Only Christians & Chinese beneficiaries of Western model, not Hindus & Muslims. USA can steer Ukraine war for benefiting 2.8 billion of USFA. By Hem Raj Jain


Whether (in their own interest) remaining Asian Indian Americans will succeed in motivating US-KPs, would be crucial also for USFA and for resolution of the Ukraine crisis (ii)- There is commonality between people of ASFA through India (iii)- If USA doesn’t do it then Russia (minus China) can try for USFA under its leadership. 

--Being a Christian majority country the USA is helpless before the periodic itching of plunging mankind into unnecessary World Wars (as Christians did during World War I & II too). Now also the leader of the Christian West the USA is doing the same when Prez Biden threatened Prez Xi that China would face implications & consequences if it supported Russia in Ukraine war as reported at

The USA doesn’t want to understand that the remaining world knows that it is mainly the West which is responsible for the on-going Ukraine War. The West first instigated Maidan protests in 2013 (despite Ukraine being democratic country which would have elected another government in next elections to adopt popular economic policies) and then engineered a military coup in 2014 which instigated Russia to annex Crimea despite Budapest Memorandum. Then Ukraine government adopted discriminatory & oppressive policies against its Russian speaking people (including and especially of Donbasss region) in the full knowledge of the West.

Nobody supports Russia (a permanent member of the UN) for its military intervention in Crimea and Donbass region and in rest of Ukraine but many countries (including largest democracy India) are not willing to support the West too on Ukraine for the simple reason that they see the West primarily & ideologically responsible for Ukraine war which has brought the entire mankind on the brink of catastrophic nuclear World War III because presently the USA is gripped in such suicidal & anti-mankind tendencies that it does not understand that despite Biden’s said threat :-

(i)- If Chia continues to support Russia in Ukraine war then it will be the end of the leadership of the USA of free world and another leadership (in bi-polar world) would come into existence which will support the authoritarian regimes which means an important step towards the victory of ‘authoritarian Chinese democracy’ against ‘liberal Western democracy’ in Cold-war II. 

(ii)- If China stops supporting Russia in the Ukraine war then Russia  (out of desperation because the West led by the USA is still supplying arms & ammunitions to Ukraine) is bound to (as declared formally by Russia) plunge the entire world into nuclear World War III (which God only knows whether the Christian West led by the USA wants to avoid or not).

In such an all-out World War III the main victims will be Hindus (including Sikhs, Buddhists and Jains as per Article 25 of Indian Constitution) and Muslims (East of Iran & Caspian Sea) who are about 2.8 billion people (namely Iran, Central Asian Countries and countries of South Asia and South-East Asia). These countries have not progressed economically barring few in the Pacific but they also are suffering constant military threat from China (the Muslim countries West of Iran are mainly of Arab world, which is rich due to petro-dollars). . 

To be fair to the West, the USA is not responsible for educating the Hindus and Eastern Muslim world especially their leaders (of economic, religious, political and social fields) that how to up-lift their people in this age of unprecedented progress of modern science & technology including in human rights friendly Western economic-political model of ‘liberal Western democracy’. Hence there is every chance that these leaders of Hindus & Muslims would continue to pursue the same self-defeating policies (which have kept their people economically backward in comparison to Christian & Chinese world) as they have been following since World War II (since the UN came into existence). However there is one silver-line in the sky (rather a blessing in disguise). The Asian Indian Americans can change the entire course of Ukraine war if they work for the realization of ‘United States of Federation of Asia’ (USFA) of these 2.8 billion people as mentioned below:-

(1)- The Asian Indian Americans will have to understand that in the case of said World War III every country will have to take sides (either you are with us or against us).  In case Russia succeeds in motivating Pakistan to go militarily against India on the Kashmir issue then it would be difficult for India to go militarily with the West / USA block. 

(2)- In case India goes against US-military-interests in said World War III the position of Asian Indian Americans will become precarious & untenable in the USA (as happened during World War II when Japan attacked Pearl Harbor in December 1941and which made the position of Japanese in the USA miserable).

(3)- The Asian Indian Americans should further understand that the Hindus & Muslims of USFA are habitual of living the life of wants hence it will not affect them so much. Whereas the difficulties for the Asian Indian Americans (who are leading comparatively-prosperous life in the USA even as per the standards of the USA) will be unbearable if they start getting treatment from rest of the USA (in case India doesn’t come with the USA in the said World War III) as Japanese got after Pearl Harbor.

(4)- Therefore in their own interests the Asian Indian Americans should take the lead by keeping the US-KPs in the front for the realization of the USFA in second stage by (in the first stage) endeavoring to realize the FSD-mini-SAARC as mentioned at  

(5)- The US-KPs should also know that the KPs suffered and have not been able to get justice in over three decades because the people have failed to understand that the genocides / ethnic-cleansing all over the world have happened either by the military power in possession of the territory or by its complicity / approval. But in Kashmir it was carried-out by Islamist-militant-Jihadis against Kashmiri Pandits (Hindus) without approval of the military of Hindu majority India. Therefore without understanding the meaning & implications of this fact and then the solution of this fact (through FSD-mini-SAARC), the KPs can’t get justice.

(6)- Once this FSD-mini-SAARC is realized or in the process of realizing, the remaining countries of the USFA can be easily persuaded to join the USFA. The USA can also be motivated to work first for this FSD-mini-SAARC and then for USFA because it would be immensely beneficial to the USA too, as explained below:-

(i)- USFA as member of said new UN headed by the USA, will make the USA unchallenged leader of free world because - 

(ii)- China can easily be managed by the above-mentioned ‘UN Judicial Commission’ which will resolve the Indo-China border dispute by keeping human rights of the Tibetans in view.

(iii)- Russia can easily be managed if the USA and remaining West ask Russia and Ukraine for cease-fire by converting the military position of both countries as ‘Line of Control’ (LoC) which will satisfy Russia because it will keep Russia in possession of Russian speaking areas of Ukraine (mainly Luhansk & Donetsk of Donbass region and Crimea). At the same it will satisfy Ukraine also because the LOC will make Ukrainian- regions under Russian possession a disputed territory, which can be settled once the USA again becomes unchallenged leader of the free-world after the realization of the USFA. 

(7)- Hindus and Muslims of the USFA region have behaved in the countries where one community has an overwhelming majority with rabid communalism.  About 2.8 billion Hindus and Muslims of USFA should realize that without eliminating the poison of communalism from their countries they can't progress in any way including economically. Hence the USFA of about 2.8 billion Hindus & Muslims in approximately equal numbers (of about 1.4 billion Hindus and about 1.4 billion Muslims under one political authority) is the best way of keeping the USFA a truly secular political arrangement.  

(8)- Due to Hindus (including Buddhists) & Muslims forming its overwhelming majority, the USFA would be a natural political association of its people through India.  Because on one hand  the people in South-East Asia  / Pacific countries have had deep cultural links with Hinduism / Buddhism (which originated from India) for thousands of years. On the other hand the people from Iran, Central Asia and Afghanistan came to India during Islamic period and invaded and ruled India for about 1,000 years, that is the reason the experience of India of this Islamic period is still occupying the minds of Indians hugely, especially in the political field. Hence if the USA doesn’t do it then the border sharing Russia (minus China) can try for USFA under its leadership.   

Therefore, it is hoped that the Asian Indian Americans will rise to the occasion (also in their self-interest) to first realize the FSD-mini-SAARC (by keeping the US-KPs in the lead) and then by realizing the USFA under the leadership of the USA which will not only spare the entire mankind from the catastrophic nuclear World War III (out of Ukraine war) but will also boost their image in eyes of the entire USA (including US-establishment).

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