Due to Ukraine-war the USA has realized importance of proper global political order. PTI / Pakistan should take advantage of it. By Hem Raj Jain


The repercussions and implications of Ukraine war have started sinking in among the people of the USA who have realized that in this age of inevitable globalization without a proper global political order through the UN or otherwise - (which will function on the basis of rule-of-law and where veto will not be given to countries like Russia & China who are constantly fighting with other three such namely the USA, UK and France) - whatever civilizational progress the mankind has made (in which the leader of the free world the USA has made significant & major contributions) will be destroyed, also due the fact that the UN policy of denuclearization & elimination of WMDs was never enforced seriously. 

Presently it is the age of rule-of-law (including international) and even the USA makes a lot of noise when some other country allegedly interferes MERELY in the electoral process of the USA (for example a lot of noise had been made about Russian interference in US-elections). Certainly regime change by external interference is much more serious than interference in elections. Hence the people in the USA wouldn’t discard the regime change in Pakistan as an ordinary matter if the US-government hatched the conspiracy for regime change in Pakistan.

The former Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan is arousing anti-US sentiments but Imran should take this movement to a higher & proper level (by launching a NGO in the USA) to garner the crucial support of the people (not merely of Pakistani origin) of the USA (for the cause of protecting the global order), if Imran REALLY believes that his government was removed through US-conspiracy. 

Imran should also understand that it is only the USA which has been leading the global political order through the UN since 1945 and the USA is the only country which will lead any global political order in future too because Russia has destroyed the global order of the UN by invading Ukraine but Russia is not prepared to launch an alternate global political order. Moreover the USA is a democracy hence the people of the USA will ultimately matter in deciding the important issues of global political order like the one which Imran / PTI are agitating in Pakistan (about alleged US-conspiracy in toppling the Imran-government). 

The way Imran is mobilizing the people of Pakistan (in considerable numbers on ground) by arousing religious sentiments too by saying that [what is the meaning of Pakistan (‘Pakistan ka matlab kya’) - “La ilaha illallah” hence Pakistanis should fear only Allah and not the USA], it will help / benefit none if public meetings (Jalsas) and proposed Islamabad march (of 2 to 3 million people as boasted) of the PTI are not organized properly as per law. 

Moreover in the interest of avoiding confusion / law & order problems between the PTI and police / administration about permission for Jalsa, March  etc (as was the case at Sialkot on Saturday where PTI stage was demolished by police allegedly due to lack of proper permission) the PTI should immediately improve its website where 4 things should be done  / displayed :-

(1)- The name of all the members & office bearers of PTI throughout Pakistan (and abroad) should be displayed on PTI website 

(2)- Programs with details of place and time of Jalsas of the PTI including Jalsa by Imran Khan should be displayed on the PTI website along with permission by Police / administration for these Jalsas.

(3)- Schedule of Islamabad March after May 20 with details of place, time and routes should be displayed on the PTI website. along with permission by Police / administration for these Marches (including marches by Imran Khan).

(4)- The PTI should launch a NGO (as per laws of the USA) in the USA which will lobby US- Congress to institute inquiry commission to enquire into alleged US-conspiracy to topple Imran-government. The activities of this PTI-Lobbying-US-NGO should be displayed on the PTI 

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