USA should stop Ukraine from fighting to last Ukrainian rather rely on new global order for denuclearization & retrieving Ukrainian territory. By Hem Raj Jain


Religion of majority the Christianity in Russia, Ukraine and NATO countries should not be allowed to get away from the responsibility (by its acts of commission & omission) of mass killing, injuring and other sufferings of Ukrainians. 

– Some people may think the nukes play decisive role in military matters hence Russia on the strength of its nukes is ‘successfully’ blackmailing the world community in recognizing five regions of Ukraine (namely Crimea, Luhansk, Donetsk, Zaporizhzhia and Kherson) as part of Russia which it 'formally' annexed in 2014 and 2022. But this is a wrong belief and it is being unethically used by the USA (which snatched nukes from Ukraine by ‘Budapest Memorandum 1994’) in now expecting Ukraine to fight Russia to the last Ukrainian. 

Hence if there is any sense of ethics & morality left not only in the incumbents of White House and Congress (Capitol), the politicians and Christianity (the religion of majority) but mainly in the people of the USA (who are the real sovereign in any democracy) then the USA should ensure Ukraine is immediately asked (by US-administration) to stop fighting Russia and for the time being let Russia keep these 5 regions with it till the new participatory world body of secular democracies retrieves (militarily or otherwise) these 5 regions for Ukraine from Russia, as mentioned below:-

(1)- First and foremost the USA should understand that waging war is a legitimate right of the sovereign but the US-establishment (White House & Congress, both Democrats & Republicans) made it impossible by allowing nukes with some countries despite the denuclearization regime of the UN. Now the new world body should try for denuclearization first by bringing nukes of all member countries under this new world body and if it doesn't succeed with some countries with nukes then this new world body shouldn’t mind going to war with non-compliant countries even by taking risk of nuclear flare-up (BUT NOT NOW). 

(2)- World War II finished the ‘League of Nations’ and the on-going Ukraine-war finished the ‘United Nations’ as mentioned at - but the USA has still not dismantled the UN which in an objectionable way is still giving benefit / power to veto wielding Russia and its supporter China. Rather the USA should launch, without any further delay, a new rule based participatory global body of secular democracies where no member will have veto power but every member will have voting right commensurate with its contribution of men (including military), money, material (including military) and its record of human rights (including about secularism, democracy and freedom of religion including conversion out of free choice). This participatory new world body will also spare the USA from shouldering disproportionately huge financial & other burdens of running the global order.

(3)- The USA should also know the unnecessary prolongation of the Ukraine war is being allowed by Russia and Ukraine too, to give benefit to the military-industrial complex mainly of the West led by the USA. Russia could have easily stopped Ukraine from fighting by stopping military supplies to Ukraine which Prez Putin has not done so far under the pressure of Russian oligarchs who have huge financial stakes in the economy of the West. Moreover Christianity in Ukraine has failed to realize how much President Zelenskyy (a Jew who is making Christian majority Ukraine to fight till last Ukrainian) is compromised who has never reminded the USA about ‘Budapest Memorandum’ including during address to US Congress in March 2022 as mentioned at

(4)- Moreover, how can the USA even think of leading the global order without commissioning highly influential institutions in most of the countries, the religion ?  Hence this new world body to be sponsored by the USA should ensure that new religions or new sects of existing religions emerge all across the world because all the existing religions are not only not working for strengthening their States for liberal global order but all of them (to varying degrees, by their acts of commission or omission) are also working against the rule based secular democratic global order, as mentioned at:-

(5)- The USA should understand that (i)- It is not mainly Russia but the US-establishment which is scaring the world about nuclear catastrophe in order to derelict its duty as leader of the liberal global order hence is constraining Ukraine to fight till last Ukrainian (ii)- Without asking Ukraine to immediately stop fighting, the USA can neither avoid the menace of nuclear flare-up nor the loss of Ukrainian territory.  

(6)- The so-called real sovereign of the USA (The citizens of the leader of the free world) shouldn’t remain apathetic & passive just because their (and of their family, relatives and friend’s) body bags are not coming from Ukraine. On the contrary in the run-up to November 2022 Congressional election they should ensure that Congress (and even White House as its incumbent is asking for votes in this election) work in a way so that Ukraine is not unethically expected by the USA, to fight Russia & its allies, alone despite ‘Budapest Memorandum’. 

Therefore the people of the USA should rise to the occasion in show

enuclearization through new participatory liberal global order to be be launched by the USA.

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