicit punishment not revealed.]

Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit.

Mary, Help of Christians, pray for us.

The foregoing is pursuant to the Gospel that Jesus dictated to Maria Valtorta, the Holy Bible, and my analysis.

All for the glory of Jesus our Lord God and Master.

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