Sonia should know Jesus didn't give life for 'Atonement' but for furthering interests of working class against vested interests of unethical exploiters. By Hem Raj Jain


For India's benefit Sonia Gandhi can regain lost glory of Congress only by reviving working class friendly policies, secularism and by properly using SCI. 

Pursuant to my article about making the Congress party (GOP of India)  member-based, it will do immensely good to Congress party if Sonia Gandhi ensures the following in order to regain the lost glory of the Congress:-

(1)- First and foremost the Congress should know that from the days of Nehru the USP of Congress was secularism and socialism (working class friendly) and Indira Gandhi made it friendly to martial power too after the 1971 war. In a nutshell the Congress will regain its lost glory only by relying mainly on three policies  (i)- Secularism (ii)- Working class friendly socialism (iii)- Proper function of the SCI by martial competence. The Congress lost power in 2014 because it gave up all these three policies and will gain power only by reviving these three, as explained below.

(2)- Most of the problems the Congress is facing, is due to the Supreme Court of India (SCI). Though Sonia Gandhi is surrounded by many legal luminaries (even by Supreme Court advocates) she was not given proper legal advice which proved fatal to the Congress led UPA-2. 

(3)- After the Congress lost power in 2014 a prominent Supreme Court advocate and Cabinet Minister in UPA-2  admitted (in a TV interview) that Congress lost power mainly because it didn’t oppose the SCI adequately [when the SCI canceled 122 contracts in 2-G spectrum case (on the basis of hypothetical loss to government) and similarly about so-called ‘Coal scam’ where government policies to benefit the people was wrongly questioned by the SCI on the basis of mischievous reports of CAG, the Comptroller and Auditor General, in both the cases] which gave a moral stick to RSS sponsored Anna Hazare anti-corruption movement to beat the UPA-2 and which was one of the major reason for creating anti - UPA -2 wave in the country [it is not a mere coincidence that nowadays Delhi CM Kejriwal (the beneficiary of Anna movement) is publicly saying that the present BJP Led NDA government is more corrupt than Congress led UPA-2 government but now Anna Hazare, Arvind Kejriwal etc are not carrying out any anti-corruption movement as they did in 2011 because now RSS (the controller of BJP) doesn’t want it]. 

(4)-  Though Sonia Gandhi rightly criticized Modi (even publicly calling him ‘maut ka saudagar’ in election meetings) who was responsible for not avoiding (though he easily could) the killing and injuring of thousands of innocent Muslims in Gujarat in 2002 but Congress made two major mistakes about it (i)- Congress didn’t ensure the criminal cases against the authorities of the Union government mainly the PM (Vajpayee),  Defense Minister (Fernades) etc who were mainly responsible for stopping these killings & bloodshed under section 130 & 131 of the Cr.P.C. (ii)- Congress merely relied on acts of commission by Modi government but didn’t ensure cases against the Modi government (and perpetrators) for its acts of omission where the government mischievously even allowed VHP leaders to conduct press conferences and other meetings where 'Hindutva' leaders were openly justifying rather instigating the massacre of Muslims as a revenge for Godhra killings. Because the Congress could not get punishment from courts to the responsible government authorities in the 2002 Gujarat matter the USA also didn’t have any other alternative than to lift visa ban on Modi. 

(5)- The Ayodhya case is the worst where Congress committed blunders one after the other (even Rahul Gandhi took credit for SCI verdict in Babri - masjid case in 2019 in favor of Hindutva forces which demolished Babri - masjid in 1992 and which has caused so much killings and bloodshed even to this day). In the first place the Congress should have objected to the proceeding of Babri - masjid case (much less the verdict) in any court without restoring the status-quo-ante of Babri - masjid. The Babri - masjid was demolished in presence of the observer of the SCI hence it was legal duty of the SCI to first restore the status-quo-ante of Babri - masjid (just after its demolition) before allowing any Court (even High Court or Subordinate Court) to proceed in this title suit because otherwise it is criminal contempt by the SCI itself for lowering the authority of the court under section 2 (c ) (i) read with section 16 of the Contempt of Court Act. Even now the Congress should ensure a review petition (against 2019 verdict in Ayodhya title suit) by Muslims for complete justice by taking a plea that otherwise it is criminal contempt by the SCI. 

(6)- As far as socialism is concerned, the Congress didn’t rectify the mistakes which the USSR committed (which also didn’t use State-capital profitably) and got dismembered. Even Congress didn’t ensure profitability of the PSUs (public sector undertakings). What is worse, the congress didn’t recover about Rs 1,000 Trillion (Lakh crore) income tax from about 1 million fake farmers (as was discussed in the media and later on in April 2016 in Parliament too). If Congress had recovered this huge State-capital of Rs 1,000 Trillion and deployed it in profitable PSUs then by this time the destiny / condition of not only Congress but of India too would have been much much better. Even now the Congress should work for it. 

(7)- Sonia Gandhi should understand the importance of basic Christian values (of the sanctity of currency) as derived from the temple cleansing episode. Despite distraction propaganda by religious leaders of Christianity about ‘Atonement’ that ‘Jesus Christ died for our sins’ on the contrary the simple fact is that Jesus was crucified only due to the ‘temple cleansing episode’ which was pro-working class and which challenged the vested interests.  It infuriated the established order to the extent that Jesus was crucified illegally. Illegal because Governor of Jerusalem didn’t have jurisdiction to award capital punishment as this jurisdiction was only with Rome and that too in case of armed uprising / rebellion where as Jesus didn’t do so and all the time talked about ‘kingdom of heaven’ and not of earth. 

(8)- These pro-working class basic Christian values are so difficult to achieve that even Christian West has not been able to practice these fully [though (it may sound mysticism) but the West could achieve unprecedented progress in modern science & technology (which mainly depends on working class) for the simple reason that the West practices Christianity with Prophet from working class, a carpenter]. Hence Sonia Gandhi should ensure that Congress works for eliminating monetary corruption by forfeiting all the public debts of Union and State governments (in Trillions of Rupees ) which has been incurred (under pressure of ‘Userers’, the unbridled interest earners) beyond the security of consolidated funds of these governments  in violation of Article 292 & 293 of the Constitution by taking excuse of unconstitutional ‘Fiscal Responsibility and Budget Management Act’ (FRBMA) 

(9)-  In rule-of -law the SCI has plenary powers under Article 141, 142 and 144 of the Constitution including for complete justice. Hence unless the SCI functions properly the Indian democracy also can’t function properly. But to be fair to the SCI it has been rendered to a position where it is no more a Court. A Court functions on two basic principles that it is never in abeyance and it is never under siege. But the SCI is under seize of Delhi police because there is terrorist threat to it, This is a  martial problem because India has not resolved its communal issues with its erstwhile part Pakistan and Bangladesh. Hence Sonia Gandhi should ensure that now the Congress resolves this pending martial issue as given below.

(10)- The Congress should work for mini-SAARC - 2 (generally as mentioned at ) by getting following writ petitions filed in the SCI (i)- Because there was no provision of population transfer in ‘Indian Independence Act 1947’ hence writ petition for directing the government of India (GoI) for granting ‘dual citizenship’ to about 160 million Hindus / Sikhs / Muslims and their descendants who were  forcibly displaced from their mother land (ii)- For directing the GoI to work for immediate plebiscite in J&K as per its Instrument of Accession (IoA) to India and in Balochistan who’s IoA was taken by Pakistan under military pressure. 

(11)- Here it should be understood clearly by the Congress party that (as mentioned above) India got partitioned and trifurcated mainly due to the martial weakness of India (before Indira Gandhi) and which has communalized the Indian subcontinent thoroughly. Hence without eliminating the poison of this communal virus from Indian subcontinent there can’t be any progress, worth the name, in the Indian subcontinent and what to talk of Muslim countries (Pakistan and Bangladesh which are much more communalized) even in constitutionally secular India the communal forces (BJP of 'Hindutva') will continue to thrive.

Therefore Sonia Gandhi, after making the Congress party member-based, should ensure that the Congress party again relies on three basic policies namely secularism, working class friendly socialism and proper functioning of SCI by martial competence in order to regain the lost glory of the Congress party.

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