India blundered by abstaining on UNSC resolution. Should have demanded US-led alternate global order with enforceable international laws. By Hem Raj Jain


India on September 30 abstained on the US-sponsored UNSC resolution for condemning Russia on the annexation of Ukrainian territories (as reported at ).  Any number of political commentators (especially of Indian origin) are trying to justify this abstention by saying that there is nothing new in this Indian policy and it is the continuation of India’s LEGITIMATE policy towards military invasion of Ukraine by Russia since February 24. But it is no so rather India has blundered by this abstention as mentioned below:-

(1)- India failed to understand the difference between the annexation of Crimea in 2014 by Russia and the annexation of 4 territories (namely Luhansk, Donetsk, Ziporizhzhia and Kherson) on Friday by Russia. In Crimea, Russia was already there through a treaty with Ukraine where tens of thousands of Russian soldiers / security forces were always present and the annexation of Crimea in 2014 happened without shedding a drop of blood hence the West led by the USA didn’t precipitate armed opposition to this 2014 annexation and relied on persuasion & diplomacy for retrieving Crimea for Ukraine from Russia. On the contrary the annexation of September 2022 has happened amidst the war due to Russian invasion of February 24 (and even nuclear blackmail by Russia) where Ukraine is being supported by the West led by the USA (by way of supplying military requirements and finances) and where reportedly about one hundred thousand people (on both sides) have already lost their lives and many more injured & displaced.  

(2)-  It is bound to be a matter of surprise and great concern for the freedom loving world community that - “[how the largest secular democracy India could be such politically uneducated that it could not understand the fundamental difference between what Russia has done to Ukraine so far since February 24 and what it did on September 30 when it assimilated four more territories in Russia]”. Moreover India should know that ANY (Democrat or Republican) US-administration (notwithstanding its public statements) can’t forgive India for such DELIBERATE blunder in view of the fact that (after 1941 Pearl Harbor) no other country has humiliated the free-world leader the USA as Russia (with mainly Chinese help) has done through Ukraine.   

(3)- The supporters of the said Indian abstention are never tired of saying that - “[India is dependent on Russia for its large military requirements and for cheap  Russian oil. Moreover Russia (unlike the USA) is in the neighborhood of India (through its geographically contiguous military allies of Central Asia) where in alliance with China (which is already claiming large territories of India including in Ladakh & Arunachal Pradesh) it can create formidable military problems for India especially through India’s arch enemy Pakistan through unresolved Kashmir problem. Hence India has no other alternative than to support Russia in whatever it does including destroying the nascent & emerging rules based global order which is necessary in the contemporary globalized world]”. But this formulation is not as legitimate & valid as it seems to be on the surface. Insead India can easily handle these problems if it demands a US-led alternate global order for secular democracies with enforceable international laws as explained below.

(4)- India should tell the USA clearly and bluntly that despite many mistakes of the USA (since its launching of the UN in 1945) India understands that presently it is only the USA which has willingness and capacity to lead the global order and even Russia (and China through its support) which have damaged the existing global order of UN through Ukraine war are not prepared to launch an alternate global order. But India can’t support the USA on Ukraine at the UN where Russia and China (who have destroyed the UN system through the Ukraine war) have veto rights. Moreover in many other issues the functioning of the UN has been found wanting. 

(5)- Therefore India should tell the USA that India will support the USA to any extent (including militarily) if the USA launches a new global order where- 

 (i)- No member country will have veto right rather every country will have voting right commensurate with its record of secularism, democracy and other human rights and its contribution of men (including martial), money and material (including military) to this new world body.

(ii)- International laws will be enforceable, especially the like of the ICCPR of the UN where the new world body will be able to intervene (even militarily) in case of gross violation of human rights by the erring member countries. 

(iii)- There will be one currency in the member countries of this new world body preferably the existing US-Dollar (or any other currency introduced by the USA) but with one difference that this new currency will have proper asset back-up which is practical in modern world where very few cash transactions are needed due to electronic banking. This currency will have its central / reserve bank in the USA and its branches in every member country of the new global order. 

(iv)- The nukes (and other WMDs) of every member of the new world body shall be under military command of new world body which will try to get every non member country free from nukes (and other WMDs) and then the nukes (and other WMDs)  of member countries will also be eliminated.   

(v)- Every member of new world body will be free to pursue its independent policy in economic & military matters but if the military command of this new world body considers it in the intersys of collective defense then its demands / directions shall be binding on every member about these matters. 

(6)- As far as the military concerns of India or of any other member country of this new global order it will be taken care of by this new world body which will be in contrast to the existing UN system where despite UNSC the West has developed a separate defense mechanism through NATO and has left other countries at the mercy of their resources (especially their meager military power) as is happening about Ukraine too. 

It is hoped India will realize that in the contemporary world (where globalization has become inevitable due to unprecedented progress in modern science & technology especially in the IT sector) only those people / countries would do better who are advanced in modern science and technology which needs a free mind and which is possible only in secular democracies. Hence sooner India comes out of the company of countries like China, Russia etc (who take the benefit of world order and at the same time destroy the global order) better it will be especially when there is a possibility for this by getting a new US-led global order launched as mentioned above.

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