For new world order Russia can enlarge Ukraine war by using Jihadi-Imran to create ‘anti-US Jihadi Greater Pakistan’ with support of Iran & China. By Hem Raj Jain


In the present scenario Russia can easily realize such new global order starting from Pakistan by using ‘assassination survived Jihadi Imran’ to create, with the support of Russian allies Iran & China, the ‘anti-US Jihadi Greater Pakistan’ [or with some other name like ‘Islamistan’ because during long march in public meetings Imran many times gave call for Jihad (also while calling-off long-march on November 26) and by reminding ‘Pakistan ka matlab kya’ (what is the meaning of Pakistan) ‘La Ilaha Illallah’], as explained below:-


(1)- Whatever Imran out of desperation might have said during a recent interview to ‘Financial Times’ regarding mending fences with the USA but Imran believes the incumbent ‘imported government’ (as per him) came in office because he was removed from power by the USA (as he was giving public statements against the USA and was in Moscow with Putin on the eve of Russian invasion of Ukraine) and this change of government with the support of Pak military (which is Punjabi dominated and pro-US hence ISI didn’t unearthed money trail to defectors during no-trust motion) 


(2)- After assassination attempt every politician takes a relook on his / her strategy and Imran is no exception. Though the provincial government of Punjab is supported mainly by his party PTI but NOW Imran knows that:-


(i)- Condemnable assassination attempt (from which he escaped miraculously with the grace of Allah ) was carried out in Punjab


(ii)- Despite crowds with him (mostly powerless people) from Punjab, Imran couldn't get an early election either by pressurizing the Punjabi dominated Pak military or by politically pressurizing the Federal government headed by PML-N, a Punjab based party. 


(iii)- When push comes to shove the Punjabis will never support him to the hilt and his real support base will come from non-Punjabis (including and mainly from Pashtuns which Imran himself is).


(iv)- Imran will agree to cooperate with Russia & China for creating ‘Greater Pakistan’ only if Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan are brought in it because that only will end Punjabi majority in ‘Greater Pakistan’  


(3)-  While calling-off the long march to and ‘dharna’ (sit-in) at Islamabad on November 26 Imran declared that his party would not remain part of this “current corrupt political system any longer” where people accused of billions in corruption got away without punishment as reported at


(4)- The way Imran ran his government from August 2018 to April 2022 (where he wanted opposition leaders to be put in jail without due process of law) and the way he squandered the opportunity to get early elections despite the support of people he was getting on ground (hence could not carryout ‘dharna’ twice in May and November 2022 at Islamabad) - it has become clear that Imran doesn’t understand rule-based democratic politics. At the same time Imran (especially after surviving the assassination attempt) has convinced himself (in which his wife Bushra Bibi Begum has also allegedly contributed a lot) that Allah wants him on this earth to establish Riyasat-e-Medina at-least in Sunni-Muslim world starting from Pakistan.


(5)- Presently after end of ceasefire between ‘Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan’ (TTP) and Pak military, terrorist attacks have increased in Pakistan which are supported by Afghan Taliban as per Home Mister of Pakistan where Sanaullah said that “the attacks violate Afghanistan’s pledge to the international community that its land will not be used by terrorist outfits”, as reported at  and a life threatening attack was made on Pak envoy in Kabul. 


(6)- Other provinces of Pakistan (Balochistan immensely) and Sindh (to a lesser degree) always had a grudge against Punjabi dominated politics and its military. As far as the other two territories of GB and ‘Azad Kashmir’, China is already interested in these due to CPEC. Hence given the above background it will not be difficult for Russia to realize ‘Greater Pakistan’/ Islamistan of present Pakistan, Afghanistan (which doesn’t recognize Durand Line and will be glad to have sea access in ‘Greater Pakistan / Islamistan) and Afghan bordering Muslim countries of Tazikistan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan (all former USSR members and under Russian influence and will be glad to have sea access in ‘Greater Pakistan’ / Islamistan). 


(7)- Punjab will also not mind this ‘Greater Pakistan’ / Islamistan due to two reasons (i)- Out of fear of getting reduced to a landlocked country in case of war (ii)- Justification of ‘Greater Pakistan’ / Islamistan because it will not only not dismember Pakistan but will bring more territories to it (namely Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan).


(8)- Presently Russo-China and Imran need each other. Russo-China for launching a new global order and Imran because he knows that in the first place (notwithstanding so-called public support to him) he can’t come to power in Islamabad again through elections (especially if Nawaz comes to Pakistan as mentioned at ) and even if comes to power he can't do anything in this system of rule-based democracy. That is why he would like to adopt the Chinese model (which he has publicly praised many times even as PM) in ‘Greater Pakistan’ / Islamistan where ‘Communist Party of China’ will be replaced by a body of Islamic clergy mostly recommended by Bushra Bibi Begum. 


(9)- Iran which is already a belligerent country in the Ukraine war (by supplying drones etc to Russia) can easily pressurize Punjabi dominated military also by using Balochs who are living on its border with Balochistan which is already agitated against Punjabi military of Pakistan. Iran has strong motivation to support this ‘anti-US Jihadi Greater Pakistan’ / Islamistan under the new global order led by Russo-China because it will give tremendous leverage to Iran in pro-US Muslim countries in the west of it where Iran is deeply involved militarily (including through Jihadi militants).  


(10)-  Some people may think that India will oppose such ‘Greater Pakistan’ / Islamistan in every way but India can’t do anything because:- 


(i)- China (in the interest of launching the said new global order) will see to it that India doesn’t put any obstacle worth the name in the realization of such ‘Greater Pakistan’ / Islamistan. Because otherwise China knows how to keep India at its ‘proper’ place by pressurizing it militarily at the border in North (in Ladakh) and North-East (in Arunachal Pradesh which also China claims as its territory). In the North-East even Bangladeshis will support Russo-China in ‘Greater Pakistan’ which will finish the dominance of Punjabis because during creation of Bangladesh in 1971 Punjabi dominated army inflicted huge war crimes on Bangladeshis.  


(ii)- Religion never allows power to go. In India 'Hindutva' party BJP is ruling but its candidate PM Modi has failed to deliver on the economic front and his mentor RSS also thinks that in Indian democracy economic progress has become  impossible because land, proper labor laws, proper farm laws etc required for progress are not allowed by the agitating people of democracy. Hence the Hindutva forces in India too (if the USA doesn’t help) will not mind to adopt the Chinese model where ‘Communist Party of China’ will be replaced by RSS. 


(11)- This raises an important question. Can the USA and India still do something to ward-off the likelihood of Jihadi ‘Greater Pakistan’ / Islamistan (having Afghan Taliban etc in it) and which will be a more dangerous nuclear blackmailer than Russia ? Fortunately they can certainly do a lot if India asks the USA to immediately dismantle the UN (where Russia & China have veto power) and to constitute a new world body based on secular democracy preferably participatory but certainly not with veto-right to any member country. 


Whether the political leadership of the USA & India will wake-up for stoping the realization of ‘anti-US Jihadi Greater Pakistan’ /  Islamistan under ‘Jihadi Imran Khan’ supported by Iran and mainly by Russia & China (in their interest of the said new global order in rest of the world than the West) is to be watched carefully.

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