If Sonia wants Congress to properly serve India, should ensure organizational elections from bottom to top after ascertaining party membership. By Hem Raj Jain


Sonia should know after her the Congress has no future if not converted into a member-based party (ii)- The Roman & Christian background will be an asset to Sonia in making the Congress party relevant to contemporary India. 

The Congress party,  the ‘Grand Old party’(GOP) of India has declared elections for its President to be held on October 17, 2022 as informed on its website 

https://www.inc.in/media/press-releases/cwc-approves-schedule-for-election-of-congress-president . Though the office bearers of Congress has boasted that Congress is a special party which carries out regular organizational elections but Sonia Gandhi, the incumbent Congress President, shouldn't be carried away by such meaningless claims rather should do the following if wants the Congress to properly serve India :-

(1)- Sonia should know that Congress is an unique party which mastered the art of addressing civilian issue from the days of Gandhi before independence when Congress leaders Gandhi, Nehru, Patel, Azad etc not only used to come on street but also to carry-out ‘Jail Bharo Andolan’ (fill the prison movement) for getting justice from civil authorities. Contrast it with the USA. After the 2020 elections the Republicans are complaining consistently (in various public meetings also) that elections were rigged hence former Prez Trump couldn’t remain in White House. If it is true (we don’t know but Republicans says so)  then the Republicans should be on streets to protest / demonstrate (even by ‘fill the prison’ movement) against such murder of democracy where the political rights of about half of the USA (Republican supporters) are allegedly snatched criminally. If a political party can’t get justice to itself how will it get justice to the general public ?

(2)- The Congress party had only one drawback / serious weakness that it didn’t master the martial element of State due to which India got trifurcated during partition (with horrible attended violence) and India even suffered humiliating military defeat against China in 1962. But the Congress need not be apologetic about it because this weakness was removed by former Congress PM Indira Gandhi during 1971 war against Pakistan when Bangladesh was militarily created.

(3)- Sonia should know that India is neither a naive nor an ungrateful country rather knows that:-

(i)- Had Sonia not been there, hundreds of likes of Rahul Gandhi & Priyanka Vadra Gandhi couldn’t have kept Congress intact after 1998.

(ii)- Though people talk about the rule of people in any democracy but in no democracy people rule directly rather always through political parties. Hence in a democracy a political party has to keep all the organs and apparatus of the State under its surveillance. In this regard Sonia achieved what even Balasaheb Thackeray ('Hindu Hriday Samrat') couldn’t achieve. Balasaheb could control Chief Ministers (he even asked Maharashtra Chief Minister Manohar Joshi to step down on getting some complaints against Joshi’s government) but Balasaheb wanted to keep the Prime Minister under his influence and couldn't do it (rather didn’t get such a coveted chance to do). Whereas Sonia achieved it from 2004 to 2014 when she made Manmohan Singh the Prime Minister of India and which sent a message globally that in India the ruling party is above the government.

(iii)- Sonia also imbibes the secular values of Gandhi Nehru family. Rahul Gandhi was right when he said that - “ had there been someone from the Gandhi-Nehru family on December 6, 1992 as Prime Minister, the communal 'Hindutva' forces couldn't have succeeded in demolishing Babri-masjid”. 

(iv)- Sonia need not bother about vicious propaganda carried out by a handful of duffers in India about her Italian origin. Well meaning Indians (overwhelming majority of India) know that whatever Sonia has been able to contribute for the good of Congress & India it has something to do with her origin too. Because she is the ‘daughter of Rome’ (culturally the inheritor of Roman empire) hence knows the essentials of political power and has Christian background with human rights friendly Christian values (which she exhibited umpteen times, also by getting human rights friendly legislation by Congress led governments). 

[In all the Gospels of Bible by Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John the cleansing of temple episodes has been highlighted where three messages are emphatic which makes the Christianity a pro-working class religion (may be because Jesus, the only Prophet, Himself was from working class, a carpenter) and which matters in contemporary age of powerful modern science & technology which mainly depends on working class (with manual or mental / intellectual labor) - ‘namely egalitarian society, right to worship (spiritual growth) and sanctity of currency’].    

(4)- In other words the grateful India will always remember the sterling contribution of Sonia if she can make the Indian politics pro-working class which she can easily do if she makes the Congress party member-based, which presently Congress is not, the way its membership is recruited and treated. The Congress party will be a member based party only when the membership of the party of any member will be terminated if he / she doesn’t sign once a month in the register kept at the nearest local level party’s office and if doesn’t pay the ‘membership monthly subscription’. The territorial (at Local, City, District, Division, State, Region, National levels) office bearers of this party should be elected as per party’s constitution (displayed on party’s website) by party members (directly at lowest level and indirectly by their elected representatives at higher levels from bottom to top) and they should all necessarily sit in the party office (with party flag and board / banner on it) in the relevant territories where they should interact with the people and should also listen (for the purpose of addressing / solving) their problems / grievances / complaints against Local, State and Central  governments / authorities. 

(5)- Not only in the largest democracy India but here in the most powerful democracy the USA too, the elected representatives work only for those who finance their elections and nobody listens to the problems of the economically humble people. Hence Sonia Gandhi should ensure that the elections of the Congress candidates (at National, State and Local levels) are financed by the Congress party. 

(6)- May God give Sonia Gandhi a healthy life for many more decades but at the same time human beings are mortal and after the age of 75 years one has a life (out of four phases as is said in Indian religions) of the last phase of his / her life. Therefore now Sonia Gandhi should forget about everything and should devote the rest of her life in making such lasting meaningful contributions to the politics of India which Indians will forever remember with utmost love & gratitude. 

It is hoped Sonia Gandhi will ensure organizational elections of Congress Party (including of Congress President) from bottom to top after ascertaining party membership and in this process even if election of Congress President is required to be postponed for a month or so, it should not be a problem.

Meanwhile, Mr Jain wrote in other article that People shouldn’t be considered innocent & helpless especially in democracy where they elect governments      

Twin towers were demolished in NOIDA by the orders of the Supreme Court of India (SCI) as reported at

https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/noida/gone-in-12-seconds-noida-twin-towers-rest-in-pieces/articleshow/93841467.cms . In India (which dislikes prosperity) people are dancing because a moneyed businessman (builder) has been ‘set-right’. These twin towers in NOIDA being illegal were rightly demolished by the SCI on Sunday but it leaves many questions unaddressed which are concerned with many such cases all over India. Some issues were discussed in media too https://www.news9live.com/opinion-blogs/supertech-twin-towers-demolition-govt-must-take-responsibility-for-compensation-190892

Responsibility in law always goes with money. In India builders don't construct multi story buildings or housing colonies out of their money (unlike here in the USA where last year one of my acquaintance could get a house of above $ 500 K only by initially giving merely $ 16,000, about 3 %) but in India such houses are built mainly by buyer's money (mostly financed by Banks). Hence the responsibility (about checking the legality of such houses / colonies) of buyers in the USA is very much less, merely 3 % as compared to the responsibility of buyers / banks in India which is in most of the cases is about 90 %. 

Therefore in order to stop such illegal constructions in future by setting an example, the damages / cost of demolished construction should have been put by SCI not so much on the builder but on the buyers / banks as well as on NOIDA authority which allowed illegal construction for so long and despite protests / litigation. But as per media reports SCI has put most of the financial cost / losses out of this demolition on the builder which is bad in law. 

The SCI forgot what would happen all across India in such cases  if builder files bankruptcy or is declared bankrupt (especially if he / she or the company doesn't want to do business, further). Technically (de-facto may not be de-jure) in India these builders are merely contractors engaged by buyers / banks (out of their money) to construct such colonies. 

Of-course criminal liability is a different matter. But about civil liabilities the people shouldn’t be considered innocent & helpless especially in a democracy where they elect governments. 

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