Christian world of Russia and West led by USA may mischievously succeed in triggering another World War, this time nuclear about Ukraine. By Hem Raj Jain


As a believing Christian Prez Biden in his February 24 national address, despite the UN on the soil of the USA (with 193 member countries mostly, without UN, too small to defend their independence & sovereignty), leaves Ukraine (the David) alone to fight invading Russia (the Goliath). 

Generally it is believed that when an individual gets rich & powerful he / she becomes sober but Christians are case apart. The Christian world (due to unprecedented progress of modern science & technology of the past 500 years) has become predominantly rich & powerful but they can't help resorting to periodic & unnecessary blood spilling. 

This of course is due to severance of Christianity from the basic preaching of Jesus Christ (who believed in non-violence to the extent He suffered  extreme harassment / persecution the ‘Upsarg’ as defined in Jainism, the oldest religion of non-violence). Jesus Christ is the only prophet (with following of considerable number of people) from working class (Jesus was a carpenter) hence believed in egalitarianism and sanctity of currency (necessary for eliminating objectionable exploitation of the people by coercive State / organizations) as is evident from the episode of temple cleansing by Jesus (as given in all the Gospels by Mark, Mathew, Luke and John as at ) and which was the main reason for putting Jesus on Cross (illegally by Roman governor who was thoroughly bribed & influenced by Jews). 

This may sound mysticism to some but it is a fact for everyone to understand that modern science & technology (which has empowered the working class immensely) could be achieved only by Western Christianity for the simple reason that Jesus Christ was from the working class. 

But the Christianity has allowed (i)-The governments of Christian world to thrive on fake currency (due to  printing of huge amount of money without proper asset back-up in violation of sanctity of currency) born out of illegitimate unbridled fiscal deficits (ii)- The military - industrial complexes (with the complicity of politicians) of the Christian countries to engineer military conflicts all across the world which is against the interest of the working class (which is in overwhelming majority in any country) and which will suffer the most in any modern nuclear World War (as about Ukraine).

Here it is in context to understand that the war about Ukraine is unnecessary. There is a ‘1994 Budapest Memorandum on Security Assurances’ signed by nuclear powers Russia, UK, USA whereas China and France gave assurance for this agreement. The memorandum included security assurances against threats or use of force against the territorial integrity or political independence of Ukraine. When the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991, nuclear arms were there in sites scattered across the former Soviet republics and Ukraine inherited the third largest nuclear arsenal in the world, including some 1,900 strategic nuclear weapons designed to strike the United States (as mentioned at  ) . 

The USA brokered with Ukraine and Russia the terms under which Ukraine agreed to eliminate the strategic missiles (missile silos and bombers on its territory) and transfer the 1,900 nuclear warheads to Russia for disassembly. The Budapest memorandum committed Washington, Moscow, London etc among other things, to “respect the independence and sovereignty and existing borders of Ukraine” and to “refrain from the threat or use of force” against that country. But despite ‘Budapest Memorandum’ not only the territorial integrity of Ukraine was allowed to be breached (by way of Russia annexing Crimea) by the signatories and guarantors of ‘Budapest Memorandum’ but it has send a message to entire world that if you don't have nuclear weapons then you're not safe (this is the reason Iran, North Korea etc don’t want to give-up their nuclear programs).

 In 2013 the West led by the USA unnecessarily created problems for the incumbent government against which even US Congressman Dana Rohrabacher said during TV interview that the West should allow the democratically elected government of President Viktor Yanukovych to function and if people have any objection to the policies of the government then they could chose another government during next elections which were merely about one year away. But Yanukovych was removed by a military coup supported by the West in February 2014. Then Russia (another rather important member of the ‘Budapest Memorandum’) took Crimea militarily from Ukraine and instigated civil war in Eastern part of Ukraine (the Donbas region, where people of Russian origin are in large numbers). 

Though out of patriotism the military of every country is supposed to obey the order of legitimate government (as of the USA) at the same time in view of the above mentioned [despite Russia recognizing sovereignty and independence of Donbass (Luhansk and Donetsk) on February 21, and despite physical invasion of Ukraine by Russia on February 24 morning] it will be wrong on the part of US-Congress and Prez Biden to expect US-military to lay down its lives and shed its blood for Ukraine and Europe without :-

(1)-  Clubbing Cold War II with hot war (World War III). 

(2)- Clarifying & defining at the UN the  natural CITIZENSHIP based on language, history, geographical continuity, ideology and martial viability / competence (either on its own or as protectorate or by suzerainty or arrangements at UN or by military alliances etc) because then only the US-boots on ground in Ukraine and in other theaters of war (across the world during this crisis) will be justified, as mentioned at:-  or

(3)- Considering (by NATO countries) the proposal of Russia to admit Russia too as NATO member as Prez Putin mentioned in his February 21 address by saying that - “[ When then outgoing US President Bill Clinton visited Moscow in 2000, I asked him how America would feel about admitting Russia to NATO]”.

Because now it is not merely Prez Putin but the Parliament of Russia has recognized sovereignty & independence of Donbass (Luhansk & Donetsk) and has allowed the Russian military in Donbas for ‘peacekeeping’ which Russia has already done on February 24. This is bound to be exploited by the Russia supported separatists in Donbass who will try to create more unrest (bloodshed) in Donbass (especially in areas claimed by separatists but presently held / dominated by Ukraine) in order to attract Russian military in entire claimed (by separatists) Donbass region under said mandate of Russian Parliament. This is bound to attract an immense military response from the West (maybe from even NATO) which can be countered by Russia only through nuclear war which will be catastrophic for the rest of the world too. 

Whether the Christian world would behave sensibly (about nuclear flare-up over Ukraine) especially in the interest of protecting the interests of the working class of the world (for which Jesus Christ preferred the Cross) would be watched by the entire mankind with bated breath.

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