Biden can easily win by ending cold war - II through “United Common Wealth of Greater India” with assistance of UK. By Hem Raj Jain


Whether the people and establishment of the USA like it or not (as per the views expressed in September, 13 NYT article ) the cold war - II is real. Fortunately for Biden administration the situation is not that intractable as people think rather Biden can easily win and finish cold war - II through “United Common Wealth of Greater India” (UCWGI) with the assistance of the UK as given below:-

(1)- First the recent relevant history of India. The Britishers removed three main military powers in India from 1757 to 1857 and ruled up to 1947 [the Muslims of Central Asia & Iran, Marathas (who conquered almost entire undivided India though ruled only West, Central and part of South India) and Sikhs (who during Maharaja Ranjeet Singh ruled from Sutlej , Himachal Pradesh, J&K in India to Pakistan and went up to Afghanistan]. Other warrior classes of India like Rajputs, Jats, Gurkhas etc were in mansabdari / suzerainty arrangement with either Mughals or Britishers. In 1947 the USA facilitated Britishers (debilitated by World War I & II) in leaving India by installing mechanism of the UN (though the UK saved its face by launching Common Wealth) 

(2)- During Muslim rule not only the Persian language (later on Urdu by taking most of the words from Persian / Farsi with syntax and grammar of Hindi) was the language of rulers but Iranians comprised the major part of the administration of Muslim rulers in India including of Mughals. Even Afghanistan became separate after Abdali (of Panipat fame) who was military commander of Nadir Shah of Iran who sacked Delhi in 1739. Hence due to Muslim rule and British rule in India the area from Myanmar in East to Iran in West and from Kanyakumari / Sri Lanka in South to Central Asia in North is Greater India where Hindi (and its variant Punjabi, Gujarat, Marathi, Bengali etc) in Devanagari script and Urdu (which can also be written in Devanagari script) can easily be understood. Even South India uses Sanskrit (the mother of Hindi) in Devanagari script in its major religion, Hinduism. 

(3)- In other words, Greater India using many languages with ONE Devanagari script (which will give emotional unity to Greater India) of over 2 billion people  (more than quarter of world’s population) will be the world’s largest consumer market under the ultimate influence of the USA. Moreover many parts of this Greater India have territories without which China's one belt one road and other initiative are impossible and which will automatically finish the cold war - II with resounding victory to the USA without putting any US-boots on ground. This greater India will also bring two and half nuclear power (India, Pakistan plus Iran) under military influence of the USA with the assistance of the UK which will remove the major headache of the world community and also of the leader of the free world the USA. 

(4)-  To some, this Greater India may sound to be a far-fetched idea but fortunately it is much easier than it seems to be on the surface. If USA succeeds in roping-in the UK (which will come easily in the UCWGI than to remain in meaningless ‘Common Wealth’) then the UCWGI can be realized without any legal or other difficulties especially in view that the independence / partition of India has been rendered illegal because population transfer was not part of “Indian Independence Act 1947” passed by the British Parliament. But presently about 160 million Hindus, Sikhs and Muslims are forcibly displaced during partition of India (including their descendants), the partition which was carried out when India was a member of the US-sponsored UN. Hence the USA has every legal right to constrain the UK to work for this UCWGI.

(5)-  The political model of the UCWGI (‘United’ word is necessary in it to give impression that the United States is the ultimate guarantor of UCWGI) is easily workable if its civilian and military matters are kept separate as (i)- The civilian matters of UCWGI should be left to Federation of Secular Democracy of its all member countries (existing or carved-out from existing out of free choice of its people) of the UCWGI (ii)- Military matters of UCWGI should be conducted by a martial body in which command structure can be of three tiers, the USA at the top, the UK at second tier and the countries of the UCWGI at the third and last tier.

(6)- The million dollar question is how the USA can achieve this UCWGI. Incidentally the USA can achieve it very easily by two means (i)- The USA can use Indian diaspora in the USA (which is about 4.8 million and has considerable influence over the Indian establishment) to ensure that India doesn’t put any hurdle in the path of the UCWGI (ii)- By asking ‘The United States Commission on International Religious Freedom’ (USCIRF) and Human Rights Committees of US-Congress (TLHRC and others) to call Indian Muslims and others who have been appearing before these institutions to complain about violations of human rights of Muslims in India and to question these complainants as to why Indian Muslims not filing proper writ petitions in Indian courts to secure the human rights of Muslims (as mentioned at  and ) and on the contrary coming to these US institutions for merely propaganda purpose.

(7)- Later on Hindu majority India can get temples (in place of masjids) not only at Ayodhya but at Kashi and Mathura too (which is the main demand of Hindus) through legislation by Parliament (which the BJP can easily do due to its present numbers in Parliament and which will spare Muslims also from unnecessary humiliation of losing legal battles in compromised courts under pressure of majoritarianism of Hindu majority India). But it does not require a genius of political science to understand that the fallout  of the restoration of status-quo-ante of Babri-masjid by Supreme Court (due to said petition by Indian Muslims out of the  the snub / censor  by USCIRF & Congress Committee including TLHRC) will be so momentous that nothing less than the UCWGI will be able to normalize the situation in India and by implication in entire Indian subcontinent. 

(8)- Once the issues of Babri-masjid, dual citizenship to 160 million Hindus, Sikhs and Muslims, plebiscite in J&K and Balochistan, realization of mini-SAARC - 2 are raked in Courts by Indians (especially Muslims) no one can stop the realization of the UCWGI because this region (which has lagged behind mainly due to communal poison) desperately needs it. Of course India has to take the lead in realizing this UCWGI but incidentally the present situation is ripe for it because (i)- About 15 % Muslim population of India is again agitated also (in addition to what they have been facing during last 8 years of Modi / Hindutva rule) due to what is happening about Gyanvapi-masjid case (ii)- The social & economic condition of about 25 % population, the SC, ST of India is still far from satisfactory (iii)- Two third of India is wholly or partly dependent on agriculture income and farmers (who have committed suicides in hundreds of thousand out of financial problems) are still agitating (iv)- The considerable population of India wants genuine secularism and are dissatisfied not only with declared communal party the BJP (the follower of Savarkar’s 'Hindu Rashtra') but with other so-called secular parties too. 

(9)- Biden can take heart from the fact that it will not require the money of the USA to achieve financial stability for this UCWGI because India has sufficient of it. India can easily recover Rs 1,000 Lakh Crore (One thousand Trillion) income tax from about 1 million fake farmers (as has been discussed in 2016 April in Indian Parliament and in prominent media as   and  ). The Government of India ( GoI) presently is not recovering this huge State-capital because these fake farmers are politically powerful but under the pressure of the UCWGI (which will embolden the Indians too to demand the recovery of this huge amount of income tax / State capital) the GoI will be constrained to do it. 

(10)- President Biden should specially take interest in realizing UCWGI for one more reason. As the Supreme Commander of the armed forces of the USA it is his duty to ensure the ultimate sacrifice of lives & blood in Afghanistan of thousands of Americans and their friends (for the cause of democracy in Afghanistan) during 20 years of stay of the USA in Afghanistan, doesn’t go in vain. 

It is hoped President Biden will endeavor to win by ending the cold war - II by realizing the “United Common Wealth of Greater India” with the assistance of the UK as mentioned above. Indian diaspora in USA should ensure barbarism (horrible atrocities on Dalits mainly by Hindus) is eliminated from India. By Hem Raj Jain 

Atrocities on Dalits are mostly by the upper and backward castes of Hindu order notwithstanding communal color given to Lakhimpur-khiri case.  

A country is known mainly by what it's powerful people do. India for thousands of years has practiced a hierarchical social system of three types of castes which presently are called upper castes, backward castes and oppressed castes (so-called ‘Dalits’, some of which were earlier untouchables also). The Dalits presently subsumes Tribes also. Presently this divide of caste system of Hinduism can be understood by reservation in government service, education and elections. Upper castes have none, the backward castes have some (in government service) and Dalits (SC & ST) have all.

 On Wednesday in Lakhimpur-khiri of Uttar Pradesh two Dalit girls were raped, then murdered and then hanged from tree as reported at . These girls were first taken by their Hindu neighbor and then handed over to 3 Muslim accused who called 2 more Muslim accused later on. This has given communal color also to this incidence. But the National Crime Records Bureau data has reportedly revealed that 70,818 cases of atrocities (mostly by upper and backward castes of Hindus) against Dalits are pending investigation till 2021. The gang-rape by upper & backward castes of Dalit girls and then their murder and then even hanging the victims from tree is neither first nor will be the last (as feared in media) if Hindu society is not disciplined by the State. 

The Indians (including Dr B. R. Ambedkar, the leading framer of Indian Constitution) thought that in democracy the pro-Dalit political parties and an egalitarian religion (Buddhism) for Dalits, will improve their situation but it has not (though certainly these should have). Obviously the religious leaders of Buddhism (which has failed to bring all Dalits in its fold because it has failed to solve the problems of Dalits) and the Dalit political leaders (Mayawati, Ambedkar, Athawale, Ravan etc) are incompetent. 

What is worst is the fact that due to reservation in elections, education and government services, people from Dalit community are there in considerable numbers (in both houses of Parliament & Legislative Assemblies, in schools and colleges as students and teachers / professors, in security forces, in administration in States and in Centre and in other institutions) but things have not improved to the extent it should have been especially in this age of human rights where even Christian West has given up slavery and in the West the atrocities on blacks by whites have reduced drastically.

Nobody says that whites (Christians) of the West have completely rid themselves of racial prejudices as is evident from the murder (by strangulation) of a black in my State of Minnesota (USA) in May 2020 by a white policeman (while two other white policemen were watching it without stoping it). But it simply can’t happen in the USA that some white Americans will gang-rape black women and then murder them and then hang them from tree. In other words it is the question of degree. What is still being done to Dalits in India by upper and backward castes is a naked barbarism and the Indian diaspora in the USA should not only be ashamed of it but should also do something effective (which it can do) to eradicate this blot from the face of India rather of Hindu India (which otherwise is quite lovable & respectable all across the world). 

The Indian diaspora in the USA should understand that only those people are expected to do, who are capable of doing something. In this matter the Indian diaspora in the USA can do a lot because they are living in the USA (the leader of free world) which has many institutions which can be moved by Asian Indian Americans for getting succor to Dalits of India, as mentioned below:-

(1)- The Asian Indian Americans should launch two NGOs (i)- One in the USA (as per laws of the USA) by Asian Indians living in the USA with suitable name (may be) ‘US Indian Dalits Human Rights Organization’ (USIDHRO) (ii)- Second in India (as per laws of India) by Asian Indians living in the USA (who are citizens of India) along with other Indians with suitable name (may be)  ‘Dalits Human Rights Organization’ (DHRO).

(2)- The USIDHRO should move the US administration and both houses of Congress (and its committees) to create special cells where the USIDHRO will submit regular reports about atrocities on Dalits in India in the interest of assisting these institutions & organizations (including USCIRF & TLHRC) to formulate policies about protecting human rights of Dalits in India.

(3)- The DHRO will have at least one office (where Dalits can go in person and contact its office bearer on hotline by phone / mobile) in the capital of India and of all the States and Union Territories (more such offices where ever required). The DHRO should move the Union government and all the State / UT governments in India to create a special cell in Schedule Caste & Schedule Tribe Commissions  (National & of States) and in police which will have hot-line where DHRO will be able to register complain of atrocity happening to any Dalit especially which requires urgent police help. 

(4)- In case DHRO finds the response of police and SC / ST commissions wanting then the DHRO will bring it to the notice of the USIDHRO which will approach US authorities (of administration and Congress) and may even contact relevant Human Rights authorities of the UN to take effective measure so that such lapses do not take place in future.

(5)- The DHRO will also submit recommendations / suggestions from time to time to the governments of India and of the States / UT as to what is to be done (administratively and through legislation) in the interest of eliminating atrocities on Dalits. 

It is hoped the Indian diaspora in the USA will rise to the occasion and will do the above mentioned so the blackspot on the image of India can be removed which is going on objectionably for a very long time.

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